Mengistu Haile Mariam Former Ethiopian President said “Ethiopians must free their country”

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Former Ethiopian president Mengistu Haile Mariam gave his rarely interview to the Australian based SBS Amharic radio program.

Former Ethiopian president Mengistu Haile Mariam gave his rarely interview to the Australian based SBS Amharic radio program.

  1. No common sense woyane
    | #1

    nikol, the nickle head–you people blame Eritreans and yet you let Eritrea have every inch of our port and a gift of billion dollar of Ethiopian money. You are one of those idiots who got brainwashed by your Eritrean cousin Esayass. Your hate filled racist cousin Esyas smart out you to get what he wanted to fight for him and threw you like a used napkin. So far, in the history of Ethiopia, no leader or group of people have ever been as cruel and vicious as the ruthless Meles and his TPLF puppets. I’m what you call a mixed Ethiopian including Tigreans in my family, if it were possible, my entire family would give anything to bring the late Haile Sellassie than the current woyane looter and a mass murderer half pint. You and the likes have no basis for your argument, just throwing mud against Amharas every chance you get. Listen moron, Amharas haven’t been in power for over hundred years and your woyane vicious dictator has been in power for over twenty years and only brought hate, insecurities, fear, poverty, starvation, looting and deaths to Ethiopia. Only people with criminal minds would be proud of the looting, land giving and the atrocities that have been committed by Meles and his TPLF puppets. Shameless Woyane! You have no common sense, period!

  2. nikol
    | #2

    asseb and massaw ye eritea endehonema alem yawekal ethipopia wedeb yelatim noratm ayawekem asre wedebachin eyalachu erasachu batatalilu yshalal yesew batimenhu yshalal eritrea isaias eko jegina eko new agerun yemiwed hizpun yemiwed eyesewn yemayifelg isaias jeginaw never neel dawn long live wedi afom shikor lion of nakfa

  3. Selam
    | #3

    The real question can we say Ethiopians are really committed for the promotion of democratic ideals, to the spread of freedom and peace or should we say they are just going through through the emotion? It will be hard to generalize and categorize public mood about democracy in to say committed or non committal group.However, just judging by the comments above, many comments above are base on emotions.
    If Ethiopians want to promote democracy in the post weyane Ethiopia, if they want relegate core social problem, personal ambition and dictatorial rule in that country in the dust bin of history? Then, we must reach a consensus to hold public officials who have committed gross human right violations and genocide responsible in the court of LAW. The following are some of well known facts committed under crime of col.Mengistu’s rule.
    First, the so called provisional Derg was not publicly elected body. When the derg takes shape it announced it is a PROVISIOBNAL TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT, and promised it will hand over power to the peopl.As time went on, it becomes clear, Mengistu and his clique refused to hand over power to the people.Mengistu’s resistance to hand over power to the people was demonstrated by his murder of Brigadier Teferi Bnti who insists the sharing of power with the civilians.
    Once Mengistu made decision not to hand over power to the people, he was determined to end the influence of EPRP by pure force. The next logical step was to declare RED TERROR on any one who is suspected of supporting on this most popular People’s party. Under the direct order of col.Mengistu Ethiopia lost her brightest sons and daughters often by the lumpen plorateriat who are willing to kill for money. In this incident, I want to never before or after the derg did target other political opponents be it EPLF, TPLF, EDU at such scale. The war between the above fronts and derg was fought mainly in the war front. But the war between EPRP and derg it was fought in the cities and by ways of the streets of Ethiopia.IN the city of Gondar alone in a single day light, under the order of Mengistu’s reagent Melaku; Hundreds of students were machinegund .The greatest carnage of this incident took place near and around piazza. More than this, the city’s piazza was washed with water cannon to remove the stain of the blood of the martyrs.
    Third, Mengistu is and remain to be open of the worst totalitarian regime ever came to power in contemporary Ethiopia. In less that twenty years Mengistu cleaned all that the Hilesselasaie regime has trained and educated. The so called ABIOT LIGOCHUAN TEBELALECH is the fools moto.It does not have to be that way, had the fickle minded mengistu hand over power to the people. If Mengistu truly believed that it is worth to sacrifice than to allow the revolution to change course; he must have given his neck for it instead abandoning his principle. We know what exactly happened in his case: he flees.
    Forth,Megistu authorized the killings the former sixty officials without trial.
    Fivth, Megistu and his clique has authorized the execution the command of the Ethiopian army the many decorated generals for attempting codetta against him.
    Finally, the many comments above reveal that Col.Mengistu is still enjoying popularity by his cadres and former members of Abewetawi Seded.It is true each person is entitled to his/her own opinion. That that being said, the future Ethiopia belongs, not so just for the survivals of the Mengistu era, but for the new rising generation.Therfore it will be important for the supporters of Mengistu to keep this in perspective. That it is one thing to express liking for the former butcher in cyber space it is quite another to bring these issues in public. The only way Ethiopians can leave their [past behind and move to the future is by facing the TRUTH. HOLD EVERY CRIMINAL ACCOUNTABLE. We will hold both former derg members as well as weyanits responsible to the crime they have committed to our people in the court of law. This is the only way forward.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Selam, well said. Ethiopians should never forget or forgive the crimes of the former and the current blood suckers, Meles and Mengestu. The two butchers and mad men, M & M should be hanged side by side in the middle of Merkato for the unspeakable crimes they have committed on Ethiopians. The only difference between Meles and Mengestu is that, Mengestu did everything he could to keep the Ethiopian territories and its ports intact, he didn’t give and sell the land of Ethiopia to Sudan and other foreign billionaires, and didn’t loot as much as the courier robbers Meles and his TPLF gangs.

  5. ትክክሌ
    | #5

    Selam እርስዎም እኮ የራስዎን emotionnal consideration ነውኮ የጻፉት:: የኅይለስላሴ መንግስት በሕዝባዊ ንቅናቄ እንደወደቀ ጊዜያዊ ወታደራዊ አስተዳደር ደርግ ሲቋቋም ሁለት ኃይለኛ ሰራዊት የገነቡና በመሳሪያም ሆነ በሰው ኃይል ከኢትዮጵያ መደበኛ ሰራዊት በበለጠ የነበሩ ታጣቂዎች ነበሩ:: “ሶማሊያና ሻቢያ”:: በተለይም ሶማሊያ በቀላሉ ነበር ሰተት ብላ የገባችው: በዚህ ወቅት ነበር መላው ምሁራን አባት አርበኞች አረጋውያን….ወዘተ ሕዝቡ ኃላፊነቱን ለወታደራዊው መንግስት አስታጥቁን እንዝመት በማለት ዝግጅት ሲደረግ ኢህአፓ የኤርትራ መገንጠል ጥያቄ ፍትሃዊ ነው: ሶማሊያም እንደዚሁ የሚሉና ሕዝብን ግራ ያጋባ ወቅት ነበር:: ወታደራዊው መንግስት ወዛደሩንና ገበሬውን በመቀስቀስ የሚሊሺያ ጦር ሲያዋቅር: መሃል ኢትዮጵያ ላይ ደርግና ኢህአፓ ሳይሆን መኢሶን እና ኢህአፓ የብረት ውጊያ ጀመሩ:: ኢህአፓ ነጭ ሽብር ሲያውጅ: እንግዲህ ከመኢሶን ጋር ሲቭሎች ነበሩ ሲረሻሸኑ የነበሩት: ወታደሩ ትኩረቱና ሃሳቡ ሁሉ ምስራቅ ጦር ግምባር ነበረ:: ሁሉንም ነገር ደርጉ ላይ አሳባችሁ የሃገር ሉአላዊነት ጉዳይ ተረሳ:: ደርግ ብቻ ሳይሆን ሁሉም ይታኮስ ነበር:: እውነት ለመናገር ጊዜያዊ ወታደራዊ መንግስት ያንን የሚያህል ጦር በአጭር ጊዜ ውስጥ ባያደራጅ ኖሮ እውን ኢትዮጵያ የሚለው ስም ላለፉት ዓመታት ይኖር ነበርን? ምንም ምንም ይሁን ተርበንም ተቸግረንም እንግዲህ: ይን ወቅት ደርጉ ኢትዮጵያን አድኗል:: በደንቆሮ ወያኔ ዘመን ብቻ ተዋረድን እንጂ: ኢትዮጵያዊ ዜግነት እንዲጠፋ ብሔረሰብ እንዲመለክ ዘረኛ ሰይጣን ወንዝ አፈራሽ መጣብን እንጅ::
    በርግጥ ደርግ ኢሰፓ የሚለውን አንድ አምባገነን ፓርቲ ያቋቋመ ጊዜ እርር ድብን ያልንበት ወቅት ነበር:: ጦርነት ጋብ ያለበትና የኢትዮጵያ ሰራዊት ከመከላከል ወደአጥቂነት የትሸጋገረበት ጊዜ ነበር:: በዚያን ጊዜ ፕሬዚዳንት መንግስቱ ብልህ ቢሆኑ ኖሮ ስልጣን ለሕዝባዊ መንግስት ቢያስረክቡ ኖሮ: ሕዝብ ልክ እነድቀድሞው የጋና መሪ: አጠፉ ከመባላቸው በፊት ሁለትኛ ጊዜ መሪ ከመሆናቸው በፊት ስልጣን ለሕዝብ አስረክበው የነበሩት ፍላይት ሌፍትናንት ጄሪ ሮውሊንግስ አስመርጠው ይኸውላችሁ ቢሉ: በሕዝብ መሃል ስለሚነገረው ነገር ሁሉ መረጃ ይደርሳቸውም ነበር: ምሁራንን በሙሉ ማቀፍ ይችሉ ነበር:: ሌላው ቢቀር አላስተዋሉም እንጂ: ኦሮማይ የሚለው የበዓሉ ግርማ መጽሃፍ እውነተኛ መረጃዎችን አስቀምጦላቸው ነበር:: እንዳለ የሃገር የመከላከያ ምስጢር ከዚያን ጊዜ ጀምሮ በጠላቶቻችን እጅ እንደነበር እያወቁ አጠገባችው ያስቀመጧቸው ሁሉንም በዓሉ ግርማ በዝርዝር ጽፎት ነበር:: እንዲያውም ጠርተዉት እንዳናገሩትና ወታደራዊ ምስጢር እንዸት በመጽሃፍ ታወጣለህ ነበር ያሉት:: እንዴ ይኸ ሰው ለማን ይንገር? መሪው መሸውዱን ሕዝብ ይስማው ነውኮ ነገሩ:: መጽሃፉ የተጻፈው ቀይ ኮከብ ዘመቻ እነደከሸፈ በ1975 እንደ ኢትዮጵያ አቆጣጠር ነው:: በዚህ ምክንያትም ሕይወቱ እንደጠፋ ፕሬዚዳንት መንግስቱ አጥተውት አልነበረም: መጥፋቱንም ከውባንቺ(ከባለቤታቸው) እንደሰሙ ባለፈው የተጻፈው መጽሃፍ ላይ አንብበናል:: ከዚያ ወዲያ ሌላ ትምህርትና ግሳጼ ከየት ይምጣ? ስለ ተስፋዬ ወልደስላሴንና ሌሎች ጉቦኛ የሃገር ጠላቶች በዓሉ ግርማ የማይታመኑ አደገኛ ሰዎች መሆናቸውን በጋዜጠኛነቱና በደራሲነት እውቀቱ ያጋለጠው በኦሮማይ መጽሃፉ ነው::
    ባለፈው ገንት በምትባል ግለሰብ ፕሬዚዳንት መንግስቱን ቃለ መጠይቅ አድርጋ በመጽሃፍ ያሳተመችው መጽሃፍ ላይ ” መንግስቱ ሲናገሩ ” በዓሉ ግርማ መጥፋቱን ከውባንቺ ሰማሁ እንዳሉ: ምልክት ይሆንላቸውም ነበር:: እንደውም በወጣትነት ዘመን ጓደኛሞች እንደነበሩ እርሳቸውም እርሱም ይናገሩ እንደነበር ነው:: ምንም ሆነ ምን መንግስቱ ኃ/ማርያም ጠንካራም ደካማም ጎን አለባቸው:: ለኢትዮጵያ ሃገራችን ውድቀት ተጠያቂው ከ1975 ዓም በፊት በመሃል ሃገር ሕዝብንና ወገንን ሲያውኩ የነበሩ የውስጥ ከሃዲዎች ናቸው:: ኢትዮጵያ ተረጋግታ የራስዋን ሕዝባዊ መንግስት ማቋቋም የምትችበት ወቅት አብዮታዊው የሃገር መከላከያ ሰራዊታችን ከ1975 በኋላና በተለይም በዚያን ጊዜ መንግስቱ ኃ/ማርያም FLEXIBLE መሆኛቸው ጊዜና ከምእራባውያን ሃገሮች ጋር ቀስ በቀስ መግባቢያቸውና ስልጣን ለሕዝብ ማስረከቢያቸው ወቅት ነበር:: ከሕዝብም ምንም መረጃ እንደሌላቸውና ሕዝብ ምን እንደሚናገር እንኴን ያወቁት በኢሕድሪ ሸንጎ ላይ ጥቂት ግለሰቦች ሲናገሩ መደናገጥቸውን በቴሌቭዥን አይተናል::
    የአሁኑ ወንበዴ ወያኔ መሪ ዜናዊ ግን የጠላና የጠጅ ቤት ወሬ ሁሉ ያሳድዳል:: አንዳንዴማ ሲናገር እዚያው የተቀመጠ የጠጅ ቤቱ ጠጅ ቀጂ ነው የሚመስለው::

  6. jiru
    | #6

    who ever you are the only problem you have is identity crises
    its like sub mental illnes coused by guys like isaise whom you think he is gone be there for the next thousend of years to come..kikiki.

    he inject you with this crises its like you want to go some where and cant figer it out whats holding you back to go so you get frustrated,angery ,and you say whats wrong with me i had apointement but cant go .ok i have to make some excuse why i cancelled it,next time the same excuse,then you might get mad,,becouse you dont know whats behaind all this frustration,,,

    what am trying to make the point is every thing ethiopia do you get frustrated and angry,why,, becouse you identity was stolen and cant be part of it this is the problem you have so you need terapy…

    so after therapy every thing will be ok even isaise from his leader you will see him as normal human like you after every ethiopians do you feel like its your owen…after your life .insted of anger will be joy,,insted of jeolouse you will be competitive to achive the same…
    your life will be full of happines ,helpfull,insted of follower you can be a people start wonder and listen to you..

    my friend by changing the way you think change your life!!!!

  7. Language and Culture
    | #7

    How sad! My English is not good and these days, I’m having difficulty understanding Amharic clearly. I am also having difficulty with the mix of American and Ethiopian culture. What a lost cause! I blame Meles and Mengestu for this one too.

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