Only Power and Money Speak in AU By Tarekegn Muchie

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But there were also his less amusing internal polices and blood-tainted foreign adventures. … He killed internal dissidents at will; those who escaped to exile were assassinated. His intelligence agents planted bombs on Pan AM flight 103, which blew over Lockerbie, in Scotland, killing hundreds. Obviously, the value of life carried little weight with him.

This reckless disregard for human life was again apparent in the early days of February 2011 when serious protests, inspired by the Arab Spring, against his forty years rule broke out in several cities. He struck with vengeance. And when protests threatened to overwhelm him, he recruited mercenaries to shed more blood. He counted on the potency of mass murder and apathy of the international community to prevail. But he calculated wrong.

(Source: Eskinder Nega, “Gadhafi’s Fall and Meles Zenawi,, August 26, 2011)

We say ‘birds of the same feather fly/flock together. We also say ‘money speaks’. Though I don’t remember its origin, we have a saying in Amharic which roughly goes like this: ‘There is no fortress that cannot be dismantled by a donkey laden with gold.’ Many things could be said to show that people of the same mode of thought along with their stand on money and power are usually one and the same in many things. These little African brothers and sisters in the so called AU are manifesting this reality.

Having said this as an introduction, let me expose my thesis that AU, African Union, is a nonentity and the major cause of shame to millions of Africans who claim to have some grains of enlightenment. To express in just few words, this rubbish African Union is nothing but ‘a dog that barks at the doorsteps of its feeder(s),’ to use an Amharic adage. A dog can be owned by anyone, even by the lunatic Ghadafi who is absolutely merciless to humankind, to his own people, leave alone expecting him to be kind and merciful to other animal species. The dog doesn’t know the caliber or mental status whether they are mad or nervous of its owner. It simply counts on the very fact that it is fed well; then, it keeps on barking day and night whenever it ‘thinks’ its master needs its protection from any threat, real or imagined. Surprisingly, the dog may bark even unnecessarily in the time where there is no hazard or in a situation where the owner is already dead due to an incident the magnitude of which was beyond the protecting capacity of the dog. While on one hand the importance of a dog, the natural dog, is vitally important, the symbolic dog I used herein to connotatively signify the AU is absolutely insignificant institution due to a variety of practical reasons which most of know already.

This AU, Alligators’ Union, I can say, had sent a delegate of observers in 2005 to observe the National Election of Ethiopia. Its shameful members of the delegation were engaged in eating, drinking, and womanizing while the election was undergoing; astonishingly, they witnessed that the election was free and fair. In reality we know what happened then; their witness served as a poison to kill the truth, the truth which was officially declared by the EU and other international observers that the result of the election was totally diverted to EPRDF through an open banditry by government cadres and the so called election board. Those delegates with their Chinese counter parts made us laugh by telling us and the world the opposite of what happened on the ground. They were dogs which barked on the doorsteps of the ones by whom they were fed. This sheer reality enables us to say that money speaks when it comes to muffling the truth, albeit truth never remains stifened forever. There is time to sow as there is time to reap….

Yesterday, in its meeting in Addis Ababa, this Alligators’ Union, astoundingly showed its stupidity once again. According to the news currently hovering in the skies of this world, this good for nothing Alligators’ Union is said to have failed to recognize the Libyan TNC or NTC, whichever way you like to call it, and suggested a transition which is INCLUSIVE, the people who rebelled and Ghadafi who has been in power for 42 years and who has killed thousands of dissidents, and who has been looting the country’s wealth up to the marrows, and who has vowed to eliminate Libya and her people unless he is in power, and who has literally been mad in both his linguistic and pragmatic approaches hitherto. What a courage do these minute creatures of the AU have! How dareful they really are!

They say this because he has been the backbone of their clumsy organization for the last good number of decades in a matter the US has been so to the UN. Hence, they have to act any time in proportion to what they bestow in financial terms; whatever cause they happen to endorse, notwithstanding the breaching of the code of ethics of the institutions, they must be applauded blindly. A blind world led by blind people. Blind not in a sense of its dennotation; readers, I believe, have wider perispective with respect to my language use. Most of us know that UN is also a dog without teeth, while AU is the dog itself with wagging tails to appease the people who feed it; the teeth of the UN are out rightly the US and her allies. Let us not hide the truth and let us make this day happy by speaking the truth, I mean in this short message of mine. You can refer to the decisions of this nominally gargantuan international institution since its inception; look why and when the US refrains to raise her long and pretty hands to support or negate any decision, especially with regard to Israel and Palestine, racism, human rights, and global warming. We know the whole truth; they are wrong if they think we do not know. But money and power speak as usual, at least up until any forthcoming time wherein these two worldly variables cease to function and human beings will get due respect and equal treatment for the simple reason that they are humans. Now, let us go on a bit further with the point at hand, about this practically nonexistent AU. By the way we Ethiopians say, ‘melke tifu besim yidegifu,’ to mean the beauty or the meaning of a name doesn’t necessarily support the reality in the person or thing the name is used by.

AU does not have any moral or political efficiency to say what it is said to have said about the current situation in Libya. After all, it has never brought anything to Africa in its long history of existence. In the first place, it is an agglomeration of despots many of whom are there even without fulfilling the minimum requirement of carrying out sham elections like Meles Zenawi had tried to deceive the wold. Save few leaders such as the South African, and yet with same behavioral mind setting, all the rest have illegally usurped the power they are exercising in a totalitarian manner. So it is not surprising that they fall in love with their brother Gadhafi and the nonagenarian Mugabe in the time of the nanogenerian 21st century. Their effors are a means of laugheter to many of us, nothing is expected from these people of the least evolutionary level the political scene of the world ever knows.

If I were somebody, I would dissolve this so called AU and reestablish it with better provisions so that it would benefit the African people. Currently and from the time of its establishment as well, I guess it has been wasting our resources in vain. It is a pity that we have such a Union led by brainless swine and chameleons whose major work is pondering about how to fill their bellies and accumulate souvenirs when they go out of their nations for meetings. It is a pity that we have such a nasty group of mindless people, a blacksheep to this part of the globe, in this Union that our suffering is the source of their happiness while others from other continents come to help us in the time of our destitution and genocidal holocausts inflicted upon us by our own leaders. To once again use an Amharic saying, stench has unity with stench; a dog befriends a dog. Purity has no friendship with impurity; the friend of the dead is always a dead. This is Africa. These are our leaders. Shame on them. Let the Almighty save Africa and her beautiful people from the clenching grip of these ticks and bugs. Let us all hope that our land will one day in the near future be free of these gluttonous scavengers.

  1. Enanu
    | #1

    Dear Tarekegne,
    Don’t you think you went too far in calling AU the Aligators Union? I think you are headed the wrong way.

    As an Ethiopian, I expect you to not praise AU, but at least to give them the benefit of doubt, for AU was not claimed to be an organization free of problems but that it carries the hope of an evolving African integration.

    As Ethiopians we have more reasons to support AU than say Eritreans.

  2. እውነት ይነገር
    | #2

    አፍሪካ አንድነት ድርጅትን ይህን ያህል ከሰድብክ ለመሆኑ የቀረቱን ዓለም ድርጅቶች ለምን ይፍረሱ ብለህ አታስብም?
    ለምሳሌ የግሪክ ጣሊያን አይርላንድ መሪዎች በብድር አገራቸውን ሲያጥለልቁ ከአፍሪካ መሪዎች የተሻሉ ሁነው አይታዩም ለምን ታዲያ አውሮፓ ኮምሽንን ይጥፉ አይባልም?
    በአፍሪካ መሪዎችም ሆነ በአፍሪካ አንድነት የምትናገረውን በዓረብ ማህበሩም ሆነ ኤሮፓው ማህበርም ያለ ችግር ነው
    ለምሳሌ ዓለምን በኢኮኖሚክ ቀውስ የጣሉት የአፍሪካ ባንኮችና መሪዎች አይመሰሉኝም

    ነጥቤ የአፍሪካ አንድነት ችግር የለውም ማለት አይደለም በፍጹም
    መልዕክትህ ሚዛናዊነት ጎድሎታል
    የአፍሪካ አንድነት ጥንካሬ በአፍሪካ አገሮች ዕድገት መጠን ይወሰናልና

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    Good talking my main man. If Africa is lead by AU then why call it any thing els. Besides wether it was a rivers politics
    Against the Libyan rables they said that they had hatred to black people. That is not good. But when you actually look
    At them they look like they are all mix people and among them are are a lot of black people too.

    And About the Ethiopian election, just like you said I don’t think any body cares except to the people that matters.
    I wish it matters to all. Do you think some were in the back of your mind, there could be a good reason of some sort?

    Please excuse some of my questions. I just don’t like to be hopeless.

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