Successful Fundraising & A Tragic Accident

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Successful Fundraising & A Tragic Accident

The Boston CUD Support Group held the most successful fundraising event on Saturday July 28, 2007 to advance the cause and bring about the establishment of democratic governance in Ethiopia. St. Mary’s Orthodox Church function hall at 8 Inman Street in Cambridge was filled with hundreds of Ethiopian community member from all walks of lives in the Greater Boston area, prominent community leaders, elected Cambridge City Officials and local Democratic Party officers. Professor Al Mariam, guest of honor, and Dr. Mogus G. Mariam, Chairman, Kinijit International attended the occasion. The event was also glorified by the presence of Two Ethiopian music arts celebrities.

The participants of the event were imbued with celebratory mood as the occasion coincided with the release of CUD leaders from political detention in Ethiopia. It was a moment of joy and jubilation for all. Smiles were on everybody’s face, young and old, men and women. Engineer Hailu Shawul’s recorded audio message to the audience was live transmitted. His live charismatic intonation and inspiring themes moved the audience in uninterrupted applause. The essence in short, was a thank you message to Bostonian Ethiopians for their heroic struggle to secure the release of opposition leaders and the establishment of democratic ideals in their native land. For further detail please refer to Eng. Hailu’s full text message.

Dr. Mogus G. Mariam, Chairman, Kinijit International declared the end of the reason d’etre of CUD International. In connection with the end of the organization’s mission, Dr. Mogus gave the details of sacrifices made and gains achieved by CUD International and CUD Support Groups all over the world during the last 2 years to secure the release of CUD leaders. Underlining the next task waiting to be accomplished, Dr. Mogus called upon all members to vow and get ready to embark on the task ahead.

Professor Al Mariam an attorney and a political scientist at University of California made inspiring patriotic speech in connection with the collective efforts made by Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans in the law making process of HR 2003 Democracy and Human Rights Acts of Ethiopia to realize the ideals of good governance in Ethiopia. Professor Alemayehu who was the Guest of Honor of the Event, advocated at length about making a difference in the life of the Ethiopian nation through self-empowerment. He urged the audience that Ethiopians can do a lot in deciding the fate of the Ethiopian nation through collective action by exercising their constitutional rights to exert positive pressure and hold accountable public office holders for the establishment of good governance in Ethiopia.

The fundraising event also recognized individuals and institutions for their exemplary deeds to advance the cause of democracy and the establishment of democratic order in Ethiopia through peaceful struggle. Professor Alemayehu, CUD International, The Ethiopian Current Affairs Group were among those recognized on the occasion.

Shambel Belayneh, an Ethiopian vocalist celebrity, and Kuribachew moved the whole audience participants to the center stage throughout the evening. The scene as regulated by musical bit/ rhythm was absolutely gorgeous.

Sadly enough, while the evening was extremely exciting, joyous, and fruitful, Kinijit Boston Support Group lost its gallant son, Asgenafi Mekonnen and his brother-in-law, Getnet Abate in a horrific fatal car accident that took place in Wuburn on I-93 South.Express Way on July 28, 2007 at 2:15 AM in the morning. A third person, Antikem Addissu, nephew of Ashenafi Mekonnen is admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Antikem is currently in critical condition. Our heroes lost their lives while on line of duty. Ashenafi was with his brother-in-law and his nephew when driving back home after dropping off guests at Marriot Hotel in Woburn, Massachusetts. A brief political biography of Ashenafi Mekonnen, a forefront democracy activist ll be soon released.

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