Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of August 3, 2007

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  1. Tedla
    | #1

    God bless the souls of those brothers who died while contributing their share to free the Ethiopian people.

  2. Ke west Australia Kalgoorlie
    | #2

    I wonna thank abugida for their tiring work and time to bering the awarness and also the light for the people of ethiopia everywhere. all i can say is thank you and god bless. for Pro. Hailmariam i don’t know what to say i feel as if you are the true son of Ethiopia!!! well done i hope i meet you one day in ethiopia when democracy prevail sir you are my true hero just like the whole kinijit camp back home!!! “woyane can fool some people but they can’t fool all the people all the time” time is up for meles we need change in ethiopia we are sick and tired of this hate politics it’s time to go forward!!! DEL Le Ethiopia Hisbe!!!

  3. abaye
    | #3

    ye materba hodame

  4. Alex
    | #4

    True all the time win even it takes time. I’m very very happy the way Pro. Hailmariam doing, this man is very intellicual and true Ethiopian’s son, they only I said God bless you for you hard work. True work some days bring peace and democracy as weel as free speech. Thx Pro. Hailmariam
    Have a nice summer!!!!!!!!!

  5. | #5

    Hellow abugida As I seen you since January 2007 you might need help to be really proffetional I think amharic is a second launguge for you go ahead and watch ETN news prepared with Elzabeth Fekade (that is proffetional).
    specially Rachel you should concentrate and prepare before you talk

    thank you


  6. | #6

    bravo ABUGIDA

  7. dinka
    | #7

    Abugida is abugida ETN is ETN no comparison.Again ABUGIDA you young people have shown responsibility many of the time better than some digusting adults like Woyanay,Shabia who will never get up like this but sneak inside Ethiopian forums like ABUGIDA…
    Pro.Al is not only a professional but he is truth seeker Ethiopian.Wusha Woyanay does not like truth so their eyes turn red.As he said(AL Mariam)tensaye is ressurection as you can not deny ressurection no one can deny tensae.(Kenijit ke mot tenestwal,Meles is yemot mot)

  8. Rasselase Niguse
    | #8

    thanks Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam. Please people helloooo….call the beloved proffessor…Alemayehu not Al….shame on you…his name is Alemayehu Gebremariam

  9. Baby
    | #9

    I think this site not repersent Oromo People, no way to be with Amahra people.

  10. wechew gud
    | #10

    who is zenawi ? kkkk

    wegegha !!!

  11. wechew gud
    | #11

    enkwan ltmuwaget yemtlew neger rasu antenu gra yagabah yimeslal ! mn nekaw sewuyew ?!

  12. Elsa
    | #12

    Hi guys,

    Just to say thank you for your great job but also i would like you to consider my opinion and others about your reading style on the news also there is no need to show the whole screen you can hide the hands of the news reporter. (if we r good tell every body if we r bad tell us) !!! :) cheers — Elsa

  13. rahel
    | #13

    I don’t get it what is it about

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