Washington DC Held a Succesful Public Meeting

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A Public Meeting organized jointly by Alliance Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, VA was a resounding success. (more…)

A Public Meeting organized jointly by Alliance Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE) and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, VA was a resounding success.

During the meeting, Dr. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of Ginbot 7 and ALEJE, Dr. Nuro Dedefo, Executive Committee member and Head of Legal Affairs of OLF, and Dr. Getachew Begahsaw, professor of Economics and a public intellectual addressed the audience on several vital and topical issues with regard to the current political conditions in Ethiopia, the solutions thereof, and urgent need to forge a broad alliance to bring about a democracy, free and just Ethiopia where the rule of law and liberty are held supreme. The meeting hall was packed to its full capacity with several hundred Ethiopians in Washington Metropolitan area who came to attend the meeting.

Here are video clips of the speeches made by Dr. Nuro Dedefo, Dr. Berhanu Nega, and Dr. Getachew Begashaw.


  1. Meles
    | #1

    All I will ask Ethiopians is to go and check this websites to know what the supporters of OLF think and decide for yourself how they changed? http://www.gadaa.com/

    What do you get when you combine fire and hay? I will leave the answer to you.

  2. mimi
    | #2

    i am so glad to see the unity among various oppositions to come to one table in order to fight the weyane and this effort shall be supported by any genuine Ethiopian as the only way to get rid of weyane is to be part of the coordinated struggle where everyone should come together irrespective of our minor political difference which will be determined later by our people as this is a time not to engage to endless irrelevant argument about a political program instead this is a vital time to save our people that is being forced to die with hunger & starvation let alone how many people are getting killed, jailed, torture everyday just because they are either a suspected members of opposition or they have a different point of view from the regime where the recent evil act of weyane against genuine & innocent journalist in the name of terrorism is a direct act to silence our people as well as the recent evil act of the Oromo students in the name of terrorism is another evil act of weyane to silence our people let alone there are even more crimes are being committed against humanity everyday in a number of known & unkown weyane prisons.

    As everyone knows that today eating once a day become a blessing among million Ethiopians as there are a number of people are dying with starvation, as the cost of living is ever increasing that have pushed the majority of Ethiopians to scavenging from trash can to fill their stomach, while the weyane members & their affiliated live lavish life. At this point it is once irrelevant and second immoral to engage in a non sense argument among various Ethiopians in diaspora. The recent garbage type endless argument in Kale paltalk room that has been going for over 4 month shows the nativity of some Ethiopians as well as the cruelty of some Ethiopians to neglect the pain of our people and engage in a discussions that is irrelevant to our people at the same route it’s very amazing that the current affair paltalk room is arguing in a comparison of Mengistu & Meles whom are the two worst evils that have committed enormous crimes against humanity. It’s really painful as well as an insult to Ethiopians to open an argument with the concept of Mengistu is better vs Meles is better while we should fight to bring freedom, justice & democracy for all, and most of all we shouldn’t allow a single criminal that commits one life let alone the talking about mengistu & meles whom are the worst criminals. Anyway both rooms are advocating nothing but putting more gas on the fire as they are even giving more room for weyane to destroy our country as they should focus on how to remove the weyane and to support the current struggle. Regardless of the two destructive rooms, Ethiopians will continue to support the struggle by any means possible and the recent unity among these various groups is a great step and should be supported by any Ethiopians. Thanks the organizers and we should have a similar town hall meeting in various states.

  3. Oda Tulu
    | #3

    Hang Mengistu and Meles from the nearest tree and bury them deep to rot.

    Talk of unity and equality fellow Ethiopians.

  4. Lula
    | #4

    To much meeting , please be in one page love on other STOP compting get ride of Melese fast Ethiopian people is dieing every day of hunger.

  5. Sam
    | #5

    OLF’s policy states “the root cause of political problems in Ethiopia is national opression by the Ethiopian Empire state and refusal by the state to respect the rights of its opressed people to self determination.” Here you got it. The Ethiopian empire state is alive and kicking, according to OLF. Dr. Berhanu and Dr. Nuro seemed to have had understanding between them after all they had a meeting intended to chart out a common goal. This is the problem with the opposition. The more number they seem to have had in their side, the more the feel they smell the blood of EPDRF politicos, their winning assured. Not quite. The more opposition parties that have nothing in common gather together out of frustration than having a common goal, the better for EPDRF. The EPDRF politicos know these guys do not see eye to eye regarding Ethiopian politics. Their coming together if anything shows how frustrated they become. As soon as the meeting is adjourned everything said is forgotten. I feel sorry for Getachew though. He should not be there. Imagine the OLF policy is written when its political relevance is almost non-existent. Imagine though the time when EPDRF is starts collapsing. Well, the “OLF democracy” immediately will come to action– Oromos are the majority we have to rule. Sorry for the Amharas, Tigres, Gurages and so on who have the ill-fated chance of being born in the majority Oromo country. For how long the Oromo elites fantasy keeps being alive? I wish i know the answer. The beneficiary of the Oromo elites delusion doubtless is EPDRF. Numbers might help, but there is nothing more important to conduct politics than having a sound policy.

  6. Samuel
    | #6


    How much do you like your TPLF that came to power to liberate the Republic of Tigray? They then went to colonize the rest of the country after occupying the center of the country where they do not belong. I am surprised at your arrogance.

  7. Samuel
    | #7


    One more time. What scares the TPLF most is the alliance of any organization with the oromos since that will spell a dooms day scenarion. Don’t count on your tanks and war planes these days. The world will be watching when a minority ethnig group unleashes its ill-gotten armament against a defenseless population. The TPLF is digging its own grave. oromos and others who are essentially colonized today are gathering the storm non-obedience. The TPLF is harassing every body incarcerating people without any cause because it can no more trust even its own shadows. Do you believe for a moment that the TPLF is pleased to drag people to concentration camps on its own volition unless it has a serious concern about the impending people’s uprising. The people’s uprising is inevitable and the ultimate losers will be the ruling clique and its supporters.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Learning what “topical issues” were lectured upon, learning what Prof. Getachew is there to reflect on Ethiopia’s and Ethiopians’ economic conditions under the current regime, knowing that Dr. Berhanu Nega represents Ginbot -7 for freedom and democracy for Ethiopians, learning Neamin Zeleke speaks for ALJE an acronym for Alliance Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia and knowing that Dr. Nuro Dedefo, reprenting OLF, an acronym for Oromo Liberation front, and yet speaking in a tone from that of KAEUP for freedom of all Ethiopians from the platform of OLF, I presume, do not take the form of inductive approach to solving “the current Ethiopian political conditions” as they put it, nor the current economic conditions as Dr. Getachew Begashaw put it. As long as they all have different objectives or their common goals are not for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal/or social democracy codified into a by law similar to that of AFD, an acronym for Alliance for freedom and Democracy with Amharic as a medium of communication, it is bound to fail at the time of victory. Also absent from this convention are EPPF, TPFDM, etc. to name a few.

    Although the current convention organized by ALJE, I presume, has its objectives ” to forge a broad alliance to bring about democracy, free and just Ethiopia, where the rule of law and liberty are held supreme”, need to improve upon by saying merge instead of alliance and the goals need to improve upon by saying unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians which is in direct contrast to the constutional frame work, set by TPLF/eprdf regime, a multi-layer, hierarchical political model is puting inot operation to maintain a divide and rule policy of self-rule in ill defined land mass by nine major ethnic groups of self rule and separate development, rather than federated states of the 14-15 original provinces with varied ethnic groups in each province, where the ethnic groups harmoniously live together in a truly democratic society, where individual liberty, political and economic freedom supercedes group rights. As the other objectives stipulated by ALJE are products of a truly democratic government having a balance among the three branches of government.

    What is missing from all discussions past and present is that the current political and economic conditions in Ethiopia is a constitutional issue, resulting from ethnic and secessionist politics and/policies prevaing in the constitution in Article 46, 39 (1), 8, etc., with underlying socialism, secessionism, ethnic fedralism, and unbalanced branches of government. These elements do not permit economic and human development much in the same as the western cpitalism and/or mixed economy and democracy, where the cause effect explanations truly reflect the production, the accounting, the supply -demand and the growth models. To name one example, the underlying totarianism from the Derg regime and its own inclination to marxist ideology, the production model is hampered by lack of private land ownership as one of the means of production.

  9. Adem Idris
    | #9

    To the Tigrayan using the fake name Sam,
    We understand your fears because show of some kind of unity among the Ethiopian opposition forces sends waves of shocks in the fascist and racist camp of the TPLF. The ethnical fascist Meles Zenawi has assured himself that he has created a permanent rift and conflict between the Oromo and Amhara communities. He believes that this will allow him to rule and abuse Ethiopia for life time. His teachings to his followers say that the Amharas are wicked and the dangerous enemies of the people of Tigray. On the other hand he and his followers consider the Oromos as instruments or tools to be used against the Amharas when and where ever they need. I have personally witnessed a TPLF person instructing and warning the Oromos around him to avoid any close association and contact with the Amharas.

  10. Behailu
    | #10

    sorry, finish the above comment with the following statement

    you do the thinking and let the keyboard do the rest. Now it is the reverse!

  11. Sam
    | #11

    I am sorry for being late to answer. I have not read the responses I had until now. To all who responded to my feedback, I say please wake up from your dreams. OLF for any practical purposes does not exist. True, there are a few who claim to represent the Oromos in the diaspora, but in reality they feed their egos, nothing more. In fact, these dreamers have no as an enemy an “Ethiopian empire” as they would like to have claimed. They have to deal with the Oromos. Could anyone having a few neurons intact believe OLF could operate in the areas where the Oromos are living? Not exactly. To lecture that all Oromos are in the same wavelength when it comes to Ethiopian politics is a self-serving propaganda, which is detached from reality. All Oromos as any Ethiopian ethnic group do not see politics in the same way. There are Oromos who benefited from the ethnic politics practicing now, they do everything in their power to keep it that way. The majority of Oromos who have not benefited from this scheme, however, do not see OLF as a savoir. Besides, it is high time to drop the fairytale which was concoted for long: all Oromos in Ethiopia have the same political goal. The Oromos in “Selale” has more in common with the “Merhabete” Amhara than the “Dembedolo” Oromos culturally and economically. But the fairytale keepes being repeated because those in the diaspora who choose the young lives of Oromos to be used as a means for an end will never change. But the end will never come. When was OLF established? I lost count. But I do know with time, unless OLF matures, it will go away. Had it not been for the diaspora community, in fact, OLF would have withered away long time ago. By the way, the name OLF is meaningless. FRom whom are the Oromos are liberated from? From the Ethiopian empire? Get a life guys.

  12. dany
    | #12

    Narrow minded Aha,
    You must remember Amahric is Amahra language. It is not a majority Oromo language. All what you care is not the future of our country, but your narrow amahra mind which can not see out of your box. For you Ethiopia is Amharic.

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