Alas! Whatever Happened to Mercy in the Orthodox Churches in America? By Geta Mintesnot

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“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Mathew 5:7

Mercy in the bible means compassion and forgiveness to the undeserving and the guilty. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. But God raised him up and made him a prime minister of Egypt. When famine hits Israel, his brothers came to Egypt to beg and buy food for the family. But his brothers thought Joseph was dead. He knew them when they showed up. As far as I am concerned, they deserved their heads cut off. This is how a sinful worldly man like me thinks. But Joseph, who was a man of God, showed mercy and kindness to them even though they were guilty. Here is what Joseph said as written in the bible.

“20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.21 So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children. And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them.” (Exodus 50:20-21)
This is what the bible teaches Christians about mercy. Now look at what is happening in Orthodox churches throughout the Diaspora. They are in turmoil. These churches preach about love and forgiveness Sunday after Sunday. They supposedly pray day after day. But where is the beef? Where are the fruits of mercy, forgiveness and kindness in their own lives? Where are the mercy and the forgiveness they are preaching about when it comes to forgiving one of their own who may have made a forgivable mistake? How dare they fire one of their own clergymen on the spot for an alleged mistake or misunderstanding?
The godless pagans in the world may not have mercy and compassion. But they do have rules and regulations. An employee in any American company will be given a warning if he or she is not doing an assigned job. The employee will clearly and unambiguously be told what needs to be done. And the employee will be put on probation. If the employee agrees and follows the rules, the probation will be lifted and the worker will keep his or her job. If not, he or she will be fired. And this is fair even by the world’s standard. There is no such thing as firing on the spot even among the pagans in the world unless someone commits a crime and caught red handed whether it is stealing money or perpetrating sexual assault.

Let alone reflecting what Christ is about, the Orthodox churches have become places of infighting and controversy over money and power. Jealousy, backbiting, factions, cliques, rumors and gossip are rampant and in some cases nastier than those that are found in the world. Nobody can tell the difference between the churches and the world today. How can these churches represent Christ when they themselves look like the world and in some cases even worse? The Orthodox Churches look like community centers rather than holy places where Christ is preached and glorified. And this has to change.

These churches are fighting so much worse than the pagans, they are splitting like an amoeba every other week. Do you know how many churches by the name St. Michael are in Seattle? Are you ready? Three. Three churches with the same name. It is hard to believe but it is true. And there are at least ten Orthodox Tewahdo Ethiopian Churches in Seattle today based on ethnicity and senseless conflicts. Imagine, all of these are from the same denomination, namely the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado Church. What the hell is going on? The same is happening in Oregon, California, Colorado, London and other places throughout the Diaspora. This is a very sad state of affairs for the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church in the Diaspora or, for that matter, in Ethiopia. This is no way to represent the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, on planet earth. Instead of glorifying God, these churches are invaded with the prince of war and darkness. And we know who that is. It is the devil who has been busy fighting Christians since Adam and Eve. In some cases, the devil is sending the weyane agents as his messengers to disturb and destroy the Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora.

Love and mercy is supposed to flow out from our churches to the lost and sinful world. But the reality is love and mercy is not flowing even between the members of the clergy within our Orthodox churches. If we have churches that do not practice mercy and fail to express love and forgiveness toward fellow Christians, we can be sure that these churches do not know Christ. For Christ is all about love, forgiveness, and mercy. And if the churches don’t have these virtues, then these churches have not obeyed God. And we can call these churches rebels who in no way represent Christ and our Father in Heaven.

Satan does not care how much these churches preach about Christ every Sunday or even how strongly they claim about Christ. As long as they don’t express love, mercy, and compassion in action in everyday life and reflect Christ to the sinful world, Satan has defeated them. And the effectiveness of Christianity has been considerably weakened. And they make our faith powerless. And Satan has succeeded in robbing the power we could have gotten through our savior Jesus Christ. And that is why we see these Orthodox churches in big trouble. All these chaos and fighting among Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora is a depressing display of Satan’s victory over our churches. No doubt the devil has taken over the Orthodox Churches and, as they say, Satan is running the show.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say the churches are infiltrated by Satan. And Satan is waging a very successful war against these churches. The devil is launching a two-sided offensive on our churches here in the Diaspora. One is to make the churches and its leaders fight over power and money under the disguise of ‘defending’ the church when they are actually weakening the churches. And the second one is sending Zenawi agents into the churches and provoke them to fight like rats and then eventually split them. It is amazing how these churches in the Diaspora are becoming an easy prey for the devil. They don’t even have the Holy Spirit in them to sense when the devil is attacking them. And as a result, they don’t know how to resist the devil because they have no clue who is weakening and destroying them.

How can these churches be a light to the sinful world when the prince of darkness, the devil, is running the churches? How can anyone in his right mind say that Christ is honored in these churches? Do these churches remember or actually know who God is? The bible says God is love. How can you find God (Love) in these churches if they are war zones where people are hurt by those who do anything for power and money? And the interesting thing is that we, followers of the Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora, are giving them the money and the power which they are using to undermine our churches making them vulnerable to the Devil and their agents-the Weyane mafia.

Take a look at our country. It is in shambles. Thanks to the ethno-fascist and racist mafia group in power, Ethiopia has lost its sea ports. Its fertile lands are being sold to foreigners for dirt cheap prices. Our people are dying of hunger in millions. Instead of being united as Ethiopians, our people are divided and forced to be addicted to ethnicity falling in love with counting bones and tracing blood lines. Ethiopia is at the bottom of the world economically begging crumbs and leftovers from everyone around the world year after year. Ethiopian families in the Diaspora are flooded with violence and abuse. Marriages are breaking apart over money and infidelity. Last but not least, even our churches are at war with each other. O God! What have we done? Have mercy on us!

All these mess sounds like a curse to me. We can’t find one good news about our country and our people at this time including our Orthodox Churches. Our churches were supposed to be a refuge for all of our people who are in turmoil. Where will our broken hearts go when the church itself is broken? Where? What will be our future and the fate of our country fifty or a hundred years from now? Mercy is supposed to be the message of the Orthodox Church to our people who are in pain, confused and some of them hopelessly lost. But our own churches are in trouble and chaos. When our last refuge, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church, is on the brinks, there is no doubt that the survival of Ethiopia will be at stake with a dark future on the horizon.

Something has to be done. It is urgent. It is an emergency. We have to resist the devil in the name of our almighty God. We have to defeat Satan and take back our holy churches that are in turmoil. Satan, who has taken over our Orthodox churches, has to be defeated. Our churches have to once again need to reflect Christ and be God’s holy places as they once were for centuries. Orthodox Christians all over the Diaspora who are funding these churches with their own hard earned money need to start serious discussions with the clergy. These include the bishops, priests, deacons, administrative board members and followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo churches in exile as well as the legal Holy Synod in exile that is supposed to represent them. This is a must-do-divine-obligation for all of us to save our Orthodox Tewahdo Churches in the Diaspora who are on the verge of disaster and defeat.

Satan who has infiltrated our Orthodox Churches will be defeated!
The almighty God will chase the devil and his weyane agents out of our churches!
We will restore the holiness of our Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora!
Our churches will reflect Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit!
God will bring agents of the devil in our churches under our feet!
Love, mercy, and forgiveness will flow in our Orthodox Churches in the Diaspora once again in the name of Jesus Christ-the Prince of Peace!
God bless the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church in the Diaspora!
God bless Ethiopia and its people!

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