ESFNA’s 28th Annual Tournament to be held in ATLANTA from July 3, to July 9, 2011 Press Release

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ESFNA’s 28th Annual Tournament to be held in ATLANTA from July 3, to July 9, 2011 is on schedule and preparation is going very well, awaiting the arrival of thousands of our fellow compatriots and friends of Ethiopia. The local organizing committee is feverishly working to put final touches in their effort to make the event memorable and one for the ages.

We want our players, fans and supporters to know that, the misunderstandings we have with MIDROC are being handled by our respective attorneys and we have reason to believe that it will be settled in an amicable fashion very soon.

ESFNA highly values its relationship with MIDROC and will always be grateful for the continued and unprecedented support we enjoyed in the past. Given the long history between ESFNA and MIDROC we are confident this issue will be resolved soon so we can re-focus our attention to what we do best, which is “Bringing Ethiopians Together” for the 28th year in a row with many more to come.


  1. meaza
    | #1

    Regardless, the esfna members are very arrogant and corrupted that needs to be removed and replaced with skilled and young people. They have had a dirty relationship with alamudi and have been already dealt with alamudi in back doors and have been taking so much money from the organization. therefore the esfna members first needs to be audited and face jutice for the money that they have taken as well as they need either to resign or to be removed as soon as possible. I urge the ethiopian north america youth not to paraticipate in any events of the atlanta esfna as esfna members consider the youth as naive and stupid who doesnt care about ground facts as they tought the youth can be easily attracted by music and other artificial things.

  2. Moges
    | #2

    Fassil Abebe and Feleke Teka CPA

    Congratulation on your last harvest season, July 3 to July 9, were you can make lots of money. It sounds like an exciting final opportunity for you two, and I’m looking forward to you to take advantage of the ESFNA situation which while your naive board of directors are engaged with law suit your master Al AMoudi initiated against them you count their money on their behalf and pocket some of it.

    I know cooking the book is the CPA job, and I have no doubt that Feleke Teka will cook it nicely as long as someone’s wife with an empty pocket is next to him.

  3. Teshome
    | #3

    The ESFNA show should be boycotted untill all the members are replaced by a new and able generation. The current members are not only coruupt, but ignorant and backward. Most of them have less than 8th grade education.
    It is time for we Ethiopians to take control of our organization and move forward with civility and modernity.

  4. Dereje
    | #4

    Seeing some of the comments here eg Teshome’s and Maaza’s abou the need to remove members of ESFNA I came to realize that there is a lack of information about the organizational structure of ESFNA within some in the public.
    True, ESFNA is a membership organization, but its members are not individuals but teams. Currently it consists of 28 teams and they form the federation, the ‘F’ in ESFNA. There fore no one from outside of the organization and with out the decision of the Board of Directors (They are 56 of them (2from each) individuals representing their teams. Therefore, let us realize that however many we are in the opposition of ESFNA we cannot remove a single member team legitimately. We nevertheless can form a competitor organization or organizations. Just as reminder, what is currently underway is an attempt by groups like EHSNA and MIDROC to dismantle ESFNA and replace it with an organization of their likings. They may each or both will succeed or fail. Time will tell. But, please lets understand the organization we are not members of before we demand removal of people, teams or even a call (as silly as it is) for boycott..

  5. Solomon
    | #5

    As i agree with the basic comments about ESFNA needing change and how it handle its business. To call for boycott or ask for some one to be removed from their position this late is just not what we need. I think we should all plan to be in ATL to show our support, but at the same time let them know that we are not happy how they are handling most their problems and we need to see an open organization thats working with its customer the ethiopians in diaspora. I also believe its not a wise to go online and call out others name. If we have evidence that CPA is playing with the book to take advantage then come and show us how rather than just calling and accusing others just based on what some say. Long Live ESFNA

  6. Abe
    | #6

    The ESFNA Board and Executive committee had clearly made a number of mistakes that require through investigation, auditing, and recommendations by an independent body. From my observation the Board and the Committee were involved in and took side in politics when they dis-invited Judge Birtukan and consistently rejected calls to change their decision by the Ethiopian communities and the Soccer Teams in North America. The Board’s/Committee’s actions have undermined its effectiveness and ability to lead. The Teams and the community are still questioning the motives and integrity of most of the leaders. In fact, the Board/Committee has lost credibility with the Teams and the Ethiopian community. I believe, the only way out of this predicament is a thorough investigation/auditing of the finance, administration, and governance of the Board/Committee and sets of recommendations to over hall the Organization. This has to be done by an entirely independent body made up of the 28 Soccer Teams and the representatives of the Ethiopian communities. Though the Federation was established by the Ethiopian Soccer Teams in North America, the involvement of Community representatives at this junction is critically important because they represent the interest of the greater Ethiopian Communities who are the sole patrons to ESFNA. I firmly believe ESFNA cannot exist without the Soccer Teams and the Teams cannot exist without the Ethiopian Communities in North America.

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