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The list came out and you are in it and I am not. You see, I really, really, really wanted to be in this list and you may or may not want to be in it. It matters who is in it and who is not. And you are in it. It matters who created the list and who is reading the list. This is the list. Seriously, may I Please Join Your Club! This is the list the dictator government of Meles in Ethiopia gave to the Board of Broadcasting Governors of the United States of America government as a complaint for Voice Of America broadcasting what it does not want to be broadcasted from. May I Please Join Your Club!

Yours is a privileged position

It is not easy to be in the list. It is a privilege. It means something. You have achieved a level where only the special ones could. You have done what has to be done and you have come out on top. Yours is a place of the privileged few. You see, only very few out of millions can achieve this stage. You are members of the millions, over 80 millions to be exact, who are waiting for their turn to come out in the list. You see, all of us are there but you are picked to come out in the list. You see, it is a matter of time for all of us to come out in the list for they already have us all in the list.

Now, this is not a step down but a step up and congratulations you made it before me. How long do I have to wait for my name to come out in the list? Now you have become a special part of us. Again, congratulations.

I Envy you

You see, I really, really, really wanted to be in this list and you may or may not want to be in it. It matters who is in it and who is not. And you are in it. It matters who created the list and who is reading the list. I resent that I am not in the list that came out already. And I envy you. You see, now you are a special breed and I am not. You have a standard I have not met. You have done the thing that shook the list creator and I have not. What shall I do? What must I do? Where shall I go? Of course I could put this article on ESKEMECHE but I am very jealous and you have achieved a much bigger status than being listed on ESKEMECHE.

You Have A Responsibility

Here is the real core point of the list. YOU ARE NOW RESPONSIBLE. Nothing comes free, specially to be in this list. And do not worry at all there are many that are going to join you soon. I wish my name was there too. You are now carrying a big responsibility of leading Ethiopians in the big list that has not come yet or in total those that are not in the dictator’s camp. Of course all those in the list are not the ones that I am talking about. Some are there to decorate the list; like Mr. Ali Abdo, Eritrean Minister of Information, who is more of the same as the one who created the list than the listed. Mr. Thilo Hoppe, Member of German Parliament (Bundestag) for he is an Ethiopian. In addition I do not mean those who one way or another are promoting the political philosophy and administrative policies of the government and yet claim to oppose the government.

Getting back to the others that came out in the list, I say you have a responsibility. As the list that came out indicates, the enemy of the current dictator in Ethiopia is Ethiopiawinet. The list contains Ethiopians. This is list is compiled because they are fighting for Ethiopiawinet as defined by:

1. Sovereignty of the Ethiopian people.
2. Territorial integrity of Ethiopia.
3. The rule of law in Ethiopia.
4. Democratic rights of each and every individual Ethiopian.
5. Human rights of each and every individual Ethiopia.
6. Democratic system of government in Ethiopia
7. Free press in Ethiopia
8. Independent civic society organizations in Ethiopia
9. No political organization based on ethnicity and religion in Ethiopia.
And of course one major point is left. This all can not be realized when the current dictatorial regime is in place. These are anathema to the current rulers. Thus;
10. The dethroning of the current regime and establishment of a government elected by the people.

This is what you will be working on. This is the foundation for our tomorrow. Before all this, you have to be standing tall and standing together. When you raise this flag, there are more than 80 million of us to follow you. If anyone of the ten points written above are left out you are left out and the leadership is taken away form you and your coming out in the list will MEAN nothing.

  1. Sheger
    | #1

    I have never heard of some body talking about him self like that. Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    It can be a self sustainable or containable world after all. But I like most of what you wright. I don’t know why that you seem to have a bit of a problem with your self. But I am sure it will come to you what ever solution to the matter. Let me know if I can help in any ways. Some time I feel like I am a born problem solver, not that I am saying I am Albert Anistain or a math or m’at teacher with his ruler on his hand to measure things. Does that make any sence? I don’t think
    I am a giniouse at all specially with any thing that have any thing to do with Math but I might be help full any ways
    You never know. Some time solutions and answers are found in a very unexpected or unlikely place’s.

    Thanks for this unique and unusual article dear Girma Moges I mean Eskemeche.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    My applause goes to you for defining the goals that opposition parties are supposed to embrace by including “sovereignity of Ethiopia” in your list with strategies to achieve those goals for national agenda as opposed to those following ethnic based agenda. Having said that the political alignment of the parties in Ethiopia and the Diaspora are TPLF/eprdf, a multi-layer, hierarchical political model, followed by (Tigrai-Harena)/Medrek/fdd/fdre, a conglomerate of parties with ethnic agenda and UDJP, a part of Medrek, with a subset of the national agenda for democracy, human right and justice, with the manta of “nochnge but durable democracy”, a slit of split of CUD, which you alluded to in the listings, in a country where the mantra is economic development before democracy. In contrast to the above two, we have KAEUP, EDP, and others within the country and the Diaspora to which you may to add EPRP with its strong presence and others who are steadfast on the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians under liberal and/social democracy, I presume, which I believe hinges on a non-violent uprising to freedom to restore Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests and economic, political fredom of the individual and God given liberty to think freely by putting Ethiopiawinet before one’s ethnicity, to associations to form a party not based on ethnicity, but based on Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian Nationalism and its National Interests, where the parties comete on ideas on how to bring about economic and human development in a democratic and free enterpise and/or mixed, market driven economy, which will never happen under constitutional frame work and ethnic based party under ethnic federalism and secessionism with underlying totalianism of Derg regime and its own marxist inclination from the liberation movements and its Manifesto. Such impediments to economic and human development as well as infrastructure development that functions well in the western democracies need to be revoved by ratification of the constitution with respect to artices 46, 39 (1), 8, etc. in order to establish democracy and free enterpises with balanced branches of the government by which human right violations are abated and the party governs by the consent of governed.

    While the above agenda is being the focal points for the economic and the political crises in Ethiopia, the TPLF/eprdf regime censoring VOA of the individual mentioned in the black list as having at one time or another had interviews with VOA, as way to divert attention from the contenders for the national agenda, because the current regime is there first and foremost to maintain ethnic and secessionist policies and politics with underlying totarianism, ethnic fedreralism of divide and rule, and secessionism with war skirmishes for secession upto self determination, like Eritrea, to give no time for wholestic development of the country as Nation-State, where the ethnic populations thrive in the country much like species populations of animals and plants, rather than artificial ethnic bounries as opposed to the original provinces.

    What I am trying to say that the opposition partes and their supporters priority of focus on Ethiopiawinet before ethnicity, coalesce their agenda with the national agenda rather to forge an alliance in armed struggle or on non-violent uprising to freedom to align onself with the positive forces of integration to save Ethiopia from disintegrating into nine major ethnic states out of eighty ethnic states. That need to be major and tangible focus for the Ethiopians inside and abroad, while we hear these incidences as news reflecting the continued behavior of the current regime, without loosing focus on the national agenda, which does not undermine the individual and or party as citizen of Ethiopia, but of misguided perception of looking on one’s ethnicity ahead of Ethiopiawinet, that leads to the disintegration of Ethiopia as a Nation, by succumbing to constitutional frame work spearheaded by TPLF of the student movement of the oppression of nations and nationalities with underlying totalirianism.

    If the Ethiopian student revolution has managed to topple the monarchy which has provided a constitution for not bringing about land reform, etc. and the derg regime for Military Dictatorship under totalitarianism, then it should be able to engage in a non-violent urising to freedom from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule/ethnicdictatorship with underlying totaliarinsm of the Derg regime along with ethnic fedrealism and secessionism, by coalescing aroud the goals for unity, territorial intergrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to live uner liberal and/social democracy, as those stipulated in your lists ascribed to the individuals in the blacklist, although I do not fully subscribe to that notion that they are all bound by the national agenda stated above.

  3. aha!
    | #3

    Corrigendum: I meant to refer to Eske Mech’s article not Netsanet zegeye, all the commentary hits both narratives with the same stone.

  4. Eske Meche
    | #4

    The purpose of the article is to start a discussion on what we can use the coming out of the list. It is Ethiopiawinet that is at stake here.
    Thank you for participating both Sheger and aha. It is Ethiopiawinet we have to define. Then it will be that definition that brings us together stand on the same side of the struggle. We will be there for our ideals as defined by us. I have started a list of 10 values that will define Ethiopiawinet for me. What is yours? Do we share the same values? The next step is to meet and march together.

  5. Eske Meche
    | #5

    Thank you Abugida for giving us this opportunity.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    Eske Meche, a set of goals to accomplish, and yet leaving “Sovereignity of Ethiopia does not define Ethiopiawinet. Ethiopiawinet isdefined in terms ones outlook is outward towards Ethiopia or inwards towards ones own ethnicity but of considering one’s own Ethiopiawinet first one’s own ethhnicity second. The focus needs to be to perceive Ethiopia in its diverse ecological zones, and diverse ethnic groups in terms of Ethiopia as a whole, but not interms of the parts of the whole as the underlying political platform of organizing a party and/or associations. Let us think of delineating USA American Indians, African Americans, Hispanic-Americans, European Americans. The predicament for the silent is ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totaliarinism that does not lend itself to economic and human development in a wholestic manner, Ethiopia as a whole entity as the western democratic countries do. I did not know defining onself in terms of Ethiopiawinet as means to an end or an end in of itself in terms of the ten points you stated, which the combined goals taken from the perspectives of those parties with national agenda and those of the pro-democracy movements hammering on the subset of the national agenda such as democracy, human rights and justice.

  7. Eske Meche
    | #7

    aha! I do not see any difference between what you are stating and what I have written. I did not leave “Sovereignty of Ethiopia” out. Sovereignty for me stems from the people and I have put that first. And immediately after that is the territorial integrity of Ethiopia, which by the way includes the boarder and the land.
    As for the ethnic politics, those who want to be part of the Ethiopian politics, they can come as they may but not organized in a divisive grouping based on delimitation of “we and them” on ethnic or religion. Surely number 9 puts it loud and clear. No one is going to take away who you are. When a person is 7 feet tall, he or she is not going around declaring he/she is 7 feet tall. We can see it from far. When you claim you are a member of one ethnic group in Ethiopia, you need not go around saying you are this or that in your identification card or in any societal participation of any kind. By stating you are an Ethiopian you are saying you belong to one of the ethnic groups or are a mixed one from two or more ethnic groups. This is how I see it. Ethiopia is the sum total of all of us.


  8. Sheger
    | #8

    The easy solution to this matter if you don’t think it bold is that simply who ever Ethiopian should live in his country for he is an Ethiopian that includes Eritiria Somalia or at least Somali Land and Jibuty. Other wise who ever think not Ethiopian can go live in his country. We can simply say, mengedun cherk yarigileh. If you know what I mean, we can
    Still say that with today’s Ethiopia. But this people are trying to sneach our land left and wright and day and night.
    What is the matter?????? Do they have a problem with the name Ethiopia? Or should we creat countries based on
    Religion? How is that going to work? But any ways if the Somali sayes he is the Ogaden Ehiopian, which he is and
    You have Kenyans who say they are Oromos, which probably they are, and you have some of the west southern Ethiopians who are identical with the Sunaees says they are Ethiopians wether from sudan or Gambela or Gojam.
    Which probably are or most definitely. What do you do about this????? The Ogaden can go to Somalia when ever
    He wants and Some Oromos go to where ever they want to Kenya or Tanzenia…..and you have the Ben Shangul people
    And Gambelas who goes to Sudan or where ever when ever they want to because you can tell the difference among
    The people and any Sudanese and Keniyans or Somali come to Ethiopia when ever they want to and even clames
    To Ethiopian and I woulnt be surpassed if some of them hold two or three type of ID. Only the majority Ethiopians
    Which are Abeshass or call it the Gojames Gonderys Agewus and Some Tigirays and may be Some Gurages and
    Some Kembatas and Sidamas have problem crossing borders with out being asked for an ID and who doesn’t
    Have any clue about their nehboring countries and people and who doesn’t identify them selves with the people of
    Serounding countries and my be not wanted to be part of it also for a lot of reasons bizarre like their interest on
    Our rivers and land and stuff. Don’t think it is only Egypt who is doing all of this. I don’t get any of them at all. Some time
    I wonder what they are united under????? Isn’t it them selves and their countries? How about us????? What is wrong with us? Being devided like this for them and being wrobed. But their unity don’t have human values. This are just selfish people who thinks they will live a million years and who doesn’t even know who they are thieves and merderrors
    Who wants to rule man kind if they could under their confusion and curliness. You what we say.

    Who ever you are go live in your country we didn’t say you are our prisoner but our people.

  9. aha!
    | #9

    Furthermore, individual’s perspective of Ethiopiawinet before ethnicity, reflects whether he/she is in the camp with TPLF/eprdf of multi-layer, hierarchical political, or with (Tigrai-Harena)/Medrek/fdd/fdre with ethnic agenda or with KAEUP, EDP and others participating in an election, or EPRP and others not participating in election with national agenda; which reflects that they are all Ethiopian Citizens, having two different political views. These two paradigms have resulted in two dimetrically opposed political forces: negative forces of disintegration and positive forces of integration, represented by the parties mentioned above. In the last 20 years and particularly in the last five years, the balance has been and even more so after the 2010 election, the balance has been tipped towards the negative forces of disintegration, because of direct support of the costitutional framework coming from the the “teletafi parties” and implicit support of the constitutional frame work, vis a-vis the lack chalange to the lack of independence of the three branches of the government by these parties by the loyalist opposition parties to say the least about their in ability to legislate.

  10. Sheger
    | #10

    Look at who our leaders are and what they are doing. and what is happening in east Africa whirght now. The only good news is the south Sudan independence which is also kind of sad but not so sad because they became land locked too.
    But they may be better of based on what they went through. After all this north Sudanese are also half Sudanese any ways you would wish they live together in hormone with each other but how ever that is not the case even though I don’t know why. And what is happening in east Africa like the starvation war and all kinds of problem including poovrity is a direct resalt of bad leaders and division of countries. Imagin if all of east Africa become united? May be even encluding
    Egipt, wouldn’t that be peace on earth and add Isreal to that, that will be haven. That is what you call peace, life
    Nice and exetra…….for what happened in the past in most of this countries, when we do that we have to mKe sure
    It lasts as long as the world exists or for ever. We got to say a real BEKA to misery and desimay and lostness. But it is what I say it might work or not but how ever may God help us all bring a better day for all of us and make us a better people countries and families and help us to respect one another.

  11. Sheger
    | #11

    Anu how Eske Meche, that is what you call Ethiopias territorial intergititry. Our home and land stretches to Israel.
    For we are most of us half Israelies. And there are some hulf Arebias……we can continue….should I?……..the Arabias
    Are half Israerlies……….not just any Israelies but…… know the rest……that makes them what to us?……….besides
    We went over their countries in old days and……….

    Blessed is the lord GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you God!!!!!!!!

  12. Sheger
    | #12

    Correction, meant to say ” under their confusion and crullness” curliness might work for some too.

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