Oakland Celebrates!

July 31st, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Oakland Celebrates!

Kinijt Support Oakland in collaboration with Kinijit Support San Jose held a celebration dinner in support of the recently released CUDP leaders and patriotic Ethiopians. Ethiopians from the greater Bay Area were invited to attend this event by the two Chapters. The event’s purpose was to thank their members and supporters for a twenty-one month protracted struggle against tyranny. This event was made extra special by the teleconference we had with the leaders in Ethiopia. The teleconference was also heard by several thousands ‘Pal Talk’ members on the Internet.

Engineer Hailu Shaul thanked the room full of supporters and declared ‘your support was appreciated by all CUDP leaders’. He also said ‘CUDP is united and one.’ The audience was deeply touched by the positive spirit of Engineer Shaul.

We then heard Engineer Gizachew, who electrified the audience when he said ‘the job is not over yet. CUDP will peacefully struggle until there is democracy and rule of law in Ethiopia.’ He told the gathering that ‘you were a big inspiration to me and to other detainees during their wrongful incarceration.’

The audience was elated to hear from Dr. Yacob H. Mariam who when asked about returning to the US said ‘I have unfinished business in Ethiopia and I intend to stay and work for my people.’

The next one to address the audience was Ato Assefa who was elected to Addis Ababa City Council. He expressed his thanks for the ‘contribution made by Ethiopians all over the world and how instrumental this was for their release.’

The people gathered for the event were touched by the strength of these great leaders. They showed their appreciation by constant applause and standing ovations. Both Kinijit Support Oakland, and Kinijit Support San Jose vowed to the assembly that the struggle would continue until our homeland joins the international community as a free nation.

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