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1. (S) SUMMARY A series of explosions were reported in Addis Ababa on September 16, killing three individuals. The GoE announced that the bombs went off while being assembled, and that the three dead were terrorists from the outlawed Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) with links to the Oromo National Congress (ONC). An embassy source, as well as clandestine reporting, suggests that the bombing may have in fact been the work of GoE security forces. END SUMMARY

2. (U) On September 16, three bomb explosions were reported in the Kara Kore area of Addis Ababa. The explosions were heard at 4:45 a.m., 7:00 a.m., and 10:00 a.m. The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), together with the Federal Police Anti-terror Task Force later reported that the bombs were “part of a coordinated terror attack by the OLF and Sha’abiya (Eritrea) aimed at disrupting democratic development.” The NISS said that the intended terror plot had failed and the bombs had mistakenly gone off while the suspects were preparing them while hiding out at an illegally built house. Two of the suspects died immediately, while another died on the way to the hospital. One other is in critical condition. The police task force reported having others in custody related to the plot and that evidence shows the terrorists had ties to Oromo groups – the Mecha and Tulema Association (MTA) and the ONC. They also said that the bombs used contained parts sourced from Eritrea and were consistent with bombs used in previous terrorist attacks.

3. (S) On September 20, Dr. Merera Gudina (strictly protect), the former leader of the ONC (and a typically reliable information source), contacted Post to report that the deceased had not died not while constructing a bomb, but rather at the hands of GoE cadres. Dr. Merera said that the men had been picked up by police a week prior, kept in detention and tortured. He said police then left the men in a house and detonated explosives nearby, killing 3 of them. He did not indicate whether the men were ONC or OLF affiliated.

4. (S) Clandestine reporting indicates that the bombs did not explode inside the structure, but rather appear to have been placed outside and detonated. HUDDLESTON

  1. Sheger
    | #1

    So this people wore bombed because they wore terrorists according to the Ethiopian Government or what? Can they do that? Some body explain this to me. I don’t understand this thing. They say they wore OLF, so OLF is a terror group
    For real? What do they want? And what do we know for sure if they are dead?????? Why didnt they capture them
    To begin with if they new who they Wore???? Why kill them???? We know they say they are separatists and we don’t
    Like them for that and if they are terrorists we will hate them more but just in case if this are some rebel groups fighting
    For independence of Oromo people wether they are supported by the Oromo people or not, you can’t call them terrorists. But just rebels.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2


  3. anon
    | #3

    Piece by piece the clue is falling in its rightful place that relationship between Weyane and the U.S government has been at odds for some time now. This is so due to in part Melee’s insistence to go along with his plan to implement the 100 years TPLF domination of Ethiopian politics, a move contrary, to the opinion of U.S diplomats. The main concern of the U.S seems to be the stability of the country, and the security role that the regime might play from such stability. The U.S might have been convinced her security interest will be served more provided there is stability and peace in the country. The ongoing discussion shows the U.S at various points attempt to advice the belligerent regime to introduce democratization process, open a political space for the oppositions, as well as liberalize the economy. However, the melees regime seems to be opted for TPLF domination of Ethiopian politics rather than introducing sweeping political reforms.
    Melese now eye’s China as his model. Whether we like it or not Melese is pursuing a one party domination and an economy completely run by his EFORT. Mean while, his switching sides with China puts him at odd with the west. The government made it clear in one of the cables that it preferred to work with other governments such as Israel, Russia, and China , what it says, who don’t demand conditions as the U.S does.
    That is why these cables seem to be reporting about the declining relationship between the two parties. Due to this developments, Ethiopians need to think soberly for any eventuality.
    It is clear by now we can’t rely in weyane to defend the country. It will do so only as long as it is left to control the political domination and the economy. However, there will come a time if Ethiopians, say decide to rise in arms against its rule, Melese will play many of his reserve deck of cards he has in store. I think at this time there should not be any question over the necessity of armed struggle against we-yane.But who is to lead us to such undertaking is obviously an open question?
    On the outset G-7 need to be discarded. This organization does not have well round strategy for the country.Incidently, I would say also, the name G-7 itself is perhaps the first organization in the history of the country that does not name Ethiopia, or attach itself to democratic cause. But the main problem I have with G-7 is that for too long it set its one foot at Asmara. If this is not enough, it just announced that it chose to work with two other secessionist organizations in the country, there by dividing the Ethiopian opostion.Simply said G-7 is an opportunist organization, who appears to be driven by vendeta, attempting to reach Arat Kilo via leapfrog with everyone and any one.
    Now, in the light of this, more than ever, Ethiopians need to be alarmed about their country’s future. More than anything else they need to overcome the existing conspiracy within. In the past EPPF leadership sought help with Asmara, and turned out to be disaster. Why is it then G-7 want us to believe that we need Asmara’s help in order to be free from weyane? Now the answer is very clear.
    I need not to waste my time here about the evil nature of weyane.That it incites violence between Christians and Muslims as in Jima and Wollo is clear.That it burns and blunders even historical sights:Churches.It detonates bombes in the capital,and blame it on others. That Ethiopian people are put under weyane surveillance, there by subjecting them for demoralization
    There is a third option; we the people, before it is too late, need to train our own army that will stand on the sole support of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopa.What we need with Eretria is respect for one another and common desire to co-exist. We understand Eretria is independent country; we need good neighborly relationship with her. That means Eretria need to respect Ethiopia’s desire to get rid of weyane on her own. We need to use foreign and domestic soil to train and transport our people to the home turf. If approached there are many outside sources that can help Ethiopia to train Special Forces well as help with logistics. We need to think in this line; we need not to sit on the fence for ever and let the extremists get upper hand. What is more the U.S is waiting on the side line to switch side if need be. We need to use this opportunity now or else loose it for the extremists.

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    Dear Anon, you are very right. You have some good objectivity. Amazing!!!!!!!!!. but think about peaceful change and it’s strategies also. It is a possibility and very good for Ethiopia.

  5. gud
    | #5

    It is all speculation. No one knows for sure who did it.

    Meles once said, ONC is covered with a scratchable latex coating. If you scrape off the latex you find OLF. ha! ha! ha! LOL!

  6. Zerayakob Yared
    | #6

    Anonymous #2,

    i advise you to read “AGAZI WOMAN” somewhere in that …በየጠዋቱ እንደ ዱጓ ማርያም!

  7. mercato
    | #7

    The people may not even be OLF. They could be even be TPLF members, or ordinary citizense that do not coopeerate in corrupt business dealings. The government think that if they label the victms as OLF it will give them credibilitiy. We have to think about, why they think so? Especially CUD and northerners have to think if government strategy of labelling victms of torture, arbitray arrest etc as OLF, has to do with your thinking? Unless people stand for everyone, OLF also stands for everyone, in matters of human right, they can do whatever they want.

  8. Dawi
    | #8

    Anon – G7 is not a party but, an organization that has set a clear and potent political line for creating a formidable opposition against the Meles Dictatorship. EPLF/OLF/ONLF can be in that game plan. It is similar to the EPLF/TPLF coalition against the Derg.

    If the Meles Dictatorship doesn’t heed for something similar to “Messay’s Manifesto” soon, I have no doubt such a coalition will succeed in overthrowing the Meles Dictatorship eventually .

    The fact that G7 has a long term and protracted strategy of building an Ethiopian coalition, it is not afraid of working with separatists elements. I take it, building confidence with OLF/ONLF and even EPLF is part of the strategy. If you have listened to Dawit W recent ESAT interview, even EPLF wanted to be part of an Ethiopian Temporary government in 1991 but, Woyane decided to preempt it for that not to happen, by taking power and lo and behold, succeeded in making Eritrea a separate country. Sebhat has admitted to that indirectly on a VOA interview by saying that if it is not for Woyane, Isayas would have sold out Eritrea; meaning stayed with Ethiopia.

    So the political situation is fluid, nothing is written in stone G7 knows that. Don’t be shocked if OLF/ONLF throw out their secessionist agenda tomorrow.

  9. wizomezoo
    | #9

    The robbers didn’t quite live clean.Zinawian-robbers are professional criminals:From being loose bandits to organized robbers,now,to nationally and internationally known terrorists.When Zinawian-robbers entered Ethiopia disguising as Ethiopians,it was precisely known that they would eventually become grand terrorists.Look! They were bandits,they were robbers from the start;where are they today and what are they doing?

    Ethiopians,don’t be afraid of Zinawian-terrorists.

    Indeed,this will remind us Bin Laden,the father of terrorism.Meles Zinawi is dark-destined,for sure.While Bin Laden captured shot dead,dark-hearted desciples are on the loose;no way there is a chance to remain at large.I think Zinawi and the men surrounding him are terrorizing Addis and Ethiopia.I think we have to activate the button and hit the terrorists.

    | #10

    How can people take this report as credible? It never gives any evidence but Merera Gudina by name and the other one as evidence is clandestine. Who are/is the clandestine? Why is the reporter of such paper shy from telling us where his source came than to report it his report as clandestine. If reporters like this are to be credible – they have to stay away from using clandestine person says this and that…take it or leave it terrorism from OLF/ONLF is not new act. They did it in so many events. OLF already admitted in its press release while it was asked who is killing the mass murder in 1991-[—you know the rest of the story! thanks. What also made me worried the wisdom of the Diaspora opposition elements is that they Quigley trust the American Embassy report when the tricky embassy /CIA expose Meles Zenwai’s dirty laundry , but when the Embassy/CIA support Meles and criticize/expose opposition they don’t trust none of the reports. What a wisdom!Getachew Reda

  11. Tuma
    | #11

    TPLF= Criminal Family Interprise
    SHABIA= The Father of TPLF
    OLF= 40 Years Confused Nomadic group
    ONLF=Dangerous group that could split the unity of Ethiopia
    MEAD= Old Clawns fighting each other
    G7= Gutless Talatives they been barking for two years with no action

  12. Anon
    | #12

    you are certainly right in saying G-7 is not a party but apolitical organization.Infact,I stated the same thing in my previous comment.There,I said G-7 is the only organization that surfaced in the political land scape of Ethiopia without intimating the name Ethiopia or attaching Unity, or Democracy to its name. My previous comment is an appeal to the supporters of the movement for democracy, law and justice within the frame work of united Ethiopia.
    I pointed out due to the declining relationship between weyane and the U.s,and the closure of the political space by weyane against the oppostion has created a condition where by U.s might be tempted to work along ONLF.In this connection my plea is addressed to the unity party to consider armed resistance against the regime to counter the power vacuum. Otherwise if the unity party lingers around too long and remain indecisive the extremists will likely sway upper hand in the political situation.
    If some Unitarian opposes the idea of raising army against the regime, I refer the matter to the statement of the declaration of thirteen United States of America.

    “That to secure these rights-the rights being life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness-governments are instituted among me4n.Whenever any government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it its power in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” I do believe this principle is directly relevant to our case.

    It is clear, from the ongoing statement I appeal to the Unitarian party of the opposition because of the fact that it is the only party that is vested with formidable, and bedrock constituency. What is more it is the only opposition with strategy, vision, and public following. On the other hand G-7 is an organization with no clear defined strategy therefore without constituency. Which in turn implies it is not accountable about it’s under takings to any. That means it can pursue a goal of its own choice, without any constraint and without being accountable to any.
    My friend, you speak as someone who is enthusiastic supporter of G-7. It does not appear to you hard to believe that down the road Shabia, OLF, and ONLF will be united contrary to the objective reality on the ground. In fact, if given a chance such under taking will spell disaster to the unity of Ethiopia. I am a realist who act based on principle I don’t share your enthusiasm.

  13. Dawi
    | #13

    [[ speak as someone who is enthusiastic supporter of G-7. It does not appear to you hard to believe that down the road Shabia, OLF, and ONLF will be united contrary to the objective reality on the ground....]].

    I respect G7. I don’t know what you support but, your line of thought ends up supporting the status-quo.

    There are those who still question whether the Meles Dictatorship is Ethiopian or not. They believe the “agreements” Meles signed with Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt and Indian/Chinese investors are suspect. My thought is if we don’t see an agreement with some entities that means there were none or is nothing to make us lose our sleep.

    From what “agreements” we have seen so far, such as with the Indian investor group of Karatouri, no government who is looking for guaranteed FDI can do better than that. The Dictatorship have put a clause that terminates the lease within 6 months, no questions asked. You can’t do any better than that as a land lord who need cash. So I am not worried about Meles selling land. Off course, Massawa/Assab and the rest of Eritrea is a different matter.

    Again today, the situation is fluid. How SHABIA, OLF and ONLF pan out is not clear. In the past SHABIA with its “colonial” clause intact was willing to join the temporary Ethiopian Provisional Gov. but by the design of TPLF it was forced to stay out. OLF left after it joined.

    The G7 folks are experienced people, know what they are doing and are dealing with the concrete condition today.

    If you want my opinion, the best way out is working with “Messay Manifesto”. The Meles Dictatorship shall play the historical role of leading the Developmental State as Messay put it. Make Meles the “KING”. And accommodate opposition politics during transition in a civil way.

    G7 should be able to live in their own country and promote their ideas peacefully.

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