Where is our EFFORT? By Tedla Asfaw

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read a piece by Dr. Ghelawdeos Araia, “Ethiopia’s challenge is our challenge” forwarded by a friend. As we all know Ethiopia is an agricultural country, more than 80 percent of our people are farmers. If you hear our/TPLF experts which Ghelawdeos would like to call EPRDF are telling us that they would like to “industrialize Ethiopia” by selling large tracts of farm land to foreign investors, they claim in few years time ” we will be an industrialized nation”. They even boast of buying imported foods with plenty of cash in our peoples pockets.


They claim that by selling huge tracts of land they will bring capital, knowledge and “convert” our people to “middle class”. Foreign land grabbers as recently seen on www.farmlandgrab.org documentary both in English and French version one hour and one and half hour respectively are proudly showing their land they acquired. The land is not a barren land as they claimed but it is a known sanctuary for wild life. The farmers that are kicked out of their land are nuisance for buyers and sellers. War on our farmers, on our natural forests and wild life has been declared by the current regime of Ethiopia. We have no choice but to fight as one farmer said on the documentary.

TPLF/EPRDF and foreign partners aim is to produce and make money by selling their products on world market. I wonder why Ghelawdeos avoid discussing this issue and divert the discussion by bringing the new emerging economies in China, India, Brazil etc and try to compare it with TPLF/EPRDF’s GTP.

Ethiopia is now led by thieves/Leboche whose aim is to change everything to dollar and run away when their time is up. Sell it cheap for cash that is what they have been doing for the last five years after they were defeated on May 2005 election. The idea of every other ethnic group benefits from TPLF/EPRDF patronage system is partly true.

But the Somalis, Oromos, Amharas, etc who organized themselves under their ethnic umbrellas do not amass wealth like EFFORT whose name Ghelawdeos even failed to mention. EFFORT is the mafia who is behind the Grand Transaction Plan/GTP to extort the diaspora. Did Ghelawedeos forget Sibhat Nega interview on VOA Amharic, “EFFORT is the largest conglomerate in Ethiopia” proudly declared by him. How can we discuss “investment” by ignoring this truth ? Ghelawdeos is telling us to seat down and challenge TPLF/EPRDF. What challenge ? he better tells the mafia club that stealing as he calls it corruption even if is common in the world you/ TPLF took it to the highest level. TPLF is even blackmailing the Ethiopian workers to give their monthly salary to build millennium dam. No other country does like that, this is beyond robbery. It is similar to “Mengistu’s Enate Ager Tire” of workers giving their monthly salary. Inflation running high as much as 30 percent combined with giving away monthly salary, is that not a fertile ground for mass upheaval ?

Ethiopia’s challenge is indeed ours but the solution is to remove Meles Zenawi’s led TPLF like the Egyptians, Tunisians did. Ghelawedeos is calling indirectly to support King Abdella “Freedom Initiative”, that set aside 37 million dollar to shut opposition mouth in Saudi Arabia. In case of Ethiopia his recommendation is to join the GTP and pray for many years for Meles led TPLF to stay on power. If they started the dam they have to finish the job, is that the rallying cry for the 2015 Western sponsored election theater ?

The good thing in 2011 change is coming by popular uprising. Ethiopians will rise up to remove Meles’ led TPLF and the other organized ethnic servants/Ashkers will not fight to defend TPLF. I invite you to go to www.tadias.com and hear what one pro TPLF Professor from New York says about his experience on GTP conference in Harlem, under the title, “Diaspora divided at GTP”. It is a four minute video clip would not take your time. Were Ghelawedeos was on that conference to challenge just for curiosity ? His challenge, however, could not be as low as the professor on the video clip. How did he get the job ?

  1. liku
    | #1

    Ethiopians like Ghelawedeos are brave people who speak their minds.They understood the difference between politics and economics.Join him,you vocal diaspora,rhetoric is of no value now.Build the dam or purish.

    Ethiopia lezelealem tinur!

  2. Ahmed Hassen
    | #2

    Dr. Gelewedewos Araia is a notorious Tigrayan nationalist and endorses the fascist and racist policy of his ethnic chieftain, Meles Zenawi. He travels to Ethiopia frequently and he is suspected of sharing the spoils of Meles Zenawi (taking part in the pillage) like the other Tigrayan intellectuals. EFFORT is the business conglomerate of Meles Zenawi and Dr. Gelawdewos should not be expected to mention it. Dr. Gelawdewos falsely accuses the Diaspora of organising along ethnic lines yet he is not distancing himself the fascist and racist, TPLF. His piece affirms his strong commitment to the TPLF and his leader, Meles Zenawi. The worst thing about these looting Tigrayan intellectuals is that they have lost all the sense of humanity, reasoning and decency. They have reduced themselves to simple greedy looters or thieves with no qualm. Their grand theft plan (GTP)is a culmination of their unbridled lust for pillaging and improverishing Ethiopia and its citizens. Dr. Gelawdewos and his ethnic comrades see Ethiopia as a country they have occupied and to be mercilessly exploited. The TPLF guys can not fool and mislead us in whatever colour they come. Dr. Gelawdewos Ethiopia and Ethiopians have spit you and your TPLF fascists and racists and you will not have any future in the democratic and peaceful Ethiopia.

  3. DAN
    | #3

    [[.. wonder why Ghelawdeos avoid discussing this issue and divert the discussion by bringing the new emerging economies in China, India, Brazil etc and try to compare it with TPLF/EPRDF’s GTP...]]

    The “land grab” issue is beating a dead horse to Dr. Gheawdeos. I feel the same way and here is why.

    The Meles Dictatorship has put forward a pro-investment framework that motivates Foreign Direct Investment in land. FDI in the “Land Grab”will increase demand of labor, technology transfer and internal supplies and consequently income growth.

    Those English/French documentaries are only sending the message because it is not the WEST that is “grabbing” the “cheap land” but the dark Indian this time around.

    The bottom line is the Meles Dictatorship is the Land Lord. Without the protection/safety and good will of the Dictatorship that foolish sounding Karturi in the documentary is a helpless animal.

    You have seen it lately when the government said it took away 200,000 hectares from him; I suppose to show him who is the boss? Some air was taken out of his stock tires and Karturi global was scrambling to “explain” what is going on? In other-words, the Dictatorship didn’t sell the land so what they “claim of selling” must be nonsense in my opinion. If I were Karturi I get the message that if I continue to give “stupid” interviews to documentaries, my stock shall become a penny kind and I shall kiss becoming a mover and shaker of rice globally goodbye.

    China is fascinating to all because they moved 400 million Chinese from poverty to mid income. It is done under a Dictatorship with open policies of the countries economy. They did 10% GDP in the last ten years. Unprecedented in the world.

    Can we do same and how? is the question.

  4. wedi samre
    | #4

    What is the difference between Ghelawdewos, a Shabia (EPLF/TPLF) hireling from Tigray and Tedla Asfaw, a shabia hireling from Amhara? I don’t see any difference between the two. Tedla Asfaw is an Amhara shabia hireling like Ghelawdewos because he chimes in with Ghelawdewos when he says “the idea of every other ethnic group benefits from TPLF/EPRDF patronage system is partly true. But the Somalis, Oromos, Amharas, etc who organized themselves under their ethnic umbrellas do not amass wealth like EFFORT whose name Ghelawdeos even failed to mention.” Tedla is the typical example of the educated Amhara tribalist who looks at Ethiopia’s problems not from the angle of the common interest of past, present and future generations of Ethiopians but from the angle of this or that so-called ethnically organized groups. But like most educated Amhara, Tedla is unable to make a distinction between a patronage system and the foreign rule of Ethiopia with the help of collaborators. That is why he compares shamelessly and treasonously the Shabia plunder of Ethiopian resources with Mengistu’s Enate Ager Tire” of workers giving their monthly salary”. Under the Derg the Ethiopian people in general and the Tigray people in particular could live in their land without being disturbed. Today, this is not possible. Ethiopians in the north, south, west, east, and center are obliged to leave their land in favor of Sudanese, Eritreans and so-called “foreign investors”. But like most educated Amhara, Tedla cannot see that. Because he is blinded by his Tigray hate. What is Tigray hate if not being against the Ethiopian nation?

  5. aha!
    | #5

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Diaspora elites, especially in North Ameria are in disarray to resolving the economic and political crises in Ethiopia in favor of the silent majority, silenced but not actualy silent, are left without a leadership with clear cut goals and strategies for unity, territorial integrity, soverneighty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. In close compatibility to these goals, we have UDJP, hammering on a subset of these goals, and with a slogan of “No Change but durable democracy”, in country where the mantra of the current regime is economic development by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, and lately by foreign corporations to produce and export farmland commodities, along with the current plot to solicit the Diaspora TPLF supporters as bond holders with TPLF/eprdf guaranteeing the bonds, I presume as well as forcing the people at home to make contributions and invest in bonds.

    Now come diaspora elites in the form Dr. Gelawdios, a proponent of TPLF, seeking the lesser of two evils and product of recently formed coaltion, perphaps with a meaningless accronym of “fdd”, a forum for democratic dialogue as the accronym for the coalition Mederk/fdd/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf in its ethnic agenda, telling the Diaspora but to engage the delegation of the regime in a dialogue in its endeavor of Millenium Nile Dam Project and/or the GTP five year Plan, only to power cold water on the pending uprising/reaction to freedom, not democracy, if and only if the movements focus on Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National interests and economic and political freedom of the individuals and liberty of individuals are at stake with TPLF/eprdf regime, by abandoning their support direct or implicit to ethnic federalism and secessionism by the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties and the liberation movements for their war skirmishes to secede from Ethiopia by joining the EPPF engaged from within Ethiopia.

  6. ocho
    | #6

    The issue at this time is not to be like China or Singapore but rather to look back to our Ethipoiawinet and then build a democratic Ethiopiawinet, maintain it and move forward with our resources and stengths.

  7. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #7

    We should all know and accept a way of living wherein any one is entitled to his/her opinion. We should create such an atmosphere for precisely every one with diverse opinion and doctrines. I know tolerance has not been our culture. Mr. Gelawdios and many others like him should be encouraged to speak up/out. That is the only way rights can be sorted out from wrongs. I give many kudos to the folks at Abugida for being an exemplary website. Look at the American political atmosphere. We have Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Oreilly and Hannity on one side and we hear from Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathew from the other side. They tell it as it is and they are protected by the First Amendment for doing so. These people act as safety valves to relieve pressure that may be building up in certain sections of the populace. If they cross the red line, then they will end up losing audience and will be shown the door. That is what happened to Glenn Beck. He started picking on the wrong persons like Soros and ‘Reformed Rabbis’. Mr Gelawdios may be speaking for himself or others huddled around him. It is a good thing he has spoken out his mind. And again, many kudos to the editors of this website.

  8. Anti-woyane
    | #8

    If we believe tigrians and shabian parasites, we never succeed. Don’t be foolish with them. They are really naturally cursed selfish narrow creatures without humanity. They are always one directional like cart!

    The other Ethiopians are more than enough. Oromo, Amhara, Southern, somali, gambela………..Lets go with God!!! Let the little creatures away.

  9. Mote lewoyane!
    | #9

    Anyone who believes that TPLF would do anything to benefit Ethiopia is very naive. TPLF have shown us how they feel about Ethiopia/ns. It is not a secret that Meles along with his cousin Isayas grew up hating Ethiopians and worked all their adult lives to divide Eritreans from Ethiopians and divided the rest of Ethiopians in ethnic groups and religion. The two evil cousins are the creators of the separatist groups of OLF and ONLF. Let’s be reminded that in the last twenty years TPLF have abused Ethiopia/ns in everyway possible—members of TPLF have looted, tortured, killed Ethiopians and given the land our ancestors died for to foreigners. Ethiopians need to say in one voice “BEKA” to TPLF dictatorship and being treated as second class citizens by TPLF. Ethiopians please do not persuaded by someone who has a PHD and going around and trying to convince us that TPLF are doing an outstanding job to help Ethiopia/ns in the long run. Just because someone has a PHD, it doesn’t mean that man or woman has a good conscience and stand for equal justice. A supporter of Meles with a PHD is still a WOYANE that is ready to loot, kill and sell Ethiopia in a New York minute. BEKA! BEKA! BEKA! To Meles and his gangsters. Wake up Ethiopians! Say BEKA to the twenty years of misery. Stand up and speak up for the muzzled Ethiopians—for innocent Ethiopians who are rotting in jail—for the Ethiopians who have lost loved ones by the hands of Agazi Army, and for all the Ethiopians who been robbed, tortured and killed!

  10. Beka Woyane
    | #10

    UNDP released new study exposed that 8.4 Billion Dollar is sent out of Ethiopia illegally in two decades. “Yelemate Zerefa” led by EFFORT !!!! Read the story from http://www.ethioguardian.com

  11. Yohannes Megersa
    | #11

    It is totally absurd to describe ato Tedla Asfaw as an `Amhara tribalist`
    because he always defends and stands for the rights and wellbeing of all Ethiopians. Tribalism is an illness that has afflicted the Tigrean elites and spreading through them in the whole country. Ato Tedla is born to a heroic family who fought for Ethiopia and have earned reputation and respect. He has this rich and enviable heritage and that is why he is defending his people and country against the tribal Tigrean fascists and racists.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    Yohannes Megersa,
    I agree with you,keep it coming. Only the ruthless woyanes who have been abusing their power in unimaginable way for over 20 years, by robbing the country and killing thousands of law abiding Ethiopians from every ethnic group try to push all their evil deeds on poor Amharas. Once again it’s TPLF mechanism to divide Ethiopians by creating feud between each ethnic group. I happen to be a multiethnic Ethiopian and I know very well no one has ever committed despicable crimes on Ethiopians as Meles and his TPLF thugs have done on Ethiopian for over twenty years. The country Ethiopia has never been robbed, its fertile land sold for a penny an acre to foreigners, its citizens thrown in prison, tortured, and killed by the hands of the home grown terrorist woyanes. A great leader try to unite and lead the country and his/her people, but Meles and his cronies work 24/7 to enrich themselves and shift all the blame on other ethnic Ethiopians to create ethnic divisions. After twenty years of TPLF dictatorship, only a fool brainwashed idiot or mentally challenged Ethiopian believes the TPLF hate filled propaganda that is intended to dismantle Ethiopia/ns.

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