Urgent appeal to Ethiopians (ENPCP)

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We in the Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP) make a special appeal for all Ethiopians across the world to contribute to and support the relief effort to help save the lives of our Ethiopian and Somali brothers and sisters.

It is not new that drought has been ravaging the region cyclically. However, the current drought is reported as unprecedented for its magnitude in sixty years. Last year’s rainy season had failed completely in many parts of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. This year, the April & May rains were well below average. As a result, a new catastrophe has unfolded, affecting millions, and thousands of lives have reportedly been lost in the region, along with hundreds of thousands of animals, the main assets of farmers and Pastoralists.

In particular, the situation is grave in Somalia. The anarchic situation there has further compounded the plight of our Somali brothers and sisters. The absence of a responsible, strong and corruption free government has hindered a timely and efficient delivery of emergency aid. The callous denial of existence of hunger, and prevention of distribution of relief assistance to the people, by the fanatically “religious” militia, known as the Al-Shabab, has made people to choose from staying behind to face starvation or flee militia controlled areas, to get food assistance, to save their lives.
In Ethiopia, we have an entrenched, manipulative, divisive and corrupt government that keeps disputing the size of hunger in the country; withholds humanitarian assistance for its political opponents; shamelessly begs for food donations from the “international community” ever year; die-hardly promotes land and agricultural policies that proved to be ineffective, to break the backbone of hunger and make it history.

It is disgusting to once again see that our rulers positioning themselves, to get political mileage, by projecting themselves as responsive and responsible. It is natural that we feel hopeless, considering the repetitive nature of the drought, famine and bad governance in both Ethiopia and Somalia. Nonetheless, we don’t have no choice but to help out. Yet, we can’t sit idle, because, it is unimaginable that we abandon our brothers and sisters!

There is some hope! International aid groups are on the ground and doing what they can to save lives. They are persisting, despite corruption by officials and denials by thugs. We need to help them out! We need to collect and send to these agencies of mercy, who are on the ground, as we speak! It is our duty to do so. Please, no second guessing! We all have to pitch in! All Ethiopians organizations, churches, mosques, and other civic groups, need to join hands, to contribute what they can, no matter how small or big and channel it to the nongovernmental aid groups.

Please extend your hands!

  1. Eritrean
    | #1

    I wish this call for help was inclusive of all political views or at least not political at all. Nevertheless, it is still better than nothing. My friends and I just raised $5000.00 by getting our employers to match our efforts. My friends and I have diverting political views. Yet, we all recognized this issue was beyond Ideology, Party, or Nationalism. It is a humanitarian issue. You don’t have to give it to the government either. We gave it to Save the Children. I encourage everyone to heed the call for help despite my skepticism of the political views in the article. Here is a guide to which organizations are best for the current crisis in our region.


  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Who are you? First and foremost, briefly explain your goals and strategies to help our needy people to save the lives of million people. Please, we all know that REHAB KETERO AYSETEM. If you are really ready to help the people,let us do it together. Otherwise, one day history can ask us.

  3. koster
    | #3

    I will not be surprised if there is famine and disease in Ethiopia where brilliant agriculturists (ex. Dr. Dagnatchew Yirgou) and world class medical doctors (ex. Professor Assrat) are killed by successive tyrants. If we really care for our people and country we should unite and end tyrany and poverty by using all our knowledge and experience to the service of our people not enslaving or giving our knowledge and experience to the highest bidder.

  4. TuTu
    | #4

    We shouls leave our political views aside and stand by the side of our brothers and sisters in Somalia, Ethiopia and kenya. This does not mean that we should not question the identity and mission of cyber-organizers who are appealing for humanitarian aid in a decentralized manner.

  5. Sam
    | #5

    I applaud ENPCP for raising the issue of hunger, which is happening both in Ethiopia and Somalia. But in describing the role EPDRF has played in the “hunger politics,” ENPCP seemed to have believed EPDRF has been in a begging mood for years, and at the same time downplayed the severity of the hunger crises for political face saving. It has to be one or the other, but not both at the same time. Here is how the ENPCP contradiction is in the making. “In Ethiopia, ENPCP declared, we have an entrenched, manipulative, divisive and corrupt government that keeps disputing the size of hunger. In Ethiopia, [the government] withholds humanitarian assistance for its political opponents; shamelessly begs for food donations from the ‘international community’[every] year.” If the government disputes the severity of hunger at the same time could not beg shamelessly. It is a big contradiction. I personally believe the former to be true. The government keeps disputing the severity of hunger because being perceived as a government trying to change Ethiopia for the better is more important to EPDRF than those of the lives of peasants who are counting their final exit by hours not days.

  6. love
    | #6


    Becareful to whom you give donations to. If it doesn’t go directly to the needy, it goes to tPLF. For instance we have to know the backgrounds of ENPCP , what they stand for etc. Some say how can I say that while people are starving. I say, the money that is being raised without sensibly can go back to starving Ethiopians further so find out to who you give it to before donating.

  7. deyyo
    | #7

    The problem is tigre people liberation front (tplf) have their finger stuck in any donation that goes to ethiopia. they use their power where the aid should go , who should be helped and who should not. they have no sympathy to the ogadenis. the woyane soldiers were looting and plundering the region for a long time. no wonder the famine is the woyanes own making. they will deliberately prevent aid reaching the region, unless the UN takes direct control of the situation.

  8. Sheger
    | #8

    I would love to help in any ways. And I wish I was there to help them and give them the help they need to them selves.

    But I also know things are not that easy. This people have been starving for so long. We don’t even want to know some time.

    But I promise you I will what I could. And thank you for being the voice to the voiceless. May god bless you!!!!!!!

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