Rebels destroy ruling party stores in Gonder town By

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GONDAR – Rebels who sneaked into the piazza area of the historic city of Gondar on May 4 set off a huge fire that burned down 11 stores belonging to the ruling party of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The chain of businesses destroyed include stores of electronics, mobile phones, goods, a laundry mat, and a bar, according to a report released to Ethiomedia by the rebel group Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF).

Hibret Bank, owned by a ruling party official who the rebels didn’t identify, was also completely destroyed. Quara Hotel, also owned by the brother of Azeb Gola [aka Azeb Mesfin], the wife of Meles Zenawi, escaped complete destruction due to the fight by fire fighters. The hotel only lost its basement.
The news has not been verified by an independent media.
EUFF said the fire that raged for over seven hours also destroyed the private residence of artist Tadele Fenta. The rebels regretted in their statement the error of destroying the private property of a civilian resident.
EUFF is an entirely home-based rebel organization that has been carrying out combat operations in Gonder, Gojjam, Wollo and northern Shewa.
“The Eritrea-based EPPF has been claiming as its own combat operations carried out by EUFF. Ethiopians should know that EPPF, or also known as Arbegnoch, has no single soldier on an Ethiopian soil,” EUFF said in its statement.
Armed struggle has for a long time been largely scoffed at in Ethiopia. However, 20-year-old Stalinist rule by Meles and worsening living conditions of Ethiopians are convincing the young generation that there is no alternative to picking up the gun and bringing down the regime that has no intention of handing over power peacefully.

  1. Jegna Ethiopians
    | #1

    Great news indeed! Sorry to hear that artist Tedela Fenta lost his home. Hopefully, some Ethiopian associations or some wealthy Ethiopians help this innocent Ethiopian to build another home.

  2. Oda Tulu
    | #2

    An occurence of May 4 being posted on June 7. Why so late? Nonetheless it a very good news.

  3. rezene kadissaba
    | #3

    Desperation (for a bad news) is killing the cat!! Is this news or wish. When the day of rage was defused – you pull a month old dead fire accident news to the front page?

    Abugida – I never thought you will get this low.

  4. gama
    | #4

    Target military installations and infrastructure not downtown business district. When you target infrastructure the business in town will collapse. I am not a military strategist but I can tell you that the ultimate target, specially at the beginning of resistance, needs to be the system, not individual associated with business. And also I don’t see the importance of telling us that ‘EPPF has no single fighter’ in Ethiopian soil.’ Does that implicates a rivalry? EUFF keep the fight and fight the regime.

  5. yonas
    | #5

    what you are doing ? we don’t need any war again! please if you have any plan make it by dialog not by gun! we need someone to help us to feed ourself not to destroy anybody property including ruling party or foreign inverters property, OK! today totally different from yesterday.Go with 21 century not with 18,17, 19 ,0r 20 century thought! thank you!

  6. Ethio
    | #6

    this is a big lier, because Ethio media are conflicat with EPPF that way those guys posted wrong information.

    | #7

    Listen guys, specially:

    Jegna and Oda:- I share your opinion,
    Rezena: you are a dead fish and smell like cacroach. Secret operation doesnt’t come this much easy. We do not know that Weyane was allied with Eriteria for 15 years and fought the Ethiopian Army in Nakfa until afer Dr. Daniel Kinde informed us the Eriterian-Tigrian conspiracy against the Nation as a whole. So what makes you surprise that the news was late while ignoring the difficulty in accessing information from the remote region that is watched by TPLF 24/7.

  8. Meyissaw
    | #8

    Unbelievable! How Low can Journalism go! If any one from Gondar itself reads this article ….Readers please verify with the news. That is all I have to say ,truth never dies!

  9. Serawite
    | #9

    Oda Tulu :
    An occurence of May 4 being posted on June 7. Why so late? Nonetheless it a very good news.

    Not only that it is late, it is not even confirmed by an independent agency as is stated in the news.

  10. ጋግው ደደሳ ኮሮብ
    | #10

    What is sad is not that people celebrate when property gets destroyed in a very poor country like Ethiopia. What is sad and shameful is the fact that the people who celebrate and rejoice live in Europe and America where they enjoy a comfortable life. These people neither have the moral rights to encourage and fund destruction nor bravery to do it themselves. In short they are the once who only think about themselves and power, rather than what is good for the poor farmers in Ethiopia. I am sorry to be born in such a society. If I could change my fate I would change it so I will be born in a wonderful place called Norway in the Tropics. Dreams!
    Anyway good luck in destroying the future of poor people from your comfort zone in Europe and America!

  11. Demelash Agonafir
    | #11

    This is only a prelude for the huge operation to come. Beware of that day when the peope say enough is enough and resort to arms. Now, the next target should be Addis Abeba where the the enemy is taking a refuge. We should hit him where ever and when ever we find him. Stop this nonsense of choosing a target. This is a war not a foot ball game. The enemy may try it utmost to down play any significant gain by our patriots, but the fact remains that there is no turning back but to march on smashing the Woyanes along the way.

  12. Derbabaw
    | #12

    This is what was expected of the people of Gonder, to be in the front line and lead the country back to her freedom on the reling on no one but on the sole principle of self reliance upon Ethiopians. Unfortunately, some political opportunist leaders, deliberately or not, are misguiding the people’s movement, and in the process have contributed to prolong our freedom. If the charge of opportunism sounds too harsh for some, I suggest you examine the matter carefully. Was there any sort of discussion that took place in the past regarding the need of alliance with Shabia let alone a consensus?I know nothing abot this. If not why then some leaders, arrogantly impose their personal preferences, and decisions upon the rest of us and still wish a blessing of Ethiopians over their decision or expect a general approval by all citizens? Whichever way you look at it, these leaders are swimming in a political mud water by wishing the two former strategic friends will fight a war of attrition on their behalf. This is a wish full thinking and a worst one at that, to say the least, and it can hardly be viewed as a practical political strategy. Beside, some of these former EPRP members, more than anyone else, have been aforded the opportunity-through experience-to know about the behavior, history, and deportment of Shabia towards Ethiopia and her people. Then, why continue in a dead end path?
    This brings me to the following statment.There are a couple of choices before us, we need, collectively, speak that the strategy adopted by Ginbot 7 leaders to wards Shabia is defitist.Instead,I ask these leaders to map out a strategy consistent with the views of the majority of our people for the country. If they are unable to revise their mis guided strategy ,and envision a practical strategy to remove the Shabian clique out of our country, we the people of Gondar, Gojam, Wollo and Shewa need to be in the line of duty to support the BEKANGE movement, and bring our freedom a reality. It is not that we need to go our separate ways, but we need to start somewhere, in our neck of the wood and regroup as national resistance force.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    With an Eritrean president, I know Ethiopia has slipped away from the hands of its people after dethroning Haile Selassie, every bad thing is bound to happen. I know Meles is corrupt, I really like this story, but I still dont want to see Addis up in flames like Cairo or Tripoli, why? Because you careless Ethiopians should know the white or arab cares less about you, and wont bail you out. Obama announced Egypt and Tunisia alone getting $40 billion in aid, for their revolutions…do you really believe USA or any country will be willing to help black people out like that? Push harder for economic reforms and not violence.

  14. Samuel
    | #14

    This approach should have been practiced a long time ago. We should strike Woyane where it hurts more. Now that they have accumulated wealth through injust means, we should identify them and strike them through out the country. We also know that they are going to hit back by doing the same and we should expect worse, but just remember that we have been relegated to a second class citizenship by the TPLF gangs to be thrown to a dust at their whims whenever they want. In other words there isn’t much to lose by the majority of the Ethiopian people. Part of the reason why the TPLF is running to the diaspora is to try to lure unsuspecting people to invest in the country so that their ownership of the lion share of the economy is diluted and gives a false impression.
    Read Meles’s interview with the late Paul Henz ( their surrogate meddler in Ethiopian affairs) where he indicated pointidly that their strugge was all about Tigray even when they were knocking at the door steps of Addis Ababa back in 1990. This is the predicament that we are left with.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    I don’t believe it’s true but even to wish this is nothing but sadistic. In a land where so much innocent blood was spilled and the economy was devastated by violence not to long ago, no one in their right mind would wish such thing to happen again. Enough destruction! enough death!! live and let live.

  16. aha!
    | #16

    The home-based nature of the armed struggle is commendable, while such sporadic nature of the armed struggle, sends a message on the impact of exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises felt by the silent majority of Ethiopians need deliberation and cordination with non-violent uprising/raction to freedom movements to restore Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests need to boycott TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and businesses simultaneously in all cities to have an impact on the silenced but not silent majority of Ethiopians, to alleviate the economic expoitation, and strangle hold of the country’s resources and its people.

  17. Anonymous
    | #17

    Every business that is build by stolen money and owned by the wicked Jezebel Azeb and her satanic criminal husband should be demolished by every means of necessary wherever their businesses might be.
    Let me take away what the clueless woyanes said to undeserving tyrant Meles when he was at Columbia University, and give it to the deserving Ethiopian Jegnoche: GOOD JOB! GOOD JOB! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! WE LOVE YOU! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!
    The mad dog woyanes will eat you alive if you get caught, please don’t get caught. On the other hand who knows woyanes might take it out on innocent Gondares or even burn the Gonder historical places. I always want to visit Gondar. It is possible that the blood thirsty woyanes might destroy the entire Gondar province and blame it on Eritreans. That wicked Azeb might want to see a few innocent Gondares heads on a platter.
    Let’s pray for the people of Gondar. Death to woyanes and peace and prosperity to the people of Gondar and the rest of Ethiopians.

  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    By the way, Can we Ethiopians at least use the word “Freedom fighters” instead of “Rebels”? To me the word REBEL has negative connotation.

  19. Shger
    | #19

    Dearso mekofess, esste ande tiyakay liteyike,

    Gonder yene newu, hulu yeney newu, ante mane negne tilalehe?

  20. amazing
    | #20

    Well, I am curious where Ethiomedia got this news from and why it was not heard from other Ethiopian news blogs. I sometimes have a feeling Ethiomedia, Belai who is Tigrayan is probably sending messages indirectly to TPLF so that it can get its news with what is going on in the diaspora, etc. Guys, sorry to say, for whatever reason, I still don’t trust Tigryans not because they are Tigray it is because for sure they are staunch supporters of Tplf but not Meles. There are many Tigryans who stand for TPLF. Even some Tigryans posting anti Meles news on blogs are just to calm Ethiopian people that most Tigryans are with them however, I have a feeeling their agenda is different from us. It is one think to convince Ethiopians that Tigryans are with us and that they need to protect Tigray out of resentment might arise due to TPLF and Meles. Of course majority hate Meles but not TPLF. Guys remember, during 2005 election, Meles was ready to give up power when millions of people marched for his resignation. Who prevented him from giving up power? It was TPLF members who said we came too far, we deserve to be in power because we struggle to get this power that no TPLF or Meles should resign and will not give up power. That is why Meles remained in power. It is not only Meles but TPLF the driving force oppression. In fact, even as we speak, Meles is sacrificing himself for TPLF during the recent shake up of power where most TPLFites left office is to protect them from being blamed as Ethiopia is declining and they resigned or moved away so that they can protect themselves and their money outside. Meles can now say, you see, I don’t have any TPLFites around me, the rulers are mostly from South, etc but what is his price for giving himself up for TPLF in case something happens in Ethiopia? Of course the recent monopoly of Meles and Azeb of the economy that is the benefit he is getting without splitting this share with other TPLfites. Anyways, we need to keep our all 5 senses up when it comes to who is who among Tigryans. That being said, I support the destruction of the blood supply of Weyane, the economy, as someone said above, Ethiopians have nothing to lose anyways, they can’t work, their lands are taken, no freedom, it is like being dead, we Ethiopians rather die doing something than slow death. Viva EUff. Still would like to know the interest of Ethiomedia in terms of oppositon groups such as EPPF and EUfF, etc. I bet Ethiomedia is communicating with TPLF indirectly with who is who among Anti Weyane.

  21. Tafere
    | #21

    Great job EUFF. The day you destroy the tyrant, Meles, I will give a big party. Hope it will be very soon!!!!!

  22. Mayiesa
    | #22

    First of all violence will never achieve anything meaningful. Secondly by destroying supply that is hard to come by easily will not help the general public other than making their life more miserable.
    This is misguided for the very reason that the people who perpetrated this shameful act, if it has ever happened, because they cowardly in disguise of darkness hit soft targets that has no consequence to make any difference other than plunder the national GDP.
    How can anyone with the right mind celebrate arson which will not benefit any one side? What is the benefit of burning warehouses, at least if they take the stuff sale it and use the fund it may make sense, however burning it will make people of Gondar be deprived of those goods and the nation as a whole lose on national income.
    Most people are challenged of logic and cheer a shameful act and I am ashamed to be in company of such group. Wake up and think!

  23. Birtu/can
    | #23

    That’s what i am talking about! Assuming the claim is true–it is a welcome sign that at least some of the opposition groups are changing venue towards the right direction. It goes to show you that we don’t necessarily need a Kalashnikov to fight woyane. A single match stick can go long ways if/when used wisely. My hope is this move sets a trend where every country loving Ethiopian follow suit and torch ill gotten woyane properties and business Empire. We should also introduce a new hit song titled “burn baby burn!” to all foreign land grabbers. Ethiopians are tired of the empty rhetoric floating around for the last 20 years. Playing with words like a broken record is not going to take us to the promised land. One can accomplish a great deal in 20 years period, but we don’t have anything to show for it. I am glad to hear somebody is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.BURN BABY BURN!! GO EUFF!!

  24. Anonymous
    | #24

    This is evil deed ok ‘if it is true’ we Ethiopians will not accept any distraction caused by any terrorist group in our soil we fight you occurred kukuruch! And leave the young generation we are on work we hav peaceful and working environment
    It true that there is some problems regarding some government officials,hopefully the ruling party will solve it on going time,GOD Bless Ethiopia and wish you hav blessed mine work for better fouture

  25. Children!!
    | #25

    Lij Yirotal inji abatun aykedmim!!! U think U can win Woyane by Military struggle?!! Funny!!!

  26. Anonymous
    | #26

    I don’t understand how the weyanes wicked brain works; while they don’t know how to eat the big cake they found in Addis in 1991 to present or continue to abuse the big cake they found in Addis 1991 their brain seems to be abnormal. How can they blame shaebia when they are they one killing all Ethiopians indiscriminately, how they are going to blame shaebia when all weyanes are fattened with all Ethipians money all over the world, how they are going to blame shaebia when they continue to abuse indiscriminately every Ethiopian at home, how they can blame shaebia when they are the volunteers slaves of modern Africa, how they can blame shaebia when they continue to sow so much hate among Ethiopians at home or abroad, and when will they ask for forgiveness and give Ethiopians what belong to Ethiopians: their Ethiopianet and peace?

  27. Looter Woyane!
    | #27

    Anonymous #25,
    No terrorist in the world is a bigger threat than WOYANES in Ethiopia that have abused Ethiopian citizens for over twenty years, looted, killed and sold the land of Ethiopia to foreigners. Only woyanes like you and other uninformed idiots like Solomon Tekalegne who have sold to the devil and those who are enjoying life to the fullest with the stolen money think life is great in Ethiopia while millions of Ethiopians struggle everyday to survive to make ends meet, depend on foreign Aid to survive and millions expected to die of hunger. Tens of thousands of our people still locked up in woyane prison as we speak for absolutely no reason at all. Most of the Ethiopians who are locked up are teachers, journalists, opposition party members and mostly young and strong Ethiopians who came to look for a job in Addis from different parts of Ethiopia. It is impossible to mention all the crimes that have been committed on Ethiopia and Ethiopians by Meles and his TPLF gangs.
    #25, you cannot deny that Ethiopians have no freedom of speech and press, woyanes have looted Ethiopia and gotten wealthy, Ethiopians have been tortured and killed, countless number of innocent Ethiopians have been incarcerated, Ethiopians have been chased away from their homes and their land have been given free of charge to Sudan and hundreds of thousands acres of their most fertile land have been sold for dirt cheap to foreigners and so on and so forth. So my friend, when you say life is great in Ethiopia, you are just showing your true color of woyanes or total ignorance.

  28. I care less where you are as long as you support the resistance for freedom
    | #28

    The many of you who commented on this issue and the need to consolidate a coordinated peaceful and armed resistance are on the right direction. Similarly, when some pointed out this form of resistance need to be kept up in different localities they are not suggesting sectarian struggle. On the contrary, they are pointing out the need to organize in different regions and work towards a national resistance army. The central theme of this message is simply this. We have talked for twenty years, and pretended this many years that we are taking weyane seriously we , but failed to deliver. To begin with, it was wrong to allay with shabia inorder to remove weyane.

    If we really think about this soberly we can clearly see, the self defeating strategy we followed thus far have helped weyan, and shabia to consolidate their influence upon the rest of us and not Ethiopians. My friends we need not blame anyone for this, the people are to blame for tying the hands of Ethiopians not to seek a solution of their own. Instead of speaking in one voice concerning the needed strategy to liberate the country, we choose to mutter and pipe different tunes. Enough the mistakes of the past, we are simply saying we need to liberate our country from our dual enemy now. We need to start this form of resistance everywhere in cooperation with those who want to be free. Instead, of debating the possibility of such alternative by commenting on the very issue some souls like Sheger are raising questions to side track us away from the issue. This is my replay for sheger, you need an answer- I am Ethiopian and ye Gondar lige at that, do you see any problem with that .Is this what you call “Tibehet”.

  29. Hailemicheal
    | #29

    My fellow ethiopians ,this is 21 century,globalization era , today’s tactic to terrorize dictators &take them to there grave like Gadfi,mubarek,benali,gbagbo,salehe,besher,etc…is by making a strong peaciful demonstration taking every necessery sacrifice.the world watches ,icc,human rights organization,etc…even united states &europe supports such popular apprisings regardless of their interests.because the problem in any parts of the world has an impact for the whole world.because it’s the world helps not only for the sake of us but for themselves.that hit &run tactic is outdated.we should be smart.have you seen blood sucker meles in may 28 ?he was not there physically only televized speech.dictatores are the most terrorized creatures on earth. GOD BLESS MY BELOVED MOTHERLAND,ETHIOPIA!!!

  30. Jibrill
    | #30

    Principally i am against such kind of childish deed. Burning shops, hotells or destroying infrastructure like electricity, water pipes, bridges and so on is a desperate move of organisations or fronts who want to liberate the Ethiopian people from Meles and his puppets. It´s only Meles and his puppets who benifits from such deeds. Those industries, shops and hotells which are under the controll of Meles/Azeb belongs to the Ethiopian people.I am well aware that Weyane/Shabiya did the same thing to come to power but that doesn´t mean we must go the same path. The only way to liberate our mother country from the Weyane/Shabiya tyranny is by organizing the people from the grassroot and make them revolt aginst the brutal government and bring democracy and that takes time.
    ” Down with short cut seekers ”
    ” Down with Meles/Issayas ( Weyane/Shabiya ) tyranny “

  31. Jibrill
    | #31

    So Called Anonymous :
    June 7th, 2011 at 18:22 | #18 Reply | Quote
    Let me qote you !
    “Every business that is build by stolen money and owned by the wicked Jezebel Azeb and her satanic criminal husband should be demolished by every means of necessary wherever their businesses might be.”
    Such kind of komment doesn´t come from an Ethiopian. You knew that it was stolen but from who ??? It´s stolen from the poor Ethiopian people. Then why burn ? why destroy ??? When the Weyane/Shabiya tyranny vanishes the property goes back to it´s owner. The Ethiopian people.
    please such kind of comments doesn´t come from a mature person att the 21:st century.
    Anonymous: please think twice before you write such komments. off cource
    if you are an Ethiopian


  32. Anonymous
    | #32

    If support for peaceful demonstrate was universal Baharain would be on your list the west has it’s agenda @Hailemicheal

  33. The blood money investment
    | #33

    Mr. Principal Jibrill,
    It is easy for you to sit in your comfortable chair in a peaceful country and telling oppressed people not to get angry and act. Ethiopians are tired of being treated like second class citizens and being enslaved by the mafia group TPLF for more than twenty miserable years. In a country where peaceful gathering is totally illegal, where countless number of people have been killed, thousands and thousands Ethiopians are locked up, their lands and their money is stolen from them… what choice do Ethiopians have other than expressing their dissatisfaction of their government in some way or another as long as people don’t get hurt?

  34. Mulu Ethiopian
    | #34

    Let us know the reality. Nothing is new. This is not a surprise in a world full of unrest, fighting, hunger, drought, famine….I wonder how Ethiopians are patient enough while they are aging with one or less meal per day. We pray God bring change for our nation. Politics is the leader of the world not peoples themselves. We need to be mature enough while opposing or supporting ruling groups. It is those who are benefited who always support the party on power specially in the developing world. In our case, the substantial proportion of Ethiopians are living the worst life in the World. Lets contribute the best that we can.
    God Bless Ethiopia.

  35. kindeneh
    | #35

    whatever words are used to name, what really needs is that just overthrowing the woyane rules from the sholder of poor ethiopians who is actually sucking their blood with out mercy.

    may god librate ethiopie(especially the oromos and the amharas)! amen

  36. gragn Ahmed
    | #36

    Assta Getu’s comment.

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