Revival of politicisation of ethnicity By Yared

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This commentary is the edited version of an offline discussion with Dr. Getachew Begashaw. It was triggered when G7 and OLF had a meeting in Arlington, VA, on July 10, 2011. The speakers of the meeting were Dr. Berhanu Nega of G7, Dr Nuro Dedefo of OLF and Dr. Getachew Begashaw (as an independent).

I watched this meeting on YouTube and felt uncomfortable by Dr. Getachew Begashaw’s appreciation of OLF and ONLF flying flags together with that of Ethiopia.

This made me search for Dr. Getachew’s email address to send a polite note why I do not agree and asking him why he thinks that the Ethiopian flag does not represent the Oromos and Ogandens to rally around.

To be honest, I didn’t expect a reply. In fact I feared a defensive or antagonistic reply we often see from Ethiopian politicians but Dr. Getachew understood my anxiety and sent me a reply explaining what he meant and in what ways his approach may not lead to my conclusion.

This put the ball in my quarter and I had to scratch my head and articulate my points. What took me by surprise is that rather than being antagonistic which we often see in Ethiopian politics, Dr Getachew came back with generous reply and even encouraged me to publish what I wrote to start the debate on the public forum.

I found Dr Getachew rational and open minded to discuss any issues. He also promised to come-up with an article to explain his points.

So it is on this basis and Dr Getachew’s suggestion that I am posting my concern for the benefit of the wider public. My concern is about the further politicisation of ethnicity, in what ways it could be dangerous for the survival of the country, whether it can bring about a democratic governance and prosperity in the country.

Below is my reply with a few editions.

Selam Dr. Getahew,

Thank you for your explanation and understanding of my worries. It gave me an opportunity to think and reflect. In my view this is a serious issue that we all need to worry; just in case our action becomes a catalyst for revival of ethnic parties and a contributing factor for the demise of our country.

If Ethiopia is led in to the direction of breakup, ethnic cleansing and an endless war, we cannot escape from judgement of history by pointing our fingers on others.
Even if we do not have a role to play, the future generation would look back at the time where the country comes to an end to ask where these idiots came from to inherit a proud country and reduce her into piles of rubbles and extinction.

History teaches us that while some generations are nation builders, some are nation destroyers engaging in pity squabbles to pass slavery to their children.]]

Roland Regan is not Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson; he was a charming cowboy, but he had made one important observation that best describes our situation.

He said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them…”
We should not forget that it took only one Indian generation to sell their country to a British East India Trading Company and let many subsequent generations of Indians suffer and humiliated over the span of 400 years.

Already this generation is not going to be remembered for the monuments and Obelisks it erected, the poetry and artistic creations or for inventing iPhone or cracking of human Genome. Its place in history is assured as missionary of destruction through waging mindless civil wars, ideological fanaticism, starvation, ethnic cleansing, terror and making Ethiopians maids to the Middle East.

Millions of people have perished in the last 40 years through ideological driven “uncivil war” and political persecutions and the end is not yet in sight.

The destructive journey that was started over 40 years ago has been eating the country away and has not yet stopped. And yet, there seems to be a lack of intellectual capability and unwillingness to stop and reflect. We are engaged in doing the same thing again and again and expect different results. It is from this perspective that I see the momentum being built for the formation of EPRDF version-2 as the last nail in Ethiopia’s coffin.
Of course, I fully understand your points and motives but I want to bring my worries to your attention. This is to help you think about it from different perspective but not criticise your approach.

Allow me to elaborate in what ways your attempt to bring back the ethnic organisations would have the opposite effect. First, these are self-appointed organisations which represent themselves and we should not assume that they are representative of the ethnic groups.

If we take the logic of first-formed-first-representative, then we may end up making TPLF, OLF, ANDM, etc the only legitimate representatives of the people of Tigray, Oromo, Amhara, Ogaden, Gambela etc.

Appeasing self-appointed ethnic organisations will surely leads to ostracization and silencing of the members of ethnic groups who want to celebrate their Ethiopian identity. If you praise the OLF flag, where does it leave an Oromo person who opposes the views and goals of OLF and want to fly the Ethiopian flag?

Let me give you a good example by telling you what one Eritrean friend who always maintained his Ethiopian identity told me before the Eritrean independence.
He said, at the start, there were many Eritreans who opposed ELF/EPLF arguing Eritrean strong link with Ethiopian. However, he said, it was when the so called the Ethiopian ‘progressives’ came to endorse the views of the secessionist movements that we were reduced to backward individuals who are instruments of the monarchy.

This politician and academic has always opposed EPLF all his life by arguing that the interest of the Eritrean people would not be served by secession of Eritrea except installing two dictators and two flags but the others felt intimidated by the so called Ethiopian Student Movement & “progressive” forces to toe in line with Shabia.

The Eritrean populous and some of the critics of secession had better chance of influencing the course of history for good had it not been, in his word, the “Ethiopian progressives” advocating the views of Shabia and Jebeha.

Since then those who are arguing for democratisation rather than separation are considered traitors not to be given a chance at all. They were intimidated, killed and silenced.
So, endorsing self-appointed secessionist groups as a legitimate representatives of those groups is nothing but knifing of those who still celebrate their Ethiopian identity. It is these groups that should be encouraged, supported and protected.

Our experience with Eritrea should have been a good lesson. ESM and others who call themselves elites of the society thought EPLF and ELF were progressive forces that the Ethiopian left movement can create alliances to fight the monarchy. Once you start nationalism, you cannot put it back on a leash. Nationalism is about “us” and “them”.
No matter how apologetic and sympathetic one can be, the “them” will never be allowed to have a say in “us” affairs.

An Indian academic who did extensive work on ethnic nationalism define ethnic nationalism to have three features (Kancan Chandra, 2004).
Ethnic nationalism is ascriptive. First, it has to define “us” and “them”, “insiders” and “outsiders”.

It is exclusionist. It has to block the view of anyone considered an “outsider” no matter what the view of the so called outsider is beneficial. For example, no matter one has a concern for Tigray, Oromia, Ogaden unless one is a Tigrean, an Oromo, or Somali, i.e. an “insider”, he would not be considered to have the best interest of the people in the eyes of liberators to be allowed to contribute for the political process.

By definition and birth mark, he/she cannot join TPLF/OLF/OPDO/ONLF etc. It is the same with EPLF and it will be the same with ONLF. No matter how hard Berhanu and Andargachew promote the cause of ONLF, they are outsiders and they will never ever be allowed to influence the course of ONLF.

A good example to look is the relationship between EPRP and TPLF. EPRP had all the sympathy for ethnic rights but it was chased out of Tigray in the 1970s using the same exclusionist strategy. You mentioned that you quoted the Aregawi of 2011 but it is the same Aregawi of the 1970s who had used this exclusionist strategy to lead an army and chase EPRP out of Tigray.

The third thing is that ethnic parties have patronage structure. Ethnic organisations are a cheaper and simpler imitation of the monarchy. There could be only one ethnic representative. It is only one group; one leader has the best interest of the group and can speak for the ethnic or nationalist group. There can be only one TPLF, OLF, and ONLF etc. There cannot be diversity of opinions or choices. It is for this reason that TPLF fought first the other Tigrean liberation front “Tehat” from the start and EPLF has to fight ELF.

Still, for example, TPLF may tolerate multi-ethnic parties to have a small stake in Tigray but it will not let another TPLF to emerge. OLF assumes that there won’t be OPDO by the time it reaches for power. But if it exists as an organisation, there is no doubt that it will fight it until it is eliminated. That is why I think the Ethiopian student movement terribly failed to understand nationalism.

Of course, there were no libraries, access to internet, books or media to pick all these basic concepts in the 1970s. Most of the students’ knowledge was based on hearsays rather than material researches. As a result, the students failed to foresee and understand the very nature and potential of nationalism to become an instrument of division.
In a way it may be difficult to blame the likes of Walellegne and co. for indulging in a subject which they didn’t understand. Nevertheless, there can not be a sound and logical excuse for politicians who spent all their life in politics and academics to claim ignorance of the danger.

We should not also forget the cultural settings. The 1970s students were deacons who were serving in churches and who came from deeply traditional religious society. Thus, they took everything not through critical thinking and reflection but through dogmatic view of religion. Put simply politics became their new faith.

As you know, faith is believing in a thing that you could not see, understand or verify. If you can test it and prove it, it will be called science.
They simply abandoned their religious faith to be born again in a new religion, where Stalin becomes the new Jesus Christ. Of course, you know what happened next. Questioning the virtues of the Stalinists view of the world became blasphemy.

This blind faith in Stalin led to righteous indignation and outrage against whoever does not buy the Stalin’s theory of nations and nationalities.

In the beauty of hindsight, one can see a parallel between ESM and modern day Taliban’s of Afghanistan. Both couldn’t possibly think that they could be wrong or there could be an alternative truth to that of theirs. Being brought up during the revolution, I see the same righteousness of their beliefs.

Since then, the world has changed. Marxism has gone bankrupt. The Berlin Wall had come down. The self appointed vanguard of the mass (the new age monarchies of the East) have been swept out of power. Socialism as ideology was put on trial. And yet, Stalinism is still a governing principle and the mind-set of the revolutionary generation. It is mind boggling to note that many couldn’t think out of this mind-set!

You well know that the government in power is an ethnic based organisation that struggled under the banner of the Stalin theory – nations and nationalities. It claims to fight and die defending the nations and nationalities right to self-determination up to and including secession And the alternative presented in Washington conference is exactly the same.
The opposition, the likes of ONLF and OLF, are carbon copies of the ruling party in power. They went back in 1991 to set up the transitional government, banned pan-Ethiopian political parties from taking part in the transitional government, drafted the controversial constitution and declared that Ethiopia’s 3000 years ills have been resolved with endorsement of nations and nationalities rights to self-determinations (Article 39).

The other guys, like Dr Berhanu and Ato Andargachew, were also the ones who accompanied TPLF to power, took part in partitioning of the Ethiopian society under imaginary ethnic boundaries, dismantled the national institutions like the army, trade-unions, and pan-Ethiopian institutions, wrote pamphlets why the Amharas need to organise along the “ethnic” line.

Then we were told that the vision of Ato Walelegne has been implemented to start and enjoy the golden 1000 years of peace. We were also told that the old imperial Ethiopia has been dismantled for good in exact manner prescribed by the student movement to be re-created on wilful association of the nations and nationalities.

Now 20 years fast forward, the same guys are working to recreate the failed June 1991 conference. Why? Certainly, not because they have ideological differences with the ruling party but because of the power and privilege they have lost during the power struggle. They are angry because they are pushed out into the cold and back to 9-5 work.

Rather than pausing and reflecting to rectify the mistakes they have made in the last 40 years, they are back again into their comfort zone with the creation of EPRDF Version 2.
Now two ethno-centric political forces are dominating the political arena. One is led by TPLF and the Other by OLF. Out of these two groups, I expected some sort of pan-Ethiopian political forces to have a say, why both cannot bring about democracy, tolerance and prosperity.

What makes me feel sad is that the independent minds appear to shift their goal post to appease/endorse rather than standing firm to present/advocate the Ethiopian cause.
As a long standing political advocate and no member of any ethnic parties, I expected the likes of you to present a compelling case why Ethiopia belongs to all of us, and why we need to rally together under Ethiopian flag, just like united Egyptians, Tunisians and others to bring about a democratic change, equality and prosperity to all.

If you could not speak about Ethiopia passionately and eloquently, who should then? I didn’t write to Ato Andargachew or Dr Berhanu because I believe they are happy to accompany another ethnic political party to power and have few years honeymoon and get a kick on the teeth. But I thought you are different and I expected more.

Any Ethiopian who feels strongly about survival of Ethiopia should not encourage or flirt with flying ethnic flags. Engagement is important. Debate is even better. But appeasement is naivety and making the same mistake again and again. OLF and ONLF were weakened organisations. Now thanks to G7, they are given a new lease of life.

The OLF nationalism, like the EPLF, needs a symbolic enemy and has to invent distinct identity to advance its own distinct and separate national feeling. The same goes to ONLF. As you have seen in the political programme, ONLF doesn’t give a damn to its words to express its feeling towards Ethiopia.

And yet there was no one at the Washington conference to say, hang on a minute, Ethiopia belongs to all of you and please let us not destroy her.

I expected that was your natural role. That is why I felt I have to write to you. I hope when you get the chance next time, you would stand up to make a cause for need for united and democratic Ethiopia for the benefit of all of us. No one lose from a democratic and united Ethiopia.

I didn’t expect a reply and I really appreciate that. Thank you again for taking your time and thought provoking idea. Hope you take my views in good faith.


  1. tewbel
    | #1

    Thank you Ato Yared for putting things in the right and honest perspective.

  2. mercato
    | #2

    Excellent analysis- of course ONLF, OLF, TPLF are not going to be interested in this. One problem though, I disagree with the premise that emphasis on ethiopian survival and unity. “Any Ethiopian who feels strongly about survival of Ethiopia should not encourage or flirt with flying ethnic flags”— thats wrong. any Ethiopian that cares about human rights, rule of law and democracy- should not encourage or flirt with enthinc nationalism. ‘Us’ comes first. The same apply if the survival of Ethiopia is going to threaten huam values. Why I should stand against TPLF, ONF etc if the one ethiopia is also a source of the problem?

  3. amazing
    | #3

    “If we take the logic of first-formed-first-representative, then we may end up making TPLF, OLF, ANDM, etc the only legitimate representatives of the people of Tigray, Oromo, Amhara, Ogaden, Gambela etc.” Very well said. This is my fear, the few ethnic groups like TPLF today is going to decide for the rest of Tigray is the dangerous point. At first, to prove the point, T{PLF focused on Tigrayans in favoritism Tigray only, we do see some development, opportunity for Tigrayans. If Tigrayans are not silent, they should still make their voice the coming of TPLF was beneficial to them. If they do, indeed some have benefited, but there should be vote, what will be their future life within Ethiopia, shunning and looking down the rest of Ethiopia and making themleves queens and kings one day has detrimental for them. However through the help of the West (colonialist then), Burundi and Rwanda experimented mnority ruling, even though I don’t know much about how long the tutsies ruled, it had worked where Tutsies ruled for a long time. Even today the power of Tutsies have been restored when Kagame took over. How much of equality is there now in Rwanda or is history again repeating itself? That remains to be seen. We then have seen what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Remember the power for minority control is very crucial for the West to control resources. Today, it is being practiced in Ethiopia how 6 millions are now taking control of the rest of the population. There is consequences later for Tigrayans if this continues.

    The LFs are not by the way by themselves there are many who want the demise of Ethiopia for their own reasons. What do the LFs want then, the coming up LFs who is not in power today such as OLF and oNLF have seen a chance and seen the experiment of what ethnic ruling means. It is interesting if they now believe that and if they are genuine that what the ethnic ruling they wanted has now been achieved through tPLF. If not, what are they going to do any different? As they are focusing just on Oromos and Somalis, what is their relations with the rest of Ethiopians disregarding the leadership? What will it be their goal after cessation then? Take for example Eritrea, it fought a 30 year war for indpendence and it achieved that. What Eritrea is not telling you is that, it is in desperate need for goods and economic boost. OOOps, they realize just now or since their independence that they cannot make Eritrea like Singapore their dream because there is no way to boost their economic system without Ethiopia! Any logical person will first and foremost would have thought about that before waging war on its mother Ethiopia. Eritrea also very much depended on TPLFs power in Ethiopia that was the goal, actually, Eritrea will defend at any cost the TPLF and TPLF will preserve the survival of Eritea by transfering resources to Eritrea from Ethiopia. Ethiopians will have no say or will be too weak to say anything. In the mean time, Eritrea will boost OLF, ONLF and Somaila to stop the strengthening of any rebels against Shaebia and TPLF. The harboring of OLF and EPPF in Shaebia is farce because the reason it is accepting them especially EPPF especially after the fall out with TPLF, to keep threatening tPLF and eventually when Shaebia have no use for EPPF, it will destroy them. Fortunately for Ethiopia, the dream of Shaebia to make Eritrea Singapore through Ethiopian and using TPLF ended although secretly it has not ended. Theree is still secret negotiatons between them in case something comes up to destory either TPLF or shaebia. What is the role of OLF and ONLF? They will just be spectators until tPLF is saying ok, I have amassed what ever much resource I want and now you can have your used up land. Mind you, these spectaors are also in secret negotations with outside world and also waiting for TPLF until it had enough, until it has destoryed their society, and what is frighteneing is that until this day especially OLF its problem is past leaders when past leaders among Oromos defended their land and today, the land is under the threat because OLF especially chose to be spectator for the piece of pie by sacrificing the Oromos. The point is are LFs really stand for their own people, if so, are they leaving their generation in animosity with other ethnic groups?

    That is good point when you say, G7, like OLF and ONLF has been used for TPLF to hold power,is being used until the agenda of ONLF and OLF is achieved with the main advisor, Shaebia. I advocate for G7 and any Ethiopians to interact and negotiate with these groups or their followers that somehow to bring peace and unity together however, to completely be the vehicle to push their agenda and implement any plan, G7 should take caution very much. If they are real in their negotiation also, they must reveal who is behind them as well.

    The issue for G7 is that it had realized that unity is important, therefore, it should attempt the unity of Ethiopia’s cause not based on unity as a separate entity as if ONLF and OLF are outside of Ethiopia, welll literally they are, but they calim they represent the Somalis and Oromos within Ethioia. TPLF is actually playing a huge favor for ONLF and OLF, that is why I say they all work in secrets against the rest of Ethiopians. That is, for power hungry ONLF and OLF who might take after TPPLF, they are sacrificing through TPLF the Oromos and Somalis as TPLF is waging wars, civil wars and starvation in these areas so that to make the people of Oromo and Somali say yes, we will join ONLF and OLF to fight Ethiopia and we no longer want to be Ethiopian. This is what all tPLF, OLF and ONLF are betting on so that this will expedite the disintegration of Ethiopia. Remember, TPLF killed and assasinated Tigrayans by setting up Mengistu and indeed Tigrayans joined TPLF against not only Mengistu but also Ethiopians. So it requires for these Liberation fronts to sacrificed their own to reach the ultimate victory. so let us no fall prey under their scheme.

    Ethnic policy is now playing to slowly dimantle Ethiopia. Amara domination has nothing to do with having a country Ethiopia. Everyone wihtin Addis Abeba has lived in modernity, this has nothing to do with being Amara. The reason why TPLF is gaining more power especially to the people outside of Addis ababa is the inferioriy complex that seems to be linked as if Addis ababa is modern. So there are many who grew up outside of Addis who believe the coming of TPLF for them because it is driving out the Addis Abeba dwellers who were once there so they are driving out those who understand about urbanism. The reason people live in Addis is because of their profession compelled them to be there, the farmers dwelled outside because that is their profession. Like any urban and rural, there is obvious difference in every country, go see people in other countries, there are urban and rural dwellers that have distinct character and there is also obvious stereotype against rural dwellers. So every tPLF and Meles supporters are against Addis dwellers.So their claim is probably amara. Is Amara without a fault? Of course not, but Amara seems to have the ability especially int he central area to be inclusive, accepting etc..there are Amaras who perpetuate till this day as extremists as well their ignorance is beyond and fail to recognize Ethioopia is over 80 ethnic groups and must wake up and improve their relations with these people before it is too late for them and the rest of the country.

    Long live peaceful Ethiopia

    Great discussion Yared.

  4. Samuel
    | #4


    It is difficult to make sense of who is who these days. The Woyane propaganda machine is also using the same logic as the Amhara extremists. Perhaps we may refrain from commenting on these articles bbecause there does not seem to be genuine discussion.

  5. Yohannes
    | #5

    The issue raised by Yared are relevant. One thing we need to ask is all these groups were part of the transitional government when the constitution was drafted and the ethnic homelands were drawn. One thing we need to ask is what has changed? If they didn’t recognise the rights of multi-ethnic political groups when they had power, why do we expect them to respect the rest of the society? EPRP was banned from taking part in the TG and no multi-ethnic political party was allowed to have a say in the TG. I do not expect G7 to be allowed to operate in Ogaden under ONLF and Oromia under OLF. As defended in the article ethnic parties are exclusionist and we should not expect miracles. But it is time to discuss pros and cons of politicisation of ethnicity and I agree with the author. In fact, the strategy is going to make EPRDF more acceptable to Ethiopians while the opposition are pushed as fringe element. If we are fighting for democracy and respect for human right, we have to take human in its holistic nature. Of course, ethinic political parties have every right to organise themselves and demand but not with my money and my support. I need the guarantee first that my rights are respected as human being first. I do not want to be discreminated due to things I have no control.

  6. ጉረኞች
    | #6

    It would have been a horrible decision if you have not shared this excellent analysis. Dr. Getachew deserve credit for encouraging you to share it. ወላድ በድባብ ትሂድ applies here as well. Where is Dr. Getachew’s first response to you defending his position how his appeasement to separatist groups does not intimidate the Pan Ethiopianism. As you rightly put it the case of Dr. Brhanu and Ato Andargachew is የበስበስ ዝናብ አይፈራም ነው ጉዳዩ. Where are the other leaderships of Ginbot 7, what we see in public are the same two guys in all events, the others are simple cadres. They need to come out and be accountable for their back door decision.

  7. Samuel
    | #7


    The readers of your web site deserve a balanced act. I would like you to post Dr. Getachew’s article so that people of good will have the opportunity to assess the pros and cons of the current poltical trend. For those racists who would like to see Ethiopia in only their own terms we would like to let them know that we do not ask for their support nor do we care what they stand for.

  8. ጉታንባር
    | #8

    እኔ ስለኢቶጵያ ምን አገባኝ?? አሁን ጭንቅቴ ሁሉ ኦሮሚያያያያ ብቻ ነዉ::

  9. love
    | #9

    I have been thinking which Ephrem Madebo enlightened me to his recent article on Ethiomedia. People, we are forgetting what we are being told to give up. ETHIOPIA! ETHIOPIA EXISTED way before those anti Ethiopians who want the demise of Ethiopia using our people. The issue of oppression has nothing to do with the existance of ETHIOPIA. ETHIOPIA IS NON NEGOTIABLE BECAUSE IT HAD EXISTED IN THE BIBLE AND QURAN. Therefore, how can we be lead to have doubt about ETHIOPIA. Those who use oppression to dismantle ETHIOPIA are the devil worshippers against bible and quran. As a proud Oromo and let me emphasise, NON AMARAN They may want to form Tigray and Oromia, that is their choice, but let me have my choice in living in the ancient biblical and quran nation called Ethiopia and proud of it. This message should be circulating for all over the world so that they too have the duty to preserve ETHIOPIA. ETHIOPIA, LIKE ISRAEL IS NON NEGOTIABLE!!!

  10. aha!
    | #10

    Thank you for bringinging it up in a way that the conference of Ginbot 7 and inadvertently the Interview of Ayal-Sew Dessie and Andargachew Tigue may have the chance to be rehashed in the open in Abugidainfo discussion forum. Your narratives into the core issues of Ethiopian politics and/or policies, which the pro-democracy movements in Europe and North America to my understanding have further diminished the non-violent uprising for freedom rather than democracy by sticking to the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity for Ethiopia and Ethiopians, to set them apart from the negative forces of disintegration of TPLF/eprdf regime, with the mantra of “nochange but durable democracy and being engaged in a subset of the national agenda of democracy, human rights and justice, which are by products of a free society. To add to that, the contrasting view between Andargachew Tisgue and Ayal-Sew Dessie on Hiberet/”tibibir, possibly reflecting non-violent uprising to freedom and democracy and armed struggle is not clear to me, but Andargachew’s point of view is that of an alliance bewteen the liberation movements and Ginbot 7, but not of merger over the common goal for unity, territorial integrity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, a secenario that has been plotted while the Kinijit Officials were in prison forming AFD and latter continued after their release by Dr. Berhanu Nega and Ato Andargachew Tigue, which the major part of Kinijit has part off to a secenario. To my understanding both in the busisness and in political organisation, the notion of alliance with different objectives, rather than merger with the same goals does do not achieve the same end results, especially if the alliance maintains ethnic and/secessionist politics and/policies with with underlying totaliarinism from the Derg regime and Marxist inlination of TPLF that spearheaded the liberation movements of the oppression of nations and nationalities, resulting into ethnic fedrealism of nine ethnic regions instead of the original 14-15 provinces of assorted etnic groups living together in harmony much like species populations of plants and animals in Ethiopian Landmass following the natural and man made laws to disintegrate in feudalistic ethnic states and talk about democracy on top of ethnic rights and secessionist rights, superceding individual rights is at the core of the problem.

    I fully agree and support yor narratives and it fits the modular approach to decribing the Ethiopian humanitarian, economic and political crises as being in the hands of the positive forces of integration and the negative forces of disintegration, which became apprent since the 2005 election. Since this scenario is not a matter of compromise in a democratic dialogue, but is a matter of tipping the balance towards the positive forces of integration, falls under the mercy of the “teletafi parties and the loyalist opposition parties” in terms of non-violent uprising to freedom and democracy and the liberation movements in terms of freedom and democracy, need to coalsce aroung the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in a binding agreement. This calls for adhering to the criteria for both the politician and their supporters to adhere to Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Intersts ahead of of Ethic and secessionist rights, as well as individual rights ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights, and their indivividual political outlook to Ethiopian first and ones ethnicity second in order to merge under the common goals and strategies to achive those goals to dismantle ethnic and secessionist politics and or policies with underlying totaliarinism, ethnic fedrederalism and secessionism that does allow for implementation and imposition of free enterprise capitalism and democracy of the people by the people and of the people where the government rules by the rules by the consent of the governed, which has been debilitated by new order of alignment of parties under UDJP and the coalition of UDJP with the loyalist opposition parties and the alliance being formed by Ginbot 7 with the liberation movements, which similar to the previous AFD.

  11. aha!
    | #11

    Correction: which the major part of Kinijit has “no” part to that secenario. And also the phrase by sticking to “not sticking” the national agenda for…..

  12. aha!
    | #12

    Yes, your are also right of recreation Eprdf vesion 2, from the context of the armed struggle, but eprdf version 2 has been created in the last few years in the form of (Tigrai-harena)/fdd/fdre, which I described as mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, which has dissipated after 2010 election, which served as a three -way tug of war in the 2010 election with KAEUP, EDP and other with national agenda.

  13. Mushe
    | #13

    “There were many Eritreans who opposed ELF/EPLF arguing Eritrean strong link with Ethiopian. However, he said, it was when the so called the Ethiopian ‘progressives’ came to endorse the views of the secessionist movements that we were reduced to backward individuals who are instruments of the monarchy.”

    “Stalinism is still a governing principle and the mind-set of the revolutionary generation. It is mind boggling to note that many couldn’t think out of this mind-set!’ Bravo Ato Yared for a well-thought out and practical experience that you elaborated. We are supposed to learn from our experiences, but we the 1970′d genertion seem to revert back to our old ways rather mistakes again and again. G7 didn’t learn from its disasterous Horn of Africa conferences that gave EPLF and TPLF the forum to recruit followers, to quiet or intimidate others into silence. Now we have moved the so-called AFD another infamous forum that resusated OLF to life. Now once again we are trying to do the same. Dr. Begashaw seems to bend with the wind instead of standing on his own two feet and defending what he believes in. I doubt that he likes ethnic groups who claim to be representatives of entire ethnic groups anymore than any of us, but he lacks the courage of saying what should be said. Thanks, Yared, for saying what any intelligent and sensible person should say.

  14. aha!
    | #14

    Correction: In the last sentence, does allow, should read does not allow
    for tor the implementation …….

  15. aha!
    | #15

    Yes, you were also right when you indicated that the then liberation movements, perhaps those spearheaded by TPLF and/or EPLF have replaced their religious faith with “stalinst view of the world”/blind faith in Stalin”;what you left out is that TPLF/eprdf regime embraced the orthodox church as a political tool.

    In contrast, having embraced those attributes mentioned previously, Ethiopians need to acquire faith and reason that Ethiopian Nationalism and Its National Interests and the sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians will be restored through a scientific problem solving formula using the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals in a non-violent uprising to freedom from autocratic, ethnocratic rule/ethnic dictatorship with the underlying totaliarinism of the degr regime and its own Marxisit/Stalinist inclinations. Without uniting on a clear goals and commensurate strategies to achieve those goals as well as meging of the different factions instead of alliance it will imosible to render freedom to the silent majority of Ethiopians.

  16. aha!
    | #16

    Addendum: Please add to the criteria in the last paragraph of my first commentary, ” restore the original provinces with their ethnic diversity” to form a federated states, replacing the the nine ethnic states/regions to dismantle ethnic federalism and secessionism along with totaliarianism.

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