Press Release regarding the recent arrest of the opposition party members and journalists Andinet North America

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It has been public knowledge that TPLF/EPRDF’s promulgation of the antiterrorism laws and more recently the classification of some dissident groups and political forces as “terrorists” by the parliament the regime fully controls and uses as a rubber stamp, is a calculated decision to rule the country with fear and without any political space for opposition or dissent. More recently, the regime traversed any sense of decency when it began rounding up opposition leaders, journalists, and community leaders that it thinks may pose a threat to its full control of the country.

The detention of Andualem Aragie, the vice president of the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party(UDJ), Asaminew and Natnaiel Mekonnen, members of UDJ General Assembly, Bekele Gerba, executive committee member of Ethiopia’s main opposition coalition, Medrek, and deputy chairman of the Oromo Federal Democratic Movement (OFDM), internationally recognized artist, Mr. Debebe Eshetu; along with the famous journalist Eskinder Nega and other members of UDJ, on September 14, 2011, on charges of terrorism is a thoughtless escalation of the ongoing repressive measures by the regime of Meles Zenawi. The regime has chosen this ill-conceived and misguided scheme in its desperate last act to bring the Ethiopian people into complete submission and avert an impending public upheaval in the country due to the raging hyperinflation, widespread hunger, and famine. We, supporters of UDJ and the Ethiopian people at large, believe that all individuals, including leaders of Medrek, the larger coalition in which UDJ is a member, are being rounded up and sent to prison for no reason other than holding different political views from the regime and expressing them publicly.

Andinet North America Association of Support organization (ANAASO) condemns these atrocious actions of the regime and calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all of these political prisoners. The regime of Meles Zenawi has to understand that criminalizing political opposition and dissent cannot solve the myriad of problems created by its misguided policies.

ANAASO also calls on Ethiopians both at home and in Diaspora to come together and stop this gross injustice on our people, political leaders and journalists that are currently being subjected to inhuman treatment by Meles Zenawi’s tyrannical regime.

We also call on the international community, particularly the donor countries, to condemn these barbaric actions and review their policies toward Ethiopia.
Andinet North America Association of Support Organization

  1. bonger
    | #1

    we are the voice of the voiceless in our country. People are being muzzled and herded up into prison at the whim of the woyane gestapo. Lawlessness of the woyane is creating despair and people are being pushed to the wall.

    As if the the suffering caused by the lack of basic necessities, hunger, and famine is not enough, the woayne are putting salt to the wound, intimidating , kidnapping and jailing those who spoke about injustice.

    In a country where hunger and famine is the norm for the majority of the rural population, it is considered a crime by the woyane for people to say we are hungry and we need help.

    In a country, where repression is rife, it is considered a crime by the woyane for people to seek for justice and freedom.

    ALL those journalists and activists and political leaders have no intention of harming their country by causing terror as the TPLF claim. Their only crime is for speaking for the voiceless, for seeking justice.
    Now they have been silenced. We have to speak for them as they spoke for us.

    Intensify the struggle and continue to expose the crimes of the woyane ethnicist junta.

    As Eskinder Nega used to say, fight tyranny with your pen.


  2. kentu
    | #2

    The real hero of ethiopeans are ;panhandle; never contribute to stay in power the weyanes others we are weyane direct or indirect

  3. Orodofaa
    | #3

    As I told you before the day when my Oromiya becomes an independent nation is just around the corner.

    The regime back home is falling apart and it is on its last drop of a life saver. It is a goner. I call upon our gallant freedom fighters in OLA to position themselves close to Finfine and major cities and towns throughout my beloved Oromiya to make sure there is a rule of law. Neftegnas and Tigrayans may try to do some stupid things to make us look bad. All of you Neftegnas!!! I have been extending my friendly arms with an olive branch so you can accept my gesture but you have not responded or totally ignored it. Now I m telling you to leave my house. Oromiya is my house, not yours. Not next year, next month, next week or tomorrow. Today!!! As I told you before, do not forget all the Merraras, Bultcha Demeksas, Aba Dulas and the likes to take with you. We have no use for them or they are not wanted in my new Oromiya. They are a disgrace to the Oromo people. You understand? Leave today. Out!!! On the double!!!!

  4. aha!
    | #4

    What UDJP and/or OFPDM/Medrek/fdd/fdre should know that the framework of the constitution is ethnicfederalism and secessionism with the underlying totaliarianism of the Derg regime with its own Marxist/Stalinist inclination of the liberation movenents leaning towards the oppressions of nations and nationalities in tact, with no independent branches of the government and operating on the constitution and upholding it by all means, against those with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    A case in point was the mass killing of the peaceful demonstrators in support of CUD agaist rigged elections and subsequent arrests of tens of thousands of supporters in the concentration camps sitll to today and ever increasing over time with a wave of arrests of higher Officials of the parties following the anti-terrorist law, NGO and Civil Organization Law the parliament crafted in a government with serious debates over issues in the parliament, and with no legilative producing capacity of the loyalist oppositon parties (ethnic federalists) while in Office, now coming under a wave of arrests of UDJP and coalition partners of the loyalist opposition party members has rest UDJP back to the reactionary mode of 2006, becoming victims of the constitution they implicetely support and the laws that were created there after to give the TPLF/eprdf regime to arrest for terrorisim to defuse its considers an attempt to overthrow the TPLF/eprdf regime, which does not embrace the ideology of restoring individual freedom and liberty, restoring Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian national interests and the sovereignity of Ethiopia, a ratification of the constitution Aricle 46, 39 (1), aricle 8, etc, with the independent branches of government in place, is like singing the same lyric with a different tune. First and foremost the coalition will have to align themselves with those with the national agenda to be on the opposite side of TPLF/eprdf regime, with ethnic agenda, a multi-layer, hierarchical model, and those imprisoned along with the existing in various in the concentration camps and other prisons for the prominet Officials should be considered as contenders for the national agenda for Ethiopian Unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, which is considered a treason by the current regime.

    Otherwise,if the TPLF/eprdf regime, granted ethnic rights, i.e. ethnic federalism and secessionist right of ethnic secessionism to secede upto self determination, and the land mass is fuzizly demarcated along ethnic lines, from which the ethnic secessionist are going to base their demand of Ogaden region as Somalia and the oromo region as Oromia, are nothing but a recipe for future boder strifes as with Eritrea, whose secession the TPLF/eprdf regime is defending at all cost and yet is in boder conflict and the question about sea a outlet for the land locked Ethiopia, and embarking with another looming conflict with Egypt, and the the chunk of land along the Sudan Border, are not looked at within context of the national agenda, rather the current platform of ethnic agenda, Ethiopians are not united with same goals and stategigies to achieve those goals in a non-violent uprising to freedom.

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