I am Eskinder Nega. By Eskinder Nega

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Actually, I am the voice of Eskinder Nega.

Eskinder Nega is today the prisoner of Meles Zenaiwi in Ethiopia.

Though Eskinder Nega is locked up, his voice echoes and reverberates in the cries and whispers of millions of his fellow Ethiopians who speak his language of freedom. I am but one of the millions of voices of Eskinder Nega.

They can jail Eskinder Nega, but they can’t jail the tens of millions of Eskinder Negas. They can’t jail freedom. No man can jail a man who is the voice of freedom because the voice of freedom is the voice of the people; and the voice of the people is the voice of God. (Vox populi, vox Dei.)

I am the voice of Eskinder Nega. I speak of the coming of democracy to Ethiopia: I am “one of tens of millions of Ethiopians who aspire to nothing more than see the day when our votes will not be stolen in our lifetime.”

I am the voice of Eskinder Nega. I preach about peaceful change in Ethiopia: “In the event of prolonged absence of peaceful action, an implosion, perhaps violent and no doubt dangerous, is unavoidable. The time to call for peaceful and legal action has arrived in Ethiopia.”

I am the voice of Eskinder Nega. I talk about the volcanic despair and hopelessness of the powerless and downtrodden Ethiopians: “This is where yet another crucial lesson lies for Ethiopia’s archaic ruling party, the EPRDF. Despite reprehensible lootings by rioters and the omnipresence of hysterical tabloids, there is more to the English riots than mere criminality. Unemployment and hopelessness are underlying causes. If protests break out in Ethiopia for any reason they will also spread swiftly and uncontrollably like they did in England. There is repression, corruption, inflation, unemployment and rising hopelessness to serve as underlying causes. But unlike the apolitical British protests, Ethiopia’s will most probably be quickly overwhelmed by the political issues of repression and change. And as has happened in Egypt and Syria there will then be no turning back.”

I am the voice of Eskinder Nega. I teach about freedom for I deeply believe that it is “hope not oppression that had made revolutions possible. Neither Egyptians nor Libyans had more reason to rebel in 2011 than they did for decades. Too few were any more capable of imagining life free from the oppressive status-quo. Too many had been co-opted; many more had simply learned how to muddle through. But events in Tunisia changed everything. Change was proved possible. And as Egypt, the Arab world’s biggest dictatorship during Mubarak’s reign, was the Arab Spring’s golden prize, so will Ethiopia, sub-Sahara’s biggest dictatorship, be the golden prize for an African Spring. There couldn’t have been an Arab Spring without Egypt. There will be no African Spring without Ethiopia.”

I am the voice of Eskinder Nega. I testify for the suffering of the people of Ethiopia: “The repression is as unrelenting as ever. Food inflation has reached the atrocious 50% mark. Unemployment shows no sign of declining. Small businesses, the backbone of the expanding service sector, are suffering perceptibly. The specter of famine dominates the headlines. Corruption is getting worse. There is growing tension within the ruling party.”

I am the voice of Eskinder Nega. I proclaim a new youth awakening and leadership in the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia and elsewhere: “The consensus is that both the Tunisian and Egyptian popular uprisings are leaderless. What has made this possible are the tens of thousands of tech-suave under-30 youth—politically unaffiliated and un-ideological— who have used social media—Facebook and Twitter—to plan, strategize, mobilize and sustain the protests. They have upstaged established opposition groups—-including the Muslim Brotherhood. Protests are too important to be left to the leadership of the opposition. The youth have opted to take charge—peacefully but persistently. And it’s working. Every time the government responds with violence—however limited and restrained—more and more people are joining them. Their moral fortitude—exemplified through their non-violence— is galvanizing not only their peoples but the world to their cause.”

I am Eskinder Nega. I and my wife Serkalem Fasil are “banned Ethiopian journalists who were charged with treason by the government of PM Meles Zenawi subsequent to disputed election results in 2005, incarcerated under deplorable circumstances, only to be acquitted sixteen months later. Serkalem prematurely gave birth in prison. Severely underweight at birth because Serkalem’s physical and psychological privation in one of Africa’s worst prisons, an incubator was deemed life-saving to the new-born child by prison doctors; which was, in an act of incomprehensible vindictiveness, denied by the authorities.”

I am Eskinder Nega. I have been jailed, threatened, persecuted, prosecuted, intimidated and warned: “Your writings on the Internet and the interviews with various media outlets were inflammatory. Be warned that you have already crossed the boundary. We have enough to convict you already. I want you to understand that this is a serious warning. If anything happens, we will first come to you.”

I am Eskinder Nega. They have finally come for me. I am the prisoner of Meles Zenawi. I am a Prisoner of Conscience for Amnesty International.

I am Eskinder Nega. Like my hero Nelson Mandela, my soul is unconquered, my spirit unbroken, my head unbowed, and my heart unafraid. I, Eskinder Nega, am the only captain of my soul.

I am Eskinder Nega. I resolutely stand for freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. I resolutely stand against dictatorship, tyranny and despotism in Ethiopia.


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I am Eskinder


  1. Sheger
    | #1

    That is my man! Way to go!!!!!! Enough is enough.

    We are with you Eskender our dear Hero. That is what we need to hear from you. We love you all and our prayers
    Will be with you for your well being and safety.

    Our straggle for freedom and democracy in Ethiopia will continue until it is democracy and freedom of all the nation.

    We love you dear brother. May God be with you all.

    Long live Ethiopia.
    Release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sheger
    | #2

    After all it looks like a government who is scarde to hear it is doings. If they hate that that much why do it. For some thing they don’t even invite to there ears let alone the people suffers it day and day out. How are we support to like the government if it does bad always? Or are we suppose to like them because of their lie’s??????


    Freedom for Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Freedom to Eskindir Nega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sheger
    | #3

    Sima engee Ato Meles,

    Democracy bileh democracy yelem
    Tigab yihonal alik
    Yemibela yelem
    Bilisigina newu alike
    Minayewu dehinet

    Sima engee Ato Meles

    Ahunise bawokinewu
    Yanitewun maninet.

    Mane negne tilalehe?

  4. Sheger
    | #4

    Yehagerin dinber korisewu eyesetu
    Merettun shenishinewu laArab eyeshetu,

    Mebitu tekeber yebihar behare
    Bilewu yiwashalu
    Korisewu dar dinbere.

    Mebitu EKO hagerunewu
    Hagerum mebitu nate
    Manim yemisetetwu
    Manim yemyewosidat.

    Keto yerasu nate.

    Man shelamee aregewu
    Derwo Ato Melesin
    Man aleka aregewu
    Hagerin gentaiwun.
    Hisibin kefafayewun???

    Sima engee Ato Meles

    Yantewun maninet
    Getta benegeren.

  5. Sheger
    | #5

    E r e b a k i h e tewogne
    Alikutte biye neber

    Tewogne wonimalem
    Kale Enay besiteker
    Yetegesehe yelem
    Kalant besiteker

    Lemene wonidmalem?

    Bicha lemenegnawum,

    Yashahin tenager

    Bicha egna

    Lemanim anifekidim
    Tiwulidin memeziber
    Hager mangerager
    Behager mederader
    Yeswun mebit

    Lemanim ANIFEKIDIM!!!!!!
    Lezelalem tinur
    Hagerachin TIKIDEM!!!!!!!
    Emir bila timer
    Abiba TILEMILIM!!!!!!!!!

    LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sheger
    | #6

    Eskindir tenagrual Esikendir negn belo,
    Ethiopia negn belo

    Meles ante mane nehe
    Tenager betollo.

    E R E N E G I R E H N A L.

    Edilachin hono Aligeban yihonal.

    | #7


  8. babb
    | #8

    Eskinder Nega has been the one voice fearlessly exposing and taking on the brutal woyane junta with his pen.

    The woyane gestapo were constantly at his heel, harrassing, intimidating and threatening him with his life and livelihood. He knew sooner or later the woyane gestapo regime, would jail him, but true to his cause and determined to do his part for the struggle for democracy, freedom and justice he continued to the last day before he was thrown into the woyane dungeon.

    As a writer and a commentator, he knows he must express his views freely.

    We will take up the banner and continue the struggle until all are free.
    Woyane’s violence, threat, intimidation, torture and murder can not stop our hunger for freedom and justice.

  9. Clueless Woyannes
    | #9

    I am angry, my heart is breaking and my tears is flowing like rain for my Ethiopian brothers who are wrongly accused and being interrogated and abused by the illegitimate brutal woyane regime in behalf of the suffering Ethiopians. How I wish, I have a fraction of Eskindir’s bravery, courage, wisdom and intelligence. Eskindir is one of a kind and one in a million. I always look forward to read his next article. Hopefully, he comes out of that Woyannes-Hell-hole soon and continues to write his article. I hope some how, Eskinder and the rest of our patriotic Ethiopians who are in jail, get the message how much they are loved and appreciated by millions of fair minded Ethiopians. May God keep them safe and bring justice to them and the rest of eighty million Ethiopians.

  10. Dker
    | #10

    “I am Eskinder Nega”!
    That was a defiant declaration, no doubt.

    But did anyone ask “Who is Eskinder Nega?”
    But some indeed asked: “Who is John Galt” ?

    That was a question one encountered again and again in Ayn Rand’s monumental work of fiction “Atlas Shrugged”. That book was rated by some second only to the Bible, by others as one of the top 100 books of the 20th century. And yet, others simply dismissed it as hopelessly “bleak”. But, according to yours sincerely, “One of the books to `read before you die”

    But “who is John Galt?”
    Some guys actually wrote a book earlier this year and named it “I am John Galt”. I’ll say few things about this Book later. But, seriously ” Who is John Galt?”.

    When you finally get to know who John Galt is, you will find him (I will quote here wikipedia’s concise depiction): “acknowledge to be a creator, philosopher, and inventor who symbolizes the power and glory of the human mind. He serves as an idealistic counterpoint to the social and economic structure depicted in the novel. The depiction portrays a society based on oppressive bureaucratic functionaries and a culture that embraces stifling mediocrity and egalitarianism, which the novel associates with socialistic idealism. In the novel’s ideology, the industrialists of America were a metaphorical Atlas of Greek mythology, holding up the Earth, whom Galt persuades to “shrug,” by refusing to lend their productive genius to the regime any longer.

    That probably give you an idea why not too many people can say: ” I am John Galt”.

    And again, did anyone asked “who is Eskinder Nega?”

    I wrote in my micro Blog about Eskinder Nega, and predicted his current predicament only a few weeks ago.. I, therefore, am honored to claim that I asked “Who is Eskinder Nega”.

    Millions will ask “Who is Eskinder Nega” and Will find the answer:

    “I am Eskinder Nega’ in his own words.

    Now back to the Book “I am John Galt”

    The book just published earlier this year (2011) and it was written by Donald Luskin and Andrew Greta. In the Book the authors told the life stories of today’s John Galts, the heros of our time, the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and villains, the likes of Paul Krugman (Huh? Paul Krugman a villain? That was a little too bitchy, people. Paul Krugman is my Hero, and consider him a John Galt of my time. For those who don’t know him, he is a Harvard professor of economics, New York Times columnist and a Nobel laureate in economics. Well, I like his attitude, too).

  11. Fk??????? ?
    | #11

    Ethiopia for any reason they will alos spread swiftly and uncontrollably like the did in england.There is reprssion.corruption. Ethiopia’s will most probably by quickly over whelmed by the political issues of repression and chang.and as has TUNISIA changed Egypt oli ARAB BIGGEST DICTATORSHIP OK!

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