Judge Birtukan and other invited gustes speech at diner hosted by Andinet DC chapter

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  1. Tadewos
    | #1

    I am happy to see her among us as a free woman. She is extremely eloquent and also engaging. When I saw her on this video, I just could not hold back my tears. It was tears of joy. I felt as if I was seeing my daughter after a long and sad hiatus.

    But I would to send her one advice of wisdom. Here in the USA, it is very easy to find any restaurant or even prepared edibles in the supermarket. I see a change (I mean substantial) in her physique since I saw her just a few years ago. I am a father of a wonderful daughter in the same age group as this precious Birtukan, our people’s sweat heart. And we need her and all of us should protect her. She must, for our people’s sake, preserve herself and do everything advisable to prolong her days, decades among us and on this Godly earth. Emebet…Honey…My daughter, our daughter, Ethiopia’s precious daughter…I am, with extreme politeness, asking you to shed some of that and minimize as much as possible your carb intake. Try to avoid butter and fried products for a while. I would go to the veggies side at Ethiopian restaurants. We need you and need you bad. I am saying this with all the love of a father and now a lump in my throat.

    May God Bless You, Your Daughter and Entire Family!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. well said
    | #2

    I respect Judge Birtukan’s courage. But I feel she needs to be more politically savy. Also I am not sure she is assertive enough, her image is that of an innocent and sweet person. I am noty sure that makes people see her as a strong leader.

    That said thank you Judge Birtukan for standing up for justice!

  3. Peterson
    | #3

    Ethiopia does not need celebrities. We need heroeins, who lead the struggle. Where is the call for even peaceful,demonstration in Addis.Whos is the protagonist of peaceful resistance. Where is now her and her friends rehetoric about disobidence, and the possiblity of peaceful change in Ethiopia. Now the arabs, are changing, while we hide ourselves from both peaceful and determined resitance. So, do not cheat us. We have no leaders and Birtukan is just ordinary victim of Meles, who got known because she happened to be within the contacts of political oligarchies of CUD. But, here contribution is just for her life, not for change in Ethiopia. We still need heros both in Ethiopia or outside. Forget Birhanu,Andargache they know only eating Digis. They also spoiled here. So, let me ask where is all that shit of peaceful struggle??? If not today in Addis Ababa, when? Where is hodam Shawel; Where is Siye fake oppositions, Where is Merera? where is Beyene Petros, docile armchair revolutionary? Where is Lidetu? Where is Ginbot 7? I know EPRP is dead long ago, where are ENC and Minga Negash and his rotten intellectual network? Where is Mamo Muche? What is Alemariam Doing, he thinks that he can change Ethiopia by being editor of a journal?All of you, are shames of Ethiopia. Bring revolution in Ethiopia, if you can? But you can’t because you spent your time discouraging youg heros from coming up, or forward; you back-stubbed eache other for decades, while Meles does his job of dismantling Ethiopia;the new shamless politicians like Andargachew and Berhanu, still choose to make us blieve that G7 is alive, not true. It is going to be split into two soon. Ethiopians need real heros! We kindly ask you all to give way to youg one within your ranks: in your parties, organization, or network. We, ethiopian are fade up of useless politicians who dominated Ethiopian political landscape ( within the opposition) for the last two-three decades. Please, give way we don’t want to see or hear you anymore. Birtukan rest in peace!

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