Rebels destroy ruling party stores in Gonder town By

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GONDAR – Rebels who sneaked into the piazza area of the historic city of Gondar on May 4 set off a huge fire that burned down 11 stores belonging to the ruling party of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The chain of businesses destroyed include stores of electronics, mobile phones, goods, a laundry mat, and a bar, according to a report released to Ethiomedia by the rebel group Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF).

Hibret Bank, owned by a ruling party official who the rebels didn’t identify, was also completely destroyed. Quara Hotel, also owned by the brother of Azeb Gola [aka Azeb Mesfin], the wife of Meles Zenawi, escaped complete destruction due to the fight by fire fighters. The hotel only lost its basement.
The news has not been verified by an independent media.
EUFF said the fire that raged for over seven hours also destroyed the private residence of artist Tadele Fenta. The rebels regretted in their statement the error of destroying the private property of a civilian resident.
EUFF is an entirely home-based rebel organization that has been carrying out combat operations in Gonder, Gojjam, Wollo and northern Shewa.
“The Eritrea-based EPPF has been claiming as its own combat operations carried out by EUFF. Ethiopians should know that EPPF, or also known as Arbegnoch, has no single soldier on an Ethiopian soil,” EUFF said in its statement.
Armed struggle has for a long time been largely scoffed at in Ethiopia. However, 20-year-old Stalinist rule by Meles and worsening living conditions of Ethiopians are convincing the young generation that there is no alternative to picking up the gun and bringing down the regime that has no intention of handing over power peacefully.

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