Adopted Ethiopian girl Hana found dead, she was maybe abused – by ELISA HAHN / KING 5 News

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SEDRO WOOLLEY, Wash. – An investigation into possible neglect is under way after an adopted 13-year-old girl died at a home in Skagit County. Hana Grace Williams, who was adopted from Ethiopia in 2008, was found dead on May 12 in the yard of her home. The Skagit County Medical Examiner’s Office said she died of hypothermia.

A source close to the investigation said Hana was 30 pounds lighter than when she arrived from Ethiopia.
The Washington state Department of Social and Health Services says all eight of her siblings have been removed from the home. The prosecutor’s office said it is still waiting for more information before making a decision on charges.

Hana’s parents could not be reached for comment Sunday.

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crabcake said on August 1, 2011 at 8:59 AM

We have heard from people who attended the court hearings regarding custody of the children that there are serious allegations of egregious abuse of Hana and the other children. These reports are coming directly from the some of the surviving siblings who witnessed the events that led to this young girl’s death. This was no “accident” by any means. From what I’ve heard, it was methodical abuse, torture and starvation of Hana, ultimately ending when she was locked outside as punishment. Something is VERY wrong when a child loses 30 lbs after being adopted . . . . that doesn’t just happen on it’s own. There needs to be JUSTICE for Hana, and there needs to be protection for the surviving children who NEVER need to go back to that abusive/cruel environment. Please help make sure that justice is served. . . . don’t let this case be swept under the rug. Children’s lives are depending on the legal system doing what it needs to do. Rest in Peace, Hana.


  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Relly its so bad GOD blesse her.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    God be with Hana and we hope all weyanes will rott in hell for allowing all the pedophiles to rein on innocent Ethiopian children through out the country. I know for a fact a couple gay guys who went to Ethiopia and adapted a child and brag about it in the place where I work. As a parent of innocent children I’m very much disgusted with the adaption policy of weyane and Meles and his boss Bereket Simon must be brought to the courts law of Ethiopia by Ethiopians for continuing to commit a henouce crimes against the people of Ethiopia and the whole horn of Africa!!!

  3. Children for profit
    | #3

    A great shame and heartbreaking story, indeed! What a beautiful little girl! I am deeply saddened by this heart-wrenching story. This little girl was victimized three times; one when her parents given her up, second, when she was sold to the highest bidder and the third and final blow, she ended up killed. I wonder how many other young Ethiopian children are being victimized like her? Ethiopian children are being sold for profit and it has become a multimillion dollar business in Ethiopia under the current ruthless TPLF government more than ever before in the history of Ethiopia. I believe this kind of profitable adoption is another form of genocide and modern slavery to get rid of Ethiopians out of their country by the heartless TPLF regime.

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    Why in the world adapt her if they didn’t want her to begin with. If this kind of people change their mind about their adapted kids they should be able to return them to where they come from. This is a very sick thing to do. Why in the world?????? They should be holed accountable for their crimes against this beautiful little girl.

    Go home in peace dear Hana. And be the voice of so many like you.

    Who ever did this to you won’t go any were free.

  5. sam
    | #5

    A society unable to protect its freedom and dignity is meant to perish. Hanna is a symbol to all the kids who are experiencing untold sufferrings. Even if they are doing well physically being treated as a ‘pet’ is no comparison to loosing dignity and pride. It seems we are doomed not to stand strong.

  6. Justice for Hanna
    | #6

    r.i.p. Hanna. very upset and sad here. . Stop selling our children to these kind of child killers. Is this what weyane want for our Ethiopian children? What a shameful act. There is also another Ethiopian child adopted by this family. Get him out of there as asap.

  7. Children for profit
    | #7

    I remember reading a story a few years ago about a seven year old little girl from Russia that was adopted by an American single man and sexually abused from the time she arrived till she was 13 years old and finally removed from him. In the case of Ethiopian children where the TPLF government careless if Ethiopians live or die, who knows how many of them are being abused in many ways than we realize. I was told recently, how easy it is to adopt children from Ethiopia by a couple who adopted a child from Ethiopia the child expected to arrive this months in the US. I was also told that the grand mother to be of the adopted Ethiopian little child is a very racist woman who hates black people. I wonder if the Ethiopian communities around the world can do something about these kinds of cases at least to follow the progress of the adopted children and how they are being cared for. Very sad, my heart is breaking and I feel helpless.

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    Do not hate me bro: as a parent of innocent it hurts to the bottom of my heart when I see Ethiopian children paraded as trophies all over the world. I hope zenawi and his boss bereket will pay for all of these crimes that being committed against all Ethiopians and friends!

    | #9

    G-D will find the real killer and a double justice will be rendered here on earth and the world to come, that is Heaven. G-D please render your justice as expediciously as possible since there is nothing impossible to you.

  10. tefagroup
    | #10

    There is big MONEY involved when one fosters or adopts a child. She was just seen as a source of income for the stupid family who will end up receiving up to $1000 per month in food stamps and cash assistance. The problem is that there are no specific guidelines from the Ethiopian Gov. There was a story a few years ago that an Ethiopian teen had killed himself because he couldn’t deal with having two “GAY” fathers. He was plucked out of a poor but strong christian background. Now I don’t believe these cultural,traditional and local upbringings are factored in when they let them bring children to the U.S. or anywhere else in the world that being gay is the norm.Sad but true!!!! RIP

  11. Tom
    | #11

    Often CPS is known for manipulating young children into saying things happened by convincing though repetition of questions and thoughts that the children soon believe as truth. Hannah may have had a condition from Ethiopia that caused her weight loss. Further more until the investigation is complete the Parents are innocent until proven guilty.
    The way it sounds that you people are acting as if you have already made your decision. My Prayer is that people not prejudge and let the facts come without prejudice.

  12. tesfagroup
    | #12

    There is no smoke without a fire!

  13. የሮም
    | #13

    እግዘሀር የሰራችሁነ የስታችሁ

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