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Tribute to Fallen Heroes!

In the early morning hours of July 29, Ashenafi Mekonnen and Getenet Abate lost their lives to a drunk driver. But a few hours earlier, we were together in a church community hall talking and laughing about the ordinary pleasures of life.

We also talked a about politics and commiserated over the misfortunes that have afflicted our country. We talked about hope, our optimism and faith in the future, about peace and brotherhood, and above all, the coming of that day in Ethiopia when strife will be replaced by harmony, conflict with peace and discord with understanding.

But the joy of that evening in Boston was turned bitter before the new day was born. Little did we know that evening Ashenafi and Getenet had indeed completed their mission on earth and were poised for eternal life.

So, on July 29 we lost two of our best servicemen in the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. Though they lost their lives to a drink driver on a stretch of freeway outside Boston, we want the world to know they were killed in action. Let it be known that they died in the line of duty. They died fighting to protect the honor of their country, and the rights and liberties of their people. They died with deep faith in God’s mercy, and now we entrust them to his eternal care.

As I thought about the mysteries of God’s will on the morning of July 29, it occurred to me that not far from that stretch of highway where our brothers lost their lives, countless patriots of the American revolution had also lost their lives in 1776. Death is the ineluctable fate of humanity, but if we should wonder why Ashenafi and Getenet lost their lives that July morning on that very stretch of highway, it may be because they heard the silent call of the fallen heroes of the American Revolution.

We will not mourn Ashenafi and Getenet, for mourning is for the ordinary amongst us. We celebrate the passing of heroes, for heroes never die. They live in our hearts forever. And so Ashenafi and Getnet will forever remain in our hearts. Godspeed to their final destination, to the land that gave them life. They have now achieved in death what they were not able to achieve in life. They can now become one with the country they loved so much. May God hold them in the palm of his hand!

Special Request on Behalf of Our fallen Heroes:

Ashenafi and Getenet are finally going home for their final rest. But the journey is long and costly. We must share the financial burdens that will befall their families. It is not fair for the families to bear an unbearable sorrow, and also carry the burden of an enormous financial obligation in transporting our brothers home. I respectfully ask you to extend a helping hand for in doing so we show them we care, we really do care and we share in their loss, their pain and their suffering. PLEASE HELP…..

Thank you.

Ashenafi & Getnet Memorial FundSovereign Bank of Massachusetts
Route Number: 011075150
Account Number: 63004813133
Toll free – (877)-768-2265
Contact Person: Dr. Tilahune Gebrehiwot
@ 617-785-4795 For those who want to send by checkAshenafi and Getnet Memorial Fund.
Sovereign Bank
Attn: Jeffrey Kurz
515 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Mail Code: MA1-CB0-0630

Make the check payable to “Ashenafi and Getnet Memorial Fund”.
On the memo section, write the following note.
“Please deposit in Acct # 63004813133″
Do not forget also to write the Mail Code on the Envelope.

Ashenafi Getnet

Please click Here to watch a video clip of the crash site.

  1. girma
    | #1

    What a tragedy!
    May HGod bless their souls. They fought until death stoped them, they are truly heros.

  2. Rahel from Texas
    | #2

    What could one say… when such a terrible tragedy happens! I just found out, I wish I were in Boston. This is a lot to take in at once! I could just imagine how its like for their families… God!

    I guess, this is a major lesson for those of us who are left behind. Life is whatever we make of it! When some of us leave this world, we may be missed only by the tight circles we belonged to … but not men like Ashenafi!!! I did not know Getnet, nor did I know Ashenafi for too long for that matter. But there are very few people in our time who would wear their hearts on their sleeves like Ashenafi ….eh. It does not take too long to see his transparent greatness!

    I can count in one hand the occasions that brought us together, but every single time I ran into Ashenafi, I have learned something about him that made me respect him more. He was an epitome of what would have been considered an Ethiopian gentleman in times memorial: unpretentious, trustworthy, good-hearted, humble, kind and,… polite even when he is courageous to speak his mind, showing fatherly love to those who are younger, and always full of good-natured humor. It is not every day we find someone like Ashenafi amongst ourselves, who had remained true to his essence despite decades of living in the Western world.

    His well expressed love for his beloved country, Ethiopia, was not just plain emotion; He knew his stuff! I will never forget my second encounter with Ashenafi. Sometime in February of 2006, at a CUD meeting where Mel King,[who could have been the first black mayor of Boston, had he not lost the election in 1983] was a guest speaker. I shared a table with Ashenafi, the late Beyene Awelachew, and another gentleman. Although the rest of us at the table held either a Bachelor,or Masters of Science, or a PHD, Ashay was the ONLY one who knew ALL the Eight Pre-conditions that the CUD leaders required to be met before they could join the Parliament. The rest of us thought that was referable information, but Ashay knew them all by heart! That was no small matter to him; those eight Pre-condtions are the basis of the CUD struggle.

    Those of you who have been lucky enough to know him more probably understand that the above is an understatement, yet to me what was most striking about Ashay was how unpretentious he was. I guess, God helps those genuinely good-hearted people like Ashenafi to instinctively know that their precious ride in this world is short…. may be that is why Ashay was the way he was, unpretentious, as real as he can be, fully alive:


    Getnet and Ashay didn’t miss their ride in life, they have left us with great memories. It is we,… who are left behind, who will desperately be missing them in our lives: as a brother, as a father, as a friend, as role model, as a comrade… THEY WILL SURELY BE MISSED!

    My deepest sympathy to their families, their loved ones, the Boston CUD Team and the Boston community

    May God sustain us with his merciful grace and the Holy Spirit be our strength and comfort as our hearts mourn this terrible tragedy.


  3. | #3

    God have mercy upon us.

  4. L.Desta
    | #4

    What a shocking news! A big loss not only to their families but also to all freedom loving Ethiopians.
    May God bless your soul. you will always be rememberd. We promise not to fail you.Strength to their families and all of us.

  5. | #5

    May Allah bless their soul. They die on battle field fighting for human right, and unity of their country Ethiopia to keep exist as origin of human kind and museums of culture and language. We never put down their slogan for true democracy in Ethiopia despite our ethnic nor religion thought. Their vision and tireless effort to change political culture in Ethiopia will remain with us for ever. My deep condolence and sympathy from my heart to their family and the entire Boston ethio community. Yousuf Omer, Toronto Canada

  6. Yohannes from Atlanta
    | #6

    It sad to loose these brothers. May God bless Ashenafi’s & getnet’s soul. I wish their family & the Boston Ethiopians all the strength to cope with this tragedy.
    We lost two good Ethiopians!

  7. Mammo
    | #7

    We must bring their dreams come true as they were true peaceful soldiers of Ethiopia…bravery comes from the strength of one’s convictions and principles no matter what path is taken to achieve those goals. TPLF sacrificed the lives of so many Ethiopians mostly from Tigray in the name of fight for the principle of democracy, but “fighting for a principle is far more easier than living that principle” – we aspire that the end of this peacefull struggle will bring to an end the hostality and conflict that has brought to millions of Ethiopians!!!

    Getnet and Ashenafi had that dream and it is up to the rest of us to make that a reality!

  8. Alyou-Meron Family
    | #8

    Ashenafi Mekonnen and Getenet Abate, lost their lives sadly && they helped so many lives. WE thank them and we know they are in a better place and they will be blessed by our blessings and we pry and hope their families will be fine.

  9. mimi
    | #9

    What a sad thing!. People, please don’t drink and drive. Even it’s one drink. I know one of the victim from long time ago. May the Almighty help them.

  10. Saada Hassen
    | #10

    May God rest their soul. My condolences to the family, friends and the Ethiopian community.

  11. edgewood
    | #11

    I knew Ashenafi from along time ago. I never new how much he has seen in his life and now these. He was quite but always passionate when it was about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Please, don’t drink and drive.

  12. | #12

    Our deepest sympathy to their families, their loved ones,and for those who are still fighting for united Ethiopia.
    May God bless their soul.

  13. Bete Yitna
    | #13

    We are, Indeed, very much shocked to hear the loss of Ashenafi Mekonnen and Getenet Abate in the act of drunk driver.

    Our deepest condolence to the families and friends of Ashenafi and Getenet. Egziabher tsenatun ena birtatun Yistancehu!

    | #14

    may God rest both souls and give strength to the families. We will miss them dearly.lets all learn a lesson from this tragedy…love on another , help one another and be kind to one another.Because life is short.seeeeeeeeeeee

  15. Aklilu
    | #15

    May God bless Ashenafi’s & getnet’s soul. My deepest sympathy to their families.

  16. meseret
    | #16

    What a loss,may God give peace and rest for both our brothers Ashenafi and Getnet,and give strength to all of the familly, I stil couldn’t bleave it is a shock

    | #17

    This is a national tragedy. We lost the most talented two Ethiopians who were fighting for dignity, humanity and democracy to ethiopians who are suffering the last 16th years.

    ” May God bless their soul “

  18. Sattu
    | #18

    May god bless the heros and the family.


  19. fikir
    | #19

    MOur deepest sympathy to their families, their loved ones,and for those who are still fightingfor dimocerasiin ethiopia

  20. Asres Family
    | #20

    This is a tragic loss that is felt by family, friends and also by fellow Ethiopians. We are saddened by your untimely death. We are forever grateful for your sacrifices. True heroes, you guys are truly loved and will be missed. Some events in this world are unexplainable; this is one of those events. God’s reasons aren’t always clear; but know that their deaths aren’t vain. Our hearts and prayers go out to family, friends and anyone affected by this tragic event

  21. kassu
    | #21

    what a sad news ,for this short life.very sad that their lifepassed on such an accident 4 their family too.
    may God bless both ethiopian heros .

  22. Zion and Biniam from DC:
    | #22

    Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
    May God bless their soul and rest in peace.

    Zion and biniam from DC

  23. Robel paulos
    | #23

    Ufff what a sad news? I fell pain when i heard Ethiopians daed.Oh my brothers who passed life by accident i pray for you.MAY GOD BLESS THEIR SOUL AND REST IN PEACE
    Robel paulos from geneve

  24. Melkie (family)
    | #24

    Thank you for all of you who express your condolences and help to the loss of Ato Getnet and Ato Ashenafi.

    We heard the tragedy as if we are in the night dream and still we are in the same mood. It is unbelievable and bad fortune to loss these two brothers who are shelters of not only to their family but also to everybody and genuine to their country.

    May GOD bless their soul and rest in peace.

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