PART II. Meles says no land grab in Ethiopia—Not today, not tomorrow! By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

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Part I of this article dealt with the landgrab issue in Ethiopia in the context of displacements of local people, mainly in Western Ethiopia. It also discussed Indian concerns about the future security of their investments in agriculture in Ethiopia, as repeatedly expressed by Vickram Bahl, Editor-in-Chief of India’s ITMN television. To read click here

  1. Yentew Negn
    | #1

    Dear Keffeyalw,

    What a wonderful insight! This (Land grab) is going to create a huge problem for a generation to come. I am glad your artcle keeps this issue on the agenda of Ethiopians in higher priority.

    May God bless you.

  2. deyyo
    | #2

    the rape of ethiopia by woyane gangsters continues unabated.

  3. Mulissa
    | #3

    The fascist and racist dictator Meles Zenawi always denies his human rights violations and economic corruption. The landsale agreements he
    is signing are illegal and will not be binding on Ethiopians.

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    What does call it then? The average life expectancy in our country is 60 years maximum so what does he talking about?
    He didn’t give it to some one els? How is that possible? Even when he does that does he have a second plan for the
    Peoples survival? Aren’t we starving now? Can he buy food from this investors when in need? Do they at least contribute to the locale market? If yes, then why so much of food shortage and food inflation ? To am point of starvation? Or famine?

    Dear people, can’t you get when some people take every thing from you and do what ever? For what ever reason. I call
    It robbery. There are no crimes they don’t do in the name of globalization and business. It is not such a bad idea but
    It back fires on every one if it is not well though and dealing with morons like Meles and EPRDF. Whose seems got more agenda than just business as usual on doing so. Other wise why doing the enemies Job??????? May be they get
    Paid for it. If that is the case, we will offer them a proposal they can’t refuse. And that will be…….can you guss?????

    Let me help you some on that… will be…..” go way from power or die ” I don’t think that is such a bad proposal based
    On their deeds. Didn’t they jeopardize millions of lifes and people. How many died since they took power?

    How many at Badmy?
    How many in Somalia?
    How many starving?
    How many with disease?
    How many with rod accident?
    How many with flood?
    How many eaten by Animales?
    How many with chi led birth?
    How many with contaminated water in the capital?
    How many at our borders with Kenya?
    How many at our border with Sudan?
    How many by OLF?
    How many by ONLF?
    How many school childirens by poison?
    How many university students by conflict and poison?
    How many Diacons by poison?
    How many gets killed out side of the country? Specially in the Arab world?

    How many dies in the middle of the red see trying to cross over?

    Should I continue?
    How many dies by musilim extremists in Ethiopia?……………

    How many dies in prison? ……..good havens. We can ask a lot but, can they at least tell us the number of this ones?
    How about the starvation five years ago or every year? Some time it is easy to count the ones that are alive until you know………and some of us are still here by some unbelievable miracle.

    Thank you people. Why would I bother saying more. Keney derisa yihonal. Tinish ensembtte engee.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    Most of the Ethiopian elites do not approach the, political, economic, humanitarian crises from synthetical approach of reasoning, rather dealing with the problem in a peace meal approach from one issue of land grab, when this landlease availability, is tied in with the availability of land and capital to TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises to expolit and have a political and economic strangle hold of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in terms of land and capital and telecommunications services as a means of production limited to foreign corporations and TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and the TPLF politbeurro with the support of the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties, I might add, explicetely and implicetley.

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