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The Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party’s International Leadership (K.I.L.) announced yesterday that it is handing over political leadership back to the recently freed top leaders of the party in Addis Ababa. (more…)

The Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party’s International Leadership (K.I.L.) announced yesterday that it is handing over political leadership back to the recently freed top leaders of the party in Addis Ababa.

At a press conference that was attended by several Ethiopian editors, publishers, and radio hosts, Dr Moges Gebremariam, chairman of the K.I.L., said that his committee has ceased its activities. Dr Moges explained that the K.I.L.’s mandate was to represent the party’s executive committee only until its members are released from jail.

Earlier yesterday, the Kinijit executive committee sent a letter from Addis Ababa to all Kinijit groups in the Diaspora announcing that it is taking over leadership responsibilities from the party’s international leadership. Click here to read the letter.

Dr Moges, joined by his colleagues Ato Berhane Mewa, Ato Andargachew Tsige, Ato Dawit Kebede and Ato Daniel Assefa, expressed his appreciation for the contribution made by the Ethiopian independent media in the effort to secure the Kinijit leaders’ freedom, and keep the struggle going.

He also thanked Ethiopians around the world who had supported and rallied around the K.I.L. in the past 15 months of its existence.

Following the opening statement by Dr Moges, Ato Berhane Mewa read what he called “K.I.L.’s last official statement,” which announces the end of the leadership group.

The statement outlines K.I.L.’s accomplishments and jobs left unfinished. It is a positive and forward-looking statement.

In the 3-hour press conference, the media representatives took turns to ask questions and make their own comments.

Ethiopian Review asked the K.I.L. members what the future of Kinijit movement in the Diaspora would look like.

Ato Andargachew answered that a high-level Kinijit delegation composed of some of the top leaders will arrive in the United States shortly and it is they who would make such a decision after consulting with the various support groups. Until then, Kinijit North America, which has a democratically elected leadership, will continue to moblize support for the party from Ethiopians in the U.S.

Ato Andargachew said he believes that their decision will be in line with helping Kinijit’s culture of democracy to be firmly established through out the party.

  1. Shumet Menywab
    | #1

    Another challenge Kinijit ever face within its own members is now over. It is my hope that Kinijit members and supporters can focus on the spirit of Kinijit and make ready themselves to take the peaceful struggle to the next level that is reconciliation within all Ethiopians not only between themselves. The thirst for rule of law and democracy in Ethiopia should touch every branch of society in that desperately awaiting country. May God help everyone to change his/her self first in order to help change others to come to reconciliation first among all Ethiopians.

  2. David
    | #2

    Bravo KIL. What about KIC

  3. rachu
    | #3

    Great day for democracy

    Nothing to take away from the other contributions of these KIL heroes, but this is a class act by itself. They set a democratic trend by turning over power. I would expect the Shaleqa group to make all kind of excuses. Pethetic people.

  4. tilahun
    | #4

    A stone which was born 1000 years ago is not different from a stone which is just fromed due to geological prosess. It is all stone.It does not matter if you mix it with another stone. The only difference will be size which we are witnessing now with kinijit.

  5. Shumet Menywab
    | #5

    Do not disregard the time factor that makes one stone different from another stone. For there is time, there is change. You see, Mr. Tilanun, even stones do change in geological process. If you and I were stones, a thousand years ago, through geological processes, you better believe it, we will not stay the same trough time unless we have a power to dictate time to take us backward each year, by the way, we better not try to do it. So let us agree not to try to dictate time for us to make us stay the same in one place for ever because you and I are not doing good to go with time. For there is time, there is difference, and for there is difference, there is change, so people do change. For us, humans, we have to change through time, for the better. Therefore, today, time is asking us to change because we are so behind, even on how we compare ourselves to others without having better substances. So we shall try to put your effort and my effort together and better come to reconciliation because our differences can bring true change. Peace!

  6. | #6

    kkkkkkkk…yemaydeg leje kezen yebezabetal alu..

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    I have so much respect for KIL leaders. The majority of the Diaspora has been behind them in the peaceful struggle for unity and Democracy in Ethiopia. Their immediate reaction right after the Press release from the Kinijit leaders in Ethiopia regarding dissolving both KIC and KIL is a classic one. That is one more evidences about the KIL leaders’ value for democracy. In other hand, the KIC didn’t even post the press release on its’ web site, and they didn’t even say a world about it. That shows how shameless the KIC guys are. They don’t have a public base and they are liabilities for our struggle. I just hope Eng. Hailu and other Kinijit leaders would come to learn this fact soon and do something about it.

  8. Mimi
    | #8

    What a classic act in the KIL part. The KIL leaders not only talk and struggle for democratic principles, they live them and they walk the walk. Their immediate compliance with the released Kinijit leader demand explains why thousands and thousands of Diaspora Ethiopian have been following their lead since the Kinijit leaders went to Kality. I still believe it is very crucial for our struggle that Kinijit use the talent, wisdom and boldness that the KIL leaders have to take the struggle to the next level. In other hand, the KIC silence on this issue is sickening to say the least. The KIC guys have no public base and they are more of debts for our struggle than being voluble. It is time to just hide them somewhere. I believe they already lost the trust and respect of the Diaspora Ethiopians and they don’t have any meaning full leverage to rally the general public to pursue the struggle.

  9. Dinka
    | #9

    In our country Ethiopia we say “ewnet yawetahal”
    the leaders of Kinijit will always be remembered as brave like our forefathers&mothers
    truthfull courageous like “Abuna Petros…”.Kil has demonstrated maturity,integrity.KIC must ask forgiveness to the Ethiopians they misled and better join the leadership for a better Ethiopia.This wrong vibe they bring amongst us (the people),Will cost them dearly because the people of Ethiopia have written with their blood that they won’t return back to hate jeoulousy & revenge.If they can not do that they might as well join EPRDF.

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