Why Eritrea is not begging for food aid ? By Tedla Asfaw

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I hold Meles Zenawi’s regime accountable for the famine in Ethiopia. I argued on medias why our starved people are not covered on local as well as International medias like the coverage given to Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya and Mogadishu, Somalia. Meles Zenawi is trying to blame this famine on Al Shabab and Isaias, seems he succeeded in that. The starvation victims are mostly Somali and Ethiopians, many children. From watching foreign medias,however, this is the starvation of Somalia not Ethiopia.

Al Shabab controlled areas starved people are flocking to Mogadishu for aid and Shabab is forced/retreat from Mogadishu and the starving people under its control are fleeing to save their children. Eritrea which is mentioned among the countries which need aid by USAID and aid agencies is put in the same category as Al Shabab. How absurd ?

Isaias is accused by food aid agencies and by State Department for blocking aid to his country. We have not seen starving Eritreans crossing to neighboring countries for food like many in Ethiopia did and went to Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. Ambassador Johnnie Carson should substantiate his accusation of Isaias denying food aid to his people. Mr. Carson at least should travel to neighboring countries bordering Eritrea and find out the starving Eritreans fleeing and Isaias security blocking them. Otherwise it is just joining the club of Meles Zenawi to condemn a regime who is not friendly to the West.There are many unfriendly nations which are feeding their people and why Eritrea is different unless there is another motive behind this, maybe orchestrating a regime change in Asmara ?

Isaias government self reliance if it is successful should be a lesson for Ethiopia that has been on food aid for almost two decades. It seems to me that the West are now accusing Eritrea for anything wrong in the Horn. Isaias can be accused like others in the Horn for being undemocratic but we never heard the West accusing Meles Zenawi for being undemocratic too. If you do not beg for food aid you should be commended not vilified.

If you take U2 singer Bono’s recent word from his appearance on CNN there is no starvation in Tigray, Ethiopia because of work done after the catastrophic draught of 1984-85, he wanted to emulate Meles Zenawi’s regime and do the same in Somalia. What Bono forget is Ethiopia is not only Tigray, we have more than five million people who need emergency food and he better asks Meles Zenawi why he failed to feed all Ethiopians after millions in food aid and money for the last two decades.

The truth of the matter why Tigray is not starved is because there is Safety Net, plenty of food donated by foreign agencies, under the control of government cadres.People in Tigray have to work in forestry and water conservation to get their food ration and small amount of money.If Isaias put such program without any outside help that is commendable and should all learn from Eritrea’s experience.

I can assure you that you can really find out which country is in business of begging among the countries led by “African breed “. Check out how much the ruler personal fortune is. The higher the wealth of the tyrant the worst the dictator and most likely the people, his subjects are looking for food aid. Eritrea and Isaias Afeworki might be on the bottom of this list.

  1. Mesmer Gebru
    | #1

    Tedla Asefaw – you better know that Eritrea and Ethiopia are two different countries. Before you speak or write about Eritrea you better study or do research past and present hisstsory and administration. Eritrean people buy their custom or character they never come out speak their bad side. it means they keep it secret. At times of necessity also they are forced to shut up. By comparison Eritrean famine is worse than Ethiopian. The Eritrean people is only allowed one bread a day. And most Eritrean cannot afford one. Most of the land of Eritrea is confiscated by the government or the rtammpant generals. I can go on and on…….

  2. Zerayakob Yared
    | #2


    በእኔ አስተያየት ቀዳማዊ ኅይለስላሴ አንድ ጊዜ ብቻ ሃቀኛ ቃል ሰንዝረው አልፈዋል, እርሱም “መሬቱ ነው እንጂ እናንተ አታስፈልጉንም, ስለሆነም ወደ ፈለጋችሁበት ልትሄዱ ትችላላችሁ!” ነበር::

    ይሄንን ያሉት ወደየ አረቡና ሰላቶው ቤት እየሄዱ የኢትዮጵያንና የኢትዮጵያውያንን ስም ሲያጎድፉና ሲያሳብቁ ይዉሉ ለነበሩት ባንዶች ነበር::

  3. denden
    | #3

    Chane like your name your head as well is is oveloaded by dimwit and useless mind. Read what the guy has written insteade of opening your filthy mouth that can not constract a proper sentence.
    First go to school and learn to read and write properly.
    Secondly analyse insteade of accusing baseless like your god melles.

  4. Bravo
    | #4

    I hope the hidden starvation in Eritrea will no come out as a calamity and surprise all beyond regret.

  5. Bravo Second
    | #5

    I am changing my name to Bravo2nd because you wrote welcome back Bravo and I am joining you for the first time and that means there was another user with the username of Bravo.

    I hope this correction will be acceptanle to you and the previous Bravo will not get mad at me knowing that it was not intentional but accidental.

    Wish you success in your efforts to practice balanced reporting but believe me Issayas is like a dog’s tail that never gets straight how many times you try to do it.


  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    As an eritrean, I have to say we have done well so far under the obstacles and difficulties we have faced in the last twenty years of our independence. As we all know, our only obstacle is the ruling puppet Ethiopian government and the U.S. cononial policy. I have faith in my people. we are confident,and hard working driven individuals. Eritrea will prevail like always. All we have to do is ignore these cheap propogandas spead by the Ethiopians instead continue on the march for development and progress to better our lives and more importantly support our country as usual.

  7. Bravo Second
    | #7

    Dear Anonymous better say as a KEBESSAN than as an Eritrean. I say this becuase I strongly believe that we the Kebessans (Highlanders)be it Christian, Jeberti or the Saho (Assawerta)are the menace for Eritrea because of our opportunistic stands and people who never initiate but destined to follow but at the same time we want to look as if we are the vangurds of independent Eritrea. People blinded by Guaila.

    If you are a child it doesn’t matter, but if you are an adult how come you call the organization that helped the EPLF to liquidate a national liberation front the distigushed ELF. It is the same front that spoiled our cause the Eritrean cause that is ruling Ethiopia and leading it into darknes using the same propagand ploy your masters in Asmara are using. In the name of development. About the abuse of the regime in Eritrea, unless you want to close your eyes and deafen your ears tell one thing that the governoment has done with out the helping hands of the population. What is so far done in Eritrea be it building dams, schools and other infracures are all done by the Warssay Yekallo victims as a SLAVE LABOUR. MARTYRES MOTHERS AND FATHERS, MARTYRES WIVES AND CHILDREN ARE ALL TAKEN CARE BY GENEROUS DIASPORA AND ABLE LOCAL ERITREANS. This is just to give you a brief picture of the situation in the country so that knowingly or unknowingly not be a puppet to the regime that is destroying the country beyond repair.


  8. Ethiopia
    | #8

    Dear I would be so grateful if you could all give you comment only refering Woyane and Shabiya. Please Please leave alone the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Because these two nations are brothers and sister I do believe there are a number of Ethiopians having a stepsiter/stepbrother or halfsister/halfbrother living in Eritrea and the revers is also true. So I kindly ask you all if don’t critisize saying Ethiopian of Eritrean they all are just peace loving nations. The leader?????????????????????

  9. Peace justice lover.
    | #9

    Eritreans never depend on any government who ruled Eritrea before or present. Eritreans always depend on each other and share with each other. Rich Eritreans generally are generous. Cause Eritreans are in general God feared people sharing their wealth with their poor relatives and acquaintances is part of their duties and behavior. Eritrean government doesn’t care if Eritreans are starving or hungry. Viva to ordinary Eritreans.

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