The question is not “Dam building” but Grave digging for Tyranny: By WEGESHAW

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A criminal “Government” which is racist and oppressive that conspires with historical enemies of a country do not have any moral, legal or any other ground to preach about building a “Renaissance Millenium – Abbay Dam”!

A known mass killer “Government” in whose “Manifesto” is labled thoroughly documented plans to distruct our motherland Ethiopia can’t suddenly bring “Growth and Transformation” to the same country it has just sold entirely!

A “Government” lead by a deadly enemy from with in and fought nail and teeth to make 80 million people land locked and benefits the chosen few at the expence of the majority should never be trusted. There is no building by destruction. Why should one destruct for the last 35 years in order to suddenly build a “dream dam” in the comming 5 years?

We have never heard that the TPLF lead “Government” at the helm of wich stands the deadliest foe of Ethiopia and its people – “Meles Zenawi”, has at least verbally rejected or that it has withdrow its dream almost comming true – “Abay Tigray Manifesto”.
The enemy lead “Government” has deliberatly implemented its “hundred years of home work for Ethiopia”, an injection of poisonous constitution in the form of Article 39.
The brutal tyrant has time and again humiliated us Ethiopians by mocking as follows:

“Wushochu yichohalu, Gimelu gin meguazun yiketilal”,
“Bandiraw cherk new”

Ethiopians, wherever we might be, have a moral obligation to save our country by stopping the “Gimel”! Let us show him that our ancestors in history have proved to the World their “Anbesa ness” rather than “Wusha-net”. The blood soacked tyrant mockingly reffered to a great country’s Flag as “Cherk”. Let us raise up in unisome and stop the “Gimel” from reaching its goal – the “ABAY TIGRAY”. Let us teach him who is “BANDA” and “ye-wusha – wusha” betrayer and seller of mother Ethiopia!

There could not be sudden “Growth and development” in a matter of five yeares after implementing and conducting the above mentioned evil ideology and constitution which has been conspired since 1976

One “can’t have a cake and eat it at the same time”. Either you divide people like in the time of “Zemene Mesafint” and then fight among each smaller and weaker nations forever or you build a one strong and stable country with love and honor among its different tribes and nationalities. Growing and Transforming in a matter of 5 years after they have been bleeding a country to death is impossible even if they add “miracles” to their sugar tainted “sacred idea”. Building is difficult where much longer time is needed, on the contrary you can destruct what you had been building for the last handred years in a matter of one night

Growth and development Plan in 5 more years of misery and oppression with an enemy TPLF lead “Government” is Disasterous idea. We say “too little and too late”! It is in fact like in the
English saying “ A pie in the sky” or in Amharic “Lam alegn be-semy, wetetwanim alay”. Where is the criminal Government hiding all its horendous genocide and crime against humanity anyway? Yes I know: under G.T.P(Growth and Transformation Program).

We all should support what our brave Ethiopian communities in Washington D.C, and many cities in the USA and Europe loudly denounced the tyranny with the following Mottos:

Thank you USA and Europe “Diaspora Ethiopians”!
Thank you the true son of Ethiopia “Tamagn Beyne” for the timely slogans as usual!

There is no genuine Ethiopian who oposes real Growth and development in his beloved country. There is no genuine Ethiopian who would oppose a great dam built at the Abbay river for the prosperty of his beloved mother land, in fact that was every Ethiopian dreams for the last hundreds of years. So, why is this known enemy government deafenning us all with its sudden fake G.T.P (Grouth and Transformation Program)? Is this “chuheten Kemugn”?
Where have they been for the last 20 years if we even don’t count the last 35 years?
Why is the enemy government in Ethiopia forcing the masses who even couldn’t feed themselves to contribute money which TPLF itself have long looted away in the form of “EFFORT” ? why again it forces people to buy “BONDS” where the EFFORT money is more than enough?
If this tyrranical Regime is HOLIER-THAN-THOU, as it lately wanted to be seen by our people, let it return EFFORT wealth to its rightful owners – Ethiopians, so that they could build not one “Millenium Abby Dam” but even more.
Please open this attachment and judge for yourself:

We remember that, one of the enemies of Ethiopia – “Sebhat Nega” in his interview stated that “EFFORT” is now one of the biggest business interprises in Africa. He added also one strange saying: “We have fought for the independence of Eritrea that time and if needs come we will not hesitate to step in and defend it again”. His dreams are full of wars like his boss. Mind you he has stated this by being a higher Ethiopian official, who still is rulling the country unfortunatly. He and his Boss think that they are the saviours of Eritrea.
No, instead it is EPLF’s and their wrong theories and policies from the beginning that have lead to the misery and distruction of both Ethiopia and Eritrea.

We have lost over 100 thousand young soldiers on both sides in the 1998 – 2000 boarder war and look even now they are pushing for another war. They never think in turms of peaceful negotiations.Think of the destruction of the war in turms of Human lives, properties, social lives and enviromment. That is why we say, that both dictatores have to go in order peace to come to the East Africa in general. The Eritrean dictator fought with all it’s neighbours, like wise the dictator on the Ethiopian side massacred people all over the country and even went to another war in a proxy Somali struggle.

These dictatores are also wanted for war crimes in Somalia.
Both people of Ethiopia and Eritrea should say BEKA/ YIAKIL/ GEYE to both tyrats respectively. There are now over 60,000 Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia, even several hundreds have been admitted to our universities and the tyrant is allowing them to have scholarships that he refused to give to many Ethiopians.

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are allowed to go for peaceful demonostrations against the Eritrean Government, while their Ethiopian mates have been refused even to gather or express their views in their own country. Eritreans in Ethiopia are allowed to claim back their properties they lost during the Ethio-Eritrean War, where as the dictator never defended what Ethiopians lost in ample! In fact TPLF has ever since continued its day light robbery of the whole country. Eritrean “opposition parties” are freely allowed to gather any time and even to conspire with the evil dictator against Ethiopia by living in Addis Abeba, while the rightful opposition parties of Ethiopia are persecuted, intimideted, tortured or killed in their own country. The evil deeds of “Meles” favouring Eritreans and hurting Ethiopians even being in their own country could be counter productive to the Eritreans themselves. It is goog for our Eritrean brothers and sisters in Ethiopia or even Eritrea itself to distance themselves from the two criminal and evil dictatores who shoud be ousted as in the North Africa’s “Youth Revolution” and taken to the ICC or the Hague court for their over 20 years of horendous crimes perpetrated against both peopl.

Otherwise, we Ethiopians should say to our Eritrean brothers and sister “Refugees” – Welcome to Ethiopia as long as you do not conspire by living in the country!
That, we don’t even concider them as “Refugees”, since they only re-united and joyend their unlawfully rejected mother land – Ethiopia. That, Ethiopia is not only considered as mother land for Eritreans but the Black race in general. We hope that time we Ethiopians and Eritreans come together and resolve our deep rooted pains and difficult, but possible problems peacefully is near. the only thing needed is good will from both sides

Open please these attachments too:

The fashion of the contemporary youth around the World is how to “Moubarak every dictator” in the Town.The new jargon word to “Moubarak some one” is equivalent to “Kik dictatores out”, for example it can be used as to “Moubarak Meles and its atrocious criminals from Ethiopia” means to “Kick them out”. Never forgate to “Moubarak Isayas too”.

The question of Ethiopian people nowadays is when do we see Meles go?
Where as Ben Ali of Tunisia along with his wife have gone, “Meles” and “Azeb” should follow too. When do we see justice done in Ethiopia like in Egypt, where Moubarek and his sons have been kicked out and now brought to justice for their crimes and corruption which extended for decades. In Yemen, Liby, Bahrein, Siria like wise. It will be sooner than later.
The question is not “Millenium Dam” but grave building for tyrants and their gangs!
Ethiopians of all walks have said BEKA/ GEYE!

Beka! Geye! Yeakel! Aloni! Wetandem! Gides! Eke ! Bass! Diiteh!, Ekako!

(WEGESHAW 24/04/2011, Dell Le Ethiopia Hizb!)

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