Aba. Haile Michael

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Aba Haile Michael about Mahibere Kidusan part 1 from Abugida Info on Vimeo.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Aba First try to see your self. Dont mention the name of the God. Memenan we know what you are talking.please please dont mention Gods name. We know who makes us confuside. So please try to be a politician. not prest .you dont know them fogari kese.You can be good politian. i have never try to wright any thing for any one now i am angri because this gay he is talking about abune paulos what he is doing not mehaber kidusan.

  2. BELAY
    | #2

    Abate E/R amlak K.H yasemalin . MK yebtetekrstiyan telatinetun E/R eyagaletew new kebytekrstiyan lijinet yilik yemahber ljinet yemiyasdestachew ortodoxawi neh bilo kemeteyek yilik yemahberu lij neh ? yemikedmachew betkikilim bytekrstiyanin bemahberu yemetekat yerezzim gizy plan yizo yetenesawin swrun amerar E/R amalak yastagsilin leyewahu abalatu aynachewin kefto bytekrstiyanin enditadegwat E/R yirdachew yeabatochachin amlak bytekrstiyanin ketensubat yewist telatoch yitebikilin.

  3. Sol
    | #3

    I’m sorry for Abugida… I never thought Abugida would involve in church affairs. Asnake himself running some political cases in church with other church members and try passing his idea via with the priest. We all know what’s going on in Saint Michael church.
    Aba, you and few priests like you hurt our church. Instead of mentioning about Mahirbere Kidusan, please review yourself. we shouldn’t expect such thing from you. You better involve in politics than spiritual thing.

  4. Araju Be Sanja
    | #4

    Who cares. For me Woyane is number one. First we should kick him to Entorotos.

  5. Araju Be Sanja
    | #5

    Abugida, shame for you, I have not expected that you sided with Andinet or Afrashoch group.Please, I am asking you to be fair for the sake of our Ethiopia not for Andinet groups.They analize the problems of Ethiopia based on their interest of perception not on behalf of people. Now, everything is clear that which way is good for Ethiopia.I am not woyane, Shabia, ONLF, OLF, or G7, I am Southern Ethiopia born from Amhara(neftegna born, according to woyane). And I also tired of hearing about different useless conflict and analysis of woyane’s cruelness.

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    shame on you abogida.if you are the right media go head and interview the mahebere kidusan representative.other wise you are not real Ethiopian.if you invite from the other side side(maheber kidusan representative) you will be perfect.

  7. berhe
    | #7

    I agree partly with the comment #6. Abugida should have done two things:
    1. Do the their homework about the issue as well as the person on the interview. The Abba worked with a cadre- Abba Serek. The Abba is a representative of Abba Paulos- hence Woyane. However, Abba has a good point in some of the issues MK does particularly in Diaspora. The court saga in Dallas Michael was done by the cooperation of Woyane agents & MK members (Daicon Alemayehu). Therefore, the Abba can not claim to just blame MK. In addition, MK serves Abba Paulos [Woyane] in the diaspora. By enlarge, MK has done some good things in Ethiopia though unlike total corrupt Paulos.
    2. The second point is to arrange to interview MK representative as well. Again, Abugida needs to do the homework about people to be interviewed as well as the issues. Those MK supporters who commented above is not a healthy sign. Just attacking- gangster mentality seems to engulf MK supporters. That is a truly ” Woyanewi Bahri”.

    Egziabher MEchereshawn Yaqrblin.
    needs to do two things

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    As the person on top said we know what you guys do at the church. The problem is from top to bottom you guys are the same, all of you are politicians. How in the name of God you think people will believe to what this “aba” said. He is a person who is banned from the church where he use to serve. Because of Nufake and Mis behavior. At least bring someone who is healthy. this guy is out of his mind and liar and he betrayed our church. You called him because you guys have similarities. “Menafik”. To tell you the truth, from the orange plant you get orange not lemon. Kemerara zer you get merara fre(fruit). This guy is Merara zer, we will not get the sweet fruit. Don’t be fool this will not be life foranyone including you. For you life politics and …you know yachi yemenakat neger. Not only me everybody knows about you. Ante Mochlafa(Asnake)

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