Debebe Eshetu’s arrest and New Year By Eskinder Nega.

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Researchers detail ten types of smile. There is the tight-lipped smile which the English particularly fancy. There is the twisted smile of the angered. There is the dealer-smile of the sly. There is the nothing-I-can-do-smile of defeat. And on it goes.

Most people could muster a reasonable mimic of most types of smile. Who, after all, does not occasionally flash a not-understanding-you-smile? But one, the heartfelt-felt-smile, defies feign. It really has to come from the heart.

I needed no telling that Debebe Eshetu, our co-defendant in the Treason Trial, was smiling from the heart when he approached me after a visit to police hospital in 2005. Every muscle on his face was manifestly convulsed. What I did not suspect was the staggering news he had for me.

“Baby Eskinder is on the way,” he exclaimed, smiling brilliantly.

It was a smile that dominated the face; an expression of wholesome delight. And before I could recover from the shock, I, too, was overwhelmed with his joy. And so I learned for the first time, in prison, facing treason and genocide charges, I was to become a father.

Debebe’s infectious smile sustained prisoners’ spirit in those difficult times. Of all the prisoners, his easy smile, authentic and warm, gave us reason to hope against hope. He somehow made the prospect of long prison sentences bearable. There was no gloom where Debebe tread and naturally prisoners clamored for his company.

His physical health could have been better when I met him last. But his spirit was as lively as ever. We mused about the treason trial, lamented the wasted years since, but parted with a note of optimism about the future. There was absolutely nothing to indicate a changed perspective. The commitment to non-violence was as intact as ever.

Much has been said about the improbability of journalists as plausible terrorist suspects, but Debebe’s case is really a class unto itself. This is a frail man in his mid-60’s; long plagued by chronic back pain; a free man only under a conditional pardon; a prominent dissident who knows he is under close secret-police scrutiny; and a committed family man whose wife and daughters dot on him. How in the world could such a person be involved in terrorism? It simply defies logic.

Even if unbeknownst to the EPRDF, there is such a thing as a world-wide profile of a terrorist. That person is usually male; probably in his 20s; unmarried; and always a fanatic. Zeal and terrorism go hand in hand. Minus the fanaticism the terrorist is not a possibility.

None of the recent detains under the terrorism charges remotely resemble the profile. Debebe is probably the ultimate antithesis of the fanatic, his pragmatism, his easy nature, defines him. Neither do journalists Webesht and Reyot and opposition politician Zerihun Gebre-Egzeabher fit the profile. The same goes for the calm university professor, Bekele Gerba. And of course the list could go on.

Why are Ethiopia’s alleged terrorist suspects so unique? The answer is too obvious to merit detailing here. I would rather reflect on what Ethiopian New Year, 2004, only two days into the future, bodes for the nation.

Look at what had happened in the world in 2003, and it’s easy to complain about the things we do not have. No freedom. Raging inflation. Rising unemployment. Rampant corruption. A delusional ruling party. An uncertain year ahead of us. And the list could go on.

But consider the exciting prospects:

2004 could be the year when we, too, like the majority of our fellow Africans, will have a government by the people, for the people.

2004 could be the year when we will finally stop killing each other for political reasons.

2004 could be the year when there will no more be tortures in our prisons.

2004 could be the year when Ethiopians will no more be incarcerated for their political convictions.

2004 could be the year when Ethiopians will no more have reasons to flee to exile.

2004 could be the year when freedom of expression and association will be respected.

2004 could be the year when we could take justice for granted.

And again, the list could go on.

The gist of the matter is that there are ample reasons to hope. Tyranny is in retreat everywhere. It has lost one of its two last great bastions, the Arab world. The momentum is now on the side freedom.

Freedom is partial to no race. Freedom has no religion. Freedom favors no ethnicity. Freedom discriminates not between rich and poor countries. Inevitably, freedom will overwhelm Ethiopia.

And with the advent of a new year, we are one step closer to freedom. It’s wonderful to be alive!

Happy New Year!


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  1. alemu
    | #1

    It’s really unbelievable that weyane didn’t stop from attacking innocent Ethiopians where tplf tigrean racist gangs new strategy is to torture, kill and abuse innocent Ethiopians in the name of terrorism. But I cant believe that we Ethiopians still either keep silent or talking about irrelevant things here in diaspora while millions of Ethiopians are being killed by torture, manmade famine, unaffordable cost of living, preventable diseases and others where the cause of our enormous problems in Ethiopia is manmade and it’s the tigrean tplf racist and criminal groups. Of course, the majority of Ethiopians live in unspeakable endless misery and destruction these days, but the saddest part is that aside a few dedicated and brave Ethiopians who are striving their best for the struggle in a number of ways from Ethiopia and diaspora most of them seem to be tolerant intolerable things. Amazingly, for the past few month in a row, the so called eprp, mead and other worthless self-appointed individuals have been screaming and writing a long gibberish to attack the new coordinated struggle started by a few groups including g7, olf, onlf and others while our people are dying every day. These shameless and arrogant individuals are claiming as if they are concerned for Ethiopians unity while they Ethiopians unity has been destroyed purposely by tigrean tplf members for over 20 years. Of course, it’s really disappointing to see some concerned type Ethiopians engage in such garbage and irrelevant type of argument though these few individuals that have been flooded some website by their rhetoric non sense mumbo jumbo in the name of Ethiopian unity as well as screaming on some paltalk rooms are just exposed their own savage and evil character as they have been showing a crocodile tear for Ethiopians where as if they are real concerned to Ethiopians they should either contribute for the struggle to remove the tplf cancer group or atleast condemn weyane instead of barking like a rabid dog all over the planet day in and day out. And when we see Ethiopians of course innocent Ethiopians like Debebe, and other journatlists , are being tourted by weyane in the name of terrorism as well as when we see the oromo students are being thrown in jail and tortured by weyane and when we see ogaden Ethiopians are raped, burned, killed and tortured and when we see in general other Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia is being oppressed by evil members of weyane it’s really another torture that is being conducted by a few eprp, mead and other shameless worthless individuals to attack genuine oppositions like g7, olf and onlf….anyway the only solution that Ethiopians have is either to join the recent coordinated struggle by any means possible and support them finically or by any other thing in order to remove the weyane cancer group once and for all, or simply wait until we are eaten one by one by tigrean gangs. Until then may the almighty god help debebe and other ten thousands of Ethiopians who are now suffering in jail.

  2. Sheger
    | #2

    What kind of people are this? Ato Debebe is one of our national icans. This is beyond wrong.
    Let him spend the holy day with his family. This is a very sad news in such a great holy day. They don’t want us and him
    Happy, that is probably what it is. They are very sad people man. What is wrong with them.

    We demand his release emidetly!!!!!!!!

    Better days are near. We will continue to speak against their crimes and we will win.

    Thanks Eskinder. Happy holy days to you and your family too.
    Thanks for letting as know.

    Victory to Ethiopias freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. bonger
    | #3

    th fascist woyane junta will stop at nothing.

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    They might as well call all Ethiopian people a terrorist at this point. May be Meles him self is a terrorist, is that what they
    Are trying to say? No thanks honey we are not and we don’t want to be terrorists. And stop terrorizing our nation please?????????????. Does they know what it means calling some body a terrorist? If they will excuse me. May be they just hate us all the whole nation.

    This is a number one crime against humanity. We have to do some thing about this and they will go to courts soon about this. This is a crime against us all Ethiopians. Think about it people. Is there any thing we haven’t been through in the name of terrorism? A nation who has a great cultur and got nothing to do with terror? Why terrorists out of all things?

    What did we do? I would love to hear the answer!

  5. Sheger
    | #5

    This is a descries, I am discusted, horofid, angry, and so on. What a shame. What a world.

  6. Sheger
    | #6

    I wish I can urge all Ethiopian people to turn of their TV and radio completely even for the holy day until he is released.

    This is a serious degrading and crime against all of the nation. We all are in prison today according to their law who says my way or the high way. This is impunity beyond comprehension. And we don’t want to be lead by our enemies.

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell them

    We are Ethiopians
    We are Abissinians
    We are feared
    As Loins

    We are seen
    As Tigers
    they are scared of who we are
    That we are people of peoples.

    Tell them.

    We don’t have an enemy
    Only friendly nations
    We don’t ask for war
    We cherish peace

    Other wise
    Consider war with the havens
    We will not fold our arms
    Before sending you
    To your trash holds.

    Tell them

    God is with us
    We are protected nation
    I might for give you
    But freer thou Haven.

    Tell them
    We are DONE with them
    So DONE
    Let them tell us some thing
    If they are men.


  7. ዙሉ
    | #7

    2004 is the Year of Freedom!

  8. Sam
    | #8

    The problem with EPDRF nowadays is they see nothing but enemy all around. everybody is , according them, conspiring to see their demise. With this mindset EPDRF could not be rational. It is almost impossible. They go on and on in this plan of rounding up everybody with a pulse. It is time to organize the “UUETA” committee that EPRP organized — what looks now millenium years ago. I am just kidding. My point is no one should be suprised by the behavior’s of EPDRF. When a party’s politics fails, in the third world, the junta’s and the security men become the last hope to cling to power. That is what happening now.

  9. gabi
    | #9

    oh! we poor Ethiopians. I saw some people say Debebe is hero, The other Engr Hailu, Lidetu, Chamiso, even some say Mengstu and … But the surprising and saddest thing is we do not have common hero who makes us fight in unity for our librity from the beast woyane. I respect Debebe and do not want him to suffer under these beast. But for so many reasons, to me he is not good politician. Do not exaggerate too much. It is such thing that will heart us when they start to fall down the road of struggle.
    God save Ethiopia!!!

  10. Sheger
    | #10

    Tell them

    We have killed
    We are against terror
    If that is what
    They are roar


    The good people won
    My dear
    And we will win and win for ever

    Kindness and care
    Our armers
    Love and god our way
    we win
    You can dream away.


    Loving and peace
    Has no payment doe
    When you love and respect
    You live and lough
    No matter with who

    Interns of how you look like.

    Love is beyond that
    So is life
    Like when you like and don’t you don’t
    Be honest to your self.

    You can dislike all you want but
    Don’t attack people
    Or hurt
    For your
    Disagreement with things.

    Vomit if you wish
    Scream if you would
    That is better than hurting
    Some body that is like
    A wounded bird.

    I could be like
    A bride
    With fine dress of weight linen
    Serounded with flowers
    With a handsome groom
    And morners.

    I like happy songs
    Not sad type
    But not all songs are happy
    I just got to deal with it.

    Should I continue?

    I think that is enough
    Not all can be said after all
    If you think you can do that
    Good luck all.

  11. Atakilti
    | #11

    To alemu, Sheger and company:

    You must be ashamed of yourself for posting such pointless comment. You are wasting your valuable time and productive years by just slacking off here in the West. You should sincerely apologize to the Ethiopian people in general and the Tigrayan people in particular and come back home so we can build our country. Since 1991 75% of poverty has been eradicated from our country and the middle class has grown for 0.005% of the society to 55% of all working people. If you had flown over our country any time before 1991, you will see nothing brown and dark spots in all countryside. Those were the raggedy thatched homes of the peasantry. And if you do the same now, you will see white dots all over the countryside from North-South and East to West. These are bright tiles or tin-roofed houses of the peasantry. I am not lying to you. You just go there and see yourself.
    And a lot of people like you think every Tigrayan is a Woyanne. But that is not true. I am from Tigray with both parents Tigrayans. But I am not was never a member of a Woyane group. I wholeheartedly support the program and plan they have for the country and I consider Ato Meles to be a God-send Messiah for the peoples of Ethiopia. His stature stands shoulder to shoulder with George Washington, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Reverend Marin Luther King and those gallant patriots of our country from the 30′s who fought Fascist Italy.
    So quit slacking off here in the West and go back home so you can be productive. It is not like you hear from the losers. There is an unfettered freedom of expression. There are more than 30 dailies that print derogatory remarks about the government and its leaders. Nobody is bothering them. There is not a single political prisoner in our jails. But it houses the most dangerous criminals, terrorists and those who were sentenced for petty crimes like pick-pocketing(that includes those jailed for corruption). I can successfully debate this issue on an open public forum in front of a packed auditorium if people like you act civil. That is if you debate the issue and not pelt me with personal insults. And don’t even dare call me a Woyane. I take offence on that because I am a proud Ethiopian from Tigray born to 100% Tigrayan parents.

    And I will see if the editors of this website live true to their belief in free expression and let my comment posted for everyone to read.

  12. Birtu/can
    | #12

    We might as well write his obituary while he is still alive. Debebe is going to end up dead in jail as long as the midget remains in power. That’s because the vindictive nature of woyane won’t allow it to behave otherwise. It is sad to see so many of Ethiopia’s precious children end up dead or jailed. Professor Asrat, Asefa Maru, wubeshet and reeyot to name a few. Some are stripped of their spirits through torture and intimidation a la Teddy Afro and Birtukan Mideksa. Let’s celebrate and glorify Debebe’s accomplishments through out his life particularly his artistic endeavors and his role in the fight against Melese’s dictatorship. No matter what,Debebe’s name shall remain above his grave forever!

    Ginbot7 is becoming a nightmare to Meles and his regime. Every time GINBOT 7 makes a move, Meles panics and throws tantrum. I don’t think the recent talk between GINBOT ,OLF and ONLF is well received in woyane’s circle. All signs indicate GINBOT 7 is heading in the right direction. Why would woyane give too much attention to GINBOT 7 unless it is becoming a threat to its existence? All country loving Ethiopians should consider to stand behind GINBOT 7 and expedite woyane’s downfall.

    Last but not least, there is a remote possibility of having Debebe go free by way of prisoners swap. Far fetched idea! Nothing is impossible. In order for this scenario to succeed, someone close to the midget has to become a prisoner. Say, you find a soft target amongst his children, you knock out his/her bodyguards and borrow him/her for a while as a collateral until Debebe and the rest of unjustly detained political prisoners are set free. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. The lives of all political prisoners in Ethiopia are just as precious as the midgets children. Can somebody do us the honor please!!


  13. beya
    | #13


    I think you better go and have your daily dose of ganja. you people are sleep walking. Go back to your sleep.

  14. baby
    | #14

    Beka!! BEKA!! meles and its small groups of Adwa-eritreans!!!!
    we are pure ethiopians from Tigray so first we proude by ethiopiawaynet!!!
    fuck off meles groups, its not our headache!!

    Long live ethiopia first!!!

  15. Zerayakob Yared
    | #15

    ዝኸበርካ ኣይተ Atakilti,

    ይሄውልህ ዓለም በሙሉ የሚያደንቀው ታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ገዳማችን ደብረ-ዳሞ ዘንዳ ከሄድኩኝ አንድ ስድስት ዓመታት ሆነኝ:: በዚያን ጊዜ ሓፍረት የለሹ “የትላንትና ጓደኛውን ከድቶ አዲስ ጉበኛ ጓደኛ ፈላጊ” በሚለው የአገር “ግንባታ” መርሆ መሰረት ነው መሰለኝ, የገዳሙ መውጫ ገመዱ ላይ ለመፈናጠጥ ሰው ሁሉ የሚጥቀምበት የተራራው ጊርጌ ጎን ላይ, “ገዳመ ዳሞ በአፄ ገብረመስቀል ዘመነ መንግስት ተሰርቶ, በፕረዝደንት ግርማ ወልደጊዮርጊስ ዘመነ መንግስት ኤለክትሪክ ገባለት” የሚል ልጥፍ የአካባቢ መበከያ ሰሌዳ አይቸ ነበር:: በከመ ቅፅበትም ሰሌዳውን ለማስወገጃ የሚጠቅመውን የስለት ገንዘብ ሰጥቸ ሳበቃ, እንዲሁም ለስለታው ገንዘብ ተቀባዮች ምኞቴን በቃልም ገልጨ ነበር:: የአካባቢ ማቆሸሻ ሰሌዳው ይነሳ አይነሳ ግን እስካሁን የደረኝ ዜናም ሆነ አቡነ-አረጋዊ መገለፅ የለም:: ብቻ እንዲያውም የባሰውኑ በተለመደው የሃፍረተቢስነት ሃገራዊ “ግንባታ” መሰረት, ጭራሽ ያሁኑ ጳጳስ ምስለ ጣኦታዊ ሓወልቱን አንድ አዲስ አበባ ውስጥ በቅርቡ የተሰራ ቤተክርስትያን ዘንዳ እንዳቆመ ወሬ ደረሰኝ:: ይሄ ሁሉ “I wholeheartedly support the program and plan they have for the country and I consider Ato Meles to be a God-send Messiah for the peoples of Ethiopia. His stature stands shoulder to shoulder with George Washington, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Reverend Marin Luther King and those gallant patriots of our country from the 30’s who fought Fascist Italy.” የሚለውን ሃፍረተቢስነት የተሞላውን አባባልህን ለማምጣት የሚደረግ ቅድመ ዝግጅት ለመሆኑ የዝንብ ጠንጋራም ቢሆን አንተ ይሄንን “ኮሜንት” ከመስጠትህ በፊት ደርሶበታል::

    የተወሰነ ትክክለኛነት ያዘለውንና በ’diasporaዎች ላይ እያቀረብከው ያለውን ሁናቴ ከድቼ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ በአሁን ስዓታት ብመጣስ በተለመዱት አይነቶች የማላገጫ “ግንባታዎች” ሓፍረተቢሶች ዘንዳ ለመሳተፍ ነው ያለኝ እድል ወይንስ ከዚህም የባሰ ጣጣ የሚጠብቀኝ ይመስልሃልን!?

  16. Sheger
    | #16


    You wrote longer than we did defending tyrant Meles. After all you could be a “sirafet tigray” not us.

    Ethiopia please wake up. We are not in a good place or situation. This are not our leaders they are like ENEMY.

    Tell me some thing different then.

    One they never say they like Ethiopia or be proud of Ethiopia
    Two they are calling as terrorists
    Three they are selling our land god knows to whom for nothing
    Four they made us land locked
    Five they are making us starved and dead
    Six they put us in all of wars and don’t even tell how many dead
    Seven they loot the countries money and so on
    Eight they divided our nation with ethnic politics
    Nine they are destroying our national language
    Ten they give our lands to whom ever they want
    Eleven there is no democracy and freedom
    Twelve they kill and arrest who ever they want
    Thirteen they lie to the nation about all kind of staff like the Nile.
    Fourteen they are selling and giving our natural resources for their benefit with out the peoples consent.
    Fifteen there is no democratic law and order in the country

    They even still from the starved. I can continue ……….not that makes any difference. That is bad enough all ready.

    When they killed 190 people and arrest 30 to 50 thousand people in 2005 what do call that?

    What happened to so many teachers and students in Awasa Kebata and Oromoia and Amara zone even to some Tigrayance who doesn’t follow TPLF or EPRDF. How many got Merders getting stabbed with nifes and so on??????

    Who are we exactly dealing with????????????

  17. Atakilti
    | #17


    You are the one who is really lost and confused. Meles did not give away sea ports and made our country land-locked. It was your idol Emperor Menelik who signed away the whole Red Sea coast and the rest of Eritrea. You can see his signature yourself in the archives of the Italian government. Stop whining at Apostle Meles. You see Meles is not a Messiah to our country only but to the entire continent of Africa. His leadership quality does not have peers in the history of mankind. He has that sacred touch. During the liberation years, his mysterious power was known to have withered away the heavily armed Derg soldiers without a single shot being fired. Their fingered refused to pull the triggers of their rifles and rockets. He has never lost a single fighter in any mission he led. And also, a friend told me this about the day he was born and I believe it. And the story was told by a saint priest who baptized him. That priest is long dead now. He told a story of what happened a week before Meles was born. All of a sudden it started raining and kept raining for 5 days. And on the day he born, the surrounding hills and valleys all of a sudden were covered with yellow and white lily flowers. And that is a sign of reincarnation and a reincarnation of all good and genius people before him. And he never gave orders to kill 190 people and the police force that was sent to keep orders in the aftermath of the 2005 election did not kill a single innocent civilian. The demonstrators were made up of hooligans and violent criminals. They were firing hand guns in all directions and even lobbed hand grenades at the police men who were there to lead their procession. You see the so-called opposition does not tell you this. Those hooligans killed each other. As I told you before, I can successfully debate these and other complaints you and your groups may have on a public forum if and only if you folks act civil for a change. My advice to you and other slackers remain the same. You should contrite and go back home so you can be productive. Nobody, I say, nobody will bother you because you made some rude remarks about the country and its leaders. Just look at Solomon Tekalign. Wasn’t he one of the most outspoken opponents of our leaders? He did that in his songs and interviews packed full of virulent words. He even went to Eritrea to give moral support to groups hell-bent on killing civilians. But when he asked the Ethiopian people forgiveness our benevolent leader Meles bestowed the most coveted pardon upon him. And his pardon did not pass unnoticed and unrewarded. Just look at him now. He has been a man of goodwill and patriotic fervor. He has turned a good man that our country wants. Empty vessels make the most noise because there is nothing useful in them. So stop whining and do something constructive for the people you claim to love, you fool!!!!

    Here is a proof that shows I am civilized and cultured: I thank Abugida folks for making their platform available for me so we can hash things out in a civilized way and not in a rap concert fashion.

  18. Sheger
    | #18

    And do you remember when Dr Negaso said that at the time of the election people was told not rent a bus or a hotel room to Opposition party’s. That is bad beyond believe, let alone them controlling the media and so on.

  19. Sheger
    | #19

    And what I can’t stand for most is this kilil thing. Most Shewa people are half Oromos and it was their land so who the hake can tell this people it is not your land just because they are mixed. Some probably might not even be mixed except
    They speak Ameharice only. You know what I mean the Wolega Oromos are mixed people them selves in most cases
    Like 98 percent of the time so what are we talking about ?

    Who are we doing this for???????? You know what I mean? This whole thing is where Ethiopia is at politicly is a total bizarre fake so bad and full of lies and really bad for democracy unity and obstacle to national unity and integrity.

    This are some kind of colonizers this are not our people and leaders. Sorry. I mean, enough is enough. BEKA means BEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BEKA their ideology and BEKA to their rule. Do you know for how long that England and Scotland have been together?
    And they still have political party’s based on their ethic line. It if very funny to me the monarky it self comes from Scotland kind of or mixed but they still talk separately about their issues. Trust me we don’t want to be like that.

    It is there problem and idea to begin with and it doesn’t serve any body any good except making people resist and
    Make the world smaller to every one and promote invasion of ones right of freedom and liberty as a human being.

    It is not the way to go. We know better.

  20. Sheger
    | #20

    Ato Bulcha Demeksa doesnt look like Oromo? How about his name? And where he grow up and born? Doesn’t he also
    Look like a Jew Ethiopia from an Agewu or Tigray orient? So who you gona call him except an Ethiopian???????

    You know what I mean??????????aheeee, zimbelwu kenttu dikam. The Ethiopian people are the Ethiopian people.
    They can’t change that unless they are out to kill us all.

  21. Sheger
    | #21

    Who they call Amara and so on by the way? Isn’t it the people of the north, that is Tigray, Wollo , Gonder Gojjam, ????
    And arent this people Tigrays Agewus and also Oromos and Amaras how ever wether Ameharic was the Jewish people
    Languej and there is no such thing like an Amara tribe except the people who are Agewus Oromos and Tigrays that are mixed with the Jew people and latter some with the Arabs are called Ameharas???????

    So emmey Ethiopian lekek adirgu.. What kind of resist people are this. I think they hate Ethiopia to a point of self infliction or may be not they probably like it to much. But how ever they got to stop what they are doing before it is to late.

  22. Sheger
    | #22

    Release all political prisoners!!!!!!!!!!

    Release Ato Debebe Eshetu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sheger
    | #23

    We have some Indian mix people too in Ethiopia by the way. Are they going to tell those to go to India? Please in Gods name stop this nonsense.

  24. Sheger
    | #24

    It is an old country and it’s got all kinds of people in it. We can only unite and live together. We are all mixed up with each other and beyond to begin with so please unite dear people.

    One Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!
    One love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. wizomezoo
    | #25

    Looting and Murdering Ethiopians gratifies Meles,the terrorist.Bin Laden was a lawless ;stole and destroyed the lives of human beings,but Meles Zinawi is both a robber and a terrorist.On the scale,justice is equal for both terrorists.Bin Laden ran away from the justice for a while but was shot dead and captured.Bin Laden gone,but Meles emerged from the underworld professional banditory,a thief and a robber,a rascal and a rogue became a billionaire at the expense of the lives of citizens,destroyed little and big lives in Ogaden,a rude,minsprited,and caitff and demanded a handout and kept it for himself.

  26. Atakilti
    | #26


    You are suffering from ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder). You did not read my comment properly. We Tigrayans did not kill any peaceful demonstrators or wrongfully detained anyone for political reasons. All these reports you have been hearing and reading were all concocted and passed along to naive and uninformed organizations. As I told you before, the 2005 demonstrators were all hooligans or at least dominated by such miscreants. They started firing handguns in all directions and even lobbed live grenades on the police men who were sent to lead the procession just as it is done in any democratic nations. More than 10 policemen were victimized by the grenades hurled at them by those criminals. The 190 people who became casualties then were killed by the hooligans who were firing guns at all directions. That is why there has been not a single photo that proves government soldiers did the killings. Not one. In this day and age of proliferated digital age it is hard to imagine that. And as I informed you before I can successfully defend these unfounded allegations in an open and public debate if you and your misguided entourage remain civil. I am not in hiding. I live in Maryland and not too far from DC. I am a plant manager and I can prove to you that I am in no way financially benefiting for defending the accusations. I live in my own modest house and still pay mortgage on it. I am a husband and a father. I always believed in myself and never needed a handout to live on. I made it the old fashioned way. I earned all I own through hardworking. I just got tired of you slackers babbling around Tigrayans did this and Tigrayans did that with wholesale accusations of an entire nationality. You should erect a statue for every Tigrayan who sacrificed himself/herself to liberate you from Mengistu’s regime. You should rather go back and contribute your skills for the betterment of our people. As long as you are productive to benefit of the people nobody will bother you. And do not defend terrorists.

  27. aha!
    | #27

    The way I look at it from a modular pespective, especially after 2005 election, TPLF/eprdf regime is doing what it has stated to do but reinforcing it to one man one party control in the face of loyalist opposition parties and with direct support of the teletafi parties in the implementation of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies with underlying totaliarianism to which the prodemocracy movement of UDP and Medrek/fdd/fdre with ethnic agenda of which UDJP is a coalition despite the disagreement within its own party members, with implicit support of the constitution. This ideology/stance puts both the teletafi parties and the loyalist opposition parties as ethnicfederalists, adopting the division of the landmass by the major ethnic groups, with fuzzy boundries, instead of leaving them with original provinces to form a federated states. Such demarcation of land mass servs as a prelude to the elites of ethnic secessionist movements a land dearkated by ethnicity, such as what what want to call it Oromia to secede upto self determination based on ethnic secessionist right stipulated in the constitution, which put the in the catagory of ethnic secessionists, with implict support of the constitution drated by TPLF with its cohorts.

    This are the core issues the author and the other elites presenting articles are oblivious about, if are not engaged in an non-violent uprising to freedom to dismantle ethnic and secessionist politics and policies withits underlying totalianism in order to restore Ethiopian National interests, Sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with the common goal for unity, territorial integrity, soveriegnity of ethiopia with commonly agreed strategies, we have no other causes to fight for, other than to maintain the status quo in one form or another.

    While maintaining the constitutional order, that does not allow for capitalism and democracy, and the grant of the secession of Eritrea and its port unilaterally at the gun point, it is also producing legislature with respect to NGO and local organisation,through unindepenent parliament to be put under its control and the terrorist law, through and the arrest of politician of whatever party with out a Grand Jury
    to be brought for trial by the Judiciary, where there are no independent branches of the government.

    So, the strategy for TPLF/eprdf regime is to create the laws in concert with the constituion, where in the first place it is a treason to overthow the regime with ethnic agenda of multi-layer hierachical ppolitical model, and charges those officials to bring them to justice, to give it an appearance of democratic society, where individual gets fair trial, a strategy to decimate the intellectuals in opposition to the government, and engaging the Diaspora in a protest mode in reaction to sporadic arrests, rather than an all out non-violent uprising to freedom from autocratic rule, an outgrowth of TPF Politbeurro, ethnicrule Majority or minority)/ethnic dictatoroship with a constitutional set up of ethnicferalism and ethnic secessionism with underlying totalrianism in order to start out with truly democratic government with individual freedom and liberrty as basis for the consttution, restoration of the original provinces as federated states, with one flag, one official language, one nation and one religion, where languages, culltures are freely developed and ethnic species populations thrive in each of the provinces and Ethiopia much like species polulations of animals in each of the provinces and Ethiopia in the larger ecosystem.

    Also has adopted a stategy not to manage the droughts and famine proactively by using the the long term aid and additional humantitarian add to produce food food under irrigation and store it in a granery for immediate relief than to depend on buky commodity to be dispatched at a higher cost to the donors. That in of itself not make the country addicted to aid, but is used as a weapon against the silent majority to think more in the line of thinking of food than their freedom and liberty. Add to that that food aid is denied to opposition supporters, and government jobs hinges on being a supporter and/or member of TPLF/eprdf regime, according to information available in the internet over the past five years plus.

    Inflation is rampant in Ethiopia, which robes away the buying power of the silent majority of Ethiopians, it might also be a political strategy for the masses to concentrate on their day to day lives, of whether they may have anything to eat, let the quality of food in terms of nutrition.

  28. Gelata
    | #28

    Atahlilti, I think you are the one here wasting “their” time. How can you expect a blinded person to see things clearly? How is that possible to jump your own shadows how great an athlete you may be? A soul filled with hate and dogmatic views is a lost soul. Those people you are trying to engage in a civilized discussion are such kind of people. I for one, are eternally thankful for the bravery and sacrifice you people of Tigrigna. My family and community are better off because of your sacrifice and vision. I pray everyday for this great Ethiopian/Tigrayen Meles. It’s hard to imagine Ethiopia without his great leadership and intellect. So, this is my share to my country men and women of Tigrigna on behalf my fellow citizens. The once you try to engage are, again, a few loud minority which chose to stand on the off side of history. When the history of Eprdf is written, you will never hear and see any mention of those backwards. Not even a foot note.

  29. true
    | #29


    I knnow you are a Weyane every time you accuse EPRDF, the rubber stamp of TPLF, you are hiding the masters who are Weyane/TPLF/Meles. So, people like you are dangerous, seemingly sympathetic to Ethiopia’s plight, under neath, you are a wolf in sheeps clothing. Please people be able to recognize who is who in our community. Individuals like Sam are staunch supporters of tPLF, and still blame others to hide their own atrocities. So, Ethiopians please recognize people like Sam one thing you can tell is they attack their subordinate to hide their own party, TPLF’s crim


    That explains why you are supporter of TPLF, why are we surprised. Blood is thicker than water. I rest my case.No further discussion with the likes of you. You must be living in another planet called Tigray and for sure not to the rest of Ethiopia. The problem with you people is that, you are trying to refute what is the fact. Like Mengistu claimed not to be responsible of those who died during the terror and blamed the police, I guess you are making excuse for Meles he is not responsible for the 200 dead. Sheger and all, thank you for ignoring Atikilti. They get mad when they are seen as irrelevant.

  30. Atakilti
    | #30

    No Body!! Ahhh!! Nobody wants to take up my challenge to a public debate? Wow!!!! That was I thought!!! You are a bunch of cowards!!! You know why? Because your convictions are corrupt and your ideology is bankrupt. Your friends and ‘idols’ like EPRP, EDU, OLF, ONLF, EPPF and other losers have even tried to raise arms against us. They had no idea what awaited them in the bushes. They did not find it as green as they were daydreaming before they left their comfy homes. They are not (were not) cut to be or run a guerrilla army. They put together enticing programs to much ado about nothing. They coined up glittering names for their so called base areas. One of the funniest of such names was called ‘Assimba’. In Irob language, ‘Assimba’ connotes a red mountain. And it is an actual mountain in Northern Tigray. To these day-dreamers, it meant that you don’t need to go through rigorous training and trying times as a guerrilla to become a seasoned fighter. You just had to go to that mountain and you are a part of a red army the minute you arrive there. Tens of thousands of the young flocked in droves as they were told just to become disappointed and bewildered. And as an insult to their wounds, their hapless leaders declared war on our tried, seasoned and gallant fighters. One by one they all floundered and did not even last a month. We had EDU for breakfast, EPRP for snack, OLF, ONLF, EPPF, the rest of the miscreants for desserts and the big enchilada ‘Derg’ for dinner. We did not even have enough left for lunch. Now the remnants of those losers has started house of cards like ‘Gim-bot (Stinky), OLF(Amhara hater bigots), ONLF(Pure and simple rag-tag terrorists) and EPLF ass kisser groups wondering aimlessly in Barka, Eritrea. I saw the photo of one of those ‘former’ EPRP leaders on some websites the other day. He looks like Willy the Wino, all wrong. What a sad sight. Others have grown bulky and ballooning beer guts with ravaging diabetes and hypertension. I once was told that one of their wives was wearing black dress daily for a long time as a statement to her past ‘struggle’ and ‘martyred pals. She needs to wear them for the rest of her life for her men sending those unquestioning young people to their wasteful deaths. Some of these survivors who recklessly sent tens of thousands of the young geneeration to their fruitless deaths have the audacity to write books about their ‘struggle’. As such, they profited from the deaths of those innocent young people many of whom were the cream of the crop of the society. If it were not for us, you folks would be killing each other like mad dogs by now. Thank You Lord For Giving US The Benevolent Meles!!! Here is my song to him!!!!

    Inde Matusala indene Abraham
    Idmehin yadrgew Amlak zelalem!!!

    So put up and shut up!!!!!

  31. Sheger
    | #31

    Atakiliti, I hope you are joking or are you Meles him self? I wouldn’t be surprised.

  32. Sheger
    | #32

    That is not right” is what I meant to say.

  33. Sheger
    | #33

    And you know what els I might be suffering from ADD but you might be suffering multiple personality disorder.
    We know who shot who then so if it was you who did that after all you are a number one criminal and sick person.

    Sorry you need a doctor or some thing mr Atakiliti. Or tell me if you are saying some thing els then? Are you? May be…
    But it is very clear to you my understanding of your story.

  34. Sheger
    | #34

    My name might be Sheger for the moment but I am a gojjamay I speak very frankly and clearly. Open ness and frankness is some thing about Gojam, if you know what I mean. Wust wustun anehadem. Hulu begeliste newu yegna neger. You should like that about us. Life is kind of short, no time for some bullshit.

  35. Atakilti
    | #35

    On this New Year Holiday, I wish everyone here and back home success in all positive endeavors to benefit our peoples. I wish you all and your entire families peace, health and happiness!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  36. Aida
    | #36

    Although I have been out of the country for the past 13 years, I was in Ehtiopia during the Derg regime and the first few years of the current government. From a purely objective perspective, I have witnessed and overheard the atrocities of Derg prisons; the lack of freedom let alone of speech but even of religion with members of the Derg party being prevented to attend sunday church. I remember our entire family haggling aroung the VOA radio trying to get a glimmer of hope from the opposition; fearing that the neighbors might overhear and report. I remember my family being thankful for having only girls in the house as the boys were being hunted down to be forcefully thrown in a war they had no desire of taking part of. Those dark times were not only faced by the Tigreans and Eritreans, they were affecting the Amharas, the Oromos, the Southern people and almost all except those few that were top officials and had some gain in the whole debacle.

    So after overcoming that time of darkness, how could we not step back and appreciate where we are as a country? I cannot say it’s perfect but for heaven sake’s how could you not see the tremendous leap of progress that the country has undertaken? We are one of the few (top five countries IN THE WORLD) showing a double digit growth in Gross Domestic Product when the world’s econmy is going down the drain. So I welcome and I feel the government welcomes peaceful opposition as that would be the essence of democracy and growth but I also understand that the government needs to put in place some restraint on those few that are acting irrationaly as they could jeopardise all the hardwork that has taken place for us to be where we are right now. In the name of the New Year, I do hope we can overcome this negative environment and move forward because we have a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the world.

  37. Atakilti
    | #37


    If Sheger is not your real name, why do you lie about it on this public website? Atakilti is my real name. I am a devout Orthodox Christian who has all my bets on the Good Lord – The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. I don’t worry about what other people make or their private lives. I just got tired of some of you folks demonizing people like me with wholesale condemnation. You don’t give us even a sliver of credit for what we have done for the country. I have made quite a few trips back home and seen it myself. To be honest with you…I was a little skeptical at the beginning but years later I came to see and realize the progress attained/achieved. We all know that a lot of work still remains to be done in some areas such as bringing inflation under control. These days, inflation is everywhere. I am not saying all is well. But it takes a while, process and persistence. Do you remember the old time saying: Rome was not made in one day? When you heavy industries sprouting all over town and more importantly humming 24 hours a day, mint fresh automobiles rolling out of the assembly lines, thousands of KM’s of new roads being constructed and colleges and universities mushrooming all of the country- I call these signs of progress. If there are political improprieties they will be corrected in the process. The priority now should be, for all of us here or everywhere, to contribute what we can to transform the society from being too dependent of agrarian economy to being drenched by industries. There is no way out of the remaining misery that is bedeviling our people. You see it is very easy to sit here and complain or starting a blog just for that purpose. Because, it does not need or require any taxing effort. But it requires being a thinker endowed with endless farsightedness to transform a backward society. I know that from my own experience here in the USA working for private companies. I was part of teams more than once given the responsibilities of building and starting new factories. In some of them I was a team leader. I tell you that is not easy. Any such critical path comes with heart-breaking setbacks and unexpected problems. But persistence pays. That is why I see in this person whose name is Meles. And you can hang me for saying that if that is fair and just.

    In the meantime, I have noticed that some of these websites (I have not seen Abugida to be one them yet) are collecting IP addresses of all those who write comments on their sites. I have customized software installed on my computer that tracks and warns me of those sites that try to track down the IP address of my computer. They have accumulated a boat load of IP addresses of everyone who has posted comments whether the comment was to their taste or not. Why? Do they know that having a website frequented by the Diasporas comes with sacred responsibilities? Also, why do they need to spy on their audience? What are they going to do with their loot? I am not worried because I use my real name and I can tell you where I live. I have no entourage or body guards. But if some of these websites’ owners (editors) someday change their hearts…What will they do with it? Are they saving that for the rainy day to use it as a gift to whom? I don’t think Meles and the Ethiopian government will see that as a genuine contrition. Or are they passing along to groups and a government that have been to be a terrorist organization or supporting such terrorist organization? Therefore I am asking the editors of this website (they seem to be nice folks) to refrain from such acts if they have done that in the past. It is being dishonest to their dedicated audience. To all those you who have been posting any comment on any Ethiopian website, I urge you all to get a software that will protect your computers from such criminal acts. By the way, such acts are crimes here in the USA which carry stiff penalties.

  38. Sheger
    | #38


    Yes beuld one foot of an airport and steal billions of dollars in the name of it. I am not saying there is no some type of progress but what els is done in the name of it???????

    A lot more suppose to be done in a lot of ways better. So I don’t want to rube of your excitement but it’s no big deal
    We could have don’t a million things right if we wore all together and care for the country and respect each other.

    Unity, democracy, peace and happiness, respect is what it takes.

    Happy holidays to you too and every one els by the way!!!!!!!!!

    One love!!!!!!!
    One Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. beya
    | #39


    you forgot to mention the millions of innocent people murered on the order of your ‘benevolent’ leader. That is what you missed in the list of murders and attrocities you listed above. We know what your accolade is -murder, murder, and more murder. Thank you for confessing!

    You say you are orthodox christian, don’t you know that your belief fobids that you should not murder or condone murder. shame on you!

  40. wizomezoo
    | #40

    Zinawian followers not only they like Zinaawi’s politics,also they like all his mistresses.When Zinawi cries,they cry;when Zinawi sneezes,they sneez;when Zinawi throws up,they throw up,when Zinawi lies,they lie;when Zinawi smiles,they croak in cross-dress.When Zinawi is captured and arrested,then they know what will follow.Zinawians,rush! rush! rush! Ticket is on sell to Niger,Algeria,and Nakfacave.

  41. Atakilti
    | #41

    Beya and the audience in general:

    This is exactly what I have been talking about. You claim that ‘millions of innocent people murdered’ by the order of Meles. When you talk whether as an individual or a representative of a so-called ‘liberation front’, you have to show wisdom and the highest level of authenticity in putting down numbers. I remember a gentleman’s remark on this or another similar website in which he exposed one of ‘OLF’ claims of extra-judicial killing committed by the government. I followed the link he listed and read the article myself. I could not help laughing and I was laughing uncontrollably. They tried to show the picture of a 14-year old girl who, according to the article, was one of those taken behind a mountain and ‘summarily’ executed. The pathological lies begin with the picture itself. Just look at the picture yourself. That woman in the picture is well groomed at least in her late 20’s or 30′s. As the gentleman stated the article is intended to arouse the meek and in their own misunderstanding of the Oromo people. They think the conscience level of the general population is so low that it can be incited very easily just by mentioning a landmark in the folk legend. By doing so, they don’t realize that they just insulted their own people, the very people they claim that they are feat to liberate. And when this and other similar lies go discredited or don’t stick, then they resort to killing innocent people by planting explosives in public places, cutting infrastructure implements and sending one or two of terrorists to kill low income apolitical administrative clerks just because they are Amharas or not Oromos. I am not saying that everything is perfect and some excesses might have been done by very few over-zealous individuals. And I guarantee you that if there were such excesses, the perpetrators did not escape justice. So when you also say that millions have been murdered, you are also accusing our Western allies such as USA, Canada and the European countries. They all have very strong presence in our country by now and could have done away with Meles and the current government a long time ago. Do not under estimate the Western powers. So you and your OLF and ONLF have found very naive audience in Minnesota and keep spewing it around over there. I strongly believe that the Audience of this website is well informed and very analytical. And they are hopping mad at you, for telling them such a white lie. Stop being ‘kerfafa’ miscreants, go back and help your people in a positive. It may take time for your audience to discover your lies and lies are always destined to come to lights sooner or later.

  42. Sheger
    | #42


    Wether she is fourteen or 30 or 40 it is a human being that is who has no crime killed. For your story.

  43. Sheger
    | #43

    Aida, we know people wore forced to go to war with Eritiria. You know what I think people new it was a false war other wise why would they refuse to protect their territorial integrity not all was by force but some good number of them was by force. And how come a country so tiny as Eritiria won the war and became independent? That doesnt say some thing? I believe it does. Supported no matter by who. It was just after we diffited the colonial powers and who is Ertiria?

    Some body alone ? I don’t think so. In other words we didn’t had Mengistu we wore the one alone. With out a leader.

  44. Clueless Woyannes
    | #44

    You don’t know the real meaning of Democracy and at best you’re totally delusional.

  45. Gudnewe
    | #45

    Here, what Meles has forgotten is that, he was fightng injustice then and he should realize we are against terror that he disliked in the 1970`s. When derge terrorize the people of ethiopia, woyane strugled; a good job. But when terror is spread and practiced by woyane, it is justified; sounds ugly. But to all, mentioning specific ethnic group will never benefit ethiopia and ethiopians. If we talk about Agazi militants, they dont know better, they are just speaking stones, bandits, idiots and all that. Those of you, who use common sense in a daily life, please be smart and dont mention race, LET`S FIGHT WOYANE OFF THE POST THEY HAVE NOW.

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