Dictators’ Mentality, Clouded Minds By Elias Mengesha

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Why do all dictators that seem formidable and untouchable succumb to their demise at the end of the day? What goes on in their minds when danger arrives at their palace door? Why can’t they observe a wake up call that signals the end of their dynasty?

Dictators live in their cocoons and see the world with a blurred vision. Their minds are also clouded thus they can’t think and comprehend clearly even when their ignorance and arrogance is about to take away their lives. This is the common trend that seems to connect all dictators of our time regardless of their country, religion and color.

Mathematically speaking, Dictatorship could be represented by the following formula.

Fear + Lies + Force = Dictatorship

This equation is currently being replaced by popular revolt that citizens of various countries are taking to secure democracy which can be represented by the following formula:

Freedom + Law + Justice = Democracy

• After 23 years of absolute reign over the people of Tunisia, Ben Ali today is wanted over corruption charges and human right abuses and he has nowhere to escape. His final home would be in Brussels, Belgium, at the International Criminal Tribunal.

• After 30 years of brutal dictatorship, Mr. Mubarak who bragged not to go any where but die on Egyptian soil is now in a comma. An 82 year old man who was supposed to stay in senior’s home or nursery is waiting for his tragic but well deserved death in a hospital. What an end?

• After 30 years of ruthless governance, Mr. Saleh of Yemen had to live the country due to the damage inflicted to his body when a rocket launched by his opponents hit his premises. What a shame to his glory and inflated honor?

• Mr. Ghadafi of Libya claims that his people love him. He seems to forget that the love that he is talking about is forced upon his people and is not originating from a free will. 43 years of uncontested power base doesn’t seem to suffice his ego and power thirst yet. He will eventually die a dog’s death .The prestige and honor he boasts to have will be replaced by humiliation and disgust.

• Syrian president Mr. Bashar al-Assad is following the same route of failure by using unparalleled and barbaric force to terrorize his own people and suppress dissent. His days of downfall are numbered as well.

• Mr. Meles of Ethiopia who is the sole governor of Ethiopia has no match when it comes to dictatorship, 20 years in power and still going strong, according to him.

However, according to the people of Ethiopia, he is a rotten tooth ready for
extraction. Mr. Meles might think he is crafty, manipulative and smart but these psychotic qualities won’t do him any good when the people say enough is enough.

Some of his supporters worship him by wearing T-shirts and carrying key chains displaying his picture and by also mounting his photos on a wall. We can see clearly now how time revealed the similarities between Meles and Mengistu, not to mention the crimes they committed against humanity. A song has even been dedicated to him by Mr. Solomon, an immature artist who happens to be equally a traitor and good for nothing. Like any dictator Mr. Meles may try to stay in power by using every political, economic and social means. Regardless, he is finished, his time is over. His divide and rule policy, his double face personality; his venomous oral expressions will never rescue him when he tilts to fall. That day is coming, although no one knows when, but pretty fast.

To sum up, the days of dictators where ever they are and who ever they may be are numbered. Humans in general are born free and are supposed to live free. Those who infringe over the freedom of others while enjoying their own lives and protect their own selfish interest are doomed to fail. History is the witness and we will evidence this fact in our time. Ethiopia, the country that suffers for no apparent reason other than the maladministration and mismanagement of its rulers for so long is about to change.

Ethiopians like any humans are going to be free some day. This is in the making and no force can stop the movement of the people when the time is up. Let’s keep hope alive!

  1. Shewareged Gedle
    | #1

    “Ethiopians like any humans are going to be free some day. This is in the making and no force can stop the movement of the people when the time is up.”

    Mr. Eliyas Mengesha, I am afraid you will stay in your slavery as long as you and your kinds keep on writing to us Ethiopians in the English language: your are the slaves of the Anglo-Americans. The day you will start to think and write in the national language of Ethiopia (Amharic) then you will begin to be free. Ethiopians don’t see any difference between Meles Zenawi and your lot (Al Mariyam, Messay Kebede, Yilma Bekele, etc. etc.); at least Meles Zenawi addresses the Ethiopian people in their national language. Your lot seems to be at the service of English: get Ethiopians to use it, and little by little become the subject of the (waning) Anglo-American empire. Your are both serving (knowingly for Meles and some of you, unknowingly for most other morons who write to us in English) the Anglo-American empire.
    I write this to you in English so that the whole world sees your misdeeds. SHAME ON YOU!
    … but Abugidainfo may decide not to publish this message; in which case I will report it to the World …:)

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    what a very nice guy you are?good tittle

  3. Sam
    | #3

    Elias: You seem to believe ” Gash Meles” is on his way to relinquish power. You rightly suggested dictators all over the world are not having a good sleep recently. I agree. But you extrapolate such general truth to say Meles is finished. Such optimisim might not serve your wish, Elias. There is a big difference you should have to consider between the dictators who are history now and Meles. The former caught off guard. Mubarak and Ben Ali believed their populace was tamed and never imagined what was coming. The latter is a different creature. He never believed Ethiopians to be ruled without showing discontent, even wishing EPDRF go, so that the government has spent more money to kill that wish. In Ethiopia today the cadres and the security men know at what time “Weizero” Aselefetch brew coffee and whom her gossip group consists of. If “Weizero” Aselefetch tried to guide her group to instigate uprising against the government, she might not see the sun rising the next day. I am not saying EPDRF is untouchable. What I am saying is comparing Egyptian with Ethiopians in the context of the recent uprising might not be right. There is another factor you failed to mention. Facebook played significant role in organizing both in Egypt and Tunisia. In Ethiopia? Forget it, Elias. Have you been in Ethiopia lately, Elias? Except the few new buildings you might see in Addis, Ethiopia is pretty much still is in Mediveal time. I mean the way our government thinks, even… Well, replacing EPDRF needs more grassroot work unlike the Egypt and Tunisia experience. The more oppsition parties know the opponent they face the less disapppointment Ethiopians might encounter which emanates only from wishful thinking, not from objective analysis.

  4. Zerayakob Yared
    | #4

    ዓርከኒ Shewareged Gedle,

    ኣባህላኹም ዝድገፍ እዩ:: እንኻዕኸስ ድማ ብድሓን ኣተኹም, ኣሜን !

  5. ermias
    | #5

    gosh yene wondim, anjeten araskiligne.tebarek……

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