We must resist Tyranny non-violently through the People’s Uprising By Teodros Kiros

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We must resist tyranny through the moral force of non-violence and through the concerted efforts of all Ethiopians as Ethiopians and not as divided members of Ethnic groups. The DDT of Negative Ethnicity now eclipses the positive role of Ethnicity about which I wrote admiringly ten years ago.

I have already publicly apologized to the Ethiopian people for this turn of thinking, at a particular juncture in Ethiopian history, and I hope my critics will stop attacking me endlessly for this pre-judgment.

The regime in power used Ethnicity to consolidate power, exactly as it is doing now by dividing Oromos against Oromos, tigreans against tigreans and amharas against amharas.

Unless we are very careful and morally intelligent, we are bound to repeat history and try to overthrow Tyranny by the tyrannical regimes racist and ethnicist tactics.Our struggle must climb the high moral ground and organize the people’s uprising by the principle of Ethiopianity.

Our new language must be Ethiopianity and our aim ought to be the founding of a new regime that will abolish tin shacks, shantytowns, and teen-age prostitution from the Ethiopian soil once and for all.

The write is right when he recently observed:

What seems to be a cozy relationship now going on between G7, OLF and ONLF (may
be some others too??) is a reminder of the political alliance that was formed between TPLF, EPDM (Tamerat Layne, etc.), OLF and other groups about 3 decades ago. This alliance enabled TPLF to assume power in Ethiopia without the will of the Ethiopian people. It enabled Eritrea to secede from its mother land with no appropriate inputs from the people. It caused the country to be divided along ethnic lines and loss its legitimate sea port, fertile lands, national army and many other irreplaceable treasures. The alliance is also a reminder of the formation of FAD, among OLF, ONLF, CUD, SLF, etc., more recently. Many Ethiopians and other nationals, including myself, believe that the formation FDA has contributed to the dismantling of Kinijet (CUD) and to the lack of functional unity among the legitimate (patriotic) Ethiopian opposition. This has been a big blow to the struggle against the mafia regime destroying the country (Abugida, May 21, 2011)

We must outshine the existing tyranny not by mimicking its failed tactics but by the force of our moral purity and classical Ethiopian integrity, the integrity of our great Emperors, who fought for Ethiopia as Ethiopians.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

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