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As a concerned world rushes to bring help to millions of famine victims in the Horn of

Africa, the brutal regime of Meles Zenawi, which is more to blame than the drought for

the dire situation, has opted to keep silent or to minimize the impact of the tragedy in
Ethiopia. Previous regimes in Ethiopia had also opted for hiding devastating famines
(1973, 1984) and caused hundreds of thousands of unwarranted deaths.

Despite the attempt by the Meles regime and its acolytes to minimize the famine and claim
it is present only in “remote border areas and refugee camps”, the famine spreading like
an epidemic and is presently seriously affecting the regions of Tigray, the Afar, and
Amhara. Somali, Borena, Guji, Burji and Geleb peoples and region. Many millions (at
least five million) are in need of urgent help and are being endangered by the cruel
regime’s attempt to cling to its fiction of economic development and surplus grain
production. Actually, the prevailing famine testifies to the bankrupt agricultural policies
of the regime, its corruption (the sale of stored grain to a foreign country), the
marginalization and impoverishment of the peasantry, the sale of land the size of Belgium
to foreign firms and the chasing off farmers from their lands, etc…are more responsible
for the famine than the almost proverbial drought. Add to this the regime’s bloody anti
insurgency campaign in the Ogaden where the famine has been sued for political and
military ends. Experience (1984) has also proved that the ruling front is known for
massively swindling food aid (and also using it for political purposes) and it should not be
trusted this time around with money and food aid. It should be noted that the Meles
regime has been aided and supported by the USA and the European Union despite its
totalitarian policies, massive repression and gross violations of human rights.

The EPRP condemns the Meles regime for exposing our people to this catastrophe once
again and for trying to cover it up in various ways. It calls on the international bodies to
help the famine victims in the Horn of Africa but to make sure the vultures in power do
not lay their hands on the food aid. The grain stored for emergency situation like the
present famine has been depleted, sold, used up by the regime. In Ethiopia, many more
people than in Kenya and Somalia are starving (consider also that inflation in July shot
up to 39% and food prices increased by more than 41%) but the silence is deafening. Let
us break the silence, condemn the cruel regime and effectively and directly help the
famine victims.

  1. Tadewos
    | #1

    Which one is this? I heard EPRP had gone asunder in two or three hostile factions. That is what leftist thugs do to each other. First they send thousands of not-questioning youths on reckless missions and not thoroughly thought out demonstrations just to die fruitlessly. Then they turn on each other. I wish they were not even born. They crawled out of misguided(self)student movement of the 60′s who espoused the dreadful Lenin, Stalin, Moa, Ho Chi and Castro. These thugs before them had habits of sending 20-30 million of their own innocent citizen to their deaths just at one sitting. This midget back home was one of them and/or the product of such deranged 60′s student movement. Now they are telling us that one of them is better than the other one. TPLF, OLF, ONLF, EPRP, EPLF and their likes have been the scourge of our country and I hope God Almighty would let them succumb to their own medicine. How can you choose a beauty among all these ugly monkeys? I wish they were not even born. They had raised the name of the Almighty in vain and God in return had turned away from them. They are still fighting each other and they will continue to do so until their ultimate doomsday. And it is my daily prayer for the speeding up of that day. There will be no lasting unity until that day. Amen!!!!

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