Kinijit Press Release

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  1. Mimi
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    I like the content of the press release. It sounds reasonable to me. Being reasonable is typical of Kinijit leaders. Once again it is nice to hear their sound judgment. I am also happy that the press release is posted on all the Ethiopian web sites including the Kinijit North America’s web site. That is an ample evidence of the nature of Kinijit North America leaders. And, I am disappointed that the press release is not posted on Shalequ Yoseph’s site. I don’t understand what is that suppose to mean, but I know that Shalequ Joseph and his couple of friends have no value for democracy and basically they just don’t give a dame about what most Diaspora Ethiopians think of them. I am confident that the Kinijit leaders in Ethiopia would come to know who has been rallying the Diaspora Ethiopia in the last almost two years. It is very important they know that because Kinijit is about Democracy and acceptance from the majority is a key for any politician to function effectively.

  2. Eskinder Degene.
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    Press Release.

    The press realese n the write time i realy i do not a word to say for the set free of Kinjit Leaders Thankes to GOD you have passed a lots of upps and down for real Democracy of Ethiopian people the strugel byitself 70 millions people struggel exept those few beniffiers of the top those who exploite the resourse for the country for thier personal use not for the large of the paplic still the first step to test for the frut of Democracy for Ethiopian people for the last many years never and never had hered even the word democray.Still it needs very curious when we think about Democracy you have died once for but thankes to GOD you just riase agian not only you preasoners and democracy was att preason but also the Ethiopian people also released One in Thre( Democracy + Presoner + Ethiopian People ) was under preson for the last two years now it is the time to breath but not to excersise Democray .What i mean may be it require more and more struggel from the the past one look carfully att the past and get leason there are alots of man those seems human being but acctually they are not human being to mention some for make it clear Lile Lidatu and Solmon Teka both they seems human but thier are an animal both in thinking and action they do. Still personally i belive there are a lot att the side of Kinjet there are few those who struggel for thier personal benifit and postion not the actuial needs or demand of the the Ethiopian people now still it take long time to think on the issue of Democray.

    Finally i would like to say on word before i conclude now the struggel is the Ethiopian people struggel so no one can stop it peoples severly hungers in Democray they need it so no can stop the struggel so .Agian thankes to GOD for releasing of the Ethiopian leader.Even with out any reason two years it will be the isse for Ethiopian people next we all now we are under Colnization for the last two years those who desides The USA and UK Poltikes leader doing this all even the war in is not the intresty of Ethiopian people it the intrest of US and UK.

    Now wish you happy for all eThiopian people and the family of the preasoners.

    GOD BLES ALL Ethiopa.

  3. Eskinder Degene.
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  4. Tigist
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    I have so much respect for KIL leaders. The majority of the Diaspora has been behind them in the peaceful struggle for unity and Democracy in Ethiopia. Their immediate reaction right after the Press release from the Kinijit leaders in Ethiopia regarding dissolving both KIC and KIL is a classic one. That is one more evidences about the KIL leaders’ value for democracy. In other hand, the KIC didn’t even post the press release on its’ web site, and they didn’t even say a world about it. That shows how shameless the KIC guys are. They don’t have a public base and they are liabilities for our struggle. I just hope Eng. Hailu and other Kinijit leaders would come to learn this fact soon and do something about it.

  5. | #5

    Hi. i would like to say that i am so happy following the release of the Kinijit leaders in whatever way.
    God Bless our mother land.

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