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According to the Ethiopia First website editor, one of the cronies of Sheikh Al Amoudi, the Sheikh withdrew his sponsorship of the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA). And he is asking back the $240K he donated this year to the organization.

It appears that Al Amoudi went public with the request on Thursday, May 19, 2011, because of an email Mr. Getachew Tesfaye, one of the ESFNA board members, sent to his colloquies on March 15, 2011.

Mr. Tesfaye on his email commented that “What is politics is not the selection of Ms. Birtukan, it is what our leaders did to reverse the selection and the relentless effort by the PR office to maintain the status quo. The leadership is convinced that money will cure all. I disagree. My preference would be to return back this blood money or donate it to the hungry in Ethiopia and hold the tournament in a high school stadium with a guest of honor that is approved by the majority.”

Via the Ethiopia First editor, Al Amoudi made known his intention to drag the ESFNA to court, if it failed to return his money.

Some board members contested the Sheikh cannot ask his money back.

The writer advice the ESFNA board members to consider seeking guidance from their lawyer on this matter before responding to the Sheikh request. Food for thought, if the sponsorship of the Sheikh is formed on a hand shake, sponsorship contract formed on a hand shake present tremendous proof problem if it needs to be enforced in court. If the sponsorship is formed by a signed contract which unambiguously stated situations the sponsor may consider as a breach of contract, the Sheikh request must be handled based on the terms of the contract.

In my opinion, losing the Sheikh sponsorship might be a blessing in disguise to the federation at this point in time of its existence because the Sheikh sponsorship of the organization did not bring peace, prosperity, and good leadership to the federation. Instated it caused misery, mistrust and corruption among the organization board members. Worst of all, it alienated most of the Diaspora from the federation. As a result, those members of the Diaspora who lost hope in the federation started The Ethiopian Heritage Society in North America a highly promising organization if it lives up to its name. And if it learns from the mistakes the ESFNA leadership has been making.

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  1. Kebret
    | #1

    I agree with you 100%.If this guy really ask for his money back;it will
    diminsh some board members(solomon abdela,eyaya arega,sebsebe asefa,etc.)
    negative infulence in ESFNA.I think they are the ones who are asking for the
    money to be returned because they didn’t deliver what they promised him-
    to deny Judge Birtukan the guest of honorship.Thank you for Mr.Tesfaye
    for speaking the truth.

  2. amazing
    | #2

    Well, it is evident that Alamoudi has taken Ethiopia resources worth than 240k, by what standard is he qualified to be Ethiopia to be able to amass billions of dollars gold mine? And yet, he is asking 240k. Are Ethiopians diaspora or not can return this money? In reality, if the diaspora was in Ethiopia, it will be NO because he has taken much Ethiopia’s wealth therefore, Ethiopians would not return the money back. Besides with proper lawyer, the contract should be investigated throughly. If he also really cared about Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s as a whole this “donated” money, he should never have asked this back. This is an indication that he is a fake Ethiopia like Weyane and TPLF unless he gets something in return, he does not support Ethiopia. What shameful. This guy really should be investigate if he is truly Ethiopian or not. That being said for ESFNA, blood money doesn’t get us anywhere. Besides the money is only to do something against the diaspora and Ethiopia which is counter to Ethiopia. Bad money always ends up leading to destruction as we have experienced ESFNA’s situation. The issue is without Alamoudi’s money (is it really his money?) ESFNA has been formed, operated very well in the past so ESFNA will continue to do that. The sociability, supportive, nobility, integrity of ESFNA to deliver for the diaspora is important than corruption, blood money and Almoudi and Alamoudi’s cronies.

    Long live eSFNA and Ethiopia!

  3. DRAMA
    | #3


  4. Sam
    | #4

    Al Amoudi’s ambition to play prominence in both politics and business might be appreciated by the EPDRF politicos, but not by Ethiopians. Asking his money back shows his giving was to influence ESFNA. Otherwise, if he chose to give because Ethiopians coming together at least once a year for soccer is beneficial in keeping the Ethiopian community intact, he would not have cared to dictate how ESFNA operates. That was exactly what he chose to do. What angered the Sheikh was the invitation of Birtukan to be a guest of honor which was sponsored by ESFNA. Why Al Amoudi cared about Birtukan’s being selected as a guest of honor? It is my hunch he was not concerned. In fact, I believe he does not care one way or another whom ESFNA honor guest would be. But there is a catch. He does not want a fallout with EPDRF. The government does not seem happy about Birtukan being the guest honor. Hey, Al Amoudi has to be mad as well. He takes his cue how to react from the government. He has a business empire in Ethiopia. He knows he has invested in a country where politicians could do as they wish to do irespective of the written law. As a result, Al Amoudi is happy when the politicos are happy. He is mad when they are. So why a billionaire choose to invest his money where he is “compelled” to act politically in tune with the government? Is there something we Ethiopians do not that few TPLF — I say TPLF on purpose– politicos and Al Amoudi do know? Do they need to scratch each other back? Time will tell. For now we Ethiopians are being kept in the dark.

  5. Kiros
    | #5

    ESFNA should have dropped Al Amoudi long before he dropped it. He used the federation Executive Committee members to divide the Diaspora. He made the organzation unproductive and visionless for about a decade.

    As most people know, Al Amoudi has been in full control of most of ESFNA’s Executive Committee members such as Mekonnen Demisiew, Samuel Abate, and Fassil Abebe, the con PR. These guys besides paralyzing the federation they would do anything to please him, including bending over for him if he ask them.

    I think the money he gave to ESFNA is not only blood money it is also the money he snatched from the throats of the starving Ethiopian people.

  6. Kebret
    | #6

    Don’t forget Solomon Abdela,Eyaya Arega,and Sesebe Asefa are the
    main players who dictate the Executive Committee.I am very glad
    Judge Birtukan accepted the invitation;and that is the main reason
    the hodams are asking their uncles money to be returned.My wish is
    for the hodams not to show up in Atlanta.

  7. amazing
    | #7

    Sam there is no probability and possiblity. It is amazing we Ethiopians try to perpetuate the misery of Ethiopian by giving information such as, “maybe, probably” when it comes to criticizing EPRDF, TPLF and Alamoudi. It is evident that we started hearing about Alamoudi when TPLF took power this is an indication that they work together. As soon as he is concerned with Birtukan’s invitation, he opposed, why can’t you believe that he may also not like Birtukans invitation that deligitimises TPLF that he may personally not like it not because TPLF doesn’t like it? He has to have integrity and be a businessman with integrity, unfortuantely he doesn’t have one and cares only his profit while Ethiopians are suffering because he is the number one perpetrator of Ethiopians using TPLF and himself. What good is he doing when he is amassing and profiting through Ethiopia’s gold that doesn’t do a penny for Ethiopia tell me that? Oh yeah, hiring people, really? If his workers strike he would still be not profiting, how about that, he didn’t create job but he was given the privilege to take resource triple the amount what the people are benefiting from his employment. As we speak, he is also thinking of closing Sheraton, how selfish is that. So, he is absolutely not benefiting Ethiopians. He is claiming he loves Ethiopia because it is through that only that he is able to come in Ethiopia and take the gold mine otherwise he doesn’t give a hoot about Ethiopia.

  8. Tafere
    | #8


    Don’t be fooled by the information you gather from the Ethiopia First website because Al Amoudi did not dropped ESFNA. The website is spreading this rumor to give people good feelings so that they turn out in large number at ESFNA’s Atlanta event.

    I say boycott the ESFNA events. And keep demanding the resignation of its crooked and liar PR, Fassil Abebe.

  9. Binyam
    | #9

    Once given as a donation, remains a donation unless there is a “conditional contract’ siged by both sides. For better understanding of the situation, consulting a legal expert is the first step.

  10. ያእቆብ
    | #10

    Keep the money. The guy stole it from the Ethiopia people. He is stealing billions from the single Shakiso Gold mine, the national treasure of the country.

  11. Mike Mikael
    | #11

    Correction this just gives us another reason to hate him.

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