Lantos directed not to mark up H.R. 2003! Zenawi buys Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Hoyer and Ephraim Isaac lobbies hard against H.R. 2003 – H.R. 2003 Task Force

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The Coalition for HR 2003 has learned that Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Tom Lantos was directed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Maryland) not to mark-up H.R. 2003 on July 31, 2007. The reasons for the directive are not clear. (more…)

The Coalition for HR 2003 has learned that Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Tom Lantos was directed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Maryland) not to mark-up H.R. 2003 on July 31, 2007. The reasons for the directive are not clear.


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URGENT! For Immediate Release
July 27, 2007

The Coalition for HR 2003 has learned that Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Tom Lantos was directed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Maryland) not to mark-up H.R. 2003 on July 31, 2007. The reasons for the directive are not clear.

Preliminary investigations suggest that neither Chairman Lantos nor Chairman Payne were consulted prior to issuance of the directive. The Coalition is informed and believes that over the past few days, Zenawi’s lobbyists from DLA Piper, State Department officials and others were engaged in intense lobbying of Pelosi and Hoyer. Recent reports in national newspapers and magazines in the United States have documented the involvement of DLA Piper lobbyists to defeat H.R. 2003.

The Coalition has further learned that Ephrem Isaac, who has recently been masquerading as a “shimagle”, has been engaged in intense lobbying efforts against H.R. 2003 in Congress. He was observed visiting various congressional offices today chaperoned and accompanied by Congressman Gary Ackerman of New York. The Coalition is investigating information that Isaac is mobilizing powerful Jewish leaders and groups in the United States against H.R. 2003.

The Coalition respectfully notifies Ethiopian Americans in California and Maryland, particularly in the congressional districts of Pelosi and Hoyer, to prepare for vigorous and intense advocacy in the coming days.

The Coalition will provide further statement on these developments shortly. The Coalition will prepare an advocacy action plan in the near future.

  1. Zeleykun
    | #1

    I would like to address my appreciation on your great did the best of all Professor Isaak.but i beg with the name of almighty God that what you are doing is not clear to me .i respect you all in all but this time you confused me why you are against the Hr2003.please hands up from this work because this is not for the some ones benefit or to bring down some personalty but for the future of our land .so help the idea rather stand for blocking .time will judge .what we do now will be kept as history for our children so that i am asking very kindly to think the matter twice before the iron is cool.
    with great respect your owner .
    i am the supporter of hr2003and i am sure it will get on top position to save our nation.

  2. | #2

    It is so tragic to hear such kind of depressing news.On whose terms is this all happens?
    what is wrong with the HR-2003? Is the so called shimagle turned out to be Cadre of the killer?
    It is absolutely clear that the so called shimagle has praised the killer as a wise leader while the voted-out Zenawi is letting the innocent bloods of ethiopians,therefore,what is expected of him than helping the tyrant in the wake of his appraisal for him.what a shimagle? please tell him to desist from this kind of futile attemp in the name of Ethiopia.History will never fogive you for your treacherous act the so called shimagle professor.
    may GOD give you the wisdom to think differently!!

  3. Tegen
    | #3


    Watch what you are saying Abugidas this big mouth of yours is gonne get you in trouble these days. You are saying “MELES BOUGHT NANCY” you are talking about the majority leader of the same government that gave you sanctuary.

    Anyways, my condolences for the inevitable death of HR2003, but I think your buddies in current affairs and other rooms are still day dreaming about the bill, maybe they are waiting for Bush to come out and say “my fellow ignorant immigrants…HR2003 is dead on arrival”.

    Thank you for introducing Ethiopian style “GUBO” to America by lobbying. And please stop blaming anybody, what is wrong with woyane lobbying? they just beat you with your own game.

  4. Tezera
    | #4

    To those of you who do not know Prof. Ephrem Isaac:

    He is not the type of person he claims to be. Do you really belive that he was acting as a “Shimagile”? Not for me. He was just a messanger/Telalaki/ of Meles Zenawi. He did things to the best interest of Meles Zenawi. I remember this guy making a speech at the first parliamnet of Melese Zenawi just few years after Meles came to power. It was on the day the “Hige-Mengist”/constitution/ was approved..the one that approves “eske megentel” /or self determination upto secession/. He was expressing his appreciation to EPRDF and to Ato Tamirat Layine, the then Prime Minister. He was saying “Tamirat Layine…be ergitim tamir le ayinie”…and other nonsense stuffs……For me, he is one of the guys who is working against the interest of the Ethiopians

  5. Romel
    | #5

    Those of us who wants true democracy to flourish in Ethiopia should not stop to help HR 2003 pass in congress. Money may buy time for Woyanes but will not help them win. This is the time for us to go forward for real victory.
    Ethiopians will win!!!!!!!

  6. tilahun
    | #6

    Shame on you Mr. Al G/Mariam. I wonder how you got your degree? Just because you paid money to get your degree does not mean Speaker Pelosi does the same thing. Your sorry ass HR-2003 is dead on arrival. Go ahead and commit suicide be a man. I encourage you to do that.

  7. Akishaw
    | #7

    Why on earth are the democratic party leaders in a hurry to block HR 2003 since it is about democracy and accountability!!! Is it because they don’t want democratic governance and accountability to prevail in Ethiopia? If so, why? Don’t we Ethiopians deserve democracy in our country and accountability from our leaders? What else can we ask Americans to help us in our effort to democratize our country? Should we resort to violence to overthrow the government, and ask them money to buy the guns to do that? Why are they deaf to our pleas for democracy? These steps will ultimately lead to blood shed in Ethiopia, and I don’t think anyone will reap benefit out of that. Let everybody think wisely and act now than later.

  8. | #8

    We may have lost the battle but we are going to win the war.ANC and the majority of South Africans had to fight a much more powerful and influential(in US) Aparthied regime and we all know what happened eventually.Set back is part of the process and knowing that we should never take off our focus from our goal: justice,democracy,respect of basic human rights in Ethiopia.because that is what hr-2003 all about.Ethiopia will prevail!

  9. semu
    | #9

    There is no need any outside involvement in our country Ethiopia in the name of democracy.

  10. Tokuma Girma
    | #10

    I am not blaming Americans if they are not borrowing us the cookie cutter for democracy.
    HEHEHE guys, guys guys Democracy’s tool kits are sponsored from America via their congress you are joking fellows it is not their target. As is always the case America’s national interest is the only thing congress cares never have they cared if their country’s income/export/national interest is not jeopardized. (You think there is democracy in the Saudi-Kingdom/Venezuela or you really think America is at war in Iraq because of democracy for Iraq or is terrorism really in Iraq before the invasion, don’t kid me) Democracy never installed as imported electric generator. It is made, cultivate and grow by the people for the people to the people in the land where the people live. If you want democracy to be made in Ethiopia, fellows patience, patience, patience, in my humble opinion please get along with the current government.
    Work hard with the development programs viable/not viable, be self sufficient the next decades or so then once economic sustainability is assured there you can see some light otherwise poverty by itself is enough to veto NO for democracy.

  11. Alex
    | #11

    I’don’t understand, why this man play bad game[pro Ephrem Isaac],If he think for the next genration live with democracy and peacefull and respect eachother, they way he is doing wrong. H.R. 2003 is the best way to bring for our people democracy for the next genration we have to support HR2003.Pro Ephrem, if you play bad poltical game as ‘shimagele’ you are doing very bad things for innocent Ethiopian people.
    Be with truth fight weyane.

    God help Ethiopian true poltician’s and HR2003.
    I can write from the above ‘Tilahun’ I’m shame of you too. You don’t know witch one true or false, I’m not going to teach you learn to tell the tuth. Truth all the time the winner, false all the time looser.

  12. Shumet Menywab
    | #12

    What is wrong to work with development and democracy side by side unless you are in a hurry to harvest before others arriving to share your extravaganza. My brother Tokuma Girma, the reality of your reasoning is first a few of us get richer and richer while the majority of others are trying to catch us with our under-duress pace put on them. This kind of ‘ayn yafetete ye tota bilt political gitmosh’ is not going to take you and me in the next millennium for a win-win political game, that is reconciliation. First, democracy! It is not difficult for you to see with open eyes of yours that is democracy will involve everyone in order to facilitate the development you always love to talk but shy to advocate true democracy. Your analogy of ‘democracy can only come at turtle pace’ is a tantamount to short lived your development saga. Let us all get ready to face the next millennium with good will to help Ethiopians and join others who already are living and enjoying true democracy and winning their basic problem, that is fighting each others instead of focusing on their common cause to defeat hunger and poverty. Let us all work for reconciliation first so we all can contribute! Peace!

  13. mulu
    | #13

    I just want to comment a little bit about Prof. Isaac Ephraim. A person who knows him for a long time that I respect his comments very much told me the following. Professor Ephraim is a Harvard graduate with his Ph.D. in 1969 and was the first faculty to establish the Afro-American Studies. There is no doubt that he was a well respected intellectual of his field. However, he was denied tenure in Harvard University, which he decided to file a lawsuit against the University claiming that he was discriminated. The lawsuit took 10 years ending in favor of the Harvard University.

    During this decade, it was difficult to find a permanent job as others felt that he was problematic. He relied on his wife’s bookshop income near Princeton University where he thought as adjunct professor. It seems that he lost a very intellectually productive life, which I found out some of his credibility and integrity questionable. He seems to be engaged in making money or keeping his name high by engaging in such cases as Ethio-Eritrea conflict resolution, kaliti.

    In a similar fashion, Endreas Eshete (Yale Graduate published only 5 papers), Dr. Seyoum Solomon (worked for the World Bank only contracts not permanent). Again, if a person cannot hold a permanent post, something says about the individual.

  14. kuky
    | #14

    hey how are you i realy support the hr2003

  15. hana
    | #15

    i swupport the HR 2003

  16. hana
    | #16

    i consern about my country so i really do support the hr 2003

  17. menbe
    | #17

    i want my coutry to have a humman right so i suport the Hr 2003

  18. beahilue
    | #18

    i want to support the hr 2003

  19. sene
    | #19

    i support the HR 2003

  20. nardie
    | #20

    hey how are you i want to support the HR2003

  21. Mengesha
    | #21

    Who is misleading who?

    Ethiopia is calling, and appealing to the world community to be shield from the giant devil that moves in on her commencing May 1991. It has exhibited mass murder, ethnic cleansing, human genocide, torture, and imprisonment. The nation is led by an evil person named Meles Zenawi who is not an Ethiopian. He is backed up and directed by current and future evils that are dangerous to the world peace.

    Today, genuine people are hoping H.R 2003 to be approved as a means of protecting evils, and precisely from growing Osama the 2nd in Ethiopia. If there are individuals who are struggling to cripple H.R 2003 because of one thing or another, they need to think twice and get answers to the following questions.

    1.Who is the investor in Ethiopia and what are his contribution towards the struggle against terrorists or creation of fertile ground for future pain?

    2.Did any one of you who are against H.R 2003 conduct research of the evil man’s project at home?

    3.How many of you justified that the evil regime leader Meles is commissioned
    to genocide until he accomplishes his devilish project of seeding radicals?

    4.Do you really think and believe that his simulated project of fighting in Somalia is meant for elimination of terrorists or face saving and buying time project?

    5.Do you really believe in democracy, freedom of people and respect for human rights in Ethiopia?

    6. Whom are you supporting? Several millions of Ethiopian population or dozens of
    murderous squad of Woyanne regime?

    7.Did you learn the furtive deal of Meles with Sudan regime?

    If you correctly respond to the above questions then you can witness to-or against H.R 2003. Otherwise don’t mislead realities for time is coming to make decisions.

  22. | #22

    Fool mengesha! why genuine to HR2003 while it was fake from the outset?

  23. | #23

    you all functionally blinded diasporas, why is your mind filled with hate against your people? This is the issue of ethiopia, not meles zenawi’s. suspending aid to ethiopia….then what? be logical to what you are doing. don’t simply drag with chevunists. Though i am sad that 20 million US dollars is wasted for your propoganda, HR2003 is dead! think positive move. It is not too late to do something worthwhile to ethiopia. Look at your citizens living poor. Marking HR2003 is just like adding fuel onto a fire. No body is affected from the governing bodies by this bill as they are multimillionairs. Invest on eduaction so that your brothers and sisters will start thinking in a rational way. The future is bright to all of us as CUD leaders said it

  24. | #24

    Is it really fair to point our fingers on intellectuals? what is happening with mulu? why dont you see a half glass filled with water instead of its empty half? with this mind, we will never step up ourselves let alone at a country scale.

  25. chaltu
    | #25

    The characteristics of Weyane government A-Z

    G: GREED
    J: JUNK
    L: LIARS
    Y: YO-YO

    Forgive my uncle Prof. Ephraim
    for, he knows not what he is saying, he has not read the HR 2003!

    Mal obo Ephraim maltatani nuleyasistu? Akam wani embekne dubetu? Me kelbinuman HR 2003
    elala eutu wan baye endubetin.

  26. nardie
    | #26

    i will support the hr 2003

  27. nardie
    | #27

    i dont know why cant meles behave he is just a dude so he better get his self togeather and you guys need to help us supporting the hr 2003 people who are in melese side they better becareful othewise they are gone get their ass wriped lets stand for the true thing not for money not for corraption be hoest and ethiopians are honest pepole that i have never ever seen in my life

  28. | #28

    Dear Proff.

    I have two major and known proverbs to you as you like to use it frequently.

    1. “Zer Kelugam Yisibal”
    2.”Awekech awekech silu yekes mist metsihaf atebech”

    You see, if you are really pure Ethiopian man, you will not do such rubish things. From your work I finally realized that the first proverb is typically for you. “Diros yihuda aydel Kristosin asalifo yesetewu?” Then our elder father, go to your origin. It is non of my bussiness whether you did or didn’t change your VISA.

    Next, I doubt about your knoledge and the second proverb will teach you a bit.

    Bekerechiwot edime niseha yigbu ebakiwo! Yihudam yeneseha edimewun balemetekemu newu gehanem yegebawu. Hilina kalewot hilinawu yiwukesiwot. Ye Abune petros dem yifaredwotal yelelawu biker!

    Melkam Tselot.

  29. Tilahun
    | #29

    So called Shimagile, I lost respect for you when you I heard you said on Addis
    Dimits Radio that you haven’t read HR2003 and yet you insisted you would oppose if it hurts Government effort to release the rest of the prisoners.
    How dare you?
    Mr shimagile meles does not have any other choice other than releasing them immediately. He is using you for his own sake .He is on trial as we speak. The true characteristics of
    Shimagelle in our tradition is Honesty, Integrity and fairness and HR2003 is all about justice. How about that Professor! what part you don’t understand?. If you haven’t read it is not in your interest to go to congress. You lost all credibility with Ethiopian Diaspora. A professor bending for tyrant. How pathetic is that!! You are nothing but a brainwashed Hodam shimagele and keep in mind you are not above the low, HR2003 will deal with you Aderbay shimagele in due time.

  30. Mengesha
    | #30

    Dear professor:

    Did you really trace the quencequence of what you are doing? In a situation where man is on the verge of standing agianst man due to fierce tribal situation in Ethiopia, how dare are you working for a person who is sucking the blood of society in destitute needs?

    I heard your interview through VOA and it is rediculous to learn from a person who went to school. Is that due to money award from Meles or you want to see more human genocide in Ethiopia? You picked a slogan of getting prisoners released when you are asked the defect in the bill. I think you are attempting to prolong the lives of the evil regime thereby to see the downfall and destruction of the nation.

    Note that your black points may delay the passage of H.R 2003 but won’t be crippled. Because the western nation knows the smoke that Meles is smoking and its harmfulness. Hence please stop your intervention and playing against the imprisoned Ethiopian population.

  31. ewuntu ande ken …
    | #31

    dear professorn
    I heard your interview through VOA and it is very shame.
    affen bemelase kalakolabelatesekute …..alue engediyawese endashawe adderagiye ambaa genen zeregna hezzebune yenakena ethiopiane (erssome eweatalhugne yemeluten) yawarede mebetuaane
    yalasekebere lualawinetuanne yaseefere ……endabede wushaa ezame ezame lenaakese bayune Melese garre yehiduna afotene kafu yakolabelatelatesuute.ewunetegna shemagelem kehonu tewu bekahe ejehen leselame zereggaa estiye yebekaheh …..yebelute adera professor tadya yetenkeku afotene kafu siyakolabelatesu…..

  32. Eskinder Degene.
    | #32


  33. Birhanu
    | #33

    Proffessor Issac are by far the smartest and seasoned persons of all the “politicians” who tried to discredit his effort. people, let’s not think of the situation as a fight between two opposing forces. This is not the case with our country. This is a nation we’re talking about and let’s not be narrow minded. It takes only a stupid person to talk shiit about a great person or even God. But it takes a man to appreciate another great person.

    Let me answer Prof Al Hailemariam’s question on Professor Isac’s behalf. He said he didn’t read the document. Do we really believe him when he said he didn’t read it? Did we think that may be he meant to say “I don’t need to read it”. Mind you he’s not acting as a political entity but as a mediator. The mediator, in his best effort to be independent doesn’t need to know the purposes of the the two opposing sides. He’s atleast expected to act as if he doesn’t have full knowledge or envolvement in their objectives. What would you say if EPRDF asks the professor to read the EPRDF objectives of a specific project? Obviously he will disagree. He’s only an independent individual which the coutry needs very desperately. Are we expecting every one to follow CUD objectives and projects? Are we going to be acusing individuals if they don’t get involved in CUD’s objectives? Isn’t it a lot like EPRDF which forces others at gun point to follow or get involved in it’s politics? how can we show that we’re different if keep doing the same thing as EPRDF? Can we look at his best effort to come up with this solution at the very needed time. Can we also recognize that he’s made effort a lot more than reading a ten page long document and that he would read the document if he thinks that reading the document helps the country a lot. Can we recognize that he’ve made a lot more effort than reading a ten page document?

    In my point of view, I support HR 2300 but totally against the members of congress who were overzealous to taklk to our prime minister as a piece of shiit. We can talk shiit about our prime minister cus we’re all family and country men working individually for the bright future of the land. But others are only expected to talk respectfully not because the prime minister is a good guy but because he represents us. Like it or not he represents us, or else you can consider our nation as a failed state. Back to my point I don’t like how some of the congress men acted like they have full controll of our country to enforce the prime minister or else. That’s a colonial mentality. I would rather have a dictator leader than be a colony. They don’t have to envade our nation to make it a colony, it’s a state of mind. It’s who we turn to in critical times and who we think can totally overpower us and try to lead us in it’s direction.

    So I recommend every one to leave the professor alone as a democratic revolution of the nation expects us to.


  34. | #34

    I would like to write in responses to some writers, particularly, TPLF, totalitarian regime aficionado.

    First of all, Professor Isaac is not smart enough and seasoned person rather who tried to discredit the long-run effort. How could it be the H.R. 2003 brings the country under foreigner’s control?

    As we understood, mediator should know the differences and common ideas of both parties before making any reconciliation. I doubt proff. Isaac did not read H.R. 2003 rather deliberately disinclined to accept the context of H.R. 2003. I have given my time to follow an interview that was held two days before and it was really shame to listen such pitiable argument from such academician. I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation and heartfelt thanks and proud for Proff. Al Mariam. Our mother land needs such people who devoted to place our country on the right track and bring substantial development and growth. I like to thank Proff. Isaac for what he has done so far.

    TPLF/Melles party( excluding those imitated parties like OPDO and alike) gave pardon for CUD prisoners not because he is willing to do so but because the pressure was coming from CIA and western.

    Yes, Melles is the PM but it does not mean that he (Prime Minister) is appointed by and accountable for the public. He (PM) might be accountable for TPLF cabinets since he took a seat cogently.

    It is not an obligatory for some of us who do not want or even for proff. Isaac to know the CUDs’ agenda or political manifesto. Obviously, almost all people have been looking for change, making sustainable struggle for democracy and fight any injustice. Most importantily, we should give priority for justice, equality, freedom and democracy not only for 30 prisoners. For that matter there are approximately 30,000-40,000 prisoners in different camps( Deddessa, Shewa Robit, Zeway, Tolai, etc…) since 1992.

    “No matter how noble the original intentions, the seductions of power can turn any movement from one seeking equal rights to one that would deny them to others”. Tammy Bruce.

    God bless ethiopia


  35. Gebeyehu
    | #35

    To coalition for HR 2003
    To Professor Al Mariam
    To Profesor Ephrem Isaac

    If I understand it correct, HR 2003 is meant to support Human rights, democracy and Economic Development in Ethiopia. Professor Ephrem Isaac has done a great job (including having opposition leaders released from jail) and still is undertaking commendable and symbolic effort for the betterment of our future. The HR 2003 or the effort of Professor Ephrem is not going to solve our problem. Instead if you put your intelligent minds together and work together, that is what will truely bring about poditive change.
    Many of us look up to you to set good example of intertaining differences of opinion and raising above the usual finge pointing.
    The way the Coalition for HR 2003 refered to the respected Ethiopian scholar Professor Ephrem Isaac is unacceptable. This is not what democracy stands for. If you are fighting for democracy in Ethiopia, you better understand it and start to practice it.

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