Zenawi in his phantom dream to avert uprising in Ethiopia – By Robele Ababya

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Fitting tribute to heroic Ethiopians in North America (more…)

Fitting tribute to heroic Ethiopians in North America

This writer was exceedingly delighted by the heroic protest which was so bravely and systematically carried by esteemed fellow Ethiopians in North America and in that noble exercise humiliating the thug emissaries of tyrant Meles Zenawi that came to the United States with sinister messages to hoodwink Ethiopians in the Diaspora and milk their dollars in the name of their much publicized transformation of the Ethiopian economy within the current national plan. But Ethiopians said no to the TPLF invaders known for their pathological lies, deceit, daylight robberies of national wealth and, above all, gross violations of human rights including committing genocide.

The victory by Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans marked a giant step forward in triggering the expected large scale peaceful popular uprising at home and abroad of which Zenawi is scared to death. The ongoing onslaught on the Oromo people of Ethiopia by the brutal illegitimate ruling is yet again another clear manifestation of the fear of the regime of the inevitable uprising.

Symbolism of Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square in the Egyptian Capital Cairo has surfaced as a household symbol synonymous with quest for democracy in our global village. Recently, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was asked in a BBC program whether the kind of uprising seen at the Square would occur in China. He responded ingeniously by saying that the quest for democracy is universal and that if not in his life time China would eventually become a democracy undoubtedly.

What transpired in Tahrir Square vindicated the assertion that individuals have every right to break the shackle of unjust political and cultural parochialism of the society into which they are born by default. It reaffirmed that throughout history, enlightened individuals take the initiative, singularly or collectively, to conceive the requisite vision, set out strategies, educate and spur passive societies into uprisings in order to overthrow and outdated oppressive social order. In so doing such individuals pay heavy sacrifices including death at the hands of despotic rulers.

Ethiopia under the misrule of Meles Zenawi sacrificed her beloved sons and daughters in the last 20 years and sadly the threat to continue with his atrocities is being loudly told to the public by the tyrant in power unless his outdated policy is accepted without question.

But Ethiopians have always been saying NO! to the misrule of Zenawi regime. Albeit belatedly, the fragmented struggle of Ethiopian opposition forces is now showing fruit converging on the patriotic message በቃ! ገዬ! ይአክል! አሎኒ! ዲታህ! ወጣንድም! በስ! ጊደስ! meaning “Enough!” in eight of Ethiopian languages. The first two are in Amharic and Oromiffa, respectively, both of which are by far the most widely spoken languages of Ethiopia.

Indeed Meles is in nightmare and busy reviving worn out issues to deflect public attention.

The Nile dam construction syndrome

The issue of sharing the waters of the Blue Nile shall always be governed by international law. The past acrimonious relations will end for good because the nascent democracy in Egypt will find a partner in the emerging democratic order in Ethiopia after tyrant Meles Zenawi is inevitably dethroned by popular uprising. It is indeed a propitious moment for pro-Ethiopia democratic movements at home and the Diaspora to strengthen ties with pro-democracy Egyptians everywhere.

One should add that for any viable project financing global institutions are quick to provide the fund required and there would have been no need for the unpopular Meles to raise money by seeking contribution from Ethiopians at home and the Diaspora for his envisaged Nile dam construction. Zenawi did not pursue this course for he had ulterior motive of confusing the public. In particular, the timing of announcing the project to build a gigantic dam makes the tyrant suspect as to his good intention. It is not unreasonable to suspect that he is secretly helping counter-revolutionaries in Egypt.

Democratic Egypt will not go engage in a land war with Ethiopia. But, Zenawi in his state of paranoia may wish and have us believe that his brutal regime can protect the grand dam by putting in place an air defense system capable of intercepting and destroying incoming hostile missiles with certainty (100% probability) at all times. The question is whether he can do it.? The answer is no. So, the construction of the dam is Zenawi’s phantom dream to avert popular uprising in Ethiopia

Liberty, freedom, dignity, democracy, prosperity & inclusivity all in one

Ethiopians want their country to prosper through hard work, creativity and inclusivity under the rule of law equal to all. However, they do not want to compromise their natural right to liberty, freedom, dignity and democracy; these are nonnegotiable universal values that are common to humanity. Government officials are supposed to be to obey unconditionally the will of the people that has voted them into office. As such they are accountable to unlawful activities.

Tyrant Melees has realized that his strategy of divide-and-rule along ethnic lines, ruthlessly applied over the last 20 years, is crumbling in the face of widespread revolutions in the world that embrace freedom and human dignity as overarching universal values essential to every individual irrespective of his/her religious creed, ideology or ethnic origin. He is seized with panic that the Amhara and Oromo components in the EPRDF Party are to say the least bitter about their being systematically excluded from the center of power in the coalition – and that the exclusion has reached an intolerable climax in the present composition of the Executive Committees effectively dominated by members of TPLF.

The tsunami of change is sweeping all over Africa as well. Kaddafi is hanging to power by a thin thread that will break at any time; the demand for reform is rocking the Kingdom of Swaziland; Mugabe’s days are numbered; the demand for justice for crimes in the aftermath of Kenyan election of 2008 has brought the Acampo six, the masterminds of that crime, to spotlight in connection with their appearance in the International Criminal Court in The Hague; Mubarak and his two sons are under detention for investigation for corruption and abuse of power; Ali Saleh is of Yemen is in a nightmare worried of his fate of the inevitable fall from power in disgrace; the once invincible Syrian leader is being beset by a wave of protests across the country which is adamant to go away despite promises of reforms; the President of Burkina Faso fled his Palace to escape capture by his discounted body guards over poor standard of living. So, there is no future for the inept and corrupt African leaders.

Laurent Gbagbo Côte D’Ivoire has been arrested at last. He and his accomplices are lucky that they will face justice. Moreover, President Alassante Ouattara has shown magnanimity to establish truth and reconciliation commission (similar to that of South Africa) in order to heal the wound inflicted on the Ivorian people by the defunct President Laurent Gbagbo and his accomplices.

In sharp contrast, Meles Zenawi did not show magnanimity on assuming power by the barrel of the gun. Instead he chose to preside over the reign of terror replete with atrocities that characterize his regime as an occupying force similar to Italian Fascists. Zenawi’s end in disgrace is certain for there will be no place for despots like him in the 21st century. The phenomenal revolutions spearheaded by the youths everywhere will drive the last nails in the coffins of dictators and a new world order without wars, greed or corruptions will prevail.

It is wonderful to live in this century where the last tyrants on our global village are digging their own graves for their burials. The right thing to do on the part of all democratic forces is to hit the iron while it is hot for those burials to happen much sooner than later. The youths in Ethiopia are well advised to join their counterparts across the world to intensify the superb job of giving hell to dictators through concerted action using modern electronic media. They should say no more prisoners of conscience, no more oppression; no more corruption. They should demand Liberty, freedom, dignity, democracy, prosperity & inclusivity all in one

Some Suggestions

• Reiterate in no uncertain terms that the unity of Ethiopia is in the best interest of all ethnic groups; and to that end avoid alliance with forces that do not accept the territorial integrity of Ethiopia in good faith;
• Enforce the policy of Emperor Thewodrors that Ethiopian land is NOT for sale;
• No compromise with the TPLF regime leader, Zenawi, who has publicly called peaceful opposition groups his enemies; condemn strongly his divisive ethnic based federal system as a bad example detrimental to the aspirations of the African Union;
• Regard the TPLF regime as a colonizer and a mercenary that does not care about the interests of Ethiopia;
• Work hard to avoid regional wars or military clashes; to that end, condemn Al Shabab, Shabia & TPLF;
• Support and associate with democratic forces in Egypt and the Diaspora;
• Defy the bloated TPLF government; declare loudly in unison and say NO! to TPLF occupation; say Amen to: ENOUGH! Beka! Gaye! Bass! Wetandem! Alonyi! Diiteh! Gides! Yeakel!

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia!

  1. Ted-Berd
    | #1

    Mr Ababia! you sum up in a very asur way, What the mind of Ethiopians current situation, and what to aspire to.I am so proud to read your root inspiration of Ethiopiawenet in Tewodros the great !

    BEKA to all form of un-Ethiopian mentality !!!

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    I can’t believe how a human being is so selfish and greedy; that is what we are seeing these days in all over the world. It is obvious to all of us that setane is conquering every part of the world. Today in our planet of the world killing, torturing, slaving of a human being by the fellow human being has been increased and getting worst more than ever. Even the so called Religion and their leaders are under the control of setane; that we can’t deny unless we want to blind our selves and act like we are not seeing any thing is going on. We have to be real when we talk about Believing in ONE GOD issue. We don’t have to act like we are a real believer of God while we are serving a devil Religion leaders. What we are listening and watching around the world is the evil act of a human being under the shell of a Religion using the name GOD. We don’t want to believe it, but the end of the world is coming very soon. We don’t have that much time. We are seeing all kinds of signs, but it looks like we covered our eyes and ears as if it is not happening, and continued to be greedy and selfish for nonsense material staff. We can see that the so called leaders of poor countries ripped off their own people and deposited the money into another part of the world; at the same time the people are suffering under these tyrants and dying with hunger while a few greedy individuals who are the supporters of these devils are enjoying themselves. What I don’t understand is when and how they use all that money they stolen from needy poor people? Do they get a chance to ask themselves how long they live in this world? Or do they ask themselves if they have different appetite to consume more food or drink more than any other human? I am wondering that how those kinds of people are thinking when they made themselves Kings with out being chosen by the people, and telling others what to do in every way of their life.
    The very important thing every human being should understand is; we are on the edge of the end of this world; we can’t stop all this evil acts ourselves. Those who enjoyed the act of evil are already stood up with setane to kill torture and slave their own fellow human being. There is only one solution for all humans; that is the mercy of GOD, so we have to cry and pray for GOD to give us his mercy and make us his children. Before it is too late; let us ask his forgiveness. We don’t have to be followers of any religion any more; we all are our own to ask God’s forgiveness; so my fellow humans the time is coming real soon; let’s ask for the mercy of GOD

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    Amen Robel, Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!!!!

  4. ታጋሸ
    | #4

    No exception for Meles, it goes the same for Meles which has been done in North African Dictators

  5. Fincilaa
    | #5

    Aite Robele,
    you must be a fool! Ethnic federation can not be reversed, rather it will be implemented! I think REVOLUTION is a very nice step, which must be undertaken for it is in the right direction as far as the Oromo cause is concerned. No question that the upcoming third revolution will erupt as expected. During the first revolution in 1974, the revolutionaries had three main agenda: ‘land to the tiller’, ‘self-rule of nations’ and ‘democratic human rights’. The first demand (land to the tiller) was/is at least formally accepted since the first revolution, but not yet implemented; the second one (self-rule of nations) is also formally respected since the second revolution of 1991, but also it is not yet implemented. Now we do hope that these two agenda will be surely implemented and the third one (democratic human rights) will also be realized after the success of the expected and the upcoming third revolution. Of course OLF will take the lead in this third revolution as it did during the last two revolutions.

  6. unity
    | #6

    Who is Thewodrors? I am from the south. You never mention our king from other part of Ethiopia. But you advocate for unity. I bet you, your feudal mentality of one tribe,one religion, one country will never be erased. We don’t trust you guys.

  7. Iwnetaw
    | #7

    You and people like you are trying to remote-control the destiny of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. It is not going to happen. Nobody, not even venom spitting hate mongers in the dispora is going to derail Ethiopia from the ambitious marches it is embarked on. Anna Gomez tried and failed. I don’t see any distinction in the motive so I don’t expect a different result.In the meantime, keep spitting your venom until at some point you have your head squashed like the snake you are.

  8. Iwnetaw
    | #8

    Can I have my comment back? I know your forum is not neutral and am almost sure you are not going to post it.

  9. aha!
    | #9

    These article bears very good conclusive remarks, not knowing whether it is addressing the political factions of the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties or the supporters of ethnicfederalism and secessionism. The uprising to “Non-violence reaction to freedom, not democracy” as is the case in Egypt to get rid of corrupt and autocratic rule, while the quest in Ethiopia is multi-dimensioal: that of autocratic rule, ethnocracy/ethnic dictatorship, whicever comes to power with ethnic agenda and the sustenance of expolitation and political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources and its peoples by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, to say the least about restoring Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests. To make that a reality, there needs to be a national comvention by all the factions to agree on the common goals for unity, territorial integrity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, by abandoning ethnic and /or seccionist politics and or policies in scribed in the constitution. That is what basically, the TPLF/eprdf regime stands for to stay in power to maintain the divide and rule policy and exploitaion of the country’s resources by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, as well to avoid being brought to justice for human right violations. Therefore, the idea of hinging and rallying the Diaspora, having doubts if dieminates into Ethiopian masses on the oppression by the current regime does address the whole gamut of economic and political crises in the last 20 years. What the Diaspora needs to look into is the constitutional frame work, the operating system for ethnicferelasim and secessionism, to restore the previous provinces from ethnic states stipulated in Article 46 to ferated original provinces of various ethnic groups, abolish Article 39(1)and create parties on the basis of Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National interests and developed the counrty along ecological regions, cutting accross states to form a truly democratic government by the people of the people and for the people with independent braches of the government. That kind of secenario would not take effect under the set up of the current political models of TPLF/eprdf, Mderek/fdre with ethnic agenda and the others with national agenda.

  10. aklock
    | #10

    በአርግጥ የተወሰኑ ኢትዮጵያውያን በአገር ውስጥና በውጭ አገር የሚገኙ ለመብታቸውና ለነጻነታቸው የሚቆሙና ማንኛውንም መስዋአትነት ለመክፈል የተዘጋዹ አንዳሉ የማይካድ ነው:: ሆኖም ግን ልንዋሽ የማንችለው ግን አብዛኛው ኢትዮጵያዊ ፈሪና ለመብቱ ለመቆም በፍጹም ዝግዹ ያልሆነና ጥቂቶች ለመብታቸው እየታገሉ ያሉ እንዲሞቱለትና ነጻነት እንዲያመጡለት የሚጠብቅ ሕዝብ ነው ያለው::
    አብዛኛው ሕዝብ የወያኒን የባርነት አገዛዝ እንዳላየና እንዳልሰማ ሆኖ በቁሙ እየሞተ ዝም ብሎ ለመኖር ፈቃደኛ ከሆነ የጥቂቶች መስዋእትነት ውጢት አያመጣም:: በሰሚን አፍሪካና በመካከለኛው ምስራቅ እንደተመለከትነውና እየተመለከትን እንዳለነው ሕዝብ ለመብቱና ለነጻነቱ ቆርጦ ከተነሳ አውሮፕለን ታንክና መድፍ ሊበግረው እንደማይችል በተግባር የታየና እየታየ ያለ ነገር ነው:: የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ፈሪነቱን ጥሎ በአለም ላይ ሕዝቦች ለመብታቸው እንደቆሙት ካልቆመ የወያኒ የባርነት አገዛዝ ስልቱን እየቀያየረ እንደሚቀጥልና ጥቂቶች ብዙሃኑን እንደ ግል እቃቸው እየተጠቀሙበት የዚየግነት መብቱን ነፍገውት እንደሚቀጥሉ ጥርጥር የለውም::
    በአሁኑ ሰአት ውጢየቱ በሕዝቡ እዽ ነው ያለው ወያኒየን እያመካኙ ማውራቱ ዋጋ የለውም:: የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ለመብቱ መቆም የሚፈልግ ክሆነ ግዚየው አሁን መሰልኝ :: ያለመስዋእትነት ነጻነት አይገኝም ስለዚህ ለነጻነት ሲባል የሚደረግ ሞትን መፍራት የትም አያደርስም በተለያየ መንገድ የወያኒ ሰለባ ከመሆን ለነጻነት ቆሞ መሞት ትልቅ ክብር አለው::

    | #11


    | #12

    WYANE W eslata YA ger N eftega TELAT NEW. WEYANE.

  13. Gigi
    | #13

    Thanks dear People and Robel. I am so proud of you all!!!!!!!!!!!


    ” rise again
    Ethiopia rise again
    Rise again
    Africa rise again”

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    If Meles considers the law abiding Ethiopians from the opposition political parties as his enemies…what does the heartless, the bloody hand, the looter, the torturer dictator crime minister Meles that is also responsible for countless number of Ethiopians deaths wants us to consider him as? the greatest leader? give me a break! What a lunatic!

  15. Tolagna
    | #15

    The enemy failed!!!

    The goal is to completely remove our collective and common enemy from the surface of Ethiopia because the enemy ate our children alive.

    Baby birds burnt to death in their nests;wildlife chased away from their habitats;farmers and their families evicted from their lands;green grasses burnt and the life-giving soils turned into ash.No more exotic flowers,no more majestic lions,no more rare birds and parots because all gone and away.

    Ethiopians,we must bring our country into our caring arms and bring our homeless children home and those of our dear sisters who are sold to customers in the middle east.Why did brids and wildlife leave us? Why did our flowers and grasslands die? Ethiopians,what next?

    The enemy entered Ethiopia via invasion;time favoured the enemy and invaded Ethiopia;it then, scattered accross the country and quickly moved into villages,towns,cities,and neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    Today,everything and anything that is available below and above the lands,in Ethiopia is owned,controlled,and run by members of the crimefamily.

    Every citizen is broke in Ethiopia,can not buy asprine;every household is hungry,meals are scarce;pregnant mothers don’t come out alive from the hospitals;the homeless children are hungry,sick,and lonely and our motherland is up for sale.The enemy,it is what it has been.

    Daughters and sons of Ethiopia in several quantities,armed with firm determination went out into the streets and marched towards where the enemy took sheltered temporaryly,in Europe and the US cities.The voice of Ethiopians sparked the fire,the enemy was falamable,in the end,the enemy melted down like wax.

    We know this:- Under Woyanae constitutions,Ethiopia is nonexisistent,it is just a business empire for the very few, and citizens don’t have dignity.Yes,indeed;we shall definitely retake our country from the hands of the enemy and leave the enemy skeleton.

  16. worrid
    | #16

    BEKA! It is a very good word for both EPRDF and the opposition groups. BEKA, is for EPRDF repression, the anti Ethiopia tribal liberation groups. BEKA, is for the so called opposition groups; who align with Eritrea, ONLF, and the secessionist OLF. That should be the word BEKA used for. Here in the US, oppositions advocate for OLF, ONLF. So since they are crying about the mistreatment of these groups by EPRDF, why bother by the current tribal government? These opposition groups fail to see the danger for Ethiopia. Last week I saw the video of protestors against the woyane representatives. I did not see any unity. All I see was different ppl with different flags. Is that what we call unity? Also the number of the protestors are very small. Is that all the Ethiopians are in the US? Specially in DC area? It should be in . What does this tell us? Is this the natural act of diaspora Ethiopians? I don’t think so. PPL in diaspora are tired of the opposition group like they are tired of EPRDF because of the oppositions improper act of politics, strategy, hatred of each other, betrayal of the the so called leaders of oppositions. Above all oppositions sympathy for ONLF, OLF, AND SHABIA. You know what Ethiopians want! One Ethiopia! We don’t want to be under the umbrella of Isayas to defeat EPRDF, and others. First we have to unite and organized under the right all ethiopian organization before you think to call Ethiopia ppl to rise like Egyptians. First we have to seal the hole that we opened for Eritrea’s dream, ONLF, OLF in order to protect Ethiopia. Then unite and fight for good government.

  17. Dawit
    | #17

    Shame on you abugida who advocate for the need to work with Egypt on the Nile read history Egypt never been interested in the existence of Ethiopia you say once we have democracy the world will fund the project .you are fool and you want Ethiopian people to wait for you till you march from USA and Europe to set us free .you see if you love the people why don’t you come to Ethiopia and face the hard ship with us if we die we die together if we win we win together if you can’t do that pls leave us alone is WOyane who build road hospital school and a flat to live in about collecting money don’t worry u never donet any thing to Ethiopia when it starv and we don’t except anything now

  18. Geta
    | #18

    For how long will have to wait to see change and the regime new stratiegy is to stay in power by all means they can such as telling people about development and this is a joke development because what is really comes first, the regime plans is to stay in power and make the people divided. Ethiopians are fedup on this regime because some of us lives in ethiopia like second citizen and some of us lives like a king. Many of the regime fallower lives really comfortable lives so they don’t care about the poor. Let make your voice loud and remove the regime by all means we can and Yes We Can !

  19. HELLO
    | #19

    such a pethatic opniopn, get your stuff straight I haven’t even read your thing, it is just a waste of time and you are a waste of space. so just do as a favor– don’t ever come to ethiopia– stay where you are.. Long live to meles

  20. Zebyideru Tedla
    | #20

    አክሎክ በሚሉት አስማማለሁ::
    የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በጣም ቡከን ነዉ:: ለዉጭ ጠላት ብቻ ይተባበራል:: የራሱን አዉሬ ግዥዎች ግን ይፈራል::
    የአረብና ያፍሪቃ ህዝብ ግን ለመብቱ ጀግና ነዉ::
    ትንሽ ዋጋ ሲጨምር አንኩዋ ያምጻል:: መንግስትን ይገለብጣል::
    ለምሳሌ ማዳጋስካር መንግስቱ የርሻ መሬት ለኮሪያ ሲሰጥ ህዝቡ ተነስቶ ጣለዉ::
    የዳቦ ዋጋ ሲጨምር ህዝብ አምጾ ይነሳል::
    ያዲስ አበባ ህዝብ ግን በጣም ቡከን ነዉ:: የገጠሩም ቢሆን ያዉ ነዉ:: በወያነ ካድሬ አስከመቼ ይገዛል?
    ተብደልኩ ካለ ለመብቱና ንጻነቱ ይታገል::
    በተረፈ ባሪያና ለማኝ ሆኖ ይኑር::

  21. Biri
    | #21

    From: Biri Yaya
    To: Ethiopians-Forum@yahoogroups.com
    Sent: Sun, 17 April, 2011 14:22:58
    Subject: Re: [Ethiopians-Forum] Fw: Ethiopians in London and Frankfurt did it again !!!!!

    Dear brother Tedla,
    I was at the London’s demonstration yesterday.
    Among the most emerging and encouraging success is the trust that is being built between several Ethiopian groups( ONLF’s and Ethiopian flag side by side, exchange of greetings…).
    An Ethiopian of Tigrean orign approached me(HE SAID HE KNEW MY INCLUSIVE APPROACH) for conversation that revolved around the use of the term Woyane when the current reality is that it is the mercenaries from all parts of Ethiopia being paid by tyrant MZ. I was pleased that a compatriot quickly comprehensively dealt with our brother’s concerns by stating it is absolutely clear that MZ and Tigray are not one and the same and that Ethiopians regardless of backgrounds know that!
    All I had to add was that what we should fear is fear itself!!!
    Another(Somalian) gave us an interesting narrative as to how we should get rid of the mentality of rulers mapping out our country’s destiny using war as the means of defining identity!

    These encounteres say a lot about the priority difference between Ethiopians and MZ’s mercenary regime about the future of Ethiopia-there is no transformation without inclusion!
    Ethiopia has sustained her organic unity by Ethiopians, not by the rulers especially during this tyrannical regime’s decades of repression and divide/ruin relentless campain.

    Back to the message-we are on track to put the tyranny of MZ behind us through unity of action.
    The next step is to work for the unity of objectives to establish a modern and all-inclusive democratic government!



    From: tedla asfaw
    To: ethiopians-forum@yahoogroups.com
    Sent: Sat, 16 April, 2011 16:11:21
    Subject: [Ethiopians-Forum] Fw: Ethiopians in London and Frankfurt did it again !!!!!

    — On Sat, 4/16/11, tedla asfaw wrote:

    > From: tedla asfaw
    > Subject: Ethiopians in London and Frankfurt did it again !!!!!
    > Date: Saturday, April 16, 2011, 10:46 AM
    > ========> EEDN: A Home
    > Away from Home Welcome to Our Community, and Please also Visit Our
    > Website: http://www.eedn.org
    > I am following live on what is going on in London and
    > Frankfurt. London repeated D.C. rally the disrupted TPLF
    > meeting is now underway on TPLF Embassy with few
    > “Hodeaders”. Frankfurt is on “fire”, messages in Oromiffa,
    > Somalia and Amharic is sent to TPLF.
    > Ethiopians are more united in action now than in the last
    > two decades of TPLF rule. Diaspora unity indeed will
    > accelerate TPLF’s downfall. Ethiopians are come out as
    > winners on the failed TPLF Greed, Treacherous Plot/GTP.
    > We are now the agenda setters, Abbay, Shabia, OLF, ONLF are
    > the Diversionary Agenda. All nationalities in the diaspora
    > as they have shown in North America and this weekend in
    > London and Frankfurt have only one Agenda, the removal of
    > Meles led TPLF.
    > Well done London and Frankfurt
    > Tedla
    > Asfaw
    > — On Fri, 4/15/11, Wondimu Mekonnen
    > wrote:
    > From: Wondimu Mekonnen
    > Date: Friday, April 15, 2011, 3:18 AM
    > ========> EEDN: A Home Away from Home
    > Welcome to Our Community, and Please also Visit Our
    > Website: http://www.eedn.org
    > Selam Wogenoch
    > London is critical. London is everything. So far they
    > failed to crack us! They are making one critical push! We
    > will not be pushed over! They are on our doorsteps! That is
    > what we call “difret!”
    > When dictators around the world are shaking in their boots,
    > Woyane has the
    > audacity to send its mercenaries to lobby the Ethiopian
    > diaspora for their
    > fantasy ”transformation and growth plan”. In the last
    > twenty years of Woyane
    > rule the size of the Ethiopian diaspora has increased
    > by more than three
    > folds. This is due to political persecution,
    > security, economic deprivation and
    > general hopelessness situation created by Woyane and its
    > cronies. The very
    > Woyane criminals who are responsible for the mass
    > exodus have no shame to come
    > and try to lobby their victims for their fantasy
    > projects. Last weekend our
    > sisters and brothers in North America had told Woyane
    > mercenaries clearly &
    > loudly that Woyane time is over and warned its so
    > called delegates to
    > disassociate themselves form Woyane before it is too
    > late.The London community
    > with its reach tradition of fighting Woyane once again has
    > organised a mass
    > demo, at the place where they have called the
    > meeting, for Saturday
    > 16/2011.
    > Date Saturday 16/2011
    > Time 1-7pm
    > Place Imperial College (Near to
    > South Kennsigton Tube Station)
    > Exhibition
    > Road
    > London SW7
    > 2AZ
    > Contact Numbers 0794664831 , 07970350860
    > For further information see the attached flayer.
    > Let us All come out together and tell Woyane its time is
    > up.
    > Beka!!!
    > International Network for Justice & Human right in
    > Ethiopia. PS: 1) Those in London, don’t join Woyyane! Join
    > us! 2) I am so grateful and rejuvenated again
    > learning that our brothers who
    > were disappointed with some of us and
    > stayed way for sometime are coming when
    > they say what is happening. Thank you. 3) Those
    > of you everywhere, in Europe and America, promote
    > our cause through all means, radios,
    > paltalks and all means available to
    > you. London is looking up to you for asistance.
    > To unsubscribe from the EEDN list, click the following
    > link:
    > http://home.ease.lsoft.com/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=EEDN&A=1
    > ############################
    > To unsubscribe from the EEDN list:
    > or click the following link:
    > http://home.ease.lsoft.com/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=EEDN&A=1
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  22. Anonymous
    | #22

    #5,6,7,&8, only Woyanes like you mention a made up history of Ethiopia that was created and written by Isayas and Meles to bring ethnic divisions, while the entire Ethiopia is currently under one of the most racist, hateful TPLF regime that have been robbing, abusing, torturing, and killing Ethiopians and selling Ethiopian lands for over 30 years. Your old tactics won’t work anymore. Even OLF and ONLF who believed your made up history in the past are now awaken to see the truth that everything what Isayas and Meles had said and done are all lies and propaganda to fulfilled their agendas. You can not deny that TPLF have taken the rights of Ethiopians, fought for Eritreans to keep every inch of Ethiopian ports, robbed Ethiopians, tortured innocent Ethiopians, killed innocent Ethiopians and have sold the fertile land of Ethiopians. TPLF like you have no room to talk against Haileselassie or even the other blood sucker Mengestu that made sure no one touched 1″ of Ethiopian port or land.

    | #23


  24. aha!
    | #24

    Telegoma,s point of view and/or narratives validates the political model of TPLF/eprdf with ethnic agenda of the multi-layer, hierarchical to which others with ethnic agenda will have similar platform in a milder form, I presume, but nothing to contribute to the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, that is centered around the constitution by TPLF/eprdf regime and the factions that support it, explicitely and implicitely. The current regime would not be in existence without that political support both from inside and finacial support from outside.

  25. Dawit
    | #25

    What is the difference between ONLF and TPLF helping ONLF assume power will bring the end to existence of beloved Ethiopia those crazy fanatic never believed they are Ethiopians

  26. aha!
    | #26

    You may want to sense about the support of the teletafi party to TPLF from the debate between TPLF supporter Mekonen Kasa and Tamagne by VOA posted in Ethiomedia on the topic of Millenium Development and Transfomation Tour abroad to attract Diaspora bond holders mainely TPLF/eprdf supporters, for Nile Dam Project, I presume.

  27. Tolagna
    | #27

    As Zinawians’ business empire enlarged and expanded in capital and profits,the greatest majority of Ethiopians’ life reduced to the size of a bean.Ethiopians,how can we free ourselves and country from the minority rulers?

    We are squeezed between the devil and the deep ocean.We are chocked and drowned forceful rule and violence.Primerly,we want a majority rule for the future.Clearly,then,democracy is the basis of a helthy economy,but Woyane is against majority rule.Ethiopians,let’s lift up together and say in unison and bring the Meles Zinawi’s regime down to its complete defeat.

  28. Tatek
    | #28

    Robele; thank you for your magnificent article. You have done it again. Building a dam or dams is not and should not be issue for Ethiopians at this point in our history. Our primary goal and focus must be, as you aptly expressed, the establishment of a government that fosters freedom, liberty, democratic governance, rule of law, and respect for citizens. Ethiopians need a constitution that guarantee their right to live, move, work, speak, elect, be elected, and be free of all type of oppression. We deserve to have a Government that lives by the rules of the land and serve us in our terms. It is critically important for Ethiopians to request and get a credible Government that can bring real equality, prosperity, unity, and a strong nation.

    Unfortunately, Mellesse’s TPLF/EPRDF has shown us what a bad Government at its worst looks like. We saw in Woyane/TPLF, a party and government that acts like a terrorist, rapist, kidnapper, serial killer, and treasonous gang. We saw how it lied, cheated, terrorized, and murdered our people. From fighting Ethiopians in support of EPLF, to begging the UN for Eritrea’s secession, to allowing the Afar region of Ethiopia to be taken over by Eritrea; Melesse has committed his treasonous acts. From kidnapping, imprisoning, and making individuals to disappear Mellesse have coordinated his criminal acts. From killing to imprisoning opposition party members, farmers, students, children, and nomads in Addis Ababa, Gambela, Sidamo, Gondar, and Ogden Mellesse has committed and abated genocidal crimes. Ethiopians have had enough of these brutality, treachery, treasonous, and criminal enterprising in the name a fake “Ethiopian Government”. It is more appropriate to call these thugs the “Woyane/TPLF Mafia”. Yes we have had enough of the Woyane/TPLF Mafia.

  29. Defar Aigidu
    | #29

    What the opposition is doing is putting together flowery words, phrases and sentences out of reality to confuse the young Ethiopians who do not know the past rule of junta and the Amhara dynasty. The Ethnic based federalism is the fundamental base for right of nations to self determination.The past ” Neftegna” is trying to get Oromo support which is impossible. The Nile is not the first dam as Gibe three is emerging as the tallest dam in the world not to mention the innumerable development projects completed so far by the current government. You are quoting the unjust colonial share of the Nile calling it international to please your Arab friends who still practice slavery. The issue of political parties is about control and is universal to make verbal diarrhea to come to power. The Amhara dynasty had tried to come to power by applying the democracy in Eastern European countries. The opposition is now dreaming to invite Ethiopian people to copy the North African and middle east uprisings.

  30. Tatek
    | #30

    Ethnic Federalism has never worked and will never work in millions of years. To say otherwise is denying the facts of history and the realities of everyday life as we know it. As a lot of philosophers and students of philosophy and political history expressed ethnic, language, and religion based politics is tied to the emotional and psychological fears of minority communities. These minorities fear being marginalized by the majority and their elites’ use this fear as a tool to organize the mass and take State power. Surely, that is exactly how the Woyane/TPLF junta did as Aregawi Berhe, one of its founders aptly said in his book. Ethnic Federalism has nothing to do with freedom and liberation. Rather, it is only a means to rob State power and subjugate all other ethnic groups as we can see it in today’s Ethiopia. It is based on the minority inferiority complex, fear, and distrust. Ethnic federalism, however we put it is back ward thinking, stupidity, obsolete, and highly divisive perpetuated by narcissist individuals. Judging someone by the color of his/her skin, ethnicity, language, and religion is a deeply flawed character of a narrow minded and racist personality. The only person or group that benefit from this madness is ego centric maniacs who can’t live without being master of others. These are all the things we see in Woyane/TPLF thugs and their master Mellesse.

    Ethiopians should never forget what happened to the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and even the small Czechoslovakia. They all disintegrated in early 90’s into very many small countries because their narrow mined and narcissist Marxist leaders framed their constitution and divided their nations into ethnic based Republics in the 40’s. That is exactly what the TPLF/EPRDF did to current day Ethiopia. Mellesse the Marxist, is incapable of learning from history. Rather, he repeated the same flawed, obsolete, and catastrophic mistake and perpetuated the stupidity of “Ethnic Federalism”.

  31. onename
    | #31

    please whatever your name is ,use one name and give other Ethiopians who are by far smarter than you (At least – spelling, writting and etc)give us their opinions

    And please please please, do not respond to this.

  32. aha!
    | #32

    Sorry for misproning the name Tologna in the above remark. Nevertheless, your remark is Zenawian’s business empire, which ascribed expoitation, political and economic stranglehold of the countries resources by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises is on the mark, perhaps along with ethnic and secessionist politics and/policies of TPLF/eprdf regime, to which the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties, now called Mederek/fdre are not able to reverse those direction, unless they coalesce around the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, under liberal democracy and /or ideology, using common strategies to achieve those goals in a non-violence uprising/reaction to freedom.

    Without signing on to the common goals and strategies, yet protesting carrying different flags do not address the systemic economic and economic problems and the freedom of individuals or invidual rights as the basic unity of Ethiopian society. For the TPLF/eprdf regime to adopt, the policy of economic development, especially, when the economic development is handledled by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, much like the Afrikaners in South Africa, with western budget support, grants and IMF loans does not amount neither free capitalism, nor mixed economy, the benefit of which permeates into the silent majority of Ethiopians. These notions have escaped the perception and grasp by the prodemocracy movement in the Diaspora, particularly in USA, to have come with a press release of “No change but durable democracy”,dribbling with the subsets of the national agenda, and loyalist opposition parties hinging their persuit struggle along ethnic agenda, instead of economic and political freedom and liberty of the individual from autocratic, ethnocratic rule/ethnicdictatorship, and totalitarianism, under ethnic federalism, instead of fedralism of the original states, including Eritrea, and secessionism of these states, through public referendum from Ethiopia.

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