Ethiopia: Victim of Ontogenic and Phylogenic Problems By Netsanet Zegeye

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Biologically speaking, ontogeny is the process of the development of an individual from a fertilized ovum/egg to the stage of maturity whereby that individual undergoes various phases of mental, physical, emotional and other changes. Whereas the individual’s is called Ontogeny, contrasted to it, the group’s is called Phylogeny, to mean the same idea. When this natural process of healthy development from an ovum into proper maturity fails to happen, we resent that nature has gone off the right track and presume the occurrence of unexpected catastrophes. These chaotic catastrophes are resulted from a systemic failure to properly function of one or the other of natural catalytic processes in the body which may be termed as mutational variation in the chromosomal characteristics of individuals that may lead to dysgenic problems. It is just like a computer virus that corrupts files and documents irretrievably. The scope or domain of such catastrophes may spatially be too narrow or too wide depending on the opportunity those defective people get; it could be as narrow as a family due to the crooked nature of one or two of its members of which the family may fall apart, or as wide as Ethiopia due to her notorious black ship, Meles Zenawi and Co., the entire nation along with her bestialized people and natural resources may be set ablaze. Whichever way you take it, this unhealthy phenomenon is absolutely dangerous and horrifyingly devilish. This is the archiproblem of Ethiopia which has historically obligated her to advance downward headlong instead of being one amongst her old friends in civilization and prosperity. We can mouthfully say that Ethiopia is a country which is doomed to perish by her own children with some external help in fact to accelerate the combustion so that the furnace may go on hellishly strong till the time all missions are successfully carried out.

How could Ethiopia, then, become a victim of such Ontogenic and Phylogenic problems?

Needless to bicker upon ‘who we are’, nonetheless, we can surely say that Meles Zenawi and Co. have been and still are preys of both Ontogenic and by extension when it comes to group level, of Phylogenic chronic developmental problems. They are at least as they were in their childhood with little or no sign of change towards humanity; especially filled up to their brim with hatred to Ethiopianism, inebriated with pessimistically charged nihilism that demolishes anything from the olden times, intoxicated with vengeance, insatiable appetite for material wealth, paranoid to communicative discourses and mutual understanding thereof, overcharged with fictitious megalomania resulted from a feeling of moral ineptitude and trauma of illegitimacy caused by an indefinite control of the gubernatorial reins of the country for over twenty years without plausible presence of any democratic procedure, …. This uniquely unnatural psychopathic problem of our brothers and sisters might have been caused by certain incidents in our history. Nonetheless, in a manner quite diametrically disproportionate to what might have happened long ago, the happening that served these psychic people as a pretext to cling to the amoral activities they are committing now, frankly speaking, the negative impacts of these behaviorally defective citizens have become insidiously contagious and highly devastating in all perspectives. It has been clear from the very outset that the central motto of these perished citizens of Ethiopia, viz., Meles and Co., is to destroy Ethiopianness and send it to the debris of history and as a result to own everything Ethiopia has with different ID card, a fabricated ID card that is senseless/meaningless even to themselves.

Understandably, diseases caused by viral or bacterial agents could be treated and may be cured depending on their severity and the immune system of the patient. But how on earth could any power be able to heal the psychosomatic illness of few voracious people like Meles who had from time imemorial intentionally decided to go on the wrong track for the purpose of securing political power and material wealth? How could one be able to slough off the sense of insecurity that has been developed through time by killing hundreds of thousands of citizens and looting millions and billions of dollars for decades?

Let us not belittle the role of money in blinding people; let us not ignore the role of psychologically embedded chronic problems in destabilizing the culture and tradition of a country. In actual fact, we all who claim to be sane citizens are surrounded by non-human humans; we are ruled by robotic man-like beings which know only eating, drinking, having fun with their likes, and designing new styles of sustaining their mundane power with the help of the Chinese technocrats; we are under the fist of rotten Goliath without the knowledge that it is rotten; we are dying of hunger and are dehumanized to the level of less a step or two than any draught animal.

As a matter of fact, ignorance begets only ignorance; stupidity begets only stupidity; greed gives birth only to greed; myopic seeds germinate and grow only as myopic seedlings; you reap what you sow. Nothing is new under the sun, as wise people like son of King David, Solomon, said it. Here we are now; our leaders are mutton-headed, ignorant, illiterate, ethnocentric, and gluttonously selfish which cannot see even beyond the horizons, to a record level of historic proportion. In such governance, what do you expect the young generation to be? What do you expect the business people to be and to do? What do you expect the bishops/pontifices and the entire clergymen along with their Patriarch to be and to do? What do you expect the educational system to be producing? What do you expect the legacy of such a putrid system to be? What do you expect your country to look like, say, after 10 years from now if she keeps on dying the way she is currently going to meet her maker? What an enigma is hovering under the cloudy skies of Ethiopia? Where and when will end all this puzzling? When will the deceptive coverings of the sham development talks/propaganda of the ETV be uncovered and the sordid reality about the atrocious life of the people be seen openly? When shall we pause to watch the silent hunger of our ordinary people who might be reckoned as high as 98% of the population? When are we going to be free of the EPRDF’s meaninglessly authored mantra of ‘millionaire peasants’, ‘Millennium Dam’, ‘double digit economic growth’, ‘an educational coverage of the first of its kind in the world’, ‘national elections that can give lessons to other countries including the ‘US’ and ‘Europe’ ’…? EPRDF, the Almighty of Ethiopia, the Creator of the poorest landlocked African nation, the first and the last Front that had beseeched its patron Front, EPLF, to secede one of its territories, has seemingly been going on unaffectedly at least up until now, and at least not affected to the extent of losing its power. All this victory of EPRDF was easily possible due to the fact that its leaders were and still are psychopaths and any psychopath is naturally feared until the time the light of his star gets dwindling to annunciate his inevitable final downfall. The Don Quixotes of Ethiopia will somehow find their way to hell in the nearest future only God and History know, anyhow.

As has been the case in the previous paragraph, here above, questions after questions could be listed in a nonstop manner. But there must be answers, answers that should satisfy the questions, from certain direction. Which is that direction? For the time being, no body knows. But we have to realize that Ethiopia is asking serious questions now, serious questions more than ever, for she is fed up of being mistreated by her own children. These children are irreversibly ill beyond the curing capacity of any medical institution including the holy waters named after renowned saints like the one time active messenger of the Almighty, St. Gabriel. This Saint of Kulibi, who had been responsive of pleadings, seems now to have become dumbfounded of the patience of God that has been willing for millennia to see Ethiopia degenerate into a toy of her own ill-bred children and as a consequence get defaced from the map of the world. Remember this: Ethiopia was one of the four countries in the world that had great civilization even before the United States of America was discovered and came into existence. Thanks to her moron children who have been engaged in pyrrhic wars, wars which most often serve us as a source of our national pride, for the last good number of centuries; here we are now as we were, even in some instances, as we were not in the past, any past for that matter. So surprising; so astonishing; and so laughable too, if we have the gut to laugh at our own lethargic indolence that has stunted our country and made her a tail nearly in all aspects. A country that has donated some one hundred thousand(?) dollars to Japan in the relatively old good days now has become the poorest nation in the entire universe, may be second to none, thanks to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s 20+ years of wise leadership. …

Let us all wish good to our country to the future and start to change our mode of thinking(mentality) for better. The bygones are always the bygones. Remorse has little value in bringing about progress; it is change of course from the wrong to the right and devotion that matter a lot. We may not be too late; with earnest pleading for forgiveness and divine intervention from God along with our own dedication and determination to see better future, we shall win His love and benevolence soon. No country has been struck by mal-governance like that of ours in the hitherto history of the world; so we surely deserve any viably positive change. The time of that change shall no longer be postponed for any other moment to come; it shall be now. Let us all look into ourselves. Having examined our weak points and loopholes, let us find any antidote that can cure and enable us to gain a new personality with one love and one country under one banner. Let me plagiarize Jomo Kenyata a little bit; EPRDF preached a Gospel and sympathetically told us that we Ethiopians were not the same in everything and hence should appreciate our difference in fighting one another; we carefully listened to and applied that piece of advice, but while we were busy of nagging and blaming and quarrelling each other, the ones who made us fall apart astutely made use of our folly to grab anything we had and belittled us to an absolute poverty from where we could never come out. We are still down there preferring our man-made poverty to prosperity which could evolve out of our solidarity and unitary strength.

Ethiopia shall be free of the tick and bug children of her own.

Ethiopia shall be liberated from her own blood sucking children that have downsized her to the level of almost nonexistence, albeit we are lucky enough to see some lifeless proliferations of buildings and roads which are nothing in terms of the suffering of the multitude of Ethiopians.

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