What will be my Dividend? By Tarekegn Muchie

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I wonder how the so called Millennium Dam, a seemingly farcical play composed by Ato Meles Zenawi who is a well known playwright of various politically motivated deceptive plays ever since he appeared in the political scene of Ethiopia, could be fanned to the extent of this much; the extent which almost all money and attention is desired by the government to be diverted towards the construction of it. I sometimes worry as how we Ethiopians, at least those who are making fanfare on this issue day in and day out, are easily trapped in such futile and good for nothing schemes whose sole purpose is to fool the international community and some easily duped citizens so that what the ruling system is doing to kill democracy before it is properly born in the country remains unheeded especially by its patrons. Here I would like to stress the fact that not only in principle but also in reality, no citizen is and should be either against the development of their country. As a citizen, I am extremely happy when I see my country prospering. But those of us who know the current Ethiopian regime, it is not a matter of being skeptic if one suspects the realization of some dreamy plans of EPRDF, for we have been witnessing such unsuccessful action plans. For example, once upon a time Ato Meles Zenawi said that Ethiopians would eat thrice a day after ten years of his tenure, but now after 20 years, an alarmingly great number of the population is obligated to search leftover food in the garbage of the rich people, most of whom become millionaires just overnight due to their affiliation to the ruling junta and their selfless run for wealth accumulation based on “the end justifies the means” motto of hodamoch, ( people with tummies made of rubber fibers of optimal elasticity).

Well, it is quite obvious that many of dictatorial regimes try to find any means to stay in power. They devise various way outs especially when they feel they are in danger zone. But what is pity around this corner is that they don’t hesitate to use even the harshest alternative if they feel threatened. Lying is the most harmless one in this regard; they could even kill tens of thousands of their own people so long as they suspect that the power they seized by force and treachery is slipping out of their hand. We can mentions dozens of examples. Nevertheless, the case of the ‘ex-president’ of Libya, Muammar Ghadafi, can serve as fresh instance to understand what they do in the time of their misfortune. They leave no stone unturned to save their power; though once it is decided by Mr. History it is unlikely that they maintain their throne as longer as they wish. Ghadafi’s tree was uprooted six months after it was shaken by the gallant oppressed children of Libya. God bless them and their country.

The intrigue of Meles Zenawi is beyond our imagination. Almost everyone who knows him prettily understands that he is talented to cheat, if at all cheating could be reckoned as talent. He is highly ‘expert’ in attention diverting, nationally and globally; He is born for it. We can simply say that he is extremely acrobatic in his political personality. If people tell him he has to sell, say, 10 or 20 million people to be guillotined for the purpose of pleasing the ego of certain supernatural being following certain SRA procedures, believe me, he would not hesitate to do so, sorry for my cruelty of using such hyperbole against him to get my words unto your mind vividly, though what I say is an absolute fact. We Ethiopians at home are living examples to witness this reality. We remember how his rebel group orchestrated so many a Howzen incidents of massacre just to incriminate and ostracize the foolish Dergue regime by the people. He is super technocrat in political game, whatever the expense could be as long as he is benefited. There is no negotiation with Meles when it comes to his power. No, not at all!

As an extension to the deceptions he fabricates whenever he feels he needs political fulcrum to sluff off certain ominous cloud of peril, these days he has been busy of producing some attention gripping psalms in the name of transformation first, and now after nearly a year this so called Millennium Dam. Most of us beautifully know that whatever means he uses in an attempt to dupe the populace is very much childish and always substandard. But he inexhaustibly tries to do so, for there are some who intentionally or out of innocence do become preys of his bamboozling, and yet, surprisingly good luck seems to be with him as well.

As the closure of my letter approaches, I would like to say few words with regard to the would be advantages or benefits I and my descendants will be earning when the construction of the oft-reiterated dam is over and starts functioning as scheduled after 48 months. Let us bear in mind that when the dam begins giving its full service, it will provide us with 5250 Gigawatt. Excuse me for my being illiterate with respect to mathematics in general and in electricity in particular. I asked many people as what would be my dividend of this electric power when the dam begins working. But no body could give me sufficient answer. I suppose, I shall keep on asking until I get an answer. Logically, if something is propagated to the extent of blowing our eardrums every now and then, and as long as the construction is demanding the flesh and soul of all able citizens to contribute 80 billion Birr, including my meager salary of one month, I hope the outcome should be very much paying and we should be hoping that we will have to be like at least the Sudanese or at most the Kuwaitis or somehow in between some five or ten years after the dam is built and its buttons are switched on for service, the service might be sold to outside or consumed inside, or both.

I am impatiently waiting for additional explanation(s) anyhow as to what my individual benefit will have been in the near future. Should I expect my life to improve by then or will go like that of now? What will be the dividend to each of us? How are we all the shareholders going to be benefited? If it is in terms of money, how much will we earn? How often? I need a clear answer, please. The preaching, the discussions, the propaganda, etc have made me and so many others to anticipate lots of things. Even there are people who consider diamonds and gold to rain from the skies. And to your surprise, many poor people like me are eagerly waiting that moment to burn their overused old clothes, sewn here and there.

As to me, I can imagine that my share in kind would be the following.

5250GW¬¬¬¬¬ = 0.0000525GW
100,000,000 people –( minimum estimation of the Ethiopian population by then.)

1GW is, I think, 1000MW
1MW is, I think, 1000KW
1KW is, I think, 1000W

0.0000525GW divided by 1000MW= 0.0525MW
0.0525MW divided by 1000KW = 0.0000525KW
0.0000525 divided by 1000W = 0.0525W

If my calculations do not make me wrong, my share from this great dam will be a half of one watt, not even one watt. This is meant nearly a light of a candle, just one half of the size of a standard candle. Not even the power of one full candle will my dividend be!!

Therefore, please help me to know the reality soon before I die of over-ambitiousness.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    This has been also my question. what will we get really\/ after all this talk and propaganda? it must be to buy time for the atrocity they are commmiting against the ethiopian people.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    Your computation is right looking at it from the perspective of a consumer, but as a bond holder you receive a an amount based on the fixed rate of interest on the bond holding as opposed to share holdings.
    The most intriguing the money raised for the dam project has two forms: contribution from ones salary and investment approach both of which are done by coersion, not by ones own free will and/or initiatives to earn retirement fund. To even do that, one has sufficient amount over and above ones own family expenditures to put away in savings account or bonds. None of these are a reality for salary workers, let alone merchants in lieu of inflation, and even for those who are capable to invest in bonds is being eaten away by inflation as it stands now.

    The political questions still remain an answered for the silent majority of Ethiopians to free themselves of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with the underlying totalirianism of the Derg regime and TPLF/eprdf regime and its mirror images inclination to Marxist ideology and the oppression of nationations and nationalities spear headed by TPLF, and the mirror image spearheade by one of ethnic group, and on the liberation movements one spearheaded by Ex-EPLF.

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    I don’t know a lot about power (kw,mw) but if it is what you are saying, it is a given if they beuld it it can generat billion
    Mega power but of cours they won’t tell you that because that can mean you will make money instead of himself or them selves or Egypt or Sudan or Italy or all of them.

    And it is funny that how come you didn’t ask how ae are selling power to any body today while this reality? They can make just a small one anyways how ever big dam we can build. I dont see Egypt and Sudan Italy wanting that wishing that smiling about that, cheer sing and cheering about that and so on. No matter how big of a dam project they are
    Screaming about. May be they are still crying that same old cry.

    So speaking about conclusion, save your self or help your self from becoming or sounding the crying party or group may be they are dying too, and please so please don’t talk about dying over ambitiousness ” don’t make me sabotage ETV.
    May be that is what they want. People. To die of umbeciuoseness over heart attack. When you look at ETV it seems
    Like they want to chage the people to water. God forgive them.

  4. Getachew
    | #4

    My fellow Ethiopians!
    When you think positivily for your country??
    Every thing what I read is negative. If you belive or not this regime did maney hydroelectric powers in Etrhiopia. So let him to do the millenium DAM too!!
    Thank You

  5. curious
    | #5

    What if your calculations are wrong? what are you gonna do? start supporting it? or make an effort equivalent to the “share of wattage you are gonna get”? please guys, at least make a logically valid argument. Why fall to the trap of stupidity because somebody you oppose is doing good just to be against him all the time.

    I would rather do something than sit tight! and hope is better than negativity.

    P.S.:1. It is not 5250GW, we will have to put you in a nuclear reactor to get that
    2. 5250MW / 100,000,000 people, your overestimated guess of the Ethiopian population after 20 years
    5250 * 10^6 / 10^8 = 52.5W

  6. Dawi
    | #6

    May be you should watch an old video on You-tube how The Nasser Dam in Egypt had similar effect on the people. When you build it with your own resources it is going to bring even a bigger national confidence. I think it is one of those things that contributes to Ethiopian Nationalism. If I were you I wouldn’t worry of the nickel and dime I get for myself.

    [[Ato Meles Zenawi said that Ethiopians would eat thrice a day after ten years of his tenure]]

    We all talk about the above vision. It was a great vision. A vision even the generation before Meles use to have. We heard growing up saying Ethiopia will one day be the bread basket of the middle east. Didn’t we?

    It is not just Meles but many have said the same thing but thus far failed.

    I know your answer is to overthrow and start from scratch. As if that has not been done before… The “Arab Spring”? you say… We had that in the 1970′s…..

  7. aha!
    | #7

    While the benefit from bond investmentment volutarily or invontarily hinges upon the treality of ethnic and secessionist polics and/or policies with underlying totaliarinism does not allow for either capitalism or democracy to take a foot hold, your investment is at the mercy of the TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and the credit rating of the Government to guarantee your investment, in a politically sensitive site and serving the outlying countries than the interior from the standpoint of transmission grid cost, while the focus should have been on the 20 other tributaries that Shewa Kena presented a few months ago, to say the least there is no independent branch of the pariament to debate over the millenium dam project to be be built on the backs of Ethiopian citizens under coerceive approach from their hard hard earned sallaries that does not not exceed their regular expenditures, posing for Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian National Interests and the precedence of individual rights superceding ethnic rights and secessionist rights to have a free will to do what ever they want to do with their hard earned money to support the family under the current inflation rates of 30%.

    If the interest of TPLF/eprdf regime is infrastuctural development, via electric generation and irrigation farming, there has been no comparative studies between this project and the other projects in the 20+ tributaries throughout Ethiopia with various development centers, which need to be be preceeded/simeltaneous flood control through reafforstation and revitalisatin of the the highlands of Ethiopia on the 20+ projects for irrigation and revitalization of the highlands to retain water, raise productivity and conserve the soil as priorities than Millenium Nile Dam Project with long term development funds and budget support to attain food security and abandoning the lease of land to foreign corporations and abandoning ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with an underlying totaliarinism, curtailing capitalism and democracy to the silent majority of Ethiopians, who try maintain Ethiopian Nationalalism, Ethiopia National Interests and assert their individidual right to supercede ethic rights and that they want to affirm their Ethiopiawinet ahead of ethnicity to save Ethiopia from disintegration.

  8. Dam
    | #8

    What does it mean :”let him do it” You/the people are not doing anything.

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