Reflections of a “Nech Lebash”(Eritrean Agent) By Eskinder Nega

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There was something in the air on Tuesday, April 14, 2011. Intrigued by news of Ethiopian protesters in North America against the frivolous and mechanically hyped GTP, the glee on the faces of Addis residents was transparently noticeable. (more…)

There was something in the air on Tuesday, April 14, 2011. Intrigued by news of Ethiopian protesters in North America against the frivolous and mechanically hyped GTP, the glee on the faces of Addis residents was transparently noticeable.

I could sense breaking news in the making. And I was determined to report it as soon as possible. This could not possibly wait up to Friday, the designated day for my weekly English articles. But first I had to finish an Amharic article about Ambassador Donald Booth, the US

Ambassador to Ethiopia.

I had to struggle to finalize the Amharic commentary, the last of a two parts article. My heart was no more in to it in light of developments in North America over the weekend.

By 1 PM local time I was blissfully free to gauge popular mood in Addis and to surf the internet for news. Two hours later, I was typing the first lines of my “breaking news” to the Diaspora.

Here is what had I had written:

News of protests plagued GTP meetings in North America has stirred emotions in Addis Ababa. A curiously significant number of people are openly arguing and opinionating about the protests in public venues, where sports and the North African uprisings, rather than domestic politics, normally dominate conversations.

Estimated as only “a handful” by ETV, protesting Ethiopians in DC succeeded in compelling the University to cancel the GTP meeting on Sunday. ETV reported that a bomb threat had been made.

But in an apparent signal as to which side was prone to violence, it was a protester, Tewdros Kabtyimer, who was gratuitously beaten by EPRDF supporters. His crime: proposing a silent prayer in memory of those who had died by government violence. There were also death threats against protesters.

In sharp contrast , not a single government supporter was harmed. As noted by Professor Teodros Kiros, who attended the protest in Boston, “they (government supporters) thought (that with ample provocations) the protesters would be frustrated and enter into street fights. Instead the protesters remained cool…. The protest against tyranny in Cambridge, attended by an adequate number, was disciplined, well organized and qualitatively impressive.” The only incidence of violence in Boston, too, involved government supporters. A devotee of the EPRDF was arrested for attacking a photographer. Presumably, she was released after being fingerprinted.

And then I had to stop. It was time to see my mother. I had neither an inkling nor premonition about the tragedy that was to swiftly and unexpectedly strike several hours later. This was supposed to be a routine visit.

My cell phone rung as the mini-bus approached my mother’s home forty minutes later. It was veteran journalist Bezu Wendemagegnehu calling from Canada. Would I have a few minutes to confer online about the protests? Sure. This should take no more than fifteen minutes.

We explored what the number of people who had turned out for the meetings imply for the EPRDF. Where were the tens of thousands of supporters it claims in North America? Certainly, turn out was strikingly low.

This is noteworthy for two reasons. First, unlike 2005, when the EPRDF cunningly used the ethnic card to rally support, no particular ethnic group turned out in large numbers to the meetings. The allure of the TPLF no more appeals to the middle, only the irrelevant fringe
remains. And second, the low numbers mean that even its dwindling supporters have lost hope in the future. They see a sinking ship in the EPRDF.

And then a personal descent to the abyss. The unexpected loss of my beloved mother, who had raised me as a single parent, is a shock I am not sure I will ever recover from. Our unique bond was that of a mother and her only child. I will not try to explain it here.

The EPRDF struck on the third day after my loss, a sacred day of mourning to Ethiopians.This is calculated timing to maximize pain and te rror. That the timing was clearly an unprecedented breach of decency and tradition seemed not to have mattered.

“Nech lebashu(secret agent),”a friend teased me as he sat next me in the huge tent put up for the mourning period.

I stared back in utter bewilderment. Nech lebash is a term Meles Zenawi recently used to describe “opponents of the Ethiopian government who are allied with the Eritrean government.”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t read it yet,” he said, plainly surprised.

I hadn’t. Obviously, family members were doing their best to keep it a secret until the next day.

Taking up a full page of Chanel, a pro-EPRDF weekly noted for its “lumpen journalism”, I was accused of a long list of personal shortcomings. So be it. They do not merit a response. Slander is the least of my worries. But, alas, the central theme of the article was not the personal affronts. They were merely the side show. The thrust of the message was that I am “one of the opponents of the government who is effectively in alliance with Shabiya (Eritrea’s ruling party.)” And thus the rational for the title of the article: Nech lebashu
gazetengna! The same charge was repeated a week later, last Saturday.

And so, as I mourned the death of my cherished mother, the EPRDF has finally settled on my branding: Nech Lebashu gazetegna! An agent of Shabiya!

Congratulations Dilwenbru Nega! Your voice has been heard.



We are simply awed and humbled by the messages of condolences we received over the past two weeks. We intend to respond to all of them in due time. They have been a source of profound comfort. We are indented to your generosities.

God bless you all.

Eskinder Nega and Serkalem Fasil.

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  1. Reta
    | #1

    I’m not so surprised by your audacity trying to recant to the Diaspora to what has happened in their “turf” in a language they should mastered- that’s what group think does to you. I’m not also terrified by your concoction of events to fit your agenda – that’s the best you do. What puzzles me most is your outright lie about the numbers of people who seem to oppose the government – particularly in Addis. If that was the case then why aren’t those people on the streets demonstrating? As far as I know, the Ethiopian people are not cowards by nature. Sir, there is no massive opposition against the current government; it’s just you in your fantasies and in trying to please your masters who see a massive opposition. As your re-telling to what happened in the halls of North America, let the record show the loud Diaspora minority was outnumbered by the real Ethiopians, at least ten fold I’d say, and friends of Ethiopia. Let also the record show that those same paper tigers who demand “freedom of expression and free speech” were caught in the hypocrisy of the decade in trying to prevent those who wish to disagree with their ill perceived and hate filled propaganda in exercising the same rights. So, as it stands, the people of Ethiopia in general and the government in particular are the real winners of the big ideas and the future. If anything, it was a day where the “opposition” showed its true identity. The government of Ethiopia couldn’t have wished for a better PR work than this. I know losers don’t see things as winners do – so to the extent you are gloating about a defeat, which was witnessed in here, tells your dilemma and the story of the “Diaspora”. If the government wants to arrest you then why do they need to go around “friendly” news papers to smear you? What makes you so untouchable? Please, don’t take yourself so seriously – who’s kidding who here? May God bless the soul of your mom!

  2. Berta
    | #2

    Sorry for your loss and May God give you the strength. Dont worry about EPRDF and its hodams. Just follow your heart. We will all die only once.

    What I dont understand about us ethiopians is, How can people like the owner of ethiochanal exist in peace among us? This guy worked hard to send birtukan to prison, he worked hard to dismantle UDJ, he is against any true ethioian for just a money!! We should have a solution to people like this one really!

  3. ababu
    | #3

    Now, this is interesting! This is, literally, “millushin besemash, gebeyam balwotash!”. Melles’ agents accusing Eskinder of being a Sha’ibiya agent! Shameless people!

  4. Eskinder is back!
    | #4

    Dear Eskinder,
    So great to hear from you once again. As always great analysis.
    My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Only people who have lost a loving mother understand the pain and sadness of loosing some one that is so dear to your heart. No matter what people say and do only time ease that deep sorrow. I hope you know that not only your mother but all of us are very much proud of you. I hope and pray she died of natural causes. Knowing the ruthless woyanes, I couldn’t help my mind to wonder.

  5. ababu
    | #5


    What is this rant about?

    Why did the deputy police commander call Eskinder to his office? Was it to congratulate him for obtaining a license to publish his newspapers once again?

    Why did Melles organize all those Qebelie meetings? Is it to tell mothers not to have any fear because Ethiopia is brimming with freedom of assembly? (Or was it to tell them ‘our security forces are not like those of Egypt and Tunisia’?)

    Why is Melles’ propaganda machine filling the airwaves with talk of national consensus (Bherawi megbabat) while at the same time excluding opposition groups from all discussions about the DAM?

    You make me feel sick!!

  6. lucy in america
    | #6

    First of all My deep condlonce for our true and proud ethiopiawi Eskeneder Nega for the loss of beloved mother. We thank his beloved mother for the simple reason she brought up such a patriotic ethiopian like Eskeneder Nega and gave for ethiopia and the ethiopian’s people as a gift. His ethiopiawinet stand and his decission to stand with our people and our beloved ethiopia shows the sacrrifices which Enkeneder’s mother had paid to bring up him as a proud ethiopian. GOD BLESS OUR SISTER’S , ENKENEDER’S MOTHER SOUL AND THANK FOR LEAVING ENKENEDER BEHIND.

  7. lucy in america
    | #7

    RETA, As saying goes ” wusha bebelabet yichohal” , you are barking here and there because you have to bark untill you will hear the last news that your cowards are catch one by one locked in qality. You have to fight for your cowards otherwsie your apartment will be indanger. But we have taken the lists of all cowards’s supporters in diaspora and we will keep always even after the cowards will be kicked out from their illegally occupied palace.let alone you all cowards, even your coward children will never see ethiopia in their life time because ethiopia must be freed from cowards and must handle it’s proud children.

  8. Weyanes go to Hell
    | #8

    Dear Eskinder;

    It’s good to have you back. I know losing someone you love is very hard but just hang in there, time will heal everything.

    Reta, that is your wish. People are tired of you. If you think weyane is so loved and strong then why jamming all these medias VOA, German Radio, ESAT etc? why closing newspapers? why not allow people to protest? Go read the US department of state annual release regarding human right violations, you will find the answer why people are not protesting openly. Only a weak government believes in scaring the people so as to stay in power and that is what weyane is doing. The thing is weyane cannot scare people forever. There is a limit for everything and weyanes are already above the limit and people are just waiting for an opportune to time to ask for their God given rights.

  9. Berhane
    | #9

    Eskinder is a funny bloke. He churns out article after article( mostly a repeat)from Ethiopia,and this is proof that people are free to express their views. And yet, he tries to give the impression that such a freedom doesn’t exist in the country. Also tries to give the impression that he is being victimized by the government because of his political beliefs. This is far from the truth. Defamation of the worst kind in my opinion.If I may say so Eskinder is being disingenuous. Very highly opinionated and quick to criticize others but when it comes his way, he doesn’t like it at all. In his current piece he says that Ethio-Channel wrote an article on him and he immediately equate this with the EPRDF.He described the newspaper as pro-EPRDF and ”lumpen newspaper.’ So what if the paper is pro-EPRDF ? You hate the government and the government is not weeping about it. This is very bad indeed. Don’t be intolerant and cry baby. You are entitled to your views and they are entitled to theirs. And that is what democracy is all about. It is a shame no such things exist in Eritrea. I don’t agree with your views but I read your articles. No problem at all. Keep on writing as it good to get it out of your system. Once again don’t cry foul every time someone writes something about your views. For your information ythe recent meetings concerning the GTP went well in America and the USA. Sorry about your mother.

  10. DRAMA
    | #10


  11. PatheticBirhane
    | #11

    “He churns out article after article from Ethiopia,and this is proof that people are free to express their views. And yet, he tries to give the impression that such a freedom doesn’t exist in the country. ”

    Remember that eskinder nega was questioned by the police commisioner for simply expressing his views? Hodams like you know what really freedom of expression mean but they dont want to think about it and they dont want to be real about it when it comes to EPRDF because they are not free them selves. U will regret it one day dont worry. Even mubarek regime is already a history let alone your dirty masters and their fake group.

  12. Stop insulting Eskinder’s mother!
    | #12

    Reta, Berhane and the rest of a bloody hand dictator supporters,
    What a pathetic human being you people are! You wish God to bless his mother’s soul and at the same breath ,you belittled and called her only son a liar and question his integrity! I bet his mother is turning in her grave by your remarks. Please do no insult and torture his mother again after her deaths. For God’s sake please STOP mentioning his mother. There is do doubt that Woyanes had caused Eskinder’s mother unimaginable grieves and nightmares not knowing what the evil regime were going to do with her only child. I don’t know what she died from, but I’ve no doubt that the tremendous amount of stress she has been put through by the illegitimate TPLF government contributed to her death. Or who knows what woyanes did to Eskinder’s loving adoring mother. Thank God that the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are well aware of Eskinder, his wife and their new born child been put through . If Eskinder and his family were not under the radar of HRW and AI, I hate to think of their fate.

    Blind supporters like you who only associates with your TPLF and hardcore supporters of tyrant Meles are in denial of what is going in Ethiopia. Or, totally ignorant due to lack of conscience to understand and care for others as long as your pockets and banks are full with stolen goods and money. Woyanes like you have no regards for Ethiopia and Ethiopians who have been stripped of their God given rights and the entire government of Ethiopia being controlled by one minority ethnic group to abuse, loot and kill the law abiding Ethiopians in every part of Ethiopia…no care in the world for the tens of thousands of Ethiopians who are still rotting in prison as we speak…tortured… robbed… killed…the total disrespect of Ethiopia’s land and ports…the million dollar shopping spree of the first lady of TPLF while 5 to 10 million Ethiopians are dying of hunger…the member of TPLF who have gotten tens of millions richer running the poorest country in the world…etc.
    Ethiopia is not alone when it comes to people like Reta and Berhane. We have seen some of these despicable thugs that support brutal dictators that robbed and killed their fellow country men/women. We’ve seen them in Egypt, Iran, Libya, Tunsia, Yemen and other unfortunate African countries.
    “Sorry about your mother” who are you kidding?

  13. Playing favoritism
    | #13

    Reta and Berhane,
    What say you about this report?

    Why is UNICEF directed to send emergency aid to Tigrea area first? Please Ethiopians write to UNICEF to inform the non-profit organiztion how the TPLF government operates in Ethiopia. UNICEF should monitor what is happening in all around Ethiopia and should send its Aid according to the most affected areas in Ethiopia. UNICEF should monitor the political condition in Ethiopia independently instead of directed where to go by the most unfair criminal woyane govt. Once again we are witnessing the TPLF government playing unfair practice on Ethiopians and favoritism to its ethnic group.

  14. Selam
    | #14

    Enezih woyanewoch eko sewoch aymeslugnim! Animals!

  15. ያእቆብ
    | #15


    The big project is not better than the empty three-meal a day promise weyane made 20 years ago. The big project would have been really big if it had been done in an enivronoment where there was democracy, accountability and freedom. The big project is in fact a tactic to divert the attention of the Ethiopian people and avoid the potential uprising.

    The reality on the ground now is:
    (1) millions are suffering from hunger and the government is begging for food handout from the international community.

    (2) The sky rocketing inflation has reduced the buying power of the birr to a piece of paper. Thus, life for the majority of Ethiopians is like suffering in hell. The festivity of the recent Fasika holiday was darkened because of the inability of the people to afford anything in the market. For example, the prevailing prices were:

    – egg – birr 3 per piece;
    – butter – birr 200 per kilo;
    – a medium size doro – birr 150 per head;
    – Medium Lamp – birr 5,000 or so per head
    – bere/ox was selling – birr 25,000 per head;

    In constrast, the per capita income in Ethiopia is about birr 5,600 per annum or birr 480 per month according to data provided by weyane itself. How can one survive with an average income of birr 480 per month given the constantly increasing prices? For Weyane kimitoloch, we know life in Ethiopia is heaven; however, survival has been impossible for the majority of the people. You be the judge guys – weyane has brought suffering for the majority while it has opened “heavenly life” for the very few.

    (3) Weyane and its stooges are living the most luxurious lives one can imagine and are stashing hard earned money of the people of Ethiopia in their personal coffers abroad.

    (4) The fate of weyane will not be different from that of the arab dictators. The recent move to form coalition by some opposition forces is a good trend. Particulalry, if the Oromos, Amharas and other Ethiopians can speak with one strong voice and say BEKA to weyane, we can easily remove the tyrant from the power it has illegaly assumed. Once weyane is gone, we will not have any single party monopolizing power in the country. This will usher in democracy and rule of law in the country if the transition is managed by skillful politicians.

    (5) Peaceful protest is the best way to achieve that. Weyane has a lot to lose and nothing to gain from the democracy we yearn for because weyane cannot thrive in democracy, but in violence and division. So, they are expected to put up the maximum resistance possible, but they cannot be different from Gbagbo and the other Arab tyrants who melted in the face of unified and sustained resistance from the people.

    (6) Let’s start our BEKA protest soon… Let’s vow that we will not go home or surrender without bringing the changes we desire. Good luck for freedom lovers and democratic forces. Hell to Weyane!!!!

    (7) Meticulous planning and determination are the keys for our success.

  16. Dan
    | #16

    [[... I know losers don’t see things as winners do - so to the extent you are gloating about a defeat, which was witnessed in here...]]

    Such thinking is deeply rooted in the zero-sum notion of power in which there can only be one winner and many losers.

    Opposition journalism and politics in general is not welcomed as much as the diverse people of Ethiopia demand it. It is regarded as illegitimate.

    This creates a climate for abuse by pro-EPRDF followers both verbally and physically. If the few lone stars like Eskender become defensive when they are threatened verbally no one should be astonished.

    It is only fair for the government to give Eskender a license to publish and a legal protection against non substantiated abuses/slander by EPRDF supporters. By giving him such rights IMO, the government can get a mileage of PR in the Diaspora. Eskender’s reasonably fair/objective reporting would bring more windfall of confidence/good will towards the government than the existing zero sum game supporters who ruin it for everyone.

    We need to move away from the notion of TRANSFORMING opposition to EPRDF followers but allow them freedom to speak their minds and participate in the comprehensive economic proposal.

  17. Sam
    | #17

    Eskinder wrote “the allure of the TPLF no more appeals to the middle, only to the irrelevant fringe.” If what Eskinder had in mind when he talked about the “middle” was the whole Ethiopia, TPLF had never persuaded the middle from the outset. True, in Tigray the middle might had been supportive of TPLF. That might not be true now. I argue the Tigrians are the victim of TPLF governing as the rest of Ethiopians are. In fact, they had it worse. Some blamed them as whole because TPLF emanated from the Tigray ethnicity. But the “irrelevant fringe” that Eskinder was talking about they are not irrelevant at all. They are very much relevant. These are the people who became rich overnight. They have a personal interest that the system stay wired with ethnic politics for ever. Their very new-found wealth dictate their conscience more than any other thing. They stand with the regime to the very end, so they are not irrelevant. There are some Tigryans who assume the opposition parties play ethnic politics subtly to rally their troops. To clear up this misunderstanding those who detest ethnic politics should not be tempted to use it when they think the maths is in their favor. I am aware there are who use ethnic politics from both sides when they think doing so is to their best advantage. Any Ethiopian who wish to see a better Ethiopia should condemn the “we” versus “they’ politics which was anchored in ethnic politics. The immature they had started it argument only should occupy the brains of the simple minded. Stealing Eskinder diction, I say they are the “irrelevant fringe.” They should be contained.

  18. Anti_Woyane
    | #18


    Ethio-channel is pro eprdf. Samson mamo does not hide it. he is a blind supporter of eprdf. ethio channel is like another organ of the eprdf. It is a shame samson labels eskindir as shabiya agent without any tangible proof. It is sick journalism.

  19. Workuneh
    | #19

    Reta, I appreciate your honesty and insight to set the facts straight. Ababau by the sound of your name, it feels wrong to response to your tirade. You sound unable to comprehend any meaningful conversation. I feel somewhat you belong to Abaguida School not the forum.
    “Lucy in America” and “Weyanes go to Hell”, this is the reason why the Ethiopian people are marginalizing you and your cohorts. You boldly claim to be “pro-democracy”, and yet, you don’t have a tiny drop of it in your circulation. Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your variety of politics is habitually labeled as hodam, woyane, leba, to name a few. The toxic Diaspora is reduced to such a sorry state because it is inept and politically bankrupt. Thanks to your actions, supporters are abandoning you in droves. A few of the remaining hard-core extremists are doing exceptionally well to make themselves utterly insignificant. You are just betting with the house money. What’s the worst can happen to you, uh? If the poor children of Ethiopia somewhat or someway were to succeed in undertaking North African style uprising, then you will be in a position to satisfy your thirst for power. If doesn’t work out, well, then, you get to live in the comfy of your adopted country while the poor get killed. That’s how naïve and cruel at the same time you are. How do you call yourself a responsible citizen when you knock on the doors of the IMF and the World Bank imploring for the annulment of essential development funds intended for “your” own people? How many hours have you spent in the halls of congress lobbying for this or that kind of sanctions against your own “country”? How can you be counted on when you wine and dine with the secessionists that are trying to dismantle Ethiopia as witnessed in the recent meeting in Atlanta? Why should we trust you if you cannot even acknowledge the very progress which are made by the GoE? This is because you are only interested in power. Acknowledging progress will stand between your hatred agenda and the realty. You rather would like to see the country in the melancholy than see it prosper, and be shining example to other African countries. The Ethiopian people are now well aware of your pusillanimous and cynical approach to politics. No civilization ever was achieved by talking heads of your like, Eskinder as head of that rattlesnake, for that reason the evolution of Ethiopia is underway by the doers under the brave leadership of Meles. I truly can feel your pain for having hard time to swallow this. You are the losers in the eyes of the true heroes of Ethiopia. Beka, you are now busted and disgusted.

  20. wedi samre
    | #20

    Dear Eskinder,

    I am sorry for the loss of your mother. Egzi’abher tsin’at yihabkatkum.

  21. Teshome
    | #21

    Putting your fake outrage aside, you remind me of an Ethiopian proverb “Dog barks where it is fed.”
    You know it would have been fine and dandy if we had Plan field where press freedom exit to exchange
    Freely our ideas, if the Ethiopia people have the freedom to choose their representative free of TPLF intimidators ( I know you believe in your dedebit Disney land fairy tell you can win 99.8.) you and your likes justify the unjustified because you are the only beneficiaries of this rotten system. So far it is not your strength that is keeping at the helm, but the opposition has not been able to figure out a medicine for Ethnic politic– virus you brought in and give you an advantage 3% over 77%. You are making all the effort to distort the real issue. The real issue is 3% Tigrian- Ethnocist domination of all spheres of 77% Ethiopian life. The solution is also simple either you will be a majority in your Tigriy country and decided for your self peruse your destiny, or live as Ethiopian in democratic Ethiopia sharing the benefits of the system equally. Your pseudo outrage fools no one, assumes-not even yourselves.

    | #22


  23. Berhane
    | #23

    Eskinder Nega shouldn’t overestimate himself. He is a simple activist suffering from a severe form of grand delusion. Posting articles against the government every week and walking the streets of Addis freely. In most of the articles he is clearly calling for an uprising of some sort. Still safe to roam the streets of the capital. His call is receiving scant attention. Why ? Cause no need for a change of administration that is transforming the nation beyond recognition. Ato Eskinder has no solutions necessary to cure the problems of our country. He simply opposes anything and everything the government does.

    Worst of all he hates people with opposing views ; but always quick to point out the ‘ lack of democracy’ in Ethiopia. Quickly categorize people as ‘pro-Eprdf’,'lumpen’ ‘Kehdetu’(Lidetu). If he wants to be an opponent, he has to come up with an alternative program and sell it to the public, and see how far that would take him. Not very far in my opinion. Anyway, my advice to him for know is to go and buy bond for mother Ethiopia. Would you oppose the construction of The Grand Renaissance Dam as well? But knowing you, you would oppose it, because the ‘Woyane’ which you detest so much, came up with the brilliant idea. Poor Eskinder. I don’t like your ‘politics’ but you are entitled to views although you represent the past that is well and truly dead and buried.

    Thank you Abugida for allowing different opinions to be entertained on your good website.

  24. Bekumsa
    | #24

    We all know that our beloved country has become land of limited rights, freedom, opportunity and justice. Everything seems arbitrary and it is a wonder our nation still exist. One one hand we have a government that goes out of its way to fabricate lies and use them as evidence in court of law to lock up people behind bars. Once I remember a TV show which was aired showing OLF killing women and babies and on one meeting for University students one student asked how was it possible for them to tape the killings? They didn’t have an answer because they know it was just a fabricated evidence to create fear in our people. I fear for Eskendir but it appears that now he has become well known and thus they fear taking him down won’t be a wise thing to do but discredit him.

    On the other hand, we are witnessing a substantial number of Ethiopian’s, our brothers and sisters, who are forsaking objectivity and truth out of their unyielding support for this government. Well, one could argue ‘a dog barks where it is fed’ or perhaps more and more people are brain washed or some are doing it out of loyalty to their party. What ever the reason could be, we are faced now with difficulties in reconciling with the truth and objective analysis of the situation we are faced with. There is/are no silver bullets really to solve our intricate political, social and economic problems but to play it right on the play ground of universal principles and fair play ground.

    Can we dismiss the present government entirely just because we oppose it? May be not simply because they are the one who holds the key. We could rise up and snatch the key out of their hand, yet we will be faced with uncertainties of the future.

    The present government should know by now that, the key cannot stay in their hands forever. In our century, it is increasingly becoming impossible to realize the dreams of the 70ties. Trying to do will only reveal the blindness of these leaders.

    Let Eskendir write, he has all the rights to do so. One can also counter argue and write commentaries about his articles but trying to criminalize him with no substantial evidence amounts to nothing really. It simply demonstrates, yet again, how far this government or its supports could go to silence their critics. It is sick, stop it. Grow up!

  25. What a disgrace!
    | #25

    May all of you mindless and heartless people who support the tyrant that has been torturing, looting, killing innocent Ethiopians and selling Ethiopian’s land to foreigners experience the same treatments Ethiopians has been put through for the last 20 years. It is one of the greatest shame and sin to support a very man that has the blood of countless number of Ethiopians in his hands and robbed millions of poor Ethiopians. You people cannot deny that dictator Meles has lied, robbed, killed and threw out our brothers and sisters in Gambela and sold their land to foreign billionaires and Gondar’s land to Sudan. Ethiopians would rather have freedom, food, water and decent medical care than cheap buildings and roads. We know it is only a few minority group who are looting from the poor that supports a dictator his hands socked with the blood of Ethiopians, Somalis and his own Eritrean cousins. SHAME!SHAME!SHAME!God have mercy on all of you.

  26. Oda Tulu
    | #26

    I should remind these die-hard TFLFitrs that they have lost all moral and legal authority having sold all vital interests of Ethiopia and committed heinous crimes on her citizens. These criminals are saying that the Ethiopian people are showing assent by their silence – but they should make no mistake that the uprising is inevitable.

  27. Tolagna
    | #27

    Early in last month,Meles Zinawi appeared on TV and warned Ethiopians through a terror treat.However,on their part,Ethiopians remained united and vowed to fight and defeat, and remove Meles Zinawi and his regime at any valuable cost until Ethiopians and Ethiopia is free from the terrorist organization,Woyane.

    Ethiopians,it is absolutely important to eradicate the caner that has been consuming Ethiopians’blood and Ethiopia’s resources.

  28. Fasil
    | #28

    Brother Eskinder,
    You have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother.

  29. birhanu
    | #29

    Reta = Delneberu Nega= Mulugeta Asrate Kasa.

    my sympathy for the loss of your mother.

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