Can mobs of the millennium be trusted to build The Renaissance Dam? By Ephrem Madebo

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Power does not corrupt man; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power- G. B. Shaw

Can mobs of the millennium be trusted to build The Renaissance Dam ?

  1. aha!
    | #1

    Your detailed description of the TPLF leadership and cadres acqisition of wealth fits into one of the description of TPLF/eprdf political model, that of the exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources and its people by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, where the wealth and political power is not only concentrated on few individuals, relative to 80 millon people, but the capital is siphoned out the country, that is not out of their salary, but by some other strategy as you aluded does not lend itself to sevrve as a means of production to grow the economy, nevertheless confined to TPLF and TPLF affiated enterprises.

  2. Shegeritu
    | #2

    Dear Ephriem,

    I know if some people loos 100 birr every month from their bank account, and if they know it is Meles who is doing that?
    He will be dead at the finding. But mostly people don’t car about money that they don’t know it is theirs. In other meaning they don’t think nationally except individually which are kind of the way of thinking of the Looters. They both
    Luck the idea of the nation as whole so they do what ever individually. And I think You have a good point when
    You sayid about UK banks trying to shy away from the responsibility of being the keeper of the money. We can’t say that for sure but some time I think most of this donated money to Ethiopia how ever finds it’s way to home or where
    It came from. Even some time UN funds in Africa end up in the pocket of their employs which are not most of the time even people from the given country wether they are citizens or non citizens of the given country despite where they
    Come from. In fact in Ethiopia. If you are an Ethiopian American teacher working along non Ethiopian Americans
    You get paid local salary just like what they pay to the local people which is much less money than what they pay
    To non Ethiopians but funny enough we are still talking about non Ethiopian schools and Organisations functioning
    In Ethiopia who are doing this.

    And of cours we all know who we are dealing with when it comes to Shabia and TPLF. We. Should call them “self interested criminal operation” in short, “SICO”

  3. Shegeritu
    | #3

    And also not to say that some privet schools adapted the way of paying different salaries to non citizens, what ever the case might be, wether economical or shortage of out side teachers.

  4. Shegeritu
    | #4

    By the way, Thanks for this wonderful analyses. And should we trust them on Nile Dam project? First of all we don’t even what it is and what their deal is with Egypt and Sudan nothing is clear for now at least for the sake of their lies.

    People just holed on to your money, and think again and again … can be sorry.

  5. Shegeritu
    | #5

    And this “self interest criminal operation” group are not just Shabia and Woyane but it includes all the people who doesn’t involve them selves about issues of our nation and the people who supports the brutal and thieve regime blindly
    Or carelessly.

  6. Shegeritu
    | #6

    8.4 bln is a “SICO-G” after all.

  7. Shegeritu
    | #7

    No I am not saying they should do that. Just to say, that is a lot of money.

  8. Dorzew
    | #8

    Trust who with the Nile? I can not even trust this dictator with my laudaries. He would sell it out to the white people. If he is building the dam, he is also selling the dam to his masters. He sold our army to them, so why in the hell would we trust this slave. The best thing a slave can do to his masters is to fertilize the farm and serve the fruit on the plate when the tree bears one. Georgian negroes used to serve all the peaches the white man demanded. Southern farmers picked cotton until their master got fat. The house boys such as Meles used to run around to sell their own brothers or their land to the white master. They used to live better than the average negro. The blacks called them house negroe, because they sold them out and that around the block to take all the local information to their masters. Actually the other name for a house negro or a jailed negro who is about to be free is a “Run Around”. How in the hell can you trust a “Run Around” with the Nile?

  9. gisgnal
    | #9

    They have not come into Ethiopia as Entrepruners;rather,they entered into Ethiopia as invaders.They are all-in-one robbers composed of hitmen,deceivers,forgers,dividers,and destroyers in a mafia organization called EPRDF/TPLF.These criminals have built a giant sink into which everything have been sucked for the last twenty years.A lot of blood in their stealing hands and billions of dollars in their bank account;today,the criminal mobs own,control,and run everything and anything that are available above and under the lands,in Ethiopia.

    These mobs committed an all-in-one crimes and have demonstrated ruthlessness and have committed weird and wicked crimes in all levels on a grand scale.Ethiopians,do you really trust them with your life? Do you firmly trust them with your country and children?

  10. TAZABI
    | #10

    I READ YOUR PERSONAL STORY Ephrem MODEBO ,YOU ARE A JOKE.As an Ethiopian you dont impress me at all,because, sorry! i have nothing to learn from your subject.You have your bias, on other humanbeings.You are overwhelmed on your political views,my advise for you is separate, facts and reality you also hate diaspora ETHIOPIANS why ?ETHIOPIA is heading the right direction Why are you cheating?Who are you fulling?WHY are you so upset when individuals prosper?MY advise for you and your friends,MENGISTU Haile mariam is overthrown accept this reality.

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