Obsrvations on Comments on The Renaissance Dam By Abebe Haile

April 29th, 2011 Print Print Email Email

Deception or Double-Cross?

I may be wrong but I found the article, “The Millenium Project or the Deception of the Millenium” by Abebech Belachew (April 25, 2011) subtle and highly suspicious. Notwithstanding the phantom Renaissance Dam which the writer redicules like many other Ethiopians, no where does he/she states Ethiopia’s right and interest on the waters of the Blue Nile. He/she condemns successive Ethiopian leaders, including Haile Selassie, for raising legitimate questions about the sharing and use of the Nile waters.

It is not that Ethiopia has other rivers to build dams as this writer claims, it is about the millions of Ethiopians who live along the river who should have as much rights to use the waters as anyone else. While emphasizing the water needs of Egypt, the commentator glosses and mentions just in passing the many years of Egyptian objective of destabilizing the region, particularly the Ethiopian state. To the detriment of both Eritrea and Ethiopia, Egypt sponsored and funded the Eritrean rebellion from its inception in Cairo.

When war broke out between the brothers in 1998, Egypt lost no time in rushing arms and military advisors to Isaias Afeworki. In addition, it gave Eritrea an out right grant of $200 million with the aim of breaking up and weakening the country. In most cases, Egypt has been most cunning in sponsoring terror and conflict by hiding itself behind third parties like Syria, Iraq, Sudan, PLO, Somalia etc. Even now, many experts believe Egypt is behind the funding of Al Shabbab in Somalia, ostensibly through Eritrea.

Where else impoverished Eritrea get the funds and arms to continue its proxy war in Somalia? Egypt, along with Syria and Iraq, also sponsored other Ethiopian groups like TPLF, EPRP, OLF, ONLF who probably didn’t know or cared about the Egyptian motives. The commentator (Abebech Belachew?) should have focused on these destabilizing and nefarious deeds of Egypt instead of questioning the legitimate demands for the share of the Nile waters by all riparian states. I would urge Abugida to carefully scrutinize divisive and insiddious artiles like this one next time.

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