Eng. Hailu Shawel is going to address the audience at a “Fund Raising Night” in Boston.

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A few hours away, Kinijit Boston will have a “Fund Raising Night” at St. Mary Orthodox Church, 8 Inman St. Cambridge, MA. (more…)

A few hours away, Kinijit Boston will have a “Fund Raising Night” at St. Mary Orthodox Church, 8 Inman St. Cambridge, MA. Prof Alemayehu G. Mariam and Dr. Moges G. Mariam will be the speakers at the event. Hailu Shawel, Chairman of Kinijit and former Prisoner of Conscience has just confirmed he will address the audience at the “Fund Raising Night”. We will have coverage of the event later.

  1. shotolay(mekonen)
    | #1


    i read some thing from nazret web,sight one one of racist,terrorist tribal leader written about his cooperation with others.
    he call him self obango motto.this caind of person and his followers they dereming tribal govenment or autonomy.we are ethiopian we learn the past our mestake one thing they have to know this tribal,recist groups after woyane we don’t havem to weast our time and land to allowed for splitters.mr obango you don’t like ethiopian unity you need to split on your self and your associate from ethiopia. you and your followers we treat you just a guest becous you guys maigrated form south sudan we need to recomand you or remaind you your ancestory land.you reffused our recommendation we will wiped you out from our land. maybe you never highered about chemical ali? this time ethiopia she have alot of alis.

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    It is great to hear that…The struggle will continue up until we realize democracy in Ethiopia

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    Haialu Amlakachen Enat Agrachenen Lijovhwan Btameru Yetebekat Lijchewanena Esuwan lematefate Yemetuten Telatochewan Eje egerachewn yeserachew Ande Bandeira=Ethiopia
    Ande hIZEB = Etiopia

  5. Tigist
    | #5

    I have so much respect for KIL leaders. The majority of the Diaspora has been behind them in the peaceful struggle for unity and Democracy in Ethiopia. Their immediate reaction right after the Press release from the Kinijit leaders in Ethiopia regarding dissolving both KIC and KIL is a classic one. That is one more evidences about the KIL leaders’ value for democracy. In other hand, the KIC didn’t even post the press release on its’ web site, and they didn’t even say a world about it. That shows how shameless the KIC guys are. They don’t have a public base and they are liabilities for our struggle. I just hope Eng. Hailu and other Kinijit leaders would come to learn this fact soon and do something about it.

  6. tilahun
    | #6

    The ugliest man alive is coming to Boston to preach hate politics. He will have a heart attack in the middle of his sorry ass preach. How could a looser become a leader unless he is loosers.

  7. ermias
    | #7

    abugidainfo please one of meles supportr is calling our hero leader ugliest man can’t use that kind language in websiteplease take him off out site beacsue. we don’t see his nasty word to call people like that

  8. ermias
    | #8

    abugidainfo please one of meles supportr is calling our hero leader ugliest man can’t use that kind language in websiteplease take him off out site beacsue. we don’t see his
    word to call people like that

  9. Yohannes
    | #9

    You are wrong in your assessment about KIL. These group of six who claims to represent the Kaliti leaders and opened a website called Kinijit Ethiopia are opportunists with a hidden agenda. Evidently they have been stopped by the Kaliti leaders after a thorough investigation. Just ask yourself: If we never had a problem in 2005 when Andargachiew was not there, then why we have now a problem when Andargachiew is with us.

    KIL has no option but cease to exist. The press conference and the self congradulating announcement that follwed is a face saving tactic.

    As we all know the major cause of the conflict between KIL vs KNA & KIC was the autencity of a letter that was said came out of “Kalit prison issued by the leaders”. It is now confirmed the KIC is a legitmate support group that has the authentic directives from the leaders. Case closed. Let us march together to help our people.

  10. sinisaw
    | #10

    B quite! all of you.let our leader to say something about KIC or KIL

  11. Tigist
    | #11

    Hi Yohannes, it seems to me that you concluded that the conflict between KIL and KIC was based on the authenticity of a letter. I am not sure which letter you are referring to, but I see that there is more to it than a letter. For example, the leaders in KIL managed to demonstrate that they have the skills needed to convince and rally the Diaspora. If you see Washington DC for instance, Shalequa Yoseph can’t call Ethiopian and Kinijit supporters and ask them to do one thing. The issue is Shalequa is not accepted by the public, he can’t articulate his thought and communicate well, and he seems to me that he doesn’t have any idea what democracy is all about and why people support Kinijit to start with.
    Yohannes, if you remember, the internal problem between Shalequa and Andargachew group started when about the Kinijit Diaspora needed to restructure itself to give a political leadership after the Kiniji leaders sent to Kality jaile. I am not surprise that happens, just because it was a natural process of growth. However, right after these groups separated, the Andargachew group showed its political skill and managed to gain the majority of the Diaspora Kinijit members’ support. In my opinion, since Kinijit is for democracy, Shaleqa and his group supposed to be respectful of the majority Kinijit Diasporas opinion.
    Yohannes, the other issue that you pointed out is that KIL had a hidden agenda. Well, if that is the case why did they accepted the Kinijit leaders demand right away and dissolve KIL? The way I see it, KIL managed to rally the Diaspora, when Shaleqa and his group with no public base is busy labeling KIL as Weyannes and all that crap, and when the Kinijit leaders released, they gave the responsibility back to them. That is a classic act in the KIL part, and we all should applaud the KIL leaders for that. In my opinion one of the reasons why we Ethiopians suffer under tyrant like Meles is that often we embrace the wrong value and don’t stick to the principles that we believe in. In any case I just hope that the Kinijit leaders would realize the talent that the KIL leaders have and will use them to pursue our struggle in the days and moths to come.

  12. Yohannes
    | #12

    Dear Tigist,
    I don’t think this the time to argue about who is right and wrong as the elected leaders of CUD will decide what to be done. As far as skill is concerned, no doubt Andargachew Tsigie and Berhane Mewa are gifted speakers and organizers. But for the past year they wasted their time and energy in poltical squabbles. And what ever time they left was spent on high flying and lecturing the Diaspora audience about issues we already know. The Ethiopian Diaspora had its best action in North America before Andargachiew surfaced in the NA poltical landscape.

    When KIC was formed based on directives from the CUD leaders, half of the KIL group refused to work with the new nominated leaders. What did this tell you? Thank god now KIL is gone, and the duo may consider to join the KIC. It is not too late! The KIC will need a skilled figure like Berhane Mewa. As long as under the supervision of Dr. Taye w/s the two may play a significant role in our movement. Although I have a personal doubt on trusting Tsigie, Mewa may regain his PR work under the KIC. My sister please stop talking about Shaleqa Yoseph as he is no longer a leader. He admitted that he may not be the right guy for the job and left the leadership during the formation of the KIC. Your other point is the role of Diaspora in Washington Dc – the community in DC must know that their support is for the CUD and the democratic movement in Ethiopia. Therefore they should follow directives from Ethiopia but not from Mr. Tsigie.

  13. Mengesha
    | #13

    Down with Woyane regime,
    cannibals, and
    shabby bellys.

    Woyanne used to kill the nation and the country for the past sixteen years and still proceeding with given adgenda to remove the name Ethiopia.

    Mind you! Ethiopia has got children to sacrify, to maintain its integrity and defend enemies. What Kinjit performed with his excellency Eng. Hailu Shawl’s leadership is a great achievment that taught the world Ethiopians political advancement and anticipation of the future.

    Those guys, who are mentally retarded and think with your feet, don’t show up again on this web site. Stay with your banda regime Meles, count on and wait nothing, but your ultimate end.

  14. | #14

    Dear Yohanesyou wrote so many things but you asked the Tsigai kinjet to join KIC..Our leaders asked to hand over the internatinal leadership kinjet groups not to continue.The real kinjet will hand over the leaderhip . We will see in short iime.The ethiopian poeple will observes not words practicl things.

  15. Biruk
    | #15

    I am not sure where all these hoho would go. 76Million plus people live in Ethiopia, what would you make of the senseless cry of the Diaspora few? My feeling is they have nothing better to do.

    So get together and drink from empty slogans and feel good!

  16. Nahom
    | #16

    We Ethiopian living peacfully Meles is doing great. He is changing Ethiopian specialy Addis so please put in to consideration Meles can’t fullfill all the interest of 76 million people but gragually things will be better.
    Bechifinu Melesin atitilu.
    I will never trust kinijit will make difference for ethiopia I am sure things will be worse than present if Kinijit control ethiopia.
    So Please Ethiopian don’t hate each other let’s hold hand to hand and let’s do for our mum Ethiopia.
    Shabia is playing on us they are always trying to make problem.
    So please Stand one minute and think what is the problem with Meles and try to understand he is not doing any thing wrong but our mind is always thinking negatively.

  17. Terengo Argaw
    | #17

    Words are inadequate to express the sadness & emptyness we the supporters of Kinijit felt of the loss of our dearest brother/friend Ashenafi. It is a great LOSS to our country. He is our HERO who died in the frontline fighting for democracy & freedom for the people of Ethiopia. The same goes to his brother in law. Since the time I knew Ashenafi he was always there fighting against disctatorhsip to bring a brighter tomorrow for our beloved country. He will be missed immensely. We can’t say good bye to him b/c he will remain forever in our hearts. His spirit will Shine forever!! His untimely death reminds us to stand in unity & love to continue the struggle for justice & rule of law. Because of him, our dream of a democratic Ethiopia will be realized.

    My prayers go to Demeku who lost a great brother & the rest of the family. We stand w/them in this difficult time.

    Stay in Peace our Brother.

  18. Kebena
    | #18


    KIl did not even accept the cherman signed letter about two weeks ago.
    KIL works for Woeyne. They were and still loyal servat of woyane.

    case closed. Dr Taye is the NA support group leader.

  19. | #19

    Dear TPLF/Melles affilates, shame on you.

    I believe you are using the name “nahom” with intent to confuse ‘Abugida readers”.For sure, TPLF/totalitarian regime is devastating the unity of the country. As you might very well aware, TPLF/Melles is the most dictator in the world( ranked 12th out of 20 most dictator and corrupted government in the world). Don’t try to baffle us by telling about CUD. Though your survial is depend upon the regime please try to accept the quality of CUD composition , political agenda as well as its vision. At this time you are not willing to admit the truth but when time comes you will cogently admit it. Ethiopia is one of the poorest on the planet( ranked 190th out of 192 countries). This is due to fact of: 1. TPLF mismanagement , 2. Deep-rooted corruption from top to bottom( imagine how much million dollars owned by TPLF/EPRDF Companies and its high ranked officials), 3. unfair tax system etc…, No doubt, Ethiopia prevail democracy and freedom very soon.

    “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln”.

    God bless Ethiopia


  20. ET
    | #20

    I respect the Person as an Ethiopian not as a leader he should step down and let someone takes the position who can speak and lead without any revenge.

    Selam Le Ethiopia !

  21. joe
    | #21

    Is Kiniget deliver for ethiopia Honey and Milk like other promised?

  22. nigussie
    | #22

    Inante leebochi woyanen ka siltan abarachihu wode siltan litiwotu nabar .gin altasakalachihum

  23. Birhanu
    | #23

    I was very pleased to hear some good words from a decent Ethiopian like Dr. Moges G. Mariam. He is very in to his love for his country. He is such a humble leader. He’s very respectfull to all other individuals who’ve put their best effort to help their country. What a great man!! It was great to hear Wonderful examples of Ethipian history as King Tewodros be related to the heroes we have now. Prof. Moges, I believe is a man who believe that we all can make history and not just talk about it.

    Professor, it was a privillage to hear you speak!!!!

  24. Ethiopian
    | #24

    Hello! my people.

    Tigist, hi!

    just wanted to ask few questions as i’m having a problem to understand somethings stuff.

    - who is going to be on power once woyane is gone?
    – is it OLF?
    – is it CUD?
    – is it OGADEN Liberation?
    ok if it is kinijti, what army are we going to be using. I mean at present the majaority of the armed forces are sort of owned by woyane. Or will the armed forces stay as they are. Because my only worry is, the other few parties i have mentioned above have got armies and i hope they are not going to try and bully KINIJIT off the seat. And please! don’t tell me, the UN or whoever will be there to help!. And you know how it is in Africa, everytime the party changes everything changes.

    I’m just a bit concerened that, our people is not going to start another struggle to get rid of another dictator very shortly.

    If you look at most of the articles, it looks that all the parties against woyane, have got common enemy, but non of them says anything about, what will happen once the common enemy is gone. Am i being paranoid or do you feel the same. the reason i picked TIGIST is, i always see her making a very good argument.


  25. Ethiopian
    | #25

    Tigist, sorry! to pick on you again,

    why are you and yohannes sort of arguing about, KIL and KIC,. I don’t even know what those things stands for. But there is only one woyane, and only one that is. But it seems that we are having a problem, even before our guy’s get’s to the hot seat. Woyane is strong because they act as one team and have one vision and aim. That’s the only quality they have. And leader ship wise they can not come closer to KINIJIT leaders, “well i would like to hope so”. So why don’t we learn that from them and take that on board. This is just a positive criticism, and it’s not directly pointed at you, just a general view. So don’t take it hard. One thing i for sure sgree with you on is, RE: Shaleqa Yoseph. If this man was in military during the DEREG, regime, he doesn’t need a seat in KINIJIT,( Looking at his title) he needs to be given a seat in some sort of war crime court room. Lets not forget, there are people, who has killed before and are ready to get into leadership, after leaving in exile for a while. I’m sure one of KINIJIT’s objectives includes that. I hope that HR 2003, will be signed off and those people hiding in Europe and US will be brought to justice. And hopefully, we will manage to get MELES ZENAWI and CO. An excutive box’d seat in the same court room. That will be the day.

    | #26

    Ms or Mr. Ethiopian
    The very first thing what we all have to accept is about to whom the armed forces are belong to. No matter what; they are an Ethiopian. Children of Ethiopia. They are standing not for hand full of parties, and party leaders but to their people and land and proud flag. Do not take me wrong please, of course there are Agazis’ among them too. Not only the distingushed Agazi only but still ther may be some military leaders ethnically inthoxicated and believe on one tribe/ethnic leadership too. When it comes on leading the armed force we all know it means a lot. Over all I belive the number of the police officer, military, or who ever under the uniform exceed that of those who are not belong to the people, to the land or to the proud flag but to their party. It may take a while to clear them, but eventualy they will come to their mind. It require a learning procedure, it may take them a while to clean their mind too. They will come back.

  27. | #27

    Stop barking and go kill zenawi/

  28. | #28

    A bunch of cowards!

  29. | #29

    As Tecola Hagos put it you don’t deserve leaders like Hailu Shaul and Berhanu Nega.You appreciate your murderers.Zenawi killed your wife,kids,husband friends and put in jail your leaders what did you do?you all go to your business.Now theleaders are out you came back to bark.If you get bored while sitting at the parking lot ,take a book with you.yesenbelet meseso hulu!

  30. | #30

    Hi my people, peace be with you. I read some of your topic that was intersting, however, I didn’t see the advantage of hate. Of course, it may come from the deap love of ethiopia and Ethiopinas, but accusing one another will never reach us to our aim or goal ( whatever goal each and every one of us has.Neverthless, it would be better if we love, respect and help one another. That is were civilization is started. If we realy want our country to advance, first, we have to love one another and hold hand to hand and walk one step together hill the wound and leave behaibnd any thought of revange and undemining people. That is what Ethiopia needs right now, not smaking or chewing lips. I think we all know about ” Mandela” and his courage; he spent almost half of his age in prison, but still he was the one who show love to his people with no revange for the sake of his country and people freedom.
    Don’t you get it; Ethiopians, please I beg you try to undersand, we are going no were with hate and revange. I know that from our bloody past I hope you know too.

    God be with Ethiopia,Ethiopians
    The mother of Juss Christ protect out home

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