EHSNA Inaugural Night in Washington, DC – EHSNA

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WASHINGTON, DC – The inaugural night of the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America was held here on May 14, 2011. Traditional songs and dances gave pomp and color to EHSNA’s first public appearance. The major event is scheduled for June 30 – July 3 in Washington, DC.

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  1. Dawit
    | #1

    Why can’t you guys come up with a statement I can read. I do not have YouTube. There may be others with the same situation. Your previous announcement too was in video.

  2. Oda Tulu
    | #2

    Almighty God of Ethiopia bless you all. Long live EHSNA

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Note that the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) has been gathering us, Ethiopians, only for the sake of snatching our money. So, I hope the Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America (EHSNA) would leave up to its name. And unlike the ESFNA it will gather us for a purpose. And without being political it will engaged in all aspects of our life.

    In short, EHSNA will be successful if it will do things the ESFNA has not been willing doing, and it does not gather Ethiopians just for the sake of gathering them to snatch their money as the ESFNA.

    Death to the ESFNA!!!

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