Stope Meles’ troops from gang raping even pregnant women with impunity! By haileyesus paulos

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When an eight month pregnant woman has been gang raped and her unborn child ended up in forced “Still birth” from an unconcious mother, “Meles” as a “chief of the Army commander of a country” has never heard about it. When we talk though about “meles troops” it should be understood that we are talking about the AKA “AGAZI” but doesn’t include so many innocent and poor army members who are included there – as long as they haven’t commited the same crime. We know that poor and innocent soldiers and officers are also suffering under the same tyranny. The dictator has blocked access to neutral TV programmes, Radio, journalism and internet services and he thinks he has achieved a total black out in Ethiopia at this age of civilization and electronics technology. He is expecting a positive effect for his evil deeds. This is all to vein and he is totaly mistaken. The following statments were taken from the words of the very victims of rape by “Meles” atrocious troops.

Let the tyrant know that exept himself the whole world has alredy heard about his terible inhuman acts of sever horrendous violations. Here are the words of the voiceless poor for you to read Mr. “Commander in Chief of the Army, ground foce, Aire defence, police and security of Ethiopia”, “Chief negotietor for Africa” and also Chairman of EPRDF, and TLF CC, a husbund of “first lady” as well:

1) words of victim of rape: “They beat me then started to rape me; I screamed and fought with them… I tried to bite them… they tied me this way,” she said, gesturing to her legs.“They raped me in a room, one of them was standing on my mouth, and one tied my hand, they were taking turns, I fainted during this… I can’t say how many, but they were many in the army,” she said.

2) words of victim of another rape:“They were beating me while I was being raped, I was bleeding,” she said, describing how one soldier stamped on her stomach and beat her with the stock of his rifle:“I fell unconscious when I saw my baby… a man jumping on your stomach, you can imagine what happened to the child, very big kicks blows with the back of a gun. As a consequence of that the child died.” The list could go on in hundreds and many thousands of course!

“Meles troops” beat up pregnant women on their stomach after gang raping and yet the tyrant has never heard about it and no one was charged against any crime since 20 years now. Pregnant women in Ethiopia today are being served gun but hits on their wombs instead of prenatal health care! On the other hand mens’ male organs and testicles are being beaten by wire cables to deliberatly make them crippled in their ability of reproduction. The atrocious “Meles – trained torturers” ironicaly joke as “ we have castrated them like oxen”. The tyrant has been preaching about “population reduction” on many international forums as a “chief negotiator for Africa?” and so could this be one of the methods used as population reduction programmes by “Meles” in todays Ethiopia?
Could it be Birth control methods Ala-Meles?

It is a known fact that American Army advisers and Britain police trained the “Meles ” one ethnically lead, minority and racistic Army known as “AGAZI”. That is done in the name of “War against terrorism”. Yes, most Ethiopians agree on defending themselves and also fight against international terrorism, but there is one important issue that Americans and most Europian countrie’s policy makers have severly failed to understand. This huge mistake concerning “Horn of Africa” derives from their association with one of the World’s most atrocious and genocider tyrants like “Meles Zenawi” who has and is perpetrating unheard of atrocities against masses of “his people”.

The Westerners have either been decieved or else doing it knowingly with the idea of “relative stability – before democracy” in their minds, despite people’s misery and sufferings. If the reason is the previous one, then it is time to wake up and see the 20 years of misery, war crimes and genocide perpetrated on 80,000,000 Ethiopian population and help bring the criminal to justice rather than working with him hands and gloves! Stability with such atrocious tyrants is unsustainable and fake. Democracy is equally essential to “under developed” and poor people. There is no democracy only meant for the rich, as there is no democracy only for the white or the black – democracy is one and every Human being need it! If the Westerners think they are civilizd and so democracy should serve only themselves then they have to read about “The Geda system” of the Oromos whome they may classify as “uncivilizd” maybe and learn from them a lot about Democracy since Oromos were practicing it from the time imemorable! If the reason is the later, then let the “Westerners” learn from the north Africa and middle east “Spring revolution “ and side with the people rather than brutal dictatores! War criminals, genociders and perpetratores of sever crime against humanity should face international criminal court or at least their respective countries judicieries. In the contemporary World as we have learnt from Tunisia, Egypt etc. The time of brutal tyranny is up and freedom for million poor people is looming and blosoming!

In the 1998-2000 Ethio-Eritrean sensless war over hundred thousand young soldiers tragicaly perished from both sides on unnecessary and avoidable war generated by personal intersts of two obssesed dictatores, for which no relatives of the deceased are compensated in any form up to now and no one has become accountable on this world wide reported and sad terrible massacre.

When 400 and more Anuaks have been massacred in Gambela no justice have been done since decades now in todays Ethiopia of “Meles”. It is the same story repeated continously in “Bedeno”, “Gonder”, AA univercity, AA streets in the 2005 “election”, in Awassa, in Ogaden, Tigray etc. In Ethiopi today there is no place where sever crimes and Human right violations are not taking place. Over 20 years now the “Meles troops” do every crime they wish without punity through out the country because they know that their “leader” protect them confirming to journalists by using words like “I haven’t heard of such aligations”, “crime could happen but my Government is doing every thing to curb it” or complit denayal “It is not true, it is just unfounded allegations” etc!

When a tyrant is displacing millions endigenous people from their lands and sell over 3 million hectars of land against the will of the Ethiopian people he was never to be asked for this sever act of trisen and betreyal of a great country, but instead criminal by himself is detainning innocent journalists and opposition party members as terrorists.

Such horrendous crimes against humanity have become rutine on daily basis throughout the 170 bigger and hidden from the world prisones of tyranny in Ethioppia. There are so many prisons where evil deed have been continued since the tyrant and his gungs took power: some to name are those like : “Mekod” in Gonder, huge prison with a capacity of 50,000 inmates in Tigray – “Shire’, “Bir sheleko” in Amhara region, “Dedesa concentration camps” in Oromo region, “Ziway” in Southern regions and many uncountable of smaller prisons and detantion places that are spread upto every “kebele” through out the country. Please open and read for yourselves the following attachments:

The “Western countries” for sure have been (and still) are the main emergancy food suppliers and Aid money doners for unfortunate countries like Ethiopia which is forced into misery, chronic hunger and disease due to poor governance in particular and “draught and climate change” in general. All of us – so called 3rd World countries should appreciate and thank to these generous act of humanitarian actions which was genuinely donated by their respective countrie’s Tax payers! But where has the “Westerner” Government failed to understand why countries like Ethiopia for example couldn’t come out of chronic hunger and poverty and circulate in vicious cycles?

Why is Ethiopia a potentially rich county with her breath taking beauty in turms of her mountains, rivres, Gold minning, man power, history and animal riches together with so many donated billions of dollars mostly from the “Western countries” still starving instead of feeding at least three other countries who may be in need?

It has been over 20 years now that the western countries are feeding the “Meles” regiem upto 2-3 billion dollars per year as donation – which was supposed to reach to the poor and needy masses but they didn’t know or knowingly did’nt want to know that every year the massive food supply and cash was (is) hyjacked by “Meles” to be used for his political gains in order to stay in power by any means. If the UNDP have recently revealed that in a matter of few years Ethiopia as a country was illegally deprived of her wealth equivalent to 8.4 Billion dollars, one could imagine how much more the country has been looted for the last 20 years and the money went back into individual bank accounts in the Western countries themselves? There have been many evidences also that the money partly have been used for “lobbying” the westerner influential officials themselves and hence they have used it to rescusitat this otherwise currupt, rasistic and atrocious tyranical regiem which is under strict watch of I.C.C for it’s horrendous crimes against Humanity!.

Despite Human right activists have revieled and several well known journalists reports and documented evident violations and inhuman deeds,the criminl fugitive is still at large. Even those so called “World leading governments” and ‘prominent head of states” rub shoulders with “Meles Zenawi” and seem to whisper in his ears “Go ahead! Job well done!” – One of the evidences of this is that they have continued to invite him on the World wide forums and the G8, G20 etc. Meetings to award him dearly!

This year’s draught in twelve East African countries is the hardest in 60 years record. According to the World weather forcust specialists it is the worst in decades where 12.5 million people have been subjected to another famine. Despite this fact the weather or environment are not the only reasons of the overall problem. Tyrants like Meles should not hide behind words like “The climate chang”, “draught”, “Rain scarcity”. They have being blaming the environment for the last 20 years only to stay sticked on their chair.

Not this time, instead they have to be accounted for their horrendous, brutal and atrocious deeds against the people of East Africa in general! They have to be accouted for Bad Governance! It is a fresh news that the Meles’ brutal regiem (whos troops Gang Rape even pregnant helples women) has bought 200 Tanks for 100 million Dollars from Ukraina. Shoudn’t the tyrant spend money for water construction, emergency food supply or medical care from the scarce Ethiopian budget in this time of starvation?

As we speak 4.5 million Ethiopians are in need of food and chilldren drop dead in mass, while the tyrant’s wife is spending fortune on cosmetics and personl jeweleries in some of the expensive shops in Europe and that has been reccored recently. These all misery, proxy wars and Human right violations have to stop in Ethiopia in particular and East Africa in general! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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