Ethiopian Awakening & the Arab Spring

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Conference on establishing a democratic and just system in Ethiopia—What can we learn from the Egyptian and Tunisian experiences?

What lessons have we learned from the Middle East and North African (MENA) people-powered movements to free their country of despotic rule? What are the conditions Ethiopia has in common with the MENA dictatorships, and what are our country’s peculiar aspects? How can the various political and civic organizations, public institutions, and pro-democracy individuals channel their efforts and constitute a concerted and effective power that could achieve the goal: toppling the Meles Zenawi dictatorship similar to the successful people-powered removal of Egypt’s dictator Mubarak and Tunisia’s dictator Ben Ali? The conference will address these, other issues and factors that could transform the Ethiopian people’s struggle to a successful Ethiopian Spring.

Renowned and well regarded Ethiopian and international pro-democracy experts, scholars, and activists will be speaking at the conference and holding an open discussion with the public on the topic.

Date: Sunday June 12, 2011

Time: 12:30PM

Place: Washington Marriott 1221 22nd St., NW, Washington, DC 20037

To get more information please visit or call us at 202-686-8070.

  1. Mesfin
    | #1

    Perhaps Ethiopia’s development trajectory is faring better than MENA states hence there is nothing to raise up against. Yes progress is slow, change is slower. True hardworking Ethiopians are making a positive contribution in Ethiopia and making change happen. You and your lazy jealous/mikegna looser members in the diaspora are cheering for the failure of the government of the true Ethiopian people. Stay out of business, sellouts!

  2. Kiros
    | #2

    Sell out is your boss Meles Chenawi. He is selling our land and our pride territorial integrity to SUDAN, Eritrea (his mother’s “country”. You can be one of the few beneficiaries. Thus, no wonder you are defending your corrupt mafia leader. You may think that is Ethiopia is progressing listening to the 24 hours propaganda. However, Ethiopia is one of the poor nations in the world.

  3. goban gergo
    | #3

    the revolution in horn of Africa little bit diffrent. horn of Africans were suffering from ethinc based federalism which creats millions of genocide.Rawanda, uganda Congo,somalia, Ethiopia Ertrea Sudan….. the dictatoral propaganda creats millions are displaced from there orgin place.The soverighnty turns to busienss.Dictators selling own poeople, protect only his triab desendants.Garb land,ming, petrolum ,important menerals not permited for the indogenes people. in such a way dictators are mantained on power.So the horn of Africa revolutions are based on unity. There is a website already mastermind people are designed . you can see some at HSAHA IS A UNTIED STATES OF HORN OF AFRICA PLEASE SEARCH IT ON YAHOO WEBSITE

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