Wikeleaks Analysis of Meles’s Behavior – Meles desperately wants recognition and public accolades and more leaks

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US Embassy Suggesting to State Department Change of policy towards repressive Ethiopia

As Birtukan’s statements are factually true, the GoE has little excuse for this current harassment

Analysis of Meles’s Behavior – Meles desperately wants recognition and public accolades

The Ethiopian Government’s (GoE) growing
authoritarianism (Ref. A), intolerance of dissent, and
ideological dominance over the economy since 2005 pose a
serious threat to domestic stability and U.S. interests. The
GoE has come to believe its own anxieties about a fundamental
shift in U.S. policy against it. This self-induced crisis of
confidence has exacerbated the GoE’s natural tendency of
government control over politics, the economy and personal
freedoms. To pre-empt retaliation, the GoE has increasingly
purged ethnic Oromos, Amharas, and others perceived as not
supporting the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary
Democratic Front (EPRDF) from the military (Ref. B), civil
service (Ref. C), and security services. Such moves only add
to the already growing deep public frustration and have led
to a vicious cycle. The public is increasingly upset over
double digit inflation (Ref. D), anxiety over their economic
future (Ref. E), the GoE’s denial of the drought (Ref. F),
growing public inability to feed their families, and
narrowing of political space highlighted by the prominent
arrest of opposition leader, Birtukan Midekssa.

Prime Minister Meles is universally considered a
brilliant thinker. Meles truly believes in reform and
democratic values, but, like others in the EPRDF, he has a
specific perspective on what each looks like and is confident
that the party’s approach is the exclusive path to a
prosperous future for Ethiopia. Bold U.S. leadership is
necessary now if we are to push Ethiopia onto a more positive


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