We must resist Tyranny non-violently through the People’s Uprising By Teodros Kiros

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We must resist tyranny through the moral force of non-violence and through the concerted efforts of all Ethiopians as Ethiopians and not as divided members of Ethnic groups. The DDT of Negative Ethnicity now eclipses the positive role of Ethnicity about which I wrote admiringly ten years ago.

I have already publicly apologized to the Ethiopian people for this turn of thinking, at a particular juncture in Ethiopian history, and I hope my critics will stop attacking me endlessly for this pre-judgment.

The regime in power used Ethnicity to consolidate power, exactly as it is doing now by dividing Oromos against Oromos, tigreans against tigreans and amharas against amharas.

Unless we are very careful and morally intelligent, we are bound to repeat history and try to overthrow Tyranny by the tyrannical regimes racist and ethnicist tactics.Our struggle must climb the high moral ground and organize the people’s uprising by the principle of Ethiopianity.

Our new language must be Ethiopianity and our aim ought to be the founding of a new regime that will abolish tin shacks, shantytowns, and teen-age prostitution from the Ethiopian soil once and for all.

The write is right when he recently observed:

What seems to be a cozy relationship now going on between G7, OLF and ONLF (may
be some others too??) is a reminder of the political alliance that was formed between TPLF, EPDM (Tamerat Layne, etc.), OLF and other groups about 3 decades ago. This alliance enabled TPLF to assume power in Ethiopia without the will of the Ethiopian people. It enabled Eritrea to secede from its mother land with no appropriate inputs from the people. It caused the country to be divided along ethnic lines and loss its legitimate sea port, fertile lands, national army and many other irreplaceable treasures. The alliance is also a reminder of the formation of FAD, among OLF, ONLF, CUD, SLF, etc., more recently. Many Ethiopians and other nationals, including myself, believe that the formation FDA has contributed to the dismantling of Kinijet (CUD) and to the lack of functional unity among the legitimate (patriotic) Ethiopian opposition. This has been a big blow to the struggle against the mafia regime destroying the country (Abugida, May 21, 2011)

We must outshine the existing tyranny not by mimicking its failed tactics but by the force of our moral purity and classical Ethiopian integrity, the integrity of our great Emperors, who fought for Ethiopia as Ethiopians.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

  1. wedi samre
    | #1

    Dear Ato Teodros,

    You write “ I have already publicly apologized to the Ethiopian people for this turn of thinking, at a particular juncture in Ethiopian history, and I hope my critics will stop attacking me endlessly for this pre-judgment”. But you know very well that no one is interested in criticizing you for the sake of criticizing you. If we criticize you, it is because we are not dead sure that you have made amends in earnest. Besides given that you are a world-class intellectual, it is normal that we should continue to scrutinize everything you write. We will continue to do so not because we want to attack you, but to defend our country from your insidious intellectual attacks. It is up to you to convince us that you have completely severed Shabia (TPLF/EPLF) ties. If we are convinced that you have, we will be more than happy to welcome you among us. Having said that, I am not sure you have de-shabianized yourself completely. For example, you write “Unless we are very careful and morally intelligent, we are bound to repeat history and try to overthrow Tyranny by the tyrannical regimes racist and ethnicist tactics. Our struggle must climb the high moral ground and organize the people’s uprising by the principle of Ethiopianity.”What do you mean by “to overthrow Tyranny by the tyrannical regimes racist and ethnicist tactics”? Are Shabia’s (TPLF/EPLF) tactics of the classical colonial divide and conquer or are they racist and ethnicist tactics? As I said last time, you are trying to Tigrayanize Shabia by telling the Ethiopian people that Shabia’s tactics are racist and ethnicist. This is also what have been saying anti-Tigray Amhara intellectual tribalists. Briefly, you have endorsed Gunbot 7′s anti-Tigray racism; you are describing Shabia (TPLF/EPLF) as ‘Tigray Zeregna gujile”. But we Tigrayans cannot tolerate this gratuitous attack. Yesterday, you attacked us by taking sides with our worst enemies (TPLF/EPLF). Today you are attacking us by taking sides with the racists of Gunbot Seven and Shabia. As long as you consider that Shabia is an ethnicist and racist regime, it is of no use for you to try to convince us that you have espoused the causes of mother Ethiopia. He who espouses the causes of mother Ethiopia cannot say that there is an ethnicist and racist regime in Ethiopia. Only those who want to see the elongation of Shabia’s military occupation of Ethiopia can adopt such a divisive and anti-Ethiopia political language.
    How can you insinuate that Shabia (TPLF/EPLF) is a Tigray ethnicist and racist regime while you know full well that Shabia has left no stone unturned to steal Ethiopian territories in Tigray with view to ceding them to Eritrea? Shabia is the worst enemy of Tigray. It steals our territories by displacing our people from their ancestral homes in Badme, Zalambassa, Irob, Bure, Kunama, etc. Not only Shabia steals Ethiopian territories in Tigray, but it has annexed to Tigray Welkait Tsegede. It’s aim is crystal clear: it wants to play off the Tigray people against the Gondar people with whom the Tigray people have lived in harmony and mutual respect for two thousand years. Has anyone in Tigray ever claimed that Welkait Tsegede is a Tigrayan territory? By the way what is a Tigrayan territory? Is there a Tigrayan territory? Does it make sense to talk about a Tigrayan or Gondarite territory? There is only Ethiopian territory which is the indivisible common property of all Ethiopians. That is what our ancestors taught us.
    Ato Teodros you are trapped in self-contradictions: one the one hand you say that “ Our struggle must climb the high moral ground and organize the people’s uprising by the principle of Ethiopianity”. This makes you belong to the Ethiopian camp. On the other hand you write “ Unless we are very careful and morally intelligent, we are bound to repeat history and try to overthrow Tyranny by the tyrannical regimes racist and ethnicist tactics”. The last statement shows that you are still Shabia. Can one be Shabia (TPLF/EPLF) and Ethiopian at the same time? The answer is a definite no. He who tries to be both can only a Shabia agent. As for the true Ethiopian, s/he realizes very well that segregating the Tigray people from the Ethiopian people has been the tactic of Shabia. That is why s/he must spare no effort to segregate Shabia from the Ethiopian people. Because the struggle is not between Tigrigna speaking Ethiopians and non-Tigrigna speaking Ethiopians. The struggle is between the Ethiopian nation on the one hand and Shabia (and it’s collaborators OLF, ONLF, Gunbot seven) on the other hand. Lib Yalew Lib Yibel!

  2. teodros kiros
    | #2

    Dear Ato Wedi Samre;

    I admire the passion which inspires you to write so well; I also appreciate the serious scrutiny.
    My dear friend, although I might have failed to speak correctly. I am only asking all of us to fight this regime as Ethiopians and nothing more. That is all I am asking for, which is not very much.
    Thanks again for the respect that you endow on me by correcting and challenging me.

  3. Sahle
    | #3

    Teodros is a TPLF Wolf in Sheep’S but he has manages to fool the trusting fools at some websites.These website editors are not doing justice for the struggle, our oppressed citizens and our country Ethiopia if they are knowingly assisting such TPLF cadres to brainwash and mislead the general public with his non-stop contradicting and false publications that he is paid for by the TPLF/EPRDF. God have mercy on Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  4. Samuel
    | #4

    I am sick of this personality. If you believe that the formation of AFD was a cause for dismantling KINIJIT, how do you bring a change to the country by denying the particpation of these organizations in the absence of any significant organization? Or are you trying to dismantle the opposition at this particular time against the TPLF? That is a question to ponder. By the way there tens of millions of Ethiopians today that do not subscribe to your Ethiopianity. It is hollow and does not have any sustainable moral ground. One can articles after articles where it failed the Ethiopian people. But we are past that stage of narration of the negative.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    The theisis, argumetative proposition in this article is to direct our focus on ethnic and secessionist politics and /or policies crafted by TPLF, and incorporated in the constitution. Therfore, as antidote to this agenda, let us focus on founding a regime based on Ethiopianity, rather than focusing on ethnic agenda as is the case with the loyalist opposition parties, now forming medrek/fdd/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime, where UDJP and Ginbot 7 are relying on the philosophy/principle of “enemy of your enemy of my enemy is my friend”, with respect to EPLF/eritrea, as well as forming an alliance with the liberation movements with different agenda with that of freedom and democracy for Ethiopians, rather than coalesing on the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovreignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians as the author labels as Ethiopianity/Ethiopiawinet”. With respect to the political parties, UDJP, dominated by pro-democracy movement, whose mantra seems “no change but durable democracy”, focusing on a subset of of agenda for democracy, human rights and Justice, all which are subsequent to unity, teeritorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to free the silent majority from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule/ethnic dictatorship, totalitarianism with ethnic fedreralism and secessionism, which hinges upon the ratification of specific article in the constitution: Article 46, 39 (1), 8, articles 48-54, dealing the structure of the paliamentary set up, and articles dealing with balance of power among the branches of the government, with private ownership of land as one of the means of production, and individual right to supercede ethnic rights. These being the major political and constitutional issues, UDJP formed a coaition called Medrek/fdd/fdre with loyalist opposion parties with ethnic agenda, similar to the teletafi parties of TPLF/eprdf, even though the party leadership position has shifted from Tigrai-Harena to other ethnic group, where ethnocracy continues add lib with no end insight of dismantling ethnic and seccessionist politics and/or policies directly supported by the teltafi parties and implicetley supported now by Medrek/fdd/fdre.

  6. teodros kiros
    | #6

    I think my readers continuosly misunderstand me. Let me make an attempt at correcting the misunderstanding.

    (1) I am not asking for dissolving existing organizations. I salute their proliferation. Indeed, their very existence an expression of democracy- we need more of them as organizers of political space for all Ethiopians.
    (2) I am certainly not a cadre. I am a very fulfilled professor of Philsophy and English at a world class college ,and I thank God for this opportunity.
    (3) All that I am asking for is that Ethiopianity becomes the organizing principle of the existing organizations these three propsoitions, without destroying them but rather putting them under the umbrella of Ethiopianity. I will elaborate on three proposititons in a future article, courteously and gently, which is my style of conducting a radically democratic dialogue, and I hope my critics do the same.

  7. Tazabi!
    | #7

    Professor Tedrose Kirose is in my opinion a brain-storm modern writer of the twenty-first century. In the past years, he contributes a lot of writings, such as cultural, political, historical, and economical issues concerning our country Ethiopia. As he is a philosopher and english litraturist, his writings are concrete and philosophical needs little attention to understand what the writer’s general idea is. It is not supportive to blame him as Shaebia or Weyane. It is his own issue to be both or one of them. But in my opinion, Tedrose is an Ethiopian hero that likes his country and his people. So, professor Teodrose, please don’t histate to contribute your writing as professor Alemayehu G.mariam doing.Thank you! “God Bless Ethiopia.”

  8. Berhane
    | #8

    Wedi Samre,

    Ata hasase– what is ‘Ethiopianity ?’

  9. koster
    | #9

    I think Professor Tewodros is a genuine Ethiopian who wants the best for the Ethiopians languishing under woyane tyranny. We do not have a litmus test who is woyane and who is not so we should be very careful not to distance our own friends and comrades-in-arms. Let us concentrate on woyane and move forward.

  10. Samuel
    | #10

    Dear Teodros,

    I am writing this as a colleague although we do not know each other. I am a natural scientist and also a nationalist that have worked hard to promote educational development in Ethiopia before I came to the west. I know very well how the Ethiopian governments (Haile Sellassie to Meles Zenawi) work. We have been struggling for the last 40 years to correct the injustice created by none other than the ruling elites. We would like to look forward on the back of the past for the past is also a guiding principle of the future. You are trying to wittle down the past in order to advance an elitist view of the future. There are causes why we are here. It is my belief that unless we address the injustice done in the past by addressing those issues for which many have sacrificed their lives, it would be futile to dwell on philosophical solutuions. Some time I am not even sure which part of Ethiopia you are talking about. It is better to address the grievances of the subjects before it is too late. I am afraid that the clock is ticking and it is high time that all democratic forces come together to unsit the tyrannical regime and forge a consensus how to mopve forward. I do not like your conditions for the future for it relies only on the philosophy of the few.

  11. teodros kiros
    | #11


    What elitism are you talking about? Why can’t you comment on what I wrote, as opposed what you are imagining. It is frustrating when an educated colleague sets unacceptable standard for readers. This kind of reading is frustrating. Enough is enough.

  12. Sahle
    | #12

    Readers, the so-called professor Teodros barked or rather defended the contents of his silly article as himself, and also as a result, I suspected that he unknowingly exposed himself by pretending to further be Tazabi and Koster as shown above, that clearly sounded to be from the same person or source one after the other. I say that because I have professional reasons and evidences if he or any of them denies this fact.

    As for the other facts, I think others have eloquently explained it therefore; I do not want to repeat it to give readers a headache. But as I said time and time again before to most website editors, from my knowledge of him and also based on reading all comments and constructive criticisms expressed by many about this weird so-called born-again-TPLF-democrat and fake Ethiopian patriot like writer: Teodros Kiros who deliberately and officially was a die-hard TPLF Cadre for the past 20 years, it is high time folks and especially editors, to inform him that he could not fool the public with his garbage, silly fiction, uprising rhetoric and fabricated TPLF words of Ethiopianity and all his jargons that has never been never recorded in any Dictionary.

    Last but not least, I say to Teodros Kiros, please stop your bullshit and as some lose to you said that you are a mentally disturbed person too, I advice you to continue taking your tablets for your sicknesses or the 2011 TPLF viruses that now seemed to have spread everywhere to kill or collect funds for the dams and all the TPLF Godamns. We, the patriotic Ethiopians do not need Ye-Dil Atbia Arbegnoch or Yeteshenefu Mirkegnoch as was during the 1937 Ethio-Italian War period on the 11th hour. This is because Ager Shachochna Bandawoch At-tamenumna New! We don’t need you at all! Ye_Alemayehu Eshete Ye-Tint Zefen Endalewm, “Yewoga Biresa, Yetewoga Ayiresam” Aite Teodros?

    Also, I hope, our Ethiopian Democratic Website editors, would stop making themselves look really and truly silly for acting as trusting fools knowingly and recklessly playing in the hands of such disguised, masked and Achberbari TPLF Cadre and his likes. He should spread his hatred and TPLF propaganda on Walta and Aiga as he did for 20 years not preach us here on what we call and believed to be Ethiopian democratic websites.

    Last time, some guys and websites thought that if we blindly forgive, forget the crimes committed by Seye Abraha and his TPLF colleagugues in crime like Gebru Asrat etc, and then support Seye Abraha because he joined UDJP to fool us, many thought that we would win the majority of seats in parliament but he (Seye) could not even win for himself a single seat let alone to further help other opposition candidates to win and then win the General Election to form a new government. What a wishful thinking that was?

    Ask yourselves another question now folks? Question No.1, how come Seye Abraha the uneducated soul ended up becoming God Knows what … a student or a researcher, as some described it, at one of the most popular Universities in the world at a crucial time when he should have organized and led the uprising like Teodros Kiros led us to believe? We all thought he was more feared by his old colleagues by the TPLF and the entire EPRDF. Hulum Wushet Neber. And also our beloved Birtukan’s resignation and then leaving the country to also study in North America remained a bit suspicious too, for many genuine people?

    Yes, they said, who is paying for Seye and Birtukan for their expensive education if they really study and also living expenses as well? Could it be because the fraudulently multi-millionaire Seye Abraha is going to pay Birtukan’s entire expenses to express his thanks for setting him free when she was a judge? I say, it is really Enqoqlsh for many but some people say that, EPRDF have paid all their living and education expenses to silence them both and to weaken the entire opposition parties in and outside Ethiopia. Was it and is that true too, folks, or it was suspected therefore, as the wise forefathers and elders rightly said too, “Yalteretere Temenetere”. Hence dear readers, please be wise, also smart and never and ever be fooled by all the razzmatazz, innuendos & so on. I hope all that was clear and it was understood that I was only telling the truth & others.

  13. rezene kadissaba
    | #13

    Dear Writer – well done on your new perspective of things.
    Now you are realizing the oppositions are lost in the woods – forging fake coalitions which intimidates the ruling party more and more. As I have said before – the oppositions should stop intimidating the ruling party . It will make them weak and end-up in ” we were harrassed and intimidated by the rulling party” How can you deal with ONLF and expect fair treatment from EPRDF? They will never get power unless they learn to deal with EPRDF. The next election is coming fast without any clear establishment.

  14. Samuel
    | #14


    There was nothing meteoric in my statements. My discussion points were a sum of my observation of your articles that has been inundating us for a while. I believe I have tons of experience with Ethiopian politics that I am not persuaded by emotional phrases that you like to scribble from time to time. In other words, I wasn’t borne ten years ago. Others and myself were warning all opposition groups that came to being what lay ahead before Woyanes took power and be prepared for what was to come or come together and address some of the issues before it was too late. People like you contributed a lot to the back ground noise that ordinary people were not able to see through the forest. Your re-incarnation to baptize us with the phrase “Ethiopianity” is meant to dilute the opposition of the Ethiopian people across ethnic lines to the TPLF governerance, an apartheid system, that is destined to be dismantled.
    It appears that we come from different corners of Ethiopia and I have vivid vision of future Ethiopia that is not blurred withh emotional phrases. I also understand that our respective people had crossed different path in the sojourn for the creation of the nation state. Thus we have different perspectives. I will not dismiss yours entirely as it is counter productive. I also expect you to admire other contemporary views. In my corner, we seek a country where justice, equality, freedom and representative government accountable to the electorate is formed. I believe on the need to create a permissive environment to discuss issues of domestic as well international relevance. In other words there is no sarcosant issue that we will not be able to address. Limiting those discussions to an inaliable position is tantamount to giving up ones own freedom to a faith of the few.

  15. aha!
    | #15

    This is a response to remarks made by commentators, which labled the “readers”, where you stated three propositions to clarify your thesis, nevertheless a philosophical approach; not an logic/approach to problem solving. You can not aspire to put these political parties under the umbrella without replacing ethnic-agenda with national agenda that of unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, which calls for the teletafi parties, the loyalist opposition parties, now medrek/fdd/fdre to change not disolve its agenda from its platform and face off the TPLF/eprdf regime with ethnic and or ethnic and or secessionist policies inscribed in the constitution, which have been enumerated in the past remarks. You are also implying a form for democratic dialogue (FDD) to bring these factions under Ethiopianity, perhaps meaning Ethiopiawinet, does not lend itself to problem solving of the political and economic crises befalling to the silent majority of Ethiopians with out inductive logic/appproach to scientific problem solving by the oppositon factions which many by calescing under one clear cut goals that of unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity, of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with a jointely implemented stategies on the part non-violence struggle/ uprising/reaction to freedom, not democracy from autocratic, ethnocratic/ethnic dictatorship, totalitarianism, a reminant of the Dergue regime under ethnic feralism and secessionism. You can not have two or more political models, maintaining ethnic and or/secessionist politics and /or policicies of self-rule and separate development under the same umbrella of Ethiopiawinet through an FDD, unless the aim is to convince the factions with ethnic and secessionist agenda to switch to national agenda in their platform.

    The analogy you used of alliance of Ginbot-7 with OLF and ONLF does not corrospond to Alliance formed with TPLF and the now teletafi parties. The associations that are both in the armed struggle of Ginbot-7 with Eritrea, and now with ONLF and OLF, and UDJP on the peacefull struggle with TPLF/eprdf regime, is I beliveve based on the philosophy/principle, a misguided philosophy never theless, “enemy of my enemy is my friend”. I doubt that applies to alliance of TPLF with the now teletafi parties, and I doubt ANDM is liberation movement, in the likes of OLF, etc. What remains intact however, ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies inscribed in the constitution is a mechanism to disolve Ethiopian Nationalism and freedom and liberty of individuals as an Ethiopian first and their ethnicity second.

  16. Tazabi!
    | #16

    Some times I’m wondering when I see such immoral and an agrressive commentators, like Sahle in this twenty first century. It is very difficult to struggle in unison with Sahle kind of people. I think he must be from the neftegna class who disdains the struggle of the Tigray people against the Dergue. As every Ethiopian knows the struggle of the Tigray people plays an important role in overthrowing the Dergue regime who butchers one generation by name of red terror. No one can deny that the struggle had a short coming, his leaders like tyrant Meles and others manipulated the people’s struggle into their hidden interest after they took the Arat Killo palace. This is great shame. One day history will judge them. After a time Seye and Gebru understand their party’s wrong direction and choose to unite with the struggle of the Ethiopian people. So, the way they choose is supportive, means we have to well-come them instead of blaming. For example, if tyrant Meles admits his mistake and decides to line with the Ethiopian people, do we have to refuse him? I present this homework for Sahle. Stop abusing our heros.

  17. Tazabi!
    | #17

    Sahle! it is unwise to interfer in the affair of others. This is not an Ethiopian moral. We Ethiopians are known by our good moral and trustworthy. Because our father and mother raise us to be honest and genuine but not to be lier. As you write the defamation about Seye and Brtikan, “do have tangible evidence? or is your evidence yemender werie?”
    Please let me know your real evidence, other wise this is a crime made on the two innocent Ethiopians.

  18. Zerayakob Yared
    | #18

    “Berhane May 24th, 2011 at 02:33 | #8 Reply | Quote Wedi Samre,

    Ata hasase– what is ‘Ethiopianity ?’”

    አቡጊዳ ወዲ ሳምረን ከእንደዚህ አይነት ይዘት የለሽ ተራ የጎድፍ ስድብ መከላከል ይገባው ነበር !

    ወዲ ሳምረ ለኢትዮጵያ ህልውና የተቻለውን ያህል አስተዋፅኦ እያበረከተ ነው::

    ስለሆነም ምስጋና እንጂ ስድብ ውለታውን አይከፍልም::

    የሚያቀርበው ሃሳብ ሁሉ የግዴታ ሁላችንን ማርካት የለበትም, ግን ስነስርአት ባለው መንፈስና ዜቤ ትምህርት አዘል ሃሳቡን እያካፈለን ነው !

    እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን መች ይሆን ለመሆኑ እርስበራስ መናከስን ወጊድ ብለን ወደ እርስበራስ መግባባት አለም የምንመጥቀው!?

  19. Tolagna
    | #19

    Ethiopians continue to fight the minority rulers by all meanse available and usable.It is true that Ethiopians have seriously taken the minority rulers,the threat and the danger these suppressive minority rulers imposed since they invaded our lands.

    It is ardious journey we,all Ethiopians began and will definitely be a tooth and nail fight against the enemy;we also recognized that to defeat the enemy,we need to continue with our strong quest for a free Ethiopia and gentle citizens as both have been and will be ours;our dear and priceless.

    The enemy is bad;too bad and has been turned into the worst enemy ever Ethiopians came accross,in our history;so persistence and insistence are the two key elements that we encorportate into our noble struggle against the enemy we knew long time ago and the enemy we know today and in the future.We shall definitely defeat our common enemy and our struggle will end in victory.Amen.

  20. aha!
    | #20

    The operating system for the politics in Ethiopia for the lat 20 years has been ethnic and/or secessionist politics and/or policies. The TPLF/eprdf regime is their to uphold that to stay in power, and fend itself against charges against human right violations and democratic, human rights and freedom denied to the individuals, while ethnic and seccessionist rights are upheld in the constitution. Both the author, Samuel and now Tolagoma are missing that point. The author is calling for fighting tyrrany as if it is a mere dictatorship for human rights violations, I presume, and puts the ethnic and seccionist politics and/policies under the rug, forming his theisis for uprising from the vantage point of perhaps Medrek/fdd/efdre, slightly differeing from its platform by puutting the opposition parties under the umbrella of Ethiopianity/Ethiopiawinet, without mentioning the clearcut goals they need to follow and the stratgies by which they achieve those goals.

    Samuel sounds appears imbeded with the AFD camp, and responds as in the past in favor of Medrek/fdd/fdre, by disparging at others wrting about the apects of Medrek/fdd/fdre, who now differs with the author of the current article over his diagreement with the alliance between Ginbot-7 and the two liberation movements in the armed struggle, and does not like that the author adopts the concept of Ethiopiawinet to bring all the factions together under one umbrella, indicating that he is ethnically inclined and is in support of ethnic federalism and secessionism. He also tells us that he is involved with all regimes in educational development in Ethiopia, out of context, yet reveals the misreable and mediocre situation the Ethiopians are under the current system of curriculum development, much less the Emperor Hailesellasie’s and the Derg regime, despite massive foreign aid.

    Tolagoma also by passes the central focus on ethnic and secessionist politics, which is festering the silent majority of Ethiopians and/or the ethnic groups who prefer to thrive like species populations of animals and plants in an ecosystem according to natural and man made laws in the previous provinces, if given a choice than the present artificial ethnic boundries, where each state may operate as a federated state, than the current quagmire within the Somali region, between Ogaden region and Oromo region and between Eritrea and Tograi region, including the loss of the ports to Eritrea; and directs our attention to fight the minority rule, which connotes minority ethnic rule, when the the focus has to be to dismantle either majority or minority ethnic rulers/rule and for the camaign of the political parties to based on Ethiopian Nationalism or/Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopian National Interests. To name only a few the land acqusition by the Sudan, the land acquisition in the form of lease, and the ports the went along with the secession and independence of Eritrea and the Nile Dam project need to be looked from Ethiopian Nationalism, rather than the current focus on ethnic agenda and calling for democcracy rather than freedom of individuals in all aspects.

  21. Sahle
    | #21

    Aite Tazabi, you said, “in my opinion, Tedrose is an Ethiopian hero that likes his country and his people”. If one asks, was that because Teodros blindly and loyaly served the nasty TPLF regime for the past 20 years? As I know him well for all those years, I could not see and other merit to consider him as you described him here? You must certainly be him. And no wonder you could not at all use your real name to hide your being Aite Teodros himself or another Woyane in our midst to lecture us to glamorize TPLF thugs with you: the cadres of the TPLF child killers in Ethiopia. It was funny you also tried to tell us how to comment as an Ethiopian when you lot imprison innocents, beat us, torture the nation and kill the nation col-blooded in the name of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. That was Lij Enatuan MiT Astemarech kind of joke. Any way, Aite Tazabi if Tigrai, this is not really to try to respond to your garbage as such but to let you know that behind your defensive scribble, the most ugly name of this century called “WOYANE” is written all over as a shadow or background colour to let us know who you really are.

    Yes, you are a disguised Woyane just like your friend-in-crime Teodros Kiros: the TPLF’s so-called Novelist, Philosopher and newly born look-alike Democrat to fool us all. What a Fool! I see, you tried to make the TPLF dissidents like Seye and Gebru the most righteous Tigrians for their deeds all of which were crimes against humanity, treason and all the corruptions they were engaged in since they seized power by force and stayed there on the top too by force still, despite losing elections after elections. In that case, you may also dare to tell us next that the stolen $8.4 billion Ethiopia’s monies were a falsified innuendos or the Amhara and Oromo opposition members or leaders stole it too? Woyanes are graduates of the Wushet and Kihdet Universities in Albania or Tigrai. Your language calling me Neftegna tells that you are a die-hard Woyane Cadre. Aite Tazabi, you missed many of the points as well because no one talked about Dergue. Hence don’t try to change the topis just to boast that TPLF alone removed the Dergue.

    Shame on you for calling criminals, killers, looters, thugs like Seye out heroes too? You can continue to worship them as your Gods but please not in our name. Ethiopians have better heroes than them the poisoned cockroaches. Also, note that the ex-UDJP leader’s name was not and still is not “Brtikan” as you put it in your last desperate scribble sounded Tigrigna. For your further information too, although she may have had a child with a Tigrian man for love or otherwise, she is not Abrehet either Aite Tazabi, hereafter called Aite Ye-AyiT Misikir DinbiT. Or shall we call you “Qend Yawotaw Wushetam Woyane”? No matter who you want us to call you, you better shut up to avoid being bashed and or told of who you really are in the stronger terms. Good bye Teodros or Tazabi? Rest in peace (R.I.P) Ye-Ayit Misikir DinbiT? I rest my case and decided not to further waste my time with you anymore. Unlike you, I work for a living boy? Go to hell Woyanew!

  22. Samuel
    | #22


    Your following phrase shows where your heart beat is and I need not characterize your poltical persuation further:

    “I doubt that applies to alliance of TPLF with the now teletafi parties, and I doubt ANDM is liberation movement, in the likes of OLF, etc.”


    LOOK at yourself in the mirror before pointing your finger at others. You have a very diminished power base in Ethiopia than what the OLF, Ginbot 7 or ONLF has. Do not trade on the rights of the majority people. Dream is no substitue to reality.

  23. Sahle
    | #23

    Dear editor,

    With the above statement, I did explain facts from reliable source about Seye’s bad deeds when he was in government to let Aite Tazabi know the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. But it (s paragraph) did not appear to be printed and or posted for readers for some unknown reason to me. Was it by error or deliberate omission?

  24. wedi samre
    | #24

    Dear Ato Sahle
    I like your ideas very much. But you don’t have to respond to functionally illiterate Shabia hirelings. Their belly is their only raison d’être. Bread is what matters to them. They have eyes but they cannot see; they have ears but they cannot hear; they have a brain but they cannot think. Melis Zinwi, Shabia monster, sees, hears and thinks for them. Because you said the truth, they brand you “neftegna”. They don’t understand what they say. They parrot only their Shabia master. They cannot know that gun-carrying (neftegninet) is a sign of Ethiopian bravery, invincibility and unsubmissiveness. Arrant liars as they are, they say the Tigray people fought against the Derg. By saying this they want to kill two birds with one stone. First, to say that the Tigray people fought against the Derg is a smart way of camouflaging the truth that Shabia is a foreign invading force. Second, the idea that Tigray people fought against the Derg has one very important purpose: segregating the Tigray from the Ethiopian people. Shabia and it’s hirelings have used subtle ways to make the Tigray the most hated. Unfortunately, many unthinking non-Tigrigna speaking Ethiopians (what I call anti-Tigray Amhara tribalists) have fallen into this trap laid down by the enemy.
    That being said, if the problem were really the Derg, Shabia underlings cannot explain why fighting against the Derg should entail the dismemberment and the landlockedness of Ethiopia. Shabia underlings cannot explain either why fighting against Derg should entail the cession of Ethiopian territories in Tigray to Eritrea. If they were Ethiopians (Tigrayans), they would not try to “attack” you for having said the truth, but they should have been opposed to the stealing of Ethiopian territories. Yes, if those dregs of our society were human beings, they should have been opposed to the stealing and to the cession of 1500km long and 400 km width of Ethiopian land to the Sudan. Since they live for bread, they don’t care a pin about Ethiopia or about Tigray. They don’t have a human quality; Animals are far more intelligent that Shabia hirelings. They say incessantly that they fought against the Derg; but why don’t they tell Melis Zinwi: “our brothers died not for the landlockedness of Ethiopia, for the cession of Ethiopian territories to Eritrea and to the Sudan, or for the displacement of our people from Badme, Tsorono, Zalambessa, Irob, Bure, Kunama, etc”. The fact of the matter is that it never enters their mind that Shabia made out of the Tigray people a cannon fodder for Eritrean independence. Like Pavlov’s dogs, Shabia dogs are conditioned to believe in what Shabia monster Melis Zinwi says and does. These hirelings who happen to hail from north-Western Tigray have entered into a Faustian pact with Shabia. Shabia pays them a handsome salary. They have become filthy rich. In exchange, they must help it implement it’s anti-Ethiopia policies.
    As for Teodros Kiros, he feigns barefacedly to have been misunderstood. He even says that he might have failed to speak correctly. This is the worn-out tactic of insincere people. Yet he prides himself on being a “fulfilled philosopher”. A philosopher versed in the art of cheating people! What a contradiction! Philosophy is about the quest for truth. A philosopher worth his salt cannot be always on the fiddle. If Teodros were in good faith, he would respond to the my question: “How can you insinuate that Shabia (TPLF/EPLF) is a Tigray ethnicist and racist regime while you know full well that it has left no stone unturned to steal Ethiopian territories in Tigray with view to ceding them to Eritrea?”. He evaded it many times. It is a clear demonstration that he is a convinced Shabia, and therefore an imposter who tries to pass for a repentant Ethiopian.
    Dear Sahle, neither Tedoros nor the dregs of the Tigray society calling themselves “Weyyane cadres” care about Ethiopia. They live for Shabia by Shabia. It is up to us Ethiopians to take care of our people and of our country. We must reflect on ways and means of mobilizing and rallying our people around the liberation of the mother land. If Ethiopians are united, Shabia can be wiped out in few days. That is why we should focus on uniting our people and not on criticizing this barbaric organization called Shabia (TPLF/EPLF) and it’s hirelings. The sooner the sons and daughters of Ethiopia act in unison, the better will be for our country and for future generations of Ethiopia. What our country will become in 2050 will not be decided in 2050. It is decided by what we do and we don’t do today. If we continue to behave ourselves as we have been doing for the last two decades, there is a high risk that Ethiopia could become the dinosaur of tomorrow. On the other hand, if we change tack and work hard for the liberation and renaissance of our nation, our descendants will be very proud of us. The choice to succeed or to fail is in our hands.

  25. Sahle
    | #25

    Dear Wedi Samre,

    Thank you for your good suggestion not to be pulled down by Woyanes to their level and also the contents in your message above. Yes, I know well those morons are blinded by hate hence they never listen and accept anything but sometimes, they push you too far to put them in their places. Qomatan Qomata Kalalut Gebto Yifetefital Yibal Yele? Any way, we have told them more than enough but the problem is that they have neither feelings nor humanity. As for poor Teodros, I heard from reliable sources that he is indeed suffering from some psychological problem since he was assigned by his TPLF paymasters and bosses to be in our midst as a Wolf in sheep’s skin to fool us and cry with his crocodile tears. But before too long, he was rightly exposed by those who knew him well including you Wedi Samre, as a disguised enemy of Ethiopia that was also I guess, now realized by ECADF editors who decided not post his crap anymore. Therefore, the more he writes his contradictive propagandas and the more websites agree to post his garbage for him too, the more he would be challenged & driven crazy.

    Dear editor, the following is the paragraph I said was missing from my previous statement.I guess, it was my fault hence apologise for it.

    Aite Tazabi (Tazebugn Bitl Yishalih or Yishalish Neber), as for your God-Father Aite Seye, my close relative used to closely work with him as a confidant and second ranking person to Seye. And as a result of the corruption that Seye was involved in and sued for, my relative had to flee to a foreign country to save his life although he was not at all involved in that corruption but fully knows all the hidden crimes of your hero Seye. He told me that in the five years, Seye was the No.1 multi-millionaire more than any TPLF leaders through fraudulent activities and trading practices. All was through corruption while he was a top government official and that was what put him into trouble and his families with his equally corrupted TPLF colleagues. And now, a man who was in jail for a long time and unemployed too for a long time suddenly has become a researcher at Harvard University that not many people can afford. How could he did do that? Use your God-given brain if you have one, or ask others to analyze it for you. Okay Aite Tazebi?

  26. aha!
    | #26

    As one does not clap with one handed, your participation in this discussion forum reveals your participation in educational reform reveals your weakness,from the mediocrity of the present curriculum model that does not lend itself to the advancement in science, technology and in the arts let alone provide for academic freedom, and to say the least your are not concerened on the individual freedom and liberty of the individuals than vouching for the liberation movements to fights for their freedom from Ethiopia in an AFD style of collaboration with Ginbot 7, rather than merging with Ginbot 7 over the same clear cut goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. What is the basis for your assessment that this notion presented by the author, although Iam not in complete agreement with it, and/or mine does not have a wider base in the Diaspora, forget the fact it does not reach the home front. I have been asking your your point of view in a separate contrary to the article presented above and will comment upon it. Do not fail to elaborate your ideas/contribution to the current education curriculum model. I believe you are ethnicised, radicalised in the ethnic and secessioinist politics and/or policies by the TPLF/eprd regime enough to be sensitive and emotional, when the word Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopian unity is mentioned as a result of being endocrinated in the above politics and ppolicies.

  27. Tazabi!
    | #27

    Sahle! Still you do not show a reliable evidence about Seye. Simply what are you talking is a rumour. He was jailed by Meles government in the name of corruption as you mentioned for seven years. In seven years of investigation no reliable evidence is found. So, the court set him free after seven years of illegal imprisonment.Now, if you understand the law, still you have no right to defame an innocent person witnessed by a court. Please,be gentle, when you write try to submit to your oudience a supportive evidence free from personal dislike and yebunabet werie.

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