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Tribute to Fallen Heroes!



Tribute to Fallen Heroes!

In the early morning hours of July 29, Ashenafi Mekonnen and Getenet Abate lost their lives to a drunk driver. But a few hours earlier, we were together in a church community hall talking and laughing about the ordinary pleasures of life.

We also talked a about politics and commiserated over the misfortunes that have afflicted our country. We talked about hope, our optimism and faith in the future, about peace and brotherhood, and above all, the coming of that day in Ethiopia when strife will be replaced by harmony, conflict with peace and discord with understanding.

But the joy of that evening in Boston was turned bitter before the new day was born. Little did we know that evening Ashenafi and Getenet had indeed completed their mission on earth and were poised for eternal life.

So, on July 29 we lost two of our best servicemen in the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. Though they lost their lives to a drink driver on a stretch of freeway outside Boston, we want the world to know they were killed in action. Let it be known that they died in the line of duty. They died fighting to protect the honor of their country, and the rights and liberties of their people. They died with deep faith in God’s mercy, and now we entrust them to his eternal care.

As I thought about the mysteries of God’s will on the morning of July 29, it occurred to me that not far from that stretch of highway where our brothers lost their lives, countless patriots of the American revolution had also lost their lives in 1776. Death is the ineluctable fate of humanity, but if we should wonder why Ashenafi and Getenet lost their lives that July morning on that very stretch of highway, it may be because they heard the silent call of the fallen heroes of the American Revolution.

We will not mourn Ashenafi and Getenet, for mourning is for the ordinary amongst us. We celebrate the passing of heroes, for heroes never die. They live in our hearts forever. And so Ashenafi and Getnet will forever remain in our hearts. Godspeed to their final destination, to the land that gave them life. They have now achieved in death what they were not able to achieve in life. They can now become one with the country they loved so much. May God hold them in the palm of his hand!

Special Request on Behalf of Our fallen Heroes:

Ashenafi and Getenet are finally going home for their final rest. But the journey is long and costly. We must share the financial burdens that will befall their families. It is not fair for the families to bear an unbearable sorrow, and also carry the burden of an enormous financial obligation in transporting our brothers home. I respectfully ask you to extend a helping hand for in doing so we show them we care, we really do care and we share in their loss, their pain and their suffering. PLEASE HELP…..

Thank you.

Ashenafi & Getnet Memorial FundSovereign Bank of Massachusetts
Route Number: 011075150
Account Number: 63004813133
Toll free – (877)-768-2265
Contact Person: Dr. Tilahune Gebrehiwot
@ 617-785-4795 For those who want to send by checkAshenafi and Getnet Memorial Fund.
Sovereign Bank
Attn: Jeffrey Kurz
515 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Mail Code: MA1-CB0-0630

Make the check payable to “Ashenafi and Getnet Memorial Fund”.
On the memo section, write the following note.
“Please deposit in Acct # 63004813133″
Do not forget also to write the Mail Code on the Envelope.

Ashenafi Getnet

Please click Here to watch a video clip of the crash site.

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