Ethiopian Love Story: EPRDF and Hunger. By Eskinder Nega.

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The older the nation the more the partiality for reserved leaders. And Ethiopia is famously old. The penchant for romanticized leaders who overpower by mere grace and presence is an enduring national fantasy. The standards of public decorum established by Ethiopia’s royal courts remain undiminished as ever in public imagination.

But in the person of Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s autocratic leader, now in power for two theatrical decades, are exemplified the mavericks who see no need to be restrained by strictures imposed in bygone ages. And Parliament has been the venue of choice for Meles Zenawi to demonstrate his break with the past. This is clearly a “no-holds-barred” politician, to borrow a phrase from the world of wrestling. He rages at will against opponents, relishes mocking Parliamentarians, and oft-times flings tactless words with startling ease, all on live radio and TV transmissions to the nation. He cares not who is outraged.

It was in one of those melodramatic moments in Parliament that Meles deliberated on what it takes to be a capable member of his cabinet. To be educated is not essentially indispensable, he said. Even an illiterate person could be a member of my cabinet, he told a shocked nation. All it takes to be a competent Minister in this cabinet is a thorough knowledge of EPRDF’s program, he winded down triumphantly.

He was not bluffing.

Meet his long time Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and presumed heir, Adisu Legese, now retired (pushed aside, some contend) with generous perks since the 2010 elections.

Now, Adisu is no prototype of the illiterate Meles had alluded to. Make no mistake there. He has been to elementary school, and then proceeded to high school. In the 50s this was no small feat. More impressive, he went to college. And he graduated. Undeniably, this is a man with some education. But, alas, as has been extensively reported over the years, he was trained to be a physical education instructor. There was hardly the predisposition nor the need to apply himself to the hard sciences.

Between his graduation and retirement almost four decades were to pass. After a brief stint as a physical education instructor in a public school, he spent roughly a decade and a half as an insurgent. And then a decade as President of the Amhara region, Ethiopia’s second largest. Finally, at the apex of his political career, he was Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The pride of the EPRDF, the ruling party, is its agricultural-led- industrialization plan. This is supposed to be the answer to Ethiopia’s quandary of entrenched underdevelopment, the means to food self-sufficiency and the emergence a middle class in the midst of Ethiopia’s rural majority. Unlike virtually all other developmental schemes the agrarian sector is at the core of this blueprint. Fail there and the entirety of the grand blueprint goes down the drain.

Two ministries, that of agriculture and rural development, were initially entrusted with the primary responsibilities to oversee this plan. They were later merged into a single Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The Parliamentary Proclamation that established MARD lists its duties as conservation and use of forest and wildlife resources; food security; water use and small-scale irrigation; monitoring events affecting agricultural development and early warning system; promoting agricultural development; and establishing and providing agriculture and rural technology training.

Unlike some other Ministries, this is a turf where not merely political but also technical leadership from the very top is crucial. Adisu was by no means the professional the Ministry needed during its crucial early years. It was only a question of time before morale was to suffer.

Of course, there is more than misplaced Adisu to explain EPRDF-led Ethiopia’s failure to attain food self-sufficiency. The failure is structural as well as policy. What Adisu’s long tenure at MARD rather explains is an ingrained complacency with the status-quo. There is no sense of national crisis and emergency, despite consistent dependence on food-aid for decades. Food aid is expected and tolerated even amongst policy makers. A distinctive case of food-aid-dependency-syndrome has developed at government level.

Meanwhile, millions suffer. The Ethiopian government on Monday acknowledged that 40 percent more people than last year are in need of food-aid. This means 4.5 million are hungry. USAID estimates many more. Without food-aid there will be devastating famine.

The tolls from past famines are shocking. The worst one lasted for ten years between 1888 and 1892. One third of the populace and 90 percent of herds were lost. Eritrea was lost to the Italians as an immediate consequence. But 60 years were to pass before another major famine was to break out in 1958. Close to 100,000 died in Tigray alone. Tens of thousands more died in the mid-seventies, mostly in Wello. But thanks to food-aid famines have largely been avoided since. Only the “biblical famine” of 1984-1985 was the exception.

And Meles savors any opportunity to point out that there were food shortages not famine under his watch. This is supposed to be the progress that should endear him to Ethiopians. And here lies the mentality that has nurtured not only complacency and dependency but also kind of a love story between the EPRDF and hunger/food-aid.

Ultimately, there is permanent hunger in Ethiopia because there has never been a government accountable to an electorate that could throw it out of office. Only under a dictatorship is permanent hunger possible. Democracies do not go hungry for two decades. Hunger is a political problem in Ethiopia. It requires a political solution.



Professor Tecola Hagos writes:

I have two points that should be corrected or clarified so there be no misunderstanding: 1) You referred to Emperor Yohannes IV as “King Yohannes” that is a gross error if it is intentional. During the period you were referring to, there was a treaty signed by Ethiopia and Great Britain/Egypt on 3rd of June 1884 (Hewett Treaty) wherein Yohannes is referred to as “Negoos Negust of Ethiopia” i.e. “King of Kings.” Emperor Yohannes IV by then had already appointed Kings under him. Emperor Yohannes confirmed King Menilik as King of Shoa in 1878; he also appointed Ras Adal Tesema of Gojam as King Teklehaymanot of Gojam and Keffa in 1881. Thus, referring to Emperor Yohannes IV as “King Yohannes” is inappropriate and must be corrected.

Professor Tecola is absolutely right. My regrets. Thank you Professor.


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  1. Abate
    | #1

    To be fair to the government, it has never seen any famine in its 20 year grip on period. This is something I personally appreciate because the life of the poor and dispossessed is being saved. Especially when you consider how the population has more than doubled since then. However more needs to be done and unless this doesn’t change in the next five years, I agree that change of direction is necessary. Do you know that China received food aid until last year and India still receives today? It takes time and pushing for violent change of the government at this time isn’t the answer. Let us prepare the ground first, let’s get our priorities correct.

  2. Kuku
    | #2

    Ethiopian politics is really ugly and full of crazy and power hungry people. Especially the once i see here in America. But you seem different and I like your courage and sometimes wish all this selfish people in America learn from you. I don’t want any war or blood to be spilled for people who will only advance their own interest. This is not the time for change anyway, maybe in the future.

  3. Dker
    | #3

    Tecola, that was frivolous and petty. It was a remarkable display of priggishness considering the irrelevance of the source of your discontent. Perhaps those few drops of blood through aTehuledere priest were the culprits.

    Eskinder, you should simply have ignored the annoying sermonizer.

    Balambaras Kassa, aka, Yohannis Mircha, was a usurper, and a regicide. [There, I called him Balambaras; See, he started out as a Balambaras, I know that was lowly, but true}

    More on Kassa Mircha:
    Kassa served as the Guide and supplier of the British expeditionary force sent against Tewodros (another Kassa). When the expedition was concluded with the defeat of Tewodros, Napier rewarded the loyalty of Kassa to the British Empire (or if you like, his treason against the crown of Ethiopia) with a large supply of Arms (which included training), instantly making Kassa Mircha, the most heavily armed, well organized, most watched and feared rebel lord of Abyssinia.

    Kassa didn’t waste time taking advantage of his Arms and logistics superiority. He engaged and defeated the legitimate King of Kings of Abyssinia, Teklegiyorgis the second. Emperor Teklegiyorgis was blinded and later Killed by Kassa Mircha.

    So, for the first time, Ethiopia (Abyssinia) got her only King of Kings from Tigray ( the pride of Tecola), since the establishment of the Zagwe dynasty in 1137.

  4. Selamu
    | #4

    I am really happy to get such deep and coherent analysis. Meles ,should hire you as his advisor.

    | #5


    It is good that you “regret” for your inadvertent mistake in mistitling Yohannes the IV as “king” rather than “King of Kings”. Now you make peace with Tekola but I do not think that you will see peace of mind of Ethiopian People (except the Tigrians) as long as Tecola continue tarnishing Emperor Tewodros as criminal and wished to charge him in the International Court of Justice had Thewodros lived to this day.

    You see, Eskinder, you are smart !! since you are unscruplous backdoor politician, you are playing the double game and that is why Weyane did arrest and release you time and again. Democracy !!. Dont be another false Messiah that we know 2011 years ago and dont be another beast or Tobaco – like Mesfin Woldemariam, the former CIA agent, denier of the very existance of ethnic Amhara as the largest social fabric of Ethiopia. Finally, one thing in the language. You regretted for your unintentional mistake to Tecola Hagos. But you did not, nor should you “appologize”. In that I say Amen.

    | #6


  7. wenagseged
    | #7

    what is this over-sensitivity of Prof. Tekola? Emperor Yohannes was an emperor of Ethiopia, not for Tigre only. Just because you are from Tigray you have to react? We all embrace him as our King. Good or Bad, that is another question; but stop regionalizing the kings please. Its stupid!

  8. Dan
    | #8


    Amara meant Christian too. If Prof. Mesfin “denied of the very existence” or didn’t want to accept such TERM as ONE ethnic group name, it was done on purpose and a way of fighting for Ethopiawinet against the then “Ethnic Pimps”.

    As far as the 2 Kings? None of us voted for them, so who cares?

  9. worrid
    | #9

    Unlike the others, I admire your courage to write from Addis. However, these days I have difficulty to understand the articles written by you and others from abroad seems one sided and very personal. Most writers do not acknowledge or do not want to acknowledge how our people way of thinking is changed in the last twenty years under the rule of EPRDF. To me, opposition public figures, groups, or individuals are fighting for power. Everyone seems to write what the EPDRF did do and will do to this country but fail to address the solution and fail to understand and listen to Ethiopian people like their contrary. There is a saying of our fathers “Kebero Besew eje siyayut yamer, siyezut yadenager” It is very easy to be a critique but hard challenge to lead a country with so many ethnic groups and make everybody happy. Leave alone in Ethiopia, in developed countries it is very hard to be in that power spot and lead a nation. I never see a single American even our neighbor Eritreans being so bitter and hate their own country no matter what happens or let anyone to down their country. The most important thing is to see also the positive sides and find a solution to the negatives and see things from the peoples’ perspective. Being a part of a solution will only bring change in our country.

  10. YEHUDA
    | #10


    Amhar doesn’t mean Christian. What do you call a muslim from Gonder, Gojjam, Wollo or Northern Shoa. Amhara means an ethnic identity manifested by language, regional boundary, common psychlogical make-up … etc. all manifested in a common culture, In a broader sense, it means a “NATION” according Stalin of Russia. It is very surprising that Stalin’s definition of a nation fit to the Amhara than any other ethnic group in Ethiopia because, in a majority of opinion, only Amharas are known by opposing separation but insist on unity. Amhara differ from Oromo because they want to remain united than to see their country divided and not separated like Eritria. True or fals ???

    Your assertion that the professor used such “denial of the very existance of ethnic Amhara” was used to fight “ethnic pimp” was also wrong because there is no such fighting when one diminish the very populos and glorify the minority. Mesfin is know by reducing facts as we know from the beginning to the present. In his compaign against Emperor Tewodros both in his recently published book and SBS Radio in Ausralia, he told and retold us that the history of Tewodros is known by his “brutality and an attempt to make a MEDF (the big gun) which blast only once and nothing else” For Mesfin the history of Tewodros has been reduced to such degree but for us Mesfin’s story is not worth than the cigarette he smoke. Rather his undermining to please WEYANE touch our nerve and cause our heart to blead and are bleading.

    Thirdly, you said that the two kings (Tewodros and —- who?) were not that we voted for and, therefore, need not worry about. Here too, you are dead wrong. If you live in the U.S. for example, you may have voted for Obama (or McCain for that matter) but neither Obama or McCain are the founding fathers of America but George Washington. Americans are proud of him so we Ethiopians should be proud of Emperor Thewodros.

  11. The Eritrean one!
    | #11

    Eskinder: next time you write could you please inform your readers as to why Meles and his boss Bereket Simon continues to enjoy the bleeding of Somalians, Ethiopians, and Eritreans with the support of our beloved America? I feel at times you are caught with weyane infectious disease- the disease of divide and distroy, back to the future, and pure slavery. The world is about to become one village while weyanes are distroying communities and neighbors for their narrow interests. The whole horn of Africa should be one community with common interest: peace and harmony; trade and educate; respect all ethnic and religious beliefs; be watchful of opportunists like al-qeada and other deadly relious affiliates. In due respect and as an interesting reader of your articles please do not get on weyanes infectious disease in the near future. All Ethiopians and Eritreans at home or abroad now can agree and see face to face that the true cancer of the whole region of the horn of Africa is weyane and that cancer must be eradicated surgically or methodically; LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN– AN ERA OF PEACE AND HARMONY!

  12. Bekumsa
    | #12

    Ethiopia is a land of diversity in every terms, the people and its nature. Beneath our land, we have trillions of gallons of groundwater, we receive substantial rainfall every single years (in some parts of our country bi-modal rain. Our rivers flood our low lands in raining season and flow continuously in our highlands. Yet, we cannot feed our nation. It is true that some part of our country don’t receive a drop of rain in ten years but we have ample land to till in other corner of our country. Agriculture is not like a rocket science, but it has become more difficult than that in our country. The gist of this writer is this point. Look at us here, we debate about whether Yohaness was a king or was king of kings! This is ladies and gentlemen, our problem.

  13. Tazabi
    | #13

    Abugida- You need to moderate your forums better. You are becoming another forum for those who like to dump insults on each other. You should make it a policy not to post comments that attack and insult individuals. Most of us want to see exchange of views on the issues. Please make an effort to promote civil discussion on your website. Please!!!!

  14. aha!
    | #14

    At the outset, the description of the leadership is not only limited to autocratic rule but also to ethnocratic rule/ethnic dictatorship (minority or majority ethnic rule) with underlying totalirianism , ethnic federalism and secessionism under the pretext of of oppression of nations and nationalities upheld by the liberation movements spearheaded by TPLF and EPLF in contrast to federalism of the original 14-15 states with varied ethnic groups. These attributes of the leadership or governance is reflected in the constitution in Article 46, 39 (1), Article 8 (Sovereignity of Ethiopia), etc. together with the imbalance of power among the three branches of the government, and concentrated on the executive branch of the TPLF/eprdf, where the “teletafi parties” in the party/regime are only covers for TPLF Politbeurro.

    Under this scenario mentined above and your theisis statement: the criteria for the cabinet position in this case for the cabinet position for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is “a thorough knowledge of EPRDF’s program”, meaning not educational background and/or experience.

    Not knowing what you mean by “EPRDF’s program”, and if ascribe it to mean implementation of the articles above, the the multi-faceted leadership and/or governance, one can see a double jeopardy on Agricultural and Rural Development, both from the competency of the Minister of Agriculture and the frame-work of the constitution with ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies, with underlying totalrianism as hinderance to normal Agricultural and Rural Development Projects and/or policies, being implemented in the developed western democracies of prure and/or mixed capitalism, other than to say that democratic rights, land and capital is readily available to TPLF and TPLF affiated enterprises and foreign enterprises, but not to the silent majority of Ethiopians, denied of their economic,and political freedom and God given liberty, supeceding ethnic rights, which may be codified Ethiopian Nationalism. Is this scenario any different than what prevailedd in the Apartheid system of South Africa by the Afrikaaners.

    Without undermining the well thoughtout article bringing single issue of what is wrong with TPLF/eprdf regime, with regard to filling up a cabinet position, I am trying to show how this article fits into the over all attributes of multi-layer, hierachical political model of TPLF/eprdf party and/or regime, which is a party and a regime as described above.

  15. Mikael
    | #15

    How can an objective person fail to recognize the courage and selflessness of people like Eskinder? Difficult as it might be to fathom for this “lost” generation of self-proclaimed pundits, comically “PhD”ed bloggers and truly shallow bystanders dabbling in what can (charitably) be referred to as pidgin English, such people do exist in every society and continue to stand for what they believe.
    Now, what is it that we as Ethiopians can show after over 20 years of EPRDF “leadership”? The new buildings in Addis that even Meles, in a recent interview, disparaged as a product of a “rent seeker” mentality or the World Bank financed roads? Notwithstanding Meles’ statement on “rent seekers”, it is not that these are not achievements, they are. But of what level really? Of a level that the government in absolute power for 20 years can honestly consider and be satisfied with as accomplishments especially given our multitudes of problems including chronic, nationwide hunger? This is what Eskinder is referring to–an “ingrained complacency with the status quo” holding us tightly back to the extent that we can’t directly attack even the relatively manageable problem of prevention of hunger. Countries have been successful in addressing such a problem; the only thing required is sincerity. And real commitment. How many times has the government tried excusing its failures through ascribing one problem or another as “lack of implementation capacity and not policy”? How absurd is that? What kind of a policy maker formulates policy that does not take into account implementation capacity (or lack of same)? Indeed, hunger (and most, if not all, our problems), are of ‘a political nature and require a political solution’.

  16. ጉረኞች
    | #16

    You have told us you are a student of comparative religion. You may not be religious at all. You know it is a strange world!!! Don’t they teach ethics in that field? You cannot accuse some one as a CIA agent with showing any evidence. Professor Mesfin does not deserve to be called that, considering what he contributed still contributes to Ethiopia. Of course, the theoretical argument for denying the existence of Amara nation can be refuted. That would not warrant to call him a CIA agent.

  17. Sheger
    | #17

    Most hangers in Ethiopia are a direct resalt of wars we had. In my vewu war is the main factor to the matter but
    Good politics and good leaders can always prevent it or minimize the risk. But if you have the Italians bombarding
    Our land with god knows what and killing the people/the farmers, and people living in war and war atmosphere, and
    There are frequent droughts that hits the country one and then and no axcess to sea and a possible criminal leaders
    Or individuals who sells one kuntal SENDAY or corn for 5 birr or for free to his…….out side…..after it is collected with the peoples money from the farmers may be by 10 birr, or sell it to whom ever by what ever and ran away with the money
    ……… has to be a super genius politician and a super exelont and vibrant, and transparent political sistem and peace and unity in the country that can fight it. If one don’t even have the wrights to use it’s natural resources as such and big
    As the Nile and so on, what do you say about all of this? Political???? I think this whole thing is a matter of Hague
    And human rights office and all Ethiopians that standes for his rights and freedom. The case about the Nile and our land and resources and also the existing ethnic based politices in our country to me is a crime against humanity and a crime
    And war robbery against Ethiopia. And I believe that is the only reason why there is no press freedom or freedom any kind in the country at the moment. It can not be any thing at all. What could it be???? Some thing like they want to be
    The only journalists and politicians because they need the resources of journalisem and politices for them selves also??
    I woudnt be surprised any ways!!!!!!!!! It is asthey say “mitiwota tijja kemaseriawua tastawukalech” …….

  18. Engidu
    | #18

    Due to my current work, I have travelled a lot at least to the south and west of Ethiopia and my work takes me deep to Kebeles. I have realized that our problems are deep rooted and very basic and won’t go away any time soon.It is unfair if I say the current government is doing nothing to alleviate the problems.There are lots of roads, clinics and other essential infrastructures being built. Despite that I have seen many parts of the country being the same as when God first created them and some kebele towns are so old that you need imagination to see as to how people could live in those extremely dilapidated houses.You can see the depth of poverty in the face of the people that come out of those places.You can also see vibrancy in areas where roads are constructed and where there are construction related activities.I have also noticed a lot of improvement in Woredas I visited during Durge’s time.

    Despite the improvement in various areas in the country,a lot needs to be done for this country to be out of poverty and hunger due to drought.

    There are many people toiling to do just that and there are others doing much less.In this country, there is more politics than action.While people fight for political emancipation or for power, our people in the villages need all the help they can get in all aspects of their lives.Everyone’s action matters.Blaming is easy but action is what will work.Our people suffered until Durge came down, how long should we see them suffer until things change.The person is you, the time is now.They are calling for your action.

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Even, if we assign the blame to the criteria for filling up the Cabinet Position, which is justifiable, if the minster has to go through a parliament for approval, both for educational background and experience in public adminstration, which according to your assessment lacks both of them to implement “the Parliamentary Proclamation for Minstry of Agriculture and Developmentand its duties”/functions, which is incopatible with the frame work of the constitution with ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with the underlying socialism of the Derg regime and its own marxisist inclinaltion of the Liberation movements that leans towards oppression of nations and nationalities that led to ethnicfederalism and secessionism, until a truly democratic government is established, that fosters economic and political freedom and God given liberty of the individual ahead of ethnic rights, under liberal and/or social democracy.

    Accumulation of wealth on rural and city land resources/real eastes states with individual as an economic social and democratic entity, elects a party adhering to Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopia’s National Interests to an Office to rule by the consent of the governed, but not the other way around.

    To reach such ultimatum, what is needed is not forging an alliance with fations with different objective but to merge aound the goals for untiy, territorial integrity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, with stategies to achive these goals, which are a diametrically opposite goals to that of TPLF/eprdf regime and its mirror images, which imlicetely support TPLF, which receives direct support from the teletafi parties, where Addisu Legesse is a teletafi party leader, qualified and experienced or not, nor was he a strong and independent teletafi party leader.

  20. aha!
    | #20

    Addendum: please add to second to the last paragraph ater entity, “when the she/he” elects ….

    In the same paragraph replace “states” with “starts” with…

  21. BBX
    | #21

    Eskender, You have all my Love and respect and you are always an Ethiopian patriot.

  22. ያእቆብ
    | #22

    Great piece as usual. Tecola was pissed off by the wrong one-degree lower title for Yohannes, but Meles Zenawi is talking trash about Teddy and Menelik. See it youself….

  23. Molla
    | #23


    You should be ashame for accusing and insulting the respected professor without knowing what you are talking about. You should be ashamed.

    Professor Mesfin is right. There is no ethnic ‘Amara’. Amara is a name coined by politicians to identify the Amharic speaking population in Ethiopia. But the people themselves do not identify themselves as such. All of these people identify themselves first as ‘Gondere’, ‘Gojamme’, ‘Wolloye’, and ‘Shoa (there are more division even within Shoa)’ , then as Ethiopians. Of coure, one can’t deny the impact of the recent regionalization.

  24. Mekuria
    | #24

    Although I don’t believe in charisma as the mark of the most required leadership quality for Ethiopia, Meles’ approach in the Parliament is not dignified. (I believe the complex politics of Ethiopia needs intelligence more than Charisma) He acts more like a street-smart person (Yeketema bozene) among villagers than a PM. It has failed him terribly to garner any respect as a dignified leader.

  25. aha!
    | #25

    Molla has got the trap that that the Gondere, the Gojame , the wolloye the and the shoa are put in as one ethnic group, rather than each a kngodoms each with their own kngs and later on as provinces, to fit their master plan of ethnic federalism, and secessionism, to which the Amhara ethnic group assumes neither the ethnic agenda, nor the secessionist agenda, but is forced to organize as an ethnic organization, vis avis the the teltafi party, ANDM. Amaharas, like the majority of other ethnic groups identify themselves as Ethiopians first, the their sub ethnic groups second, except for those trapped in ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totalrianism with ethnic federalism and secessionism super imposed with democracy, economic freedom and political freedom that is not available to silent majority, silenced but not silent majority of Ethiopians, a system of governance that stifled economic and human developments for the last 20 years. To its credit it has implenented a Developmental State theory, where economic development preceeds democracy to the dismay of the prodemocracy movenets of UDJP seeking “no change but durable democracy”, waging their campaign on bringing democracy to ethiopia, as if democracy is a commodity to be imported rather than freedom (political and economic) and liberty of the individual ahead of ethnic rights under the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Add to that three branches of the government are not independent of each other to have a semblance of western democracies and free enterprise. The current framework of the constituion, fosters ethnicdictorship (minoroity or majority ethnic rule), which is unlike other dictartorships in Africa, has led to exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the county’s resources by TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises, having access to land and capital, to which are now added foreihn corporations having access to large tracts of land at the expense of resident farmers, and nomadic herders. Being in either one of the two catagries does not detract one fom being an Ethiopian, being trapped with ethnic agenda, rather than national agenda, is a misplaced priority of looking at ones ethnicity before ethiopiawinet, rather ones Ethiopiawinet before ethnicity. That is what the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties have to say, thanks but no thanks to ethnic and secessionist politics spearheaded by TPLF and EPLF, which eventually became the frame work of the constitution in Article 46, 39 (1), 8, etc.

  26. ጉረኞች
    | #26

    አይ ሞላ አንተ ደግሞ!!
    ጎንደሬ አማራነቱን አይቅም ልትለን ነው ደግሞ? ጎንደሬ ነኝ ማለት አኮ ጎንደር ተወለድኩ/መጣሁ ማለቱ ነው አንጂ ዘሬ ጎንደሬ ነው ማለት አይደለም:: አማራ አማራ መሆኑን ራሱም አማራውም ሌላውም በደንብ ግጥም አድርጎ ያውቃል::

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