Britain: the revolt of the underclass By Msmaku Asrat

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The tipping point for the mass demonstration in London was the killing of a young black man in the working class district of Totenham in North London. The anger was exasperated by the fact this young man has four little children at home.

Britain is the most class ridden of all the class divided societies of Europe. The class division had its glorious days during the colonial era when it was said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire” and the ruling classes were basking in the sun from one end of the world to another. No other Empire held sway on so many people around the world as the British ruling classes did. Great Britain “ruled the waves” in the true sense of the word and its dictat was imposed all over the world.

After the Second World War Great Britain was no more. After its loss of India and its other colonies it became “Little England” and as one Zambian Minister said on the dawn of that country’s independence “England was a toothless bull dog”. The old British lion rattled and rolled but could not even come out of its cage. A semblance of its glory days was achieved during Margaret Thatcher, whom the Soviet Union unfortunately called the “Iron Lady”. She had the last hurrah when the British fleet crossed thousands of miles of the Atlantic Ocean to defeat Argentina and free the desolate “British” Falkland Islands. The glory ends here.
In 1932 there was a book written by the noted satirist Evelyn Waugh called Black Mischief. It was a satire about the modernizing efforts of Emperor HaileSelassie. Having failed in that effort, the country would be taken over by the League of Nations. Evelyn Waugh was assigned to Ethiopia as a reporter during the Italian invasion.

The mischief of Britain has not subsided even as her dominions have shrunk and is hanging by her toe nails on Northern Ireland. Meanwhile the British Underclass, called euphemistically as “working class” or even “middle class’ has been sinking deeper in the abyss year after year. The youth are unemployed and are unable to go to college. It costs 24,000 Pounds a year to study at a university. Immigrants could not find a job and have to stay on a meager welfare year after year. The living condition of the poor is pathetic. And yet there is the class division and the “stiff upper lip” pretending that nothing is wrong and meddling in other people’s affairs.

Britain is the staunch supporter of Meles Zenawi and its chief advisor in the Balkanization of Bantustanization of the country. It trains its police force and its security services. Britain is the quintessential White Mischief for Ethiopia. It even distributes hundreds of fake Graduate degrees from its once prestigious Universities, to hundreds of TPLF cadres. It is at the forefront of the destruction of Ethiopia.

Now the chicken has come home to roost in Britain. Like the “Arab Spring” before it, the dark days of winter are coming upon Britain and revolt of the masses will continue and no draconian measure will stop it.

Can we say that “Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God”

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    You write some crap!

    Britain has these sort of steam letting ever 25 years or so. Nothing to it. The memory will quickly fade. And the Falkland islands had 2000 + people living there. Maggie was great … she would take any crap from the dregs of our society. Nor should Cameron !

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