Irksome debate on the Oromo question By Robele Ababya,

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I am prompted to write this short piece to argue my case as a proud Ethiopian born to mainly Oromo parentage whose ancestors lived in northern Shoa. As I have always been saying, I neither chose my parents nor place of birth, (more…)

I am prompted to write this short piece to argue my case as a proud Ethiopian born to mainly Oromo parentage whose ancestors lived in northern Shoa. As I have always been saying, I neither chose my parents nor place of birth, but I am happy to state that I became a die-hard Ethiopian by choice for a number of good reasons rooted in history:

1. The Oromos are indigenous people of Ethiopia from the time of Cushite kingdom spanning the period 2000 BC to 500 BC. It means that the Oromos and others which spoke the Cushite language were part and parcel of the indigenous civilization of that kingdom inherited by the Axumite Kingdom ;

2. I entirely agree with substance of the brilliant article written by the esteemed scholar and poet Dr. Fikre Tolossa titled “Nobles of Oromo descent who ruled Ethiopia”, written in 1992. The EthiopianReview Editor commends it as “an insightful and highly informative article” in his remarks of 13th August 2011 written under the heading “The Oromo contribution to building the Ethiopian Nation”. I am proud of the contributions of my ancestors.

3. Based on my history lessons offered in classroom during the Imperial time, my own motivation in reading history, personal experience, curiosity to listen to elderly older people narrating Ethiopian history, and close friendly working relationship with the legendary Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and Professor Negussay Ayele in our professional contribution to defense institutions, building , I am satisfied that race or ethnicity were never unsurpassable obstacles to our efforts for the Imperial policy was inclusive; I am satisfied that race, ethnicity were not factors underlying our chronic political problems and sufferings under abject poverty. So Meles Zenawi fools no one but himself in playing the ethnic card to prolong his misrule;

4. On my part I reject all and sundry those who find it politically convenient to express sympathy to the ‘unanswered Oromo question’ in order to pursue their hidden agenda thus belittling the gallant Oromo people who have lived in Ethiopia from the beginning of recorded history of the nation; I maintain the answer to the Oromo question is found in the whole spectrum of Ethiopia’s history in which the era of Menelik II is a small part but significant in terms of modernizing the country;

5. My parents lived harmoniously among other ethnics groups in Addis Ababa collaborating on issues of common concern – natural calamities such as flood, fire, wind; and cooperation in social development schemes that are unique to Ethiopia.
Just look at a social gathering in weddings, funerals, and children at playgrounds in Ethiopia of today. Everyone comes from mixed parentage, except those who believe in the divisive and destructive tribal ideology of Zenawi.

The problems that face a child born in Ethiopia by default is one of abject poverty, techno-scientific backwardness, absence of the rule of law, lack of independent democratic institutions, suffering in the TPLF serfdom, ideological brainwashing of school children and low standard of education among others.

The future of Ethiopia would be guaranteed by the principle of one-man-one vote in a pluralistic society where freedom of the individual is firmly upheld. Political mudslinging of the past is a cheap shortcut in the weapon pursuit of dictatorial power; Using all means to that pursuit including murder, incarceration, summary execution of political opponents or claim of racial supremacy has no place in the 21st century.

The Amharas, Oromos are exchanging olive branches of peace and mutual respect with the understanding that both are targets of Zenawi for fear of their combined numerical size forming about n 80% of the Ethiopian people. He (Zenawi) is therefore using tribal politics to set apart and weaken them to exploit their rich national resources.

The masses of Ethiopia came out in unprecedented numbers to cast their vote at polling station in 2005 and dealt a heavy blow to the repressive TPLF party. This shows that ethnicity is not an overriding problem of the masses; it is rather that of leftist elites imbibed with Stalin’s teachings of nations and nationalities, which is inapplicable to the unique history of Ethiopia whose people intermingled from time immemorial. History is replete with internal struggle of warlords for power, not to divide Ethiopia as seen, in most cases, in their propensity to unite to deter external aggression. I would hasten to add that the stellar victory of Adwa was achieved with significant contribution of eight thousand horse-mounted ferocious Oromo fighters mainly from Shoa.

So, my fellow Ethiopians, as a descendant of Oromo parents and ancestry, I swear that I have always argued that Oromo question is like any other question pertaining to all; it is largely one of abject poverty and parochialism exacerbated by the incompetent leadership of the tribal minority regime spearheaded by Meles Zenawi.

Let us genuinely rally, in the spirit of engendering a compassionate and truly democratic Ethiopia under the rule of law; let us rally around the following slogan, which in eight Ethiopian ethnic languages, means enough to the brutal misrule of Meles Zenawi.

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia!

  1. aha!
    | #1

    I applaud for that remarkable remark as regards the secessionist movements, I presume, leaving unscathed the ethnic federalists and the Ginbot -7 approach to the armed struggle forming an alliance, rather than a merger with the secessionist movements, where in the first instance the “teletafi and loyalist opposition parties are explicetely and implicetely, respecively supporting the constitution of of ethnic and secessionist politics and or/policies with underlying totalirianism, ethnic federralism, rather than state federalism as in the united states, and secessionism that allows to secede upto self-determination, and yet unfulfilled in the same fashion as for the Eritrea, that created a cultural and warefare for for secession. Both of those factions are influenced by ethnic-based politics and policies with underlying totaliarism of the Derg regime, curtailing human, economic, infrastructural and cultural developments in the same fashion as in western Europe and North America, because of the constitutional frame work in Article 46, 39 (1), 8, etc. and the improbability to establish and independent branches under either a minority or majority ethnic rule, a product of ethnic-based politics, not only the views of the liberation movements. Therefore, the consensus that needs to be reached by the opposition parties and/or factions and supporters is to coalesce on National agenda along with strategies to achieve those agenda, rather than holding on to their objectives of respect of ethnic rights superceding individual rights, human rights and democracy on top of ethnocracy, and pro-democracy movements for democracy, human right and justice to move up a scale to the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, soveregnity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to engage in a non-violent uprising to freedom, rather than democracy, human rights and justice, which are by products of the uprising for freedom of the individuals as the unit of a democratic and egalitarian society to put into Office a party that governs by the consent of the governed.

  2. tazebew
    | #2

    You must be from shoa Oromo. Your ancestors and the other shoan amharas are accountable for all this messy politics. It is better for you to stick with the other oromos instead of the shoan amharas. Where are you going if oromos are declaring to be a new independent country.I know that your psychology is different from other oromo tribes. Actually it doesn’t sound good to call u as an Oromo. You are already mixed with the northern shoas. You are not representing oromos. Don’t be an obstacle for the real oromos to make their own independent state.

  3. Hilina Negassa
    | #3

    Thank you very much Robele,
    It is one thing to fight the ethnic dictatorial minority government of Meles Zenawi and it is totally a different thing to fight to take power at the expense of the people of Ethiopia with a guise of ethnic politics. Who are Ethiopians without Oromos and who are Oromos without Ethiopia? In fact Oromos are not a part of Ethiopians; Oromos are Ethiopians – Period. When we consider the political ramification of what is being entertained, the gravity of it is beyond imagination. What is going on in the political sphere of today’s Ethiopian DIASPORA is neither result oriented nor meaningful at all. It does not know where it started and where it is going. It is there because someone started something or said something and then grew life out of it. Could someone please try to force it to mean something, to make it have purpose, to make it have direction and finally to go forward so that it matches the marching of the people of Ethiopia in their struggle to liberate themselves from this ethnic dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi?
    Thanks again Robele

  4. BIYE
    | #4


    You have been telling us that it is important to negotiate with olF because it articulates ‘oromo issues’ more than any other group. I am afraid this is an off the cuff remark. If you read the letter written by Dawd Ibsa, to the UN recently, you will find that you will get nothing by negotiating with the likes of Dawd Ibsa, who is convinced that his ‘liberation movement’ is fighting to free the oromo from ‘abyssinian /Ethiopian colonialism’. He has been brain washed by his shabia masters that that is the only way he can rally support of the oromo for his lost cause. the shabia and the woyane have been distorting facts and history to suit their own agenda of seccession and hate politics. the main strategy they use is the ‘colonial’ agenda.

    According to Ibsa, the oromo that he represents have nothing to do with Ethiopia/Abyssinia . Dr Fikre Tolossa’s article about the part the Ethiopiawinet of the oromo or their part in Ethiopian history is a none sense fiction told by an impure oromo to the likes of Dawd Ibsa.

    Dawd Ibsa and the likes laugh at great Ethiopian heroes of oromo lineage like Alula Aba Nega who fought for the well being and sovereignty of Ethiopia as non-oromo. What would anybody expect to get by negotiating with such a guy or his group who hate anything that has anything to do with Ethiopia.

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    I am from Shoa Oromo. Yes, we are sort of mixed with Amharas and one hardly finds a hardcore Oromo fundamentalist among us. However, I am disagree with Robel about the Oromo question. My Oromo brothers and sisters were systematically abused and were forced to deny their identity because of the pressure from the system. Being Oromo automatically carries a label of being stupid and less civilised. If you can not speak, read and write Amharic fluently you wwere laughed at. You wouldn’t get a job! Even in your own backyard, where 99% of people are Oromo, you need to be fluent in Amharic to get a job as a Janitor and even a guard. Can you justify such a system as an equal system? The Oromos were brutalised and systematically abused. Any system that does not acknowledge that certainly wants the system to continue. Despite all the wrong doings, Meles’s regime allowed Oromos to be treated as human beings. Let’s be honest! YALTENEKA GILIGIL YAWUKAL says Amhara saying. Only those who have lived the reality of oppression know how it feels to be free!

  6. Samuel
    | #6

    Robele Ababya,

    Let me assume that you are what you said you are. As a historian you have responsiblity to go and dig deeper what happened in Ethiopia in the last 200 years. If you go further than that it will be very difficult to find where the Oromos were subjected to a second class citizens in what was called Oromo land. Tewodros tried and failed miserably to subdue the oromo people. menelik succeeded by using Oromo mercenaries. There were many Gobenas who betrayed their people for their selfish, opportunistic plans. At the end Gobena died as a poor person without the land he hoped for unlike the rest of the Neftegna benefactors. There are many Gobenas today but there are also millions of Makobilis. I respect your individual wish but do not talk for the rest of the Oromo people. Ginbot 7 has exposed the unspoken truth of the Abyssinian politics. The oromo poltical organizations have had a difficult time to expose the intransigence of the Amhara poltical establishment. Thanks to G7 they are exposed beyond repair. They do not need your life support.

  7. Zerayakob Yared
    | #7

    Is it that difficult that a proud ethiopian can meet others with fairness ?

    ዛሬ ላይ ሆኖ ትላንትናን መርሳት, የነገ መሳሳትን ያስከትላል! የነገን ስህተት ለማስወገድ ዛሬ ላይ ሆኖ ትላንትናን አለመርሳት ብቻ ነው ዋስትናው! አለበለዚያ የማይተማመን ጉዋደኛ በየወንዙ ይማማላል የሚባለው ነገር ይነግስና, ውጠቱ በየግዜው መክሸፍን ብቻ ያስከትላል:: ጠቅላላ ታሪካችን ደግሞ የምድር መና ስላልነበረ, ወደኅዋላ መለስ ብሎ ራስንንም ክሪቲካሊ መገምገሙ ጠቀሜታ እንጂ ክፋትን አያስከትልም:: በሌሎች ዘንዳም እምነትን ያስከትላል!

  8. Hunde
    | #8

    Dear Robel;

    “Harke fune gofta” May God bless you.

    I think this OLF guys are just sick, I have been their supporter for so long and now they are just an outdated Russian tank, which makes lots of noise, take too much fuel and travel slowly.

    Honestly, I have never felt inferiority for being an oromo in my entire life. No one among my best friends his/her ethnic background matters. Go to Addis and I reward if you can find 5% pure Oromo blood. Rather I have repeatedly experienced Wellega Oromos considering me as inferior to them and not pure Oromo. Specially if you are Oromo, Orthodox Christian, and from Shewa, they they consider you like untouchables. In this situation, can you imagine how they could behave if they came to power?

    If they have an issue with Menelik, tell them to find his grave and fight with him. Even Menelik he didn’t tried to civilize his own birth place in Ankober. He came and civilized Finfine (the heart of the Oromo land)because he is a person who can see beyond Ethnic bounderies. Go and see the recent book which compiled Menelik’s letter, it clearly shows how this person is symphatizing with the poor. How he was treating and exchanging mails with Oromos like Aba Jiffar of Jimma. If you wnat to close your eyes in the day borad light and deny the existance of the Sun. It is your right; don’t toxicate the young generation. We have more critical issues to deal with about our own and our children’s future. You grow by hate and you are dying with hate. Leave the young generation alone to decide for him/herself. I like that guy from Gambela, Obang. I want to see that guy to be the Ethiopian Prime Minister. It will definately happen, God willing.

    We, as a youth, have many issues which are more important for our future life: -
    - Economy of our country being robbed by Weyanes
    - Drought
    - Lack of democracy
    - Lack of Job opportunity
    - Ever increasing cost of living

    We need someone who can lead us to tackel our current issues not issues with Menelik; rahter issues with this ugly, criminal and evil creature called Meles Syetanawi. Help us to deal with this issue at hand. Period

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful article you gave to all of us (Ethiopians). I also believe non of us are pure in ethnic, cultural heritage. But some are playing the woyane card to divide us seeming they help one among we all. The G7 tactic come out in support of so-called secessionist forces is an insult to the great heroes of this nation. I don’t think Abebe Aregay, or Geresu, or Sheferaw Gerbaw would agree with these molls. I know there’re still those silent intellectuals unspoken yet. Please help, lets stop the game.

  10. Treaty
    | #10

    As usual Thank you very for this timely and patriotic piece.It is sad after so many years of experencial learning many of our people are still being buigled by positive assertions of some professors. After all this many years one can think by now we know something tangible about the danger posed by liberation movements to the question of survival of Ethiopia and therefore we would not be confused with changing circumstances. Alas that is not the case. Right now some intellectuals are commiting that ignoble sin of tereson.They are openly declaring Ethiopins must embrace the diverse liberation fronts such as OLF,ONLF.What is more this individuals are also working hand and glove with shabia to reach their objective to seize power .I have always believed and remain to be convinced that any Ethiopian that insist to topple weyane chief through the help gained from I.A is retarded, or outright opportunist, in all likely hood I like to think they are of the latter sort. One thing is sure; the individuals who pursue such strategic suicide know and are well informed about the intent of these forces that Ethiopia is faced with. How sad how deplorable! All of a sudden it becomes fashionable, within these circles, to be in favor of one dictator over the other in the struggle to liberate Ethiopia as a noble idea. What is more, the same politically enlightened individuals, think, the use of a term such as UNITED ETHIOPIA as a taboo. The country can only be saved by those who have great confidence of the people of Ethiopia, by those who believe on self reliance, and on those who are willing to recruit leaders from the grass root level on the home turf from all our people regalrdless of ethinic or religion. I will say this show me a man without principle, I say I will show you a man who will be at the mercy of the wind. Show me a man anchored with principle, I will say he is a one of a heck of a man where his people people flock around.

  11. Hunde
    | #11

    Let me ask, who killed, tortured, and imprisened more Oromos (Meles or Menelik)? try to do some objective research. OLF is white washed with Melese propoganda and see only the small crimes before 100 years ago while he is inflicting more damage than any one else. Who is currently leading Oromia? ha ha ha Oromo? Not at all those racist Tigrians (TPLF members). Go and check the fact? go and check the prision. No one destoyed Oromia forest, land and gold like Melese. Yet people talk about over exaggerated Menelik’s crime.

  12. Sheger
    | #12

    It is Oromos Agewus and Tigrays and the so called Ameharas country when they say Ethiopia to be honest. At least it is the majority. So what going people? Ethiopia will prevail.!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Robel.

  13. ጉረኞች
    | #13

    You do not have to assume who Robele Ababya is since many people recognize him. On the other hand, no body knows if Samuel is an Oromo or even an Ethiopian. So you are more close to mercenary than Robele is.

  14. gragn Ahmed
    | #14

    It is a simple question of who has the upper hand in setting the cultural tone for the nation. I am not Oromo but I feel that as a people we view Oromos as unculturally unift for modern Ethiopia. One can only see the Artistic contribution and the Sport/Athletic contribution of the Oromos to find out what these people are let alone in their academic success. But as we know it we are being driven by a culture of Amhara that judges its people based on this language standard alone.

    So, if you look at Menelik or Haileselassie they were all against the people of their own roots, both being highly Oromo blood think not as an Oromo but as Amhara. Hence, if you look at chelenko history Menelik brutalized his own oromos including women of Oromos and Hararis.

    You association with Professor Mesfin worked may be because you fit into their Amhara culture doominance.. Although ?I am no fan of Meles, he is not as close as Menelik or Haile. He brutsluized the Somalis more.

    The writer simplified the past discrimination of Ethiopian people by conforming to Amhars way of unity. That is a psychological war on Ethiopian people. Eradicating our differences is not a solution to live together. I don’t buy the name Ethiopia itself. This name is given to us by Greeks. Argoba, kimant, benshangul, kemante and weyto peop;e of Amhara klil.

    I support unity of Ethiopia that wants to redress the past mistakes. Hence, religion, ethnic and language become very crucial aspects of our future unity. The writer downplays all of these by just focusing on individual rights, But certain things are not a matter of individual rights given our on bad history so the constituition must make it clear that such rights are guaranteed. Hence, article 39 must stay and ethnic federalism must be implemented in justified way not like Meles is doing right now, which is Tegray ethnic federalism hence repeating the past mistakes of Menelik and Yohannes, one language, one ethnic.

    It is to be recalled that Tugrays are ruling but the are using Amharc as a tool of colonization. So it is interesting here in some way the Tigrays are not ruling by the same token of Menelik who was Oromo was not ruling the Oromo cultural way.It is a matter of degree. All oromo rules lost their connection with Oromo people or cause that ruled Ethiopia.

  15. Chamise
    | #15

    I am from the southern part of Ethiopia and for a while intoxicated by the Woyane promise of power and riches for ethnic leaders. Now I know why they wanted to pit people against each other. For their benefit. Now living in the US among different ethnic groups with my individual rights respected like anyone else’s, why would I need a fiefdow for my own group only? I can see divisive policy is not good for anyone, except for those in real power, like the woyanes. OLF wants to go back to the 16 century to have an exclusive tribal fiefdom where the leaders will rule as they wish. Like Isaias Afewerki and his friends. Thank you Ato Robele for speaking the truth. I always read your articles and learn a lot from them.

  16. aha!
    | #16

    That is the spirit of renewal, enough of ethnic and secessionist politics implanted by TPLF and ELF, Chamise is right individual right should superced ethnic right, what good is it for Oromo to have a fiefdom/kingdom form Borona Neggelle to Sellale, from Haremaya to Wollega, from Keffa to Sendafa; if he/she is an Ethiopian from wollega, Borana, Bale Goba, Arsi, Keffa or sellalle, unless he/she an Oromo from Oromia, which is imaginary and non-existent. What the ultimate use of congregating these separate kingdoms into an ethnic enclave, who has the power to demarcate the boundries, assign sel-ethnic rule and separate but unequal development, except the TPLF Politbuerro, the architecht of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totaliarinism, where the teletafi and the loyalist opposition parties are collaborators and /or recpients of the entiltlements stipulated in the constitution, holding the individual right as chamise put it, hostage in favor of ethnic right and secessionist right of Oromos, in Oromia from the mainland Ethiopia as per the secessionists, and Oromia as a self-rule but separate development with minority and /majority ethnic rule, depending which one of the two : TPLF/eprdf or Medrek/fdd/fdre prevails.

  17. aha!
    | #17

    Addendum: Please add to the last sentenence as per ethnic federalists.

  18. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #18

    Dear Robele:
    Thank you for a truly enlightened view on the so called “Oromo question” and on the ersatz view of ethnic federalism. That being the case, I urge all to read historical, sociological, and anthropological monographs written by experts and others, even items written by religious fanatics like Kraft and Isenberg. There is no doubt in my mind that the core Ethiopian civilization is the note that maintained us connected as one nation. Baravo Robele for sharing with us your faith in all of us eventhough some of us do not have as much faith in ourselves. TWH

  19. Tatek menji
    | #19

    What an Enlightened person you are Robele!What a meta thinker you are Robele!Yes the making of modern identitie`s sociological and anthropological philosophies do not believe in biological essentialism.Non of us could trace or name beyond each of us`s great grand parents to the extent. As far as modern race identity study is concerned-what differntiate Oromo from that of Amhara or Sidama from that of Afar or from that of Gurage their respective ‘socio-cultural make up.Non of us can claim that My ancesters were purly from this or that ethnic group.To me we Ethiopians have common[history,values,ancesters,psychological make up etc.]the rest are products of divisive political systems.I do appreciate Your intrinsic capacity and intellectual dimension,it is a killer for those pompus and pseudo politicians

  20. ጉረኞች
    | #20

    gragn ahmed
    That is the exact problem of your and your likes with separatist agenda. You are denying what you are, and then you constantly complain about past, subjugation, domination, acquiring Amhara names, bla bla bla. No body forced you to deny yourself in cyber politics, there you go, you did it. There is no need to expose your identity, it is right there in the open.

  21. Dula
    | #21

    Oromos can determine themselve very well.They know their history,culture and so on.Oromos do not require any Abysinian teachers or doctors for self identity.”Ahyawan fertew dawlawn” says Amara,Our main enemy is Woyane why all Habeshas start fighting Oromos?May be thos so called “ethiopian unity organisations” associated with woyanes against Oromos?Take care Oromos it is the time to wake up !!!!!!!

  22. ምምምምምም
    | #22


    kkkkkk, how much do the woyane pay you for writing this? a good days work, aye! go and chew your ganja for today.

  23. Welle
    | #23

    Mr.Dula or other wise Issatu Geremew what are you talking about? Mr.Robele Ababya has stated Oromos are one of the indiginous Ethiopian people,and a greater contributer of Ethiopian society.OlF’s argument that Oromos place independent as a primary goal does not adress the central issue of the peoploe.The main problem of people of EThiopia is poverity,hunger illetracy,backwardness.These problems can and must be adressed within the context of Oromos as being part of Ethiopian socity.The central ethinically based organization of OLF does not allow room for independent choice of the people of Oromos in which OLF claims is fighting for.OLF ellits are siply imposing their will upon the people of Oromo when they demnand full alligiance of all of Oromos to embrace their cause with out question.
    Think of this what right does any elit organization to demand of the people a transfer of custodianship so that OLF alone cand decide what is bgest for the people.Each one of us have one life to live ;why should it be permitted for OLF or any elit organization to assume guardianship over the life of the entire socity?For instance,in the past OLF has adapted Latin alphabet for Oromo language insetad of indiginious alphabets,this it did with out any regard to the interest of the diverse(in religion ,geography) population of the Oromo9 socity. It is true the problem of our people including the Oromos can be solved when the right of each individual is respected.The right to vote ,to movement,to persue happiness,right to aspire.Individual freedom is our gift from our maker;it need not be relegated to any organization or entity rather it must be the possesion of each citizen.The reason the elites of Lfites cling to the notion of liberation and their Lfites is because they like to be super boss to their own.They want to tell them what they must do,wher to go.Inother words they demand absolute obiedence from their own this my friend is slavery and not freedom.

  24. aha!
    | #24

    I go along with the line of thinking of Tatek Menji, than geneology concept to thinking in terms the ethnic groups are mixed over evoltionary time span, and the difference is the result of environmental, social and cultural settings they lived under over those peiods of time. This notion should make all Ethiopians to think in terms of restoring Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National interests along with with the sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, and for the Ethiopians to have a political outlook of Ethiopiawinet first and their ethnicity second to overcome the prevaining ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totaliarinism as vestige of the Derg regime and Marxist/Stalinist inclination of the liberation movement spearheaded by TPLF, leaning on the issue of oppression of nations and nationalities. While with Derg military dictorship, humantarian violation and totalrianism were to blame, with the current regime ethnicism and secessionism/ethnicfederalism and secessionism to, under gether with totalirianism under autocratic, ethnocratic/ethnic dictatorship are to blame. Both the previous and the current political and constitutional framework do not allow for capitalism and democracy as it is practised in Western Europe and North America, where there is economic, political and liberty of the individual is is upheld and three branches of the Government are independent to create checks and balances and equality before the law.

  25. aha!
    | #25

    Add to the above commentatry of Chamise’s idea of giving priority to individual rights, and Welle’s assertion of Oromos being “one of the indigineous Ethiopian people”, reiterating Robelle Abayay’s assertion, which according to Tatek Menji is their “socio-cultural make up” that diferentiates Oromos from the other ethnic groups/populations,in which there are so many different kinds of Oromo, and Amhara ethnic groups which to my reasoning have evolved together much like species populations of plants and animals within the landmass/ecosystem known as Ethiopia. These frame work of thoughts invalidates the idea of ethnicfederalism and secessionism built into into the constitution along with the soveregnity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians by TPLF spearheading the liberation movements of marxist inclinations and oppression of nations and nationalities by the then Emperor Hailesellassie’s regime rather than a class struggle for land reform and workers rights, is a repeat of the same thing while ethnic federalism is in place, puts the secessionist movements at odds with the ethnic fedelalists, let alone with “Andinet Hailoch/Hibret that incorporates their own ethnic groups with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    The solution to the current stand off of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with undelying totaliarinism lie in restoring the original provinces of federated states composed of few ethnic groups, by disolving the current nine regions of nine out of 80 major ethnic groups, where human, economic, infrastructural developments are undertaken by ecological regions and individual rights supercedes ethnic and secessionist rights in order to restore the sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, Ethipian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Intersts under a truly democratic and capitalistic system of Government.

  26. benglizgna metsaf meseltten aydelem
    | #26

    “I became a die-hard Ethiopian by choice for a number of good reasons ” … amargnaw ‘ndét teresah tadiya?

  27. Anonymous
    | #27

    please read duias statement mindfully; it leads one to discern the political mind set of those who wish efhiopian politics would remaian as only Tigrai and amhra rivalaey while the rest acquise to the winner of the two .Well my ethiopian brothers, your oromo brothers are here to play the leading part to bring democracy to Ethiopia ; maybe their mogasa tradition will have saved us from rivalary politics which engenders nothing except poverty and misery.But the participation of every ethiopian might free us from stonghold of rivalary poltics and put us right towards participtory democracy.Harrasing oromos when the problem is somewhere else is the manifestation of rivalary politics .

  28. Waaqoo
    | #28

    Articulated progressive piece! I apploud your deep insight on the core problems of Ethiopia and its positive solution. I too is a proud Ethiopian of Oromifa speaker. In this globalized world our focus should have been dominating the global economy. Nevertheles, Stalinist militants of our own brothers are wreaking havoc to decimate us into the bottom of the world by imposing uncalled for division.
    As an exile Ethiopian, I am not in a luxury of entertaining the medeaval way of racial conciousness cobnizant to the freedom I am enjoying in someone’s country across the oceans.
    In my view those of us sharing such opportunity out of our nation ought to be much accommodating and level-headed than blowing the wind of division within our people.
    Again, I would like to thnk Robel Ababiya for his judicious analysis of contemporary Ethiopian politics. I wholeheartedly share his reasoning that Ethiopians accross the spectrum desperateley seeking for the need to abolish racial politics, poverty, division, and lack of democracy. This is the pragmatic solution to answer popular demands and to bring about durable peace, prosperity and rule of law.

  29. Mumia. Abu Jabal
    | #29

    Did I hear “pure Oromo”? Wow! Please give us a break. Ethnic purity is for Hitlerites. Just be what you are if you can like Robelle. Otherwise u are in darkness wrapped up with dark philosophy of Stalin-Zenawi… in the enlightened age of the 21st century global village.

  30. ምምምምምም
    | #30

    benglizgna metsaf meseltten aydelem ,

    your pay master the woyane send you here to waste away your time. what a pity

  31. Oda Tulu
    | #31

    Bravo to all those who are convinced that our epic concern is eradication of abject poverty by throwing out Zenawi from power.

  32. Oneg
    | #32

    According to the nowadays ongoing discussion in the Oromo nationalists’ circle, there are three possible forms of walabummaa Oromiya (three types of sovereignities for Oromia) in the future:

    - Amhara style sovereignity: an ‘integrative Oromia’ having a free development of Afaan Oromo and its use at a federal level, as well as a cushitic Ethiopia being a sovereign Biyya Oromo, which will assimilate the other neighbouring language groups into being Oromo, thus practically Oromia = Ethiopia,

    - Tigrai style sovereignity: an ‘imperious Oromia’, i.e the Oromo people having an independent Oromia and at the same time ruling over the other neighbour nations,

    - Eritrean style sovereignity: an ‘independent Oromia’ as a separate nation-state, free from the other neighbour nations.

    All these three ways, which are now persued by the OLF are not disadvantageous for Oromia and the Oromo. That is why the futile cry of the Woyane cadres, who do lament day and night singing about their “fact” that OLF is a “secessionist” organization doesn’t hold water.

  33. Welle
    | #33


    You wrote,

    “According to the ‘nowadays’ ongoing discussion in the Oromo nationalists’there are three possible … three types of sovereignities for Oromia) ”
    rthe key word in your statment is accourding to “Nowadays” on going disussion. The OLF strategists are reinventing,redressing every thing about Oroms and forcing the people to accept the new image.These new inventions,introductions or fads that is forced upon Oromo socity as part of their historical and cultural make up are the following.
    The ,instead of African alphabet introduction of Latin alphabet for Afan Oromo language.The introduction of the Name Oromo even though this term has never been used in that socity.
    Still more the socalled the three forms of sovereignityies:Amhara style sovereignity, Tigrai style sovereignity,Eritrean style sovereignity.

    Fellow Ethiopians bear in mind inspite of what some Opostion party followers and leaders are saing the OLF ledership is not interested to build ademocratic Ethiopia with other Ethiopian nationls. It openly declared that its struggle is for the establishment of the above sovereignities for Oromoia.Once again this is another new invention by the OLF;here is another fade cooked the new elite some where in Europian caf’e.

  34. Wow it is nice idea! But z quetion of oromo is true federalism practice in ethiopia like majority rule minority right about megentel is not a teyaqe of oromo even OLF Ayedelem . ( ye oromo zer yelelebet buda naw ) yelal amhara
    | #34


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