Birtukan Speech at ESFNA- July 8, 2011

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  1. birtukan
    | #1

    I am sad to say I am on my way to thank the alamoodi brothers in Atlanta. I have no choice but to take the orders to be able to get the hale out of Ethiopia. I am not really who you people think I am. I want to go to college to be a qualified professional and maybe a hired agent to take over the thug’s seat and help opportunists.

  2. deda
  3. Girma Kassa
    | #3

    This is one of the most deep, fascinating speech I have ever listened. This is a message of LOVE and Ethiopiawinet that need to be listened by everyone.


  4. Long live the spirt of Birtkan , the spirt of courage.
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    While comparing the vindictive, vengeful, hatful, dishonest, racist woyane with Graceful, forgiving, honest Betukan Medieksa . She is the ray of hope not only for Ethiopians but for human beings in general. This is the sad part. Bertikan an ardent freedom fighter stands firm on the principle and refuses to budge because of a threat or an actual confined imprisonment , how many of us enjoying the freedom paid by blood and sweat would fail to stand by her 100% all the time. When she ask the public is the unjust TPLF”S Ethiopia, is a country we can be prouder of, is TIGRY ethnic apartheid Ethiopia we can be proud of? She answered it, by yes. Because she said I believe in you – I believe in me – I believe in my daughter and granddaughter. The future can be changed by our action. What we need to ask is do freedom loving Ethiopian deserve Bertukan Medksa the answer is yes. Because we believe in her – dame it I believe we surly evolve from gutless – to gutful. I know we had it.

  5. Ordofaa
    | #5

    This is exactly what I have been telling you all Neftegna colonizers. Such incomparable intelligence comes out of an Oromo only. What all the colonialists Amharas and panhandlers Tigrayans could not do in 3,000 thousand years, my Oromo sweetheart daughter of Mideksa did it. She unified them. But she did that in an assignment. Now her assignment well demonstrated and completed, it is time for her to come home, home to our gallant Oromo freedom fighters OLF and OLA. No more time to be spent with her colonizers. The work has been already started to bring her home, her rightful home. This is one of the most critical factors which will move up the day my beloved Oromiyaa will be an independent nation by 2014. Can you imagine the new independent Oromiyaa being led by an interim Prime Minister Daughter of Mideksa? Her name will be changed from this colonizer one to the proper Oromiyaan name. Welcome home our priceless daughter!!!! Daughter of Mideksa!!!!

  6. Lula
    | #6

    Birtukan Mideksa speech if all Ethiopian understand it, UNITY UNITY UNITY # 5 she didnt meantion Oromiyaa are you saying Oromos is not Ethiopians? Stop dividing ethiopian people like TPLF leabas the is one ethiopia one people one nation please stop dividing people better yet keep you stopid commment for your self. As oromo woman same times i am disapointed people like you remind me Melese you just like him dividing ethiopian people DEDEB.

  7. Abebe
    | #7

    Ordofaa – I bet you are not an Oromo You are just another ABA DULA GEMEDA, a name assigned to you by your Tigre masters. Birtukan Mideksa is the best of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. I say this as a proud Oromo Ethiopian who will strive to for unity among Ethiopians, primarily between Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Wolayitas, Afars, Ogaden Somalis, Sidamas, Agnuwaks – to bring to an end the reign of Tigre parasites!

    Oromos are proud Ethiopians who are struggling for their legitimate place in the governance of Ethiopia.

  8. Ordofaa
    | #8

    To Lula, Abebe and all others like them:

    Where did you get this idea that I have a hatred toward others who are not from my nationality? I did not say I hate Amharas or Tigrayans or for that matter anyone. All I was telling you was my conclusion about the coming soon independence of Oromiyaa. We will have commendable diplomatic relationships with all our neighbors that will include the state of Amhara Republic in the future. But we will demand reparations commensurate with the damage done by your grandfathers and possibly by your fathers to our people and property since the 1870′s. We will pursue this legal action peacefully and using international venues. We can make an amicable arrangement for the payment so that it will not be very painful to you and your people. 15% of your GDP for the next 130 years will be acceptable. Remember this is not the first time that nations paid their debt this way. Haiti had been paying the French government compensation for damages the Haitian people inflicted on the French and their properties during the liberation uprising. It was spread out over 100 years. That continued well into the years after WWII. You see we are greedy like any colonizer.
    Again, I did not say I hate you. Declaration of an impending independence does not convey to import hatred toward others.
    Independence is coming!! Independence is coming!!! Independence is coming to Oromiyaa!!!!!!! There you have it. You have enough warning.

  9. rezene kadissaba
    | #9

    You realy made me laugh – Change the name Burtukan to …and the compensation like Haiti – that is original. By the way how do you select 2014? Just curious.
    You made my day . Thanks man keep it up.

    best, from Addis

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