Ethiopia Detains Two Prominent Opposition Politicians By Peter Heinlein

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voaTwo prominent Ethiopian opposition politicians have been detained, at least one of them on terrorism-related charges. But opposition leaders are questioning the charges, saying the detentions appear politically motivated.

Bekele Gerba

Government spokesman Shimeles Kemal says senior opposition figure Bekele Gerba was detained Saturday, charged with having ties to the newly-outlawed Oromo Liberation Front, or OLF, which is fighting for independence for Oromos, Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group.

“Bekele Gerba was arrested, detained by the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force in his alleged connection with his involvement with the recently proscribed terrorist organization OLF,” said Shimeless.

Bekele, an English teacher at Addis Ababa University, is a member of the executive committee of Ethiopia’s main opposition coalition, Medrek, and deputy chairman of the Oromo Federal Democratic Movement (OFDM).
Olbana Lelisa

Medrek leaders say another prominent Oromo opposition politician, Olbana Lelisa of the Oromo People’s Congress, was also detained. It was not immediately clear whether Olbana was also charged with terrorism.

Mogga Frissa, who currently serves as chairman of both Medrek and OFDM, says both men were involved in external communications for their parties. In that capacity, they had been disseminating data about drought and malnutrition in remote regions of southern Ethiopia, data that sometimes contradicts government information.

Mogga said Bekele in particular had told of the arrests of people who had supplied information for a recent BBC news report. That report alleged Ethiopia has used billions of dollars in development aid as a tool for political repression.

“Bekele was talking about the famine in Ethiopia, and people were giving information to these people,” said Mogga. “He heard some people who gave information to the BBC have been imprisoned in [the] south. So we suspect this is the cause.”

Ethiopia’s government strongly denied the BBC report, calling it irresponsible. A statement posted on the foreign ministry website noted that opposition parties and the group Human Rights Watch had made the allegations previously, and they had been found to be groundless.

The statement argues that allegations of aid misuse are aimed at persuading donors to cut off assistance, at a time when millions of people are suffering from one of the worst droughts in decades.

Opposition: Detentions a “witch hunt”

Veteran opposition leader Beyene Petros was among those quoted in the BBC report. In a telephone interview Tuesday, he said he stands by allegations of aid abuse. Beyene called the arrests of Bekele and Olbana part of a “witch hunt” that will have a chilling effect on anyone who might provide embarrassing information to the press.

“They are harassing our supporters and people down in the south, especially one individual whom they alleged has been guiding them to some locations where the BBC reporters obtained information,” said Beyene. “The government has dispatched security operatives to the area trying to dig up charges against individuals providing information, which the government finds sensitive and wants to hide.”

The latest arrests come at a time when two Ethiopian journalists who were critical of the government are facing charges of involvement in terrorist activities. Those arrests have raised concerns from international human rights and press freedom groups, who say the pretext of terrorism is being used to silence dissent.

Prosecutors, however, allege the journalists were involved in plot to sabotage electricity and telephone lines, and say the charges have nothing to do with their professional activities.

  1. The #1 terrotist lives in 4 Kilo
    | #1

    As much as I despise the brutal TPLF regime, I have no sympathy to separatist groups like OLF and ONLF. But in this case it is like the pot calling the kettle black. There is no difference between EPLF, OLF, ONLF and TPLF. As far as I am concerned they are all out to get other Ethiopians who do not belong to their ethnic groups. Tribalism is the disease of the continent of Africa that is holding it back from joining the civilized world. No matter how much some people are educated, they can not shake the hate out of their system in order to live in peace with others who do not talk, act and believe like them. There is no majority or minority in DEMOCRACY. President Obama would have never become the president of the super power of the world if Americans think and believe like the separatists groups in Ethiopia and the rest of African nation.May the Loving Merciful God give each one of us a heart that is kind and compassionate that cares for all mankind to live in PEACE.

  2. Tulu
    | #2

    Prosecutors are not regular prosecutors. They are specialized anti-Ethiopian people prosecutors. the judges on that bench are not also regular judges. Please do not call these people prosecutors or judges but specialized Ethiopian Security Agents.

  3. Samuel
    | #3


    How much did the woyane regime pay you or how much are you benefiting from the woyane government. You pray to God with that filthy mouth. What do you know of the guys who are now persecuted. How would have seen the Derg Regime incarcerating Tigreans it suspected of support for the TPLF? We now learn how much it means to fight for ones own rights in a country you claim to belong to. Oromos do not expect sympathy from your kind, but mark my words you will pay for the atrocities perpetrated gainst the Oromo people. It does not matter whether you are a chauvinist Amhara or a lucky Tigrean. The country will pay for this evil. Sure, I would like to live separate from you and your elks and advocate separation. What the TPLF is showing us is another form of occupation that everybody is entitled to resist. I am sure you are not an Amhara. They have better brain than what you wrote.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    While the ethnicfederalists/teletafi parties directly support ethnicfederalism as opposed to state feralism of the original 14 provinces 15 including Eritrea, they verbally condemn ethnic secessionism; whereby the loyalist oppostion parties now in a coalition with UDJP, implicetely support ethnicfederalism as the loyalist opposition parties in the TPLF/eprdf regime for 20 years, and not quite clear whether they go along Ginbot 7 alliance, rather than merger with OLF, ONLF, etc. which puts them at odds with newly created terrists law, as prelude to false charges of the teletafi party leaders who are in opposion camps for their invlvement with OLF and/or providing damaging information of aid funds being denied to the opposition supporters, which surfaced in the BBC media.

    While at outset individual freedom of all sorts should take precedence, and the major focus is to dismantle ethnicfederalism and secessionism, it has taken a new turn since during and after the 2010 election between the TPLF/eprdf regime and the loylist opposition parties to go after the regime for corruption interms of misuse of food aid, and the TPLF/eprdf regime linking the leaders in loyalist opposition leaders to what calls terrorist organizations, based on the new terrorist law created, while they were in the parliament, insead of challenging the TPLF/eprdf regime for its ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totalianrism stipulated in the constitution instead of corruption allegations and counter charges of TPLF/eprdf regime for providing accurate but damaging information to foreign media to expose the regime much in the same as it did Emeroror Hailesellassie’ and the Derg regime.

    With respect to matters affecting the silent majority of Ethiopians, it sounds to me the cry from those with ethnic agenda vs those with national agenda like the Ethiopian sayings” enatua, wenze yehedechibat ena enatua yemotechibat ikul alekesu”, yemibalewin yimesila. What is paramount is to dismantle ethnic and secessionist politics and/policies with underlying totaliarnism to free the individuals from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule/ethnic dictatorship underethnicfedralism and secessionism to replace with Statefedralism of the original states. The teletafi/ethnicfedrelasts, and loyalist oppostion parties, and secessionist parties are suffering a set back from their own explicit and implict support of the constitution of ethnic and/or secessionist politics and/polices with underlying totaliarinism, which gives the TPLF/eprdf an upper hand to manipulate the teletafi and the loyalist opposition parties.

  5. Fincil
    | #5

    No wonder that Woyane is selectively targetting the Oromo nationalists! It is only the Oromo freedom fighters, who can accomodate all the three movements (independenists, federalists and integrationists) in Ethiopia against the Woyane. The Oromo liberation movement can accomodate these all directions of movements and coordinate them against the fascist and racist Woyane. The coming together of the “legal” opposition under MEDREK and the onging all-inclusive TIBIBIR of the rebels like OLF, G-7 and ONLF is becoming the nightmare to the hegemonists in Finfinne palace; nothing can save the tyrannts from their coming demise, be it in only 1 year or in about 10 years!!

  6. deyyo
    | #6

    MEles is trying to hide the fact about the famine in many parts of ethiopia including tigrai. there is total information black out and any one who dares to speak up against the woyane policy of deliberately starving people for not being supporters of TPlf.

    meles is using Olf as an excuse to arrest real opposition group members whom he sees as a threat to his ethno-fasist dictatorship. there is no doubt about it, he is in a panic. sooner or later there will be more arrests to stave off any popular uprising.
    the question is how are the other members of medrek going to react. Are they going to bury their head in the sand or are they going to stand along their colleagues and demand justice.

  7. Development without freedom
    | #7

    Ethiopians should embrace OLF and turned it into Ethiopian liberation force.

  8. ቀጄላ
    | #8

    This comment will consider the case of comments #1 and #4
    በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ ግለሰቦቹ ከኦነግ ጋር ግንኙነት እንዳላቸው አድርጎ መናገር የወያኔን መርዝርኛ አሰራር መደገፍ ይመስላል:: ከላይ የተጠቀሱት አስተያየት ሰጪዎች ተፈጥሮአቸው እንደፈረስ ዝንብ ያስመስላቸዋል:: የፈረስ ዝንብ ለራሱ ለመኖር ሲል በአካክልም በአገልግሎትም የላቀ አስተዋጽኦ ያለውን ፈረስ ያሰቃያል:: ዝንቦች ለማንም በምንም መልኩ የሚጠቅሙ ፍጥረታት አይደሉም:: ነገር ግን ስራቸው መልካሙን ነገር ማበላሸት ብቻ ነው:: የማንም አዝማሪ ሰው ገድሎ ሲታሰር (ቴዲ አፍሮ) አፋቸውን ሲከፍቱ የነበሩ ጥቂት የማይባሉ የሃበሻ ጠባብ ብሄረተኞች ሌላኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ሲታሰር ለምን እንደአገርና ወገን ወዳድ አንድ ቃል እንኳን አይተነፍሱም? ለነገሩ ኦሮሞዎቹ የማንም ድጋፍ የሚያስፈልጋቸው አይደሉም:: ድጋፍ ካስፈለጋቸው ከራሱ ከወያኔ ቢጠይቁ ይመረጣል ከአማራ ጋር ከሚያስቡት:: ኦሮሞዎቹ መገንጠልን የሚያስቡት (ያስባሉ ከተባለ) ከላይ አስተያየት ከሰጡ አይነት “እፉኝቶች” (የእባብ ልጆች) ጋር አንድ መሆን ብቻ ስለሚያስጠላቸው ነው:: እኔም በበኩሌ ከንደዚህ ያሉ ግለሰቦች ጋር አንድ ከሚሆን ራሴን ችየ መኖርን እመርጣለሁ:: በመሰረቱ የታሰሩት ግለሰቦች ምሁራንና ለአገራቸው ከፍተኛ አገልግሎት በመስጠት ላይ የሚገኙ ዜጎች እንደመሆናቸው መጠን በዘረኛው መንግስት ጥርስ ውስጥ መግባታቸው ሁላችንንም የሚያሳዝን መሆን ነበረበት እንጂ የተለያዩ ስሞችን እየሰጠናቸው ልንኮንናቸው ባልተገባ ነበር::

  9. Samuel
    | #9

    Those who cannot resist injustice are doomed to servitude. If people cannot protect their poltical leaders when they are intimidated, harrassed and incarcerated it leads to total apathy in the future. That is what Meles and his gangs are looking for. That is also why people have to find a way to challenge the woyane thugs in a way that they think twice before they resort to this kind of intimidation. There are several ways of challenging the thugs. We will leave those options to the general public who are experiencing unbelievable odds.

  10. Sheger
    | #10

    They them broth separatinist idea to Ethiopia to begin with and it was and still may be is a part of the low that says
    Freedom until self determination” meaning who what to separate from Ethiopia can. So wether this people are ONLF
    Or OlF I think it is wrong to call them Terrorists based on their political agenda. But how ever just like it was the TPLF and EPLF started this whole separating business we should be careful that they are not trying to make Ethiopia
    To much self conflicted and do what may be they are out to do and that is to disinegret the whole nation. This whole
    Ethnic federation and libration fronts can mean there is no Ethiopia in the future.

    So this or that we can’t except any thing like freedom and so on from this Government. Like the saying ” serotu yetatekut sirotu yifetal”, they might go way some time soon though. It is becoming very clear to a lot us that they will
    Never succeed and we won’t allow it.

  11. The #1 terrotist lives in 4 Kilo
    | #11

    Come on! me a Woyanne, that is an insult. If OLF and ONLF fight for the good of the country to bring peace and prosperity for all Ethiopians, then more power to them, I have no problem with that. Otherwise, they are just a bunch of brainwashed racist selfish group like TPLF and EPLF that are working to dismantle Ethiopia. It is about time for OLF and ONLF to know the reality that Ethiopians are more mixed than they realized and need to start to fight in behalf of all Ethiopians. We don’t need another self centered lebas like Meles and his puppets. Esayass and Meles worked the majority of their lives brainwashing Ethiopians against Amharas in order for them to succeed. The biggest revenge is to show Esayass and Meles’ that Ethiopians are UNITED and their plan to divided Ethiopians have failed. The nightmare for the two evil cousins is seeing Ethiopians UNITED. What is wrong with that, Samuel?

  12. aha!
    | #12

    Ethioians should embrace “Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethiopian Interests along with the Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, without tampering on the how ethnic populations thrives themeselves the way species populations thrive in the natural ecosystem called Ethiopia, to free themselves of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totaliarinsism. The silent majority are living it, despite the the scheme of TPLF/eprdf constitution of etnic and secessionist politics and/or policies of ethnic fedrealalism and secessionism, supported by ethnic federalists and ethnic secessionists.

  13. Sheger
    | #13

    Dear Aha, what is their deal man? Don’t they know the world is very big and there are so many kind of people in it?

    I don’t get it it at all. They are doing this to what end? Don’t they know that we all live in one planet? Not two or one
    and a half, forget three but ONE no matter our differences.

    And every body’s land maters wether you live on it or not. We should listen to God more and more.

  14. Read Me
    | #14

    Samuel # 3,

    Do not waste your time telling lies about the so called oromo liberation front. The Oromo people are 100% Ethiopians and OLF does not represent them. Although I am not an Oromo myself, I have many Orommo relatives and friends who don’t consider themselves anything else but Ethiopians. I grew up in a predominantly Oromo community and every body there has a similar viewpoint- Ethiopians. I think OLF is out of touch or lying. Particularly, the younger generation is a breed of different ethnic groups of the country and cannot identify itself belonging to any one ethnic group. This is the major part of the Ethiopian population. One can now say that at this time in Ethiopia there is not majority or minority- everthing is almost mixed. In addition, there are several Oromo ethnic groups (Shoa, wellega, Harar, Borena, etc.) as there are several groups of Amara (Shoa,Gojjam, Gonder, Wollo), most of whom do not consider themseleves as one ethic communty, although may speak the same language. However, all of them have that common factor called Ethiopia which binds them together. So destroying Ethiopoia is not easy as you think. If you are a sensble person, I advise you to come to the grip of reality and direct your energy towards the building of Ethiopia for all ethiopians. Forget this fantacy idea of libiration. Oromo succession will not happen in Ethiopia, but if you and your likes in the OLF push on it, there could be some temporary set back and destruction of property and possibly loss of life. This may affect the stuggle of the Ethiopian people againist Woyane and delay the anticipated change. You and your likes in OLF will be held responsible for whatever damage will be caused. Times have changed and there will be no place for any criminals to hide. In other words, be aware that no body can get away any more with lies and crimes. Those days are gone for ever. The best and only solution for our problem is to tell the truth. Get out of the box, given to by EPLF. I wroter the above assuming that you are not Woyanne but a supporter of OLF.

    Good luck.

  15. aha!
    | #15

    Kejela! Yemin kurfia aynet anegager new, begleseb lai astyayet alseteninim, keweyane yebasin ibab kehunibih, lemehunu bichahin yet lemenor asibehal. My argument is based on ideology of Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interest, the soveregnity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, for Ethiopians whose political outlook is Ethiopiawinet ahead of ethnicity, with due respect of ones citizenship to Ethiopia one way or the other (be it ethnicfederalist and/or ethnic secessionist).

    You may stand for the stand for the ideology and try to convince us about the merits of the constitution of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with the underlying totaliarinism the the teletafi parties/ethnic federalists and the loyalist oppostion parties are supporting the constitution with respect to ethnic fedralism and the secessionist movements are engaging the TPLF/eprdf regime for the secessionist right upto self determination, not for the freedom and democracy to the silent majority of Ethiopians. Do the silent majority of Ethiopians have to keep on entertaining the liberation movements: EPLF, TPLF and the teletafi parties of the past and the newly created liberation movements sponsored by EPLF with Ginbot 7 forming an alliance, but not a merger to engage in armed struggle for freedom and democracy of a Ethiopians, but not to secede upto self-determination.

  16. DDR
    | #16

    DAWD ibsa has been indoctrinated by the shabia to make us believe that the oromo has been colonised by abyssinia and needs to be free from colonial rule. shabia inherited dawd ibsa and his group the theory of colonialism which they used to their advantage in the past.

    I believe the theory of ‘abyssinian colonialism’ which the Olf and onlf try to emulate from the shabia is a dead and cheap propaganda not supported by many people. not many ethiopians would buy into this theory.

    If dawd ibsa wants his own oromo state, then he has to find other theories to convince us that his cause is worth following.

  17. Samuel
    | #17

    Read Me,

    I am not reading what is not written. I am reading Ethiopian history as written by your Debteras and also foreigners. There is no qualm about the manner of the establishment of the nation state from Abyssinia to Ethiopia. I am not pleading for your support of my position with regard to history or the future disparate visions we have for our respective people. I did not talk to every Oromo but I am a member of many Oromo organizations both poltical and social organizations. I do not need lecture from you. I just want to remind you that OLF was part of the transitional government of Meles Zenawi until Meles decided to kick them out to have a free field of looting of the country. That is the reality. You may thank TPLF for having fulfilled your dream as many Amharas do. It has laso made it open for Oromo nationlists to have a clearer vision than the murcky alliance with the TPLF government. Ethiopia is changed forever from pre-1991 to a future in which a representative government is not only an option, but a must if Ethiopia is to be preserved as a nation. We know the wish of the Amhara and Tigrean extremists. Amhara politicians fear Oromos ascendance to power than the TPLF. That is what the TPLF is using. We have to understand this basic principle in order to wage a struggle of freedom. Abyssinian colonial ambition does not take us any where. The inabilty of OLF leadership to chart a clearer vision with the necessary sacrifice to achieve those missions has opened up a room for Abyssinian exterimists. Gradually, the leadership is slipping away to a new generation of Oromos. I do not know what sort of Oromos you are talking about. The new generation of Oromos are now restless. I don’t care whether you stick with your Neftegna mentality or open up your mind to see the truth of democractic rights. We are marching and there are enough signs for thos wise people to see.

  18. yemm
    | #18

    Even the members of the woyane puppet ethnic organisations are waking up to the woyane lie and propaganda and are starting to speak up. Bekele Gerba and Olbana Lelisa have been loyal meles supporters , to the point of giving credit to meles for his ethno-fascist policy.

    But praising the woyane tyrant could not save them. when you deal with meles and his cohorts it is like a donkey playing with a hyena. sooner or later you are going to be eaten up.

    It is a lesson to all who praise the tyrant meles. they do not know when they will be spitted out.

    Abandon ethno-fascism and join the peoples struggle for survival, for freedom, democracy and justice for all. That is the only guarantee for all of us to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

  19. Samuel
    | #19

    Just for the record,

    I am browsing some of the comments and wondering what relevance they have with the posted news. Some are trying to convince us with the manifesto of unnamed poltical organizations although they are at will to muddy the OLF. They hide behind Ethiopian Unity and Territorial integrity. These are buzz words and phrases used by right wing extermists. Ironically TPLF is into it these days hoping to get support from the same group. What all of these groups fail to understand is that they are behind the time warp as their importance in deciding the future direction of the country has dwindled to mere insignificant. A person can bark behind a computer screen and talk of a “silent majority” when he knows deep inside that his followers are very numbered. If he had that many people he does not have to try hard to convince us.

    Clean up your thoughts. These two individuals have been incarcerated illegally. There have been many and our fight should be directed at the release of all poltical prisoners including the journalists.

  20. Anonymous
    | #20

    The weyanes are always known as the clawns of Ethiopian and Eritrean people but not they are advancing to become the clawns of donors, ngos, and Western nations. What a shame of clawns of 21st century in the horn of Africa!!!

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    Who could be more terrorist than the very man that has been harassing Ethiopians in every possible way for the last 20 plus years? Meles, aren’t you the one who chose to control the entire Ethiopian government and major business owned and run by the group from your ethnic group—given orders the opposition party leaders to be thrown in jail and sentenced for life—additional countless number of innocent Ethiopians to be locked up—hundreds of innocent Ethiopians to be tortured and gunned down on the streets of Gambela and other Ethiopian towns—stripped away the rights of Ethiopians to organize, deny Ethiopians to have free speech and press—loot the Ethiopian government so you, your wife and your buddies can be disgustingly wealthy while millions of Ethiopians are starving to death in everyday basis—given Ethiopians’ land to Sudan and to other foreign billionaires—? Now, what could be worse than what you have done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Why in the world you chose to be a calculating merciless cruel dictator? What in God’s name have Ethiopians done to you to hate us this much? Just wondering, if you ever feel guilty for killing other peoples children? How do you define a terrorist?

  22. Sheger
    | #22

    Mavootru movie mavatriyana mmonooo montrya movetryna malishu Dina. Detteo mmotero mtervana.

    Just pretending to be Europian or Russian or some thing. I don’t know what I said in the above besides it might say some thing or not at all. I was just making up some sounds that ends up being some words. Sound is word and word is sound any ways.

    But I am just having funn. Just this time. I mean now, when I say know,about this two comments. Which are funny and
    Out of this place because I am making up Amy own language. And it is funny. You don’t have lough.

  23. Sheger
    | #23

    I think that is all I wrote, sorry. Butt not all I said. But I didn’t say a lot any ways or didn’t say any thing or all of it is
    A make up or a creation of some sort but I believe I said some thing before all this unreal ideas that I said in the past two comments. But may be all is intertianing. What could it be? There is no question to it bit it is with responsibility and
    Manner. It is with love and respect. It is with care and hope. It is with every thing that we can care bout, and who os doing that? GOD.

  24. Sheger
    | #24

    I am not saying I am God. Just saying may be God works through people some time. Not to clam that I am or any body a human being is God. We might be godly people but we are not GOD. For the people that believes in GOD, God is near. Not afar. He always is near. He is with us always. Don’t be afraid people.

  25. Sheger
    | #25

    Have you ever hear of any body Creasy? If not that is and could be me. I just don’t believe what I just said on the Above besides I was just you know……..don’t even know what to say. Besides don’t take it serious or like I said some thing. I didn’t. If I did it wasn’t I tensional

  26. Sheger
    | #26

    Dont take me serious is what I meant to say. What ever you might ask just don’t. Just don’t think I know some thing
    All the time or some know when we need to know from my understanding but that is about it believe it or not.

  27. Sheger
    | #27

    We need to know or we know when we need to know is what I said. Or trying to say.

  28. aha!
    | #28

    Take a deep a deep breath and examine the perception about the the teletafi and the loyalist opposition parties subjecting themselves to ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totaliarnism with ethnic federalism, instead of State federalism and secessionism for disgruntled elites about Ethiopia as colonizer to have the ability to secede from Ethiopia. With first to placate the ethnicfederalists with ethnicboundry of Oromia from Haremaya to wollegia, from Negeelle to sellale, and from Keffa to sendafa with ill defined boundries, leading to border conflict among the major ethnic groups and perpetual warfare with ethnic secessionists and if they manage to overpower, the existing power of ethnic and secessionist architect, to have the country disintegrate into nine separate ethnic feudal states, when the the Ethiopians are intermixed by marriage, immigration, Zemecha and ware fare for reasons of subduing the fuedal kings to pay tribute to the central government, etc. for millenium, which has already denied the sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, and the territorial integrity and unity as one nation, one flag and one language, without dicouraging each ethnic groups to develop their own language cultures and one religion, without denying religous freedom.

  29. aha!
    | #29

    Correction: the above remark was meant Yemm’s remark minus the insult, but it in ideologically perspective into which the teletafi and the loyalist opposition parties trapped in explicetely and implicitely endorsing ethnicfederealism and secessionism with underlying totaliarinism, which do not allow for capitalism and democracy to take a foot hold in Ethiopia.

  30. Fight to free Ethiopians
    | #30

    You’re giving too much undeserving credit to Woyanes. Actually, you might be undercover woyane yourself. Members of TPLF have always disguised themselves as Oromos and other ethnic group to create division and hate towards Amharas. They never work and preach for the unity of Ethiopians. You are missing what some of us are trying to say, So far no political party have ever been so damaging to Ethiopia and Ethiopians than the TPLF regime in the last twenty years. We all have witnessed the tremendous amount of damages what the Tigrea People Liberation Front and Eritrean People Liberation Front have done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. We have seen enough my friend when people selfishly fight for their only singly ethnic group. They are ready to slaughter and loot others to get ahead. So, Samuel, what some of us are trying to say is, let us fight to free all Ethiopians from the hands of Melese and his thugs and bring our country to 21st century.

  31. Sheger
    | #31

    Sorry some of the Above people. I don’t remember saying GOD said that but any how

    Does Meles know who VASCO DEGAMA is? If he needs some History lesson, may be some of us can help.

  32. Read me
    | #32

    My friend Samuel #3,
    Ethiopians are fed-up of the Meles regime across the board. This is mainly because of its destructive policies and methods of governance. This has less to do with the ethnic origin of the people in power. I hope you do not deny this. The disapproval of the regime was clearly expressed peacefully in the 2005 election by the people who came from all sectors of the population, including even those who belonged to Tigrai. However, the regime snatched the people’s votes and crushed their aspiration for democracy and freedom, and as a result, all Ethiopians continue to suffer. My point is that Ethiopians have practically shown unity (by their votes, etc) against the regime and the rest of world has also seen that. What is needed now is to continue this unity but come up with a new strategy of fighting the regime to eventually replace it with democratically elected government. Almost all Ethiopians strongly believe in the merit and inevitability of this approach and are in the process figuring out how to make it work to the best interest of all. Unfortunately, the OLF leadership has now stepped in as a great spoiler. It seems that, learning from the attitude (unity) of the people in the 2005 election and from what is now going on in the Arab world, it is worried that the people will sooner or later take power which may not promote its narrow agenda. Being absorbed with this concern, it has now become an obstacle (rather than a promoter), for genuine unity of the Ethiopian opposition against the present regime. Indirectly, OLF has become a useful tool for the regime by becoming an obstacle against the effort being carried out by genuine opposition. No wonder, after all, both were created and nurtured by the same evil force for the same goal decades ago. That is why Ethiopians do not trust the OLF, as they do not trust TPLF. While opposing every repression carried out by the present regime against any person in Ethiopia, we will continue to expose the lies and antiEthiopia agenda of OLF. I hope this time around OLF will take a lesson fast enough and be on the side of the Ethiopian people who showed their indivisibility and solidarity as Ethiopian in the 2005 election. We want to keep that spirit- it is a positive and progressive one needed by all Ethiopians.

  33. aha!
    | #33

    Basically, the underlying principle of ethnicfederalism is contrary to/works against Ethiopian Nationalism and the the sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, while serving as a prelude to ethnic secessionist fronts to secessionism of the already demarcated ethnic boundries, which is contrary to the boundries of the 15 original provinces, which may also deny the Oromo, Ogaden liberation fronts a stake over claims of their ethnic group living in each of those provinces. So, I say to my Ethiopians elites, political leaders of the teletafi parties and loyalist oppostion parties with ethnic agenda, and liberation movements to do some reflective thinking to align yourselves to restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, the Soverneignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, by merely changing your political outlook of Ethiopiawinet first and your own ethnicity second and engage in a non-violent uprising to freedom, where democracy is a by product of free individuals in order to overcome the negative forces of disintegration of Ethiopia.

  34. Treaty
    | #34

    The Ethiopian people since the 1970′s have made huge sacrifice for freedom, democracy, equitable and just system to prevail in the countryl.Unfortunately,the 1974 people’s uprising saw the military government stealing the fruits of the people. Because the people of Ethiopia were denied the right for freedom, democracty, law and justice the struggle continued at various fronts. On the one hand, the liberation fronts as represented by EPLF, TPLF were fighting to secede from Ethiopia. On the other hand multinational organizations such as EPRP and EDU were fighting for the freedom of all Ethiopian people. At this time the liberation movements appear to be nervous over concerned when they see the popularity of EPRP in rural Tigray.Obviously ,such prospect ha must alarmed the liberation movements to make a preempt move against the positions of EDU and EPRP. Later it becomes clear that the leaders of liberation movements were not interested so much about freedom but they were all about power. This is seen by the course both fronts followed after, Eretria’s independence, and in the case of weyane after it assumes power in Ethiopia.
    They both are unit democratic fronts who stole the people’s struggle in order to advance their own narrow agenda .Both persecute political activists, conduct unlawful arrest on citizens, kill political prisoners. Beside, since the suzerainty of these fronts they work hand in hand to prolong their agenda. For instance, weyane has implemented ethnic based regional self rule in order to divide and rule the Ethiopia. On the other hand while Eretria continues to deny the Eritrean society to a right of self rule it stile continues to be active in the affairs of Ethiopia by arming other secessionist organizations such as OLF, and ONOL. As a result as far as Ethiopians are concerned both EPLF and TOLF remain to be Ethiopia’s twin strategically enemies.
    Therefore, Ethiopians who are fighting for the freedom democracy, justice and rule of law to prevail in the country as well as to make each citizens to vote , as part of our strategy, must continue to fight for the rights of all those who are being harassed or arrested by weyane regime.
    I believe from what we have seen the model of EPLF and TPLF tribal politics can’t be sustainable any more. The shabian model as it is seen in the past twenty years has miserably failed to bring the people the desired freedom. This being the case there is no need for Ethiopians to lend any support for the leftwing extremist organizations who are imitating the models of Shabia. Therefore, it is important for the unity wing of Ethiopian political parties on the one hand to reach out for diverse political organizations within the Oromo society who might are fighting for the freedom of all Ethiopians. On the other hand we must continue to wage war against those left wing extremists who are pursuing secessionist aspirations, and their sponsors, Such as Shabia and G- 7.

    You are all over this forum and, it appears that, your mind is crammed up with diverse thoughts. Instead of advising others to clear their mind from foggy thoughts I think you are the one that needs to heed this advice.

    You scribbled,
    “Amhara politicians fear Oromos ascendance to power than the TPLF. That is what the TPLF is using. We have to understand this basic principle in order to wage a struggle of freedom. Abyssinian colonial ambition does not take us anywhere. The inability of OLF leadership to chart a clearer vision with the necessary sacrifice to achieve those missions has opened up a room for Abyssinian extremists.”
    How do you want your statement above to be understood by your readers? It seems to me you are over concerned with what is going on and don’t seem to know what you want. One thing you should know is this the OLF leadership as it is represented by Dr.Ibsa is a fringe view.Beside, Ethiopians who are fighting for freedom of all Ethiopians will not join hand with OLF.Inother words we will not LET OLF INDEPENDISTS, IN THE NAME OFF UNITY TO OVERTHREW WEYANE, TO USE US AS A CRUNCH TO REACH THEIR GOAL OF INDEPENDENCE.

    Again you wrote,
    “A person can bark behind a computer screen and talk of a “silent majority” when he knows deep inside that his followers are very numbered. If he had that many people he does not have to try hard to convince us. “Mr. Do you really believe the fringe idea that you are advocating will be achieved? Then, go and fight for it. More than any one else you are the one who is a proven armchair revolutionary. Instead of criticizing others for expressing their thoughts as you do using the same medium you use, if you really believe armed struggle is the goal of OLF then go and fight for it. Don’t expect the Ethiopian Oromo youth will die for you while you seat in your comfort zone somewhere in Europe.

  35. Samuel
    | #35

    Samuel,You are all over this forum and, it appears that, your mind is crammed up with diverse thoughts. Instead of advising others to clear their mind from foggy thoughts I think you are the one that needs to heed this advice.
    You scribbled,“Amhara politicians fear Oromos ascendance to power than the TPLF. That is what the TPLF is using. We have to understand this basic principle in order to wage a struggle of freedom. Abyssinian colonial ambition does not take us anywhere. The inability of OLF leadership to chart a clearer vision with the necessary sacrifice to achieve those missions has opened up a room for Abyssinian extremists.”How do you want your statement above to be understood by your readers? It seems to me you are over concerned with what is going on and don’t seem to know what you want. One thing you should know is this the OLF leadership as it is represented by Dr.Ibsa is a fringe view.Beside, Ethiopians who are fighting for freedom of all Ethiopians will not join hand with OLF.Inother words we will not LET OLF INDEPENDISTS, IN THE NAME OFF UNITY TO OVERTHREW WEYANE, TO USE US AS A CRUNCH TO REACH THEIR GOAL OF INDEPENDENCE.
    Again you wrote,“A person can bark behind a computer screen and talk of a “silent majority” when he knows deep inside that his followers are very numbered. If he had that many people he does not have to try hard to convince us. “Mr. Do you really believe the fringe idea that you are advocating will be achieved? Then, go and fight for it. More than any one else you are the one who is a proven armchair revolutionary. Instead of criticizing others for expressing their thoughts as you do using the same medium you use, if you really believe armed struggle is the goal of OLF then go and fight for it. Don’t expect the Ethiopian Oromo youth will die for you while you seat in your comfort zone somewhere in Europe.


    My targeted audience is not an extremist Amhara or EPRP rifrafs. We know each other very well. My opinion is directed at those democratic forces who share the same vision as ours who are in search of justice, democracy, freedom and above all the natural rights of citizens to express their will through participatory democracy. TPLF has taken away those freedoms through the barrel of the gun. There are other anti-people forces who are sitting on the fence because they are scared of the democratic right of the people. Thos are the same guys that are running up and down to thwart the progress of the majority of the poltical groups to form a formidable alliance to challenge the TPLF and pave the way for a true transformation of the country. I do not believe that extremists of all forms have any place in the future of the country, but I am open to the Ethiopian people to make the decision. That is why we are different from EPRP and their tentacles. We do not put the horse before the cart. In 40 years of their “struggle” they have not figured out a strategy that works. We will not repeat that mistake. Mark my words. We are moving in the right direction. We do not ask your help. It is upto you to join or be tramped by the popular action when the time comes.

  36. Sheger
    | #36

    Aha, may be you want to talk about some thing els. Is it? ……I though about it and I don’t think so.

  37. Ferenj Lebaw
    | #37

    Peter. Don’t Ferenjis or VOA know journalists and peaceful politicians, or civilians regularly intimidated, tortured, and jailed in Ethiopia? What is the use of this report? Propoganda? Meles is a Ferenj Gerdame and works used his ferenj made army to intimidated anyone that would go against the interests of ferenj and his gerdame thugs. “Gerdame hula”

  38. aha!
    | #38

    Treaty has set it well than I could. Derg, a military dictatorship, nevertheless advancing Marxist-Lenninst ideology, took it from EPRP and others, TPLF as a spearhed of the liberation movements of marxisist orientation, including itself, yet leaning towards oppression of nations and nationalitiies took over from the Derg regime, and EPRP was slammed from the Derg as well as from TPLF, loosing its stand for civilian rule, based on a class struggle for land reform and workers right to a rule under ethnicfederalism and secessionism with the underlying totaliarinism of Derg regime still in tact, when one looks at it in retrospective.

    And this latest ideology, has manifeted itself in TPLF Manifesto and is inscribed in the constitution. Despite the fact, the ethnic populations of the silent majority, have tolerated the ethnic and secessionist policies together with totalianism does not mean they do not aspire to be free from autocratic, stemming from TPLF Politbeurro, ethnocratic rule/ethnic dictatorship (be it majority or the current minority ethnic rule) and totalianism with respect to private property holdings, access to capital and means of communications. Add to that the squabble of the liberation movements for secessionism, a secessionist right stipulated in the constitution, who want to ride under the sponsorship of EPF and the cotails of Ginbot 7, to attain secessioninism upto self determination from the colonial Empire of Ethiopia, against the aspiration of ethnicfederalists/teletafi and loyalist opposition parties which want to uphold ethnicfederalism, of self-rule and separate development, but could not stand the dominance by ethnic minority rule.

    That is why I say to the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties, and the teletafi parties which formed a coalition with UDJP, which has missed the target for being engaged with the national agenda to merge with those with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity and sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, which Samuel considers are on the fringe, which I consider a silenced but nevertheless a silent majority.

  39. Oda Tulu
    | #39

    OLF does NOT represent me at all. I am a proud Ethiopian of my Oromo parents and ancestors.

    Thank you #1

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