Ethiopian-Americans Celebrate a New Year by Honoring a Flag and a Heritage – San Jose, California (EAC)

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To celebrate the Ethiopian New Year and to honor the Ethiopian flag, leaders and members of the Ethiopian Americans Council (EAC) are encouraging all Ethiopians, Ethiopian-Americans, and their friends and families to join them at the Seventh Annual Ceremonial Ethiopian Flag Raising at New City Hall of San Jose on Thursday, September 8, at 12:00 noon. (more…)

To celebrate the Ethiopian New Year and to honor the Ethiopian flag, leaders and members of the Ethiopian Americans Council (EAC) are encouraging all Ethiopians, Ethiopian-Americans, and their friends and families to join them at the Seventh Annual Ceremonial Ethiopian Flag Raising at New City Hall of San Jose on Thursday, September 8, at 12:00 noon.

The flag raising will mark the beginning of a week-long celebration of the Ethiopian New Year. This special civic ceremony is a salute to the Ethiopian flag and a heartfelt remembrance of Ethiopian roots and heritage. San Jose is the only city in the nation to have established this traditional, annual acknowledgment of the heritage and history of Ethiopian Americans. When the Ethiopian flag was first flown over New City Hall in 2005, it was an historical event in that no other foreign flag had been so honored in the history of the city.

The San Jose City Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and City Council Members will be in attendance. The EAC and the Ethiopian-American community at large are extremely appreciative of the time and the energy that city officials have devoted to this annual event. The EAC especially wants to thank the citizens of San Jose for their recognition of the diversity that has made this country so great and offering the Ethiopian-American community a time and a place to come together and take pride in their heritage.

The Annual Ethiopian Flag Raising Festival is a celebratory event that gives Ethiopians, Ethiopian Americans, their families, and their supporters the chance to come together, not only to celebrate the New Year of the Ethiopian calendar, but also to stir the love of Ethiopia within the hearts of Ethiopians, so they will never forget their roots even though they may be far away from their motherland.

As with any immigrant population in this nation of immigrants, Ethiopian-Americans cherish their lives in the United States of America. Though they are thankful for the peace and prosperity that comes with citizenship in America, they also cherish the remembrance of their lives in Ethiopia, of their families and friends, and of the way of life, that are all so far away.

The Ethiopian flag has never flown under the flag of a conquering colonial power, so it is a symbol of pride to Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans, and a symbol of hope for other African nations as they struggle for self-governance and liberty.

The Ethiopian Americans Council encourages other Ethiopian-Americans who are living in different states to do the same in their cities. Ethiopians and their friends and families who are living in the Bay Area are urged to dress in green, yellow, and red and come celebrate with the EAC and civic leaders at the flag raising and join them in the festivities that will follow.

Ethiopians, Ethiopian-Americans, and friends of Ethiopians will be stirred by this historic event that celebrates the flag, the nation, and the heritage of Ethiopia. The EAC and the civic leaders of San Jose invite all citizens to share in this solemn and celebratory ceremony at New City Hall, located at 200 East Santa Clara Street in San Jose.

May God bless the United States of America!

The Ethiopian American Council (EAC)

The Ethiopian American Council (EAC) is a grassroots policy advocacy organization.

  1. BIYE
    | #1

    It is time to say ENOUGH to those who sow the seed of ethnicism, hatred, division, and to fight for democracy, freedom and justice for all Ethiopians. The Tigre People Liberation Front, TPLF, ethnic politics has not worked. Over the last 20 years, TPLF have incited many forms of ethnic violence, many innocent lives have been lost, simply because they happen to be amharas, oromos, afaris, somalis etc.

    Ethnicity has been used by the TPLF to demonise us, to determine where we should live or work, to determine whether we should get a job or not, to decide whether we should have education or not.
    The TPLF trade mark has been use ethnic politics. It is every where.

    We want a country where people live according to their merit. where basic human values are respected by law. where we have freedom to take part in the affairs of our lives, our country.

  2. true
    | #2

    I remember on the annual soccer in San Jose which took place in 2010. It is just they have no shame when you can tell Weyanes roaming around the field spying on us, they are so obvious as they stare at you, look at what you wear,etc. I guess we can’t be patriotic according to them. It is a sad fact they have seen we don’t oppose them and in the land of freedom they were trying to control us. We also saw some young lady, after she did her spying she was feeding it to her senior spy so obvious. It is a shame that Ethiopians roam around when they know they are being spied upon they pretend as if nothing happened in stead of calling them out. I guess you can say I was one of them who didn’t call them out.

    I think somewhere in Europe, Ethiopians beat the crap of one of the spy. I bet he complained to tPLF. I hope the guy who beat him up him or his family were not hurt. What was so exciting that European security understood that he didn’t do anything. Hooray!

  3. wizomezoo
    | #3

    It is glorious and a joy too,for all Ethiopians to celeverate our flag that make us proud of our Ethiopia in many ways and many other valuable and important reasons.We will continue celeberating and raising our flag infinitely as we always are Ehtiopians.

    Keep an eye on the enemy,keep an eye on the enemy’s agents,spies,and informers;don’t let them run around loose,give them a warning and then a spank on their head,if that is what they want;otherwise,take a decisive measure and rest your punishing feast on their head make them silent forever.

  4. aha!
    | #4

    The celebration of Ethiopian flag celebrates the aspirations of the silent majority of Ethiopians of Ethiopian unity, signifying Ethiopia as one country, one flag, one language and one religion, where the flag represents the bloodshed by our ancesstors for the land and the religion in maintaining the unity and the territorial integrity and sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, so I believe.

  5. Sheger
    | #5

    I hops it is not the woyney flag. But any how great job people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some body should creat a web sight for this kind of or all Kinds of Ethiopian invents to post it so we know what is going
    On all the time were and when. You can call it ” Ethiopian” or some thing like that. It can be so help full
    To a lot of people. Wether it is for political groups, the soccer tournaments, festivals, concerts, benefit concerts, all Ethiopian related gatherings around the world including in Ethiopia. I think it will be very help full to every one. I don’t know how to make web sights other than that I would love to do it. So I am suggesting some body should do it.

    We miss out a lot of staff because of luck of information. Ones you creat the web and promote it things will be so easy
    and great for every one.

    One love!!!!
    One Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sheger
    | #6

    Sorry I meant to say “Ethiopian”.

  7. Oda Tulu
    | #7

    Celebrating the beautiful Ethiopian flag is the noblest undertaking.

  8. But
    | #8

    I wish a happy and peaceful event for all !!!
    But why Only “May God bless the United States of America!”
    How about Ethiopia?
    May God bless the Ethiopia as well.
    But also I say May God bless the whole world
    It is good that we Ethiopians celebrate such events together with other friendly nations so that there will be love intimacy and solidarity.
    However we Ethiopians have to learn such a great lesson in how to evaluate and handle every event cautiously,not by it’s mere outside attractive cover but also by its actual content inside the very cover.
    That is what is sometimes diplomacy is called.Respecting the out side cover of every event and as well as proceeding carefully by taking care of what is really inside the cover of a certain event.
    Weyane is by far very smarter than us in this sense and that is why it still plays game on us.We simply must not used to cherish every event delivered to us,like a kid,with out carefully questioning its very motive and its very message.Weyane has such a very powerful and long stretched hand that is able to influence every event in the background to emotionally or psychologically divert it for its own advantage.
    We majority Ethiopians are usually innocent and emotional like a kid and easily get trapped by attractive events setup by Weyane.That is how it plays its dirty game and maneuvers the local society in Ethiopia usualy and mainly for its own ultimate political or economical or psychological advantage.That is what we call as psychological controlling through psychological conditioning.
    Again I wish a happy and peaceful event for all !!!

  9. aha!
    | #9

    Addendum: Please insert the phrase,” under the original 14-to 15 Provinces” after the word “religion” in my comments above.

  10. Kush-Kush
    | #10

    I would love to be there,but I will not wear the Ethiopian flag . It does not mean I am against Ethiopianism and I love my homeland Ethiopia like any other Ethiopian . What I feel is this wearing of the Ethiopian flag: I feel like I am a laughing stock . I feel like I am a fool and feel emptiness . Some the know it all will sling the mud and think they love their country better than anyone else . I will say to them you rascal head and zip your mouth . As far as I know the Ethiopian flag belongs to all ethinic groups in Ethiopia . I know some ETHINOcenterist will say we love the flag better than this ethinic group(s) and they are liers and fake . In the end, let me say to the #6 comment : your ideas are so immature and need to learn more . If you do not like my comment, just disregard it . Period ! Selam Tena Yestiligne .

  11. Sheger
    | #11

    Happy holy days to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  12. aha!
    | #12

    Biye has a grasp of the core bases for the non-violent uprising for freedom, democracy and justice for all Ethiopians, are ethnicferalism and secessionism with the underlying totaliarinism, and humanrights violations the Derg regime was rooted out for its humanrights violations and Military Dictatorship, with its totalirianism intact, upheld by TPLF/eprdf regime, withits marxist/Stalinist inclination of the student movement leaning towards oppression of nations and nationalities, as a prelude to ethnicfederalism and secessionism.

    With this regime, the focus needs to be on dismantling ethnic fereralism and secessionism with the underlying totaliarinism in a non-violent uprising to freedom with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals to restore Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National Interests, the Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and establish a true democratic government by empowerment of free individuals free of ethnic and secessionist politics; where democracy and justice will be a function of the constitution devoid of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with private ownership of land and/property, freedom and liberty of individuals, empowered to elect a party to an Office, which governs by the consent of the goverened.

    These goals would not be achieved under the current set up/alignment of the political models – TPLF/eprdf, a multi-layer, hierarchical political model, (Tigrai Harena)/fdd/fdre, as mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime in its core ethnic-based agenda, and KAEUP with national agenda simply by campgaining for democracy, human rights and justice, which are by products of an uprising for the national agenda stated above, which are basically for freedom and liberty from autocratic/ethnocratic rule (minority or majority rule)/ethnicdictatorship under ethnicfederalism and secessionism with underlying totalitarianism. The explicit and implicit support of the constitution of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies along with totalianism by ethnicferalists of the teletafi and loyalist oppostion parties had been a stumbling block to advance towards a national agenda and with these elements in place, capitalism and democracy do not become a reality for the silent majority of Ethiopians as it does in North America and Western Europe, which are ideals to emulate.

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