Shame on World Economic Forum on Africa 2011 !!!! By Tedla Asfaw

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I was dismayed to hear that the next WEF on Africa will be held in Addis Ababa on May 2012. Surprisingly I got this news after I read UNDP study this week on how African despots are stealing foreign aid and sending it “express” out of their countries. Ethiopia in the last two decades according to the study 8.4 Billion Dollar is moved out of the country and stashed in foreign banks.

WEF on Africa is partnering with Meles Zenawi to show case his “economic development” for next May in Addis Ababa. Millions of Addis residents are living a miserable life behind high rises built by so called “investors”. These same people have also huge wealth out of Ethiopia which is now documented by UNDP study. Ethiopians in the diaspora staged huge rallies against the criminal regime of Ethiopia last month in North America and Europe and will mobilize the diaspora to denounce this shameful act by WEF.

Ethiopians at present suffering due 30 percent inflation, farmers are removed by foreign land grabbers who will acquire up to 6 million hectares of land sold by the regime for 1 dollar per hectare officially but at higher rate under the table.

Public rally in Ethiopia is illegal, the last one Ethiopians had six years ago more than two hundreds innocent people were killed in broad day light, no one was held accountable. Ethiopians are living in fear and without any freedom. In short Ethiopia is Saudi Arabia without oil, huge land and water potential to be sold for the benefit of the ruling mafia.

The uprising we witnessed in North Africa and Middle East surely is on its way to Addis Ababa. This week strike by taxi drivers is the beginning of the Addis Tsunami which is dubbed as “Beka” meaning ” Enough “.Those who promote tyranny in any form by organizing a conference the one planned by WEF in Addis Ababa next year will be judged by our people.

  1. Asfaw A. [DC]
    | #1

    Shame on Mr. (Ato) Tedla Asfaw,
    What do we expect from you, you possted on EEDN on April 14, 2011 in regard the Abaye Dame you said


    to hate Melese and his collaborater is diffrente than wishing our peopel like TSUNAMI and now what about if the metting helde in Egypt, Ghana …etc economicaly some Egyptian and Ghanian will benefit and so if the meeting held in Ethiopia some of our peopel at home will benefit out of this meeting those leborer hotel transportation etc. worker and Ethiopia will get forighne currency.

  2. Sam
    | #2

    Tedla wrote “the uprising we witnessed in North Africa and Middle East is on its way to Addis Abeba.” I am not as sure as Tedla is about that. Substituting wishful thinking with reality cannot lend support to the struggle. just surviving for the mere need of seeking the next day is becoming almost impossible in Ethiopia. Eating three meals a day is a luxury a very few could afford. Despite that fact Ethiopians are not prepared to rise.The very reason is they know how brutal the government can be if its power is challenged. People seem to choose a slow dying– dying bit by bit every day– rather than just get it over with. I do not blame them. EPDRF is a force as merciless as you could get. If there is uprising, Tedla, it is not happening in Addis only. It might happen in the remote villages of Ethiopia that their names you never heard it before as well.

  3. Enanu
    | #3

    Asfaw, I concur.
    But only if he is receptive. I am afraid, he does not look like one.

  4. Belay
    | #4

    Asfaw A.
    Your message looks rude & ignorant. Probably that is what you are.

  5. JJ
    | #5

    Mr. Belay or # 4 Is that true what Mr. Asfaw A. said?

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