Atrocity and Revenge: The Irreversible Temperament of TPLF/EPRDF Zenebe G. Tamirat

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“The TPLF led EPRDF has proved to be incapable of chucking out its wild characteristics of intimidating, terrorizing, imprisoning, torturing and ultimately killing those that do not agree with its agenda of eliminating Ethiopia from the map of the world by enforcing the secession of various ethnic groups that form the Ethiopian nation.

This agenda, persistently hassled by the leadership of the secessionist TPLF since its inception has remained a challenge to democratic forces who are determined to pay in life for the sustainability of undivided and respected Ethiopia where all of its citizens shall live in equality glorify in brotherhood and prosperity establishing a democratic system of governance suitable to all.

The TPLF/EPRDF leadership does not like this idea of “One and strong Ethiopian nation” to substitute its stance of forming governments of “ethnic nations” breaking Ethiopia into fragments. The ultimate goal of forming such nations through secession is to wipe out the name Ethiopia from the map of the world. TPLF led EPRDF thus consistently takes retaliatory measures against forces that advocate the sustainability of Ethiopia as a nation.

The arrest of the two prominent figures in Ethiopian politics, Andualem Andargie, Vice Chairman of UDJP and Journalist Eskinder Negga on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 thus emanates from the very nature of the TPLF/EPRDF’s atrocity and revenge; characteristics that have remained irreversible at whatever stage of maturity the TPLF led EPRDF may have reached.

The deploying of children under 14 in war fronts and subjecting them to harsh penalties that includes shootings without substantial investigation and the subsequent arrests and killings of opposition leaders such as Professor Asrat Woldeyes registered in the doomed history of the TPLF led EPRDF are living witnesses that attest the wild behavior of TPLF/EPRDF leaders. These characters glued to EPRDF from its inception at Dedebit have been difficult to correct and remain attached to its demise forthcoming soon. (The killing of a boy who was only 14 for alleged dissemination of wrong information when the TPLF was operating as a guerrilla force is a case to remind here).

It is a pity that this wild bunch of guerrilla force has been supported by uninterrupted aid of the United States and European Union both of which spend a substantial chunk of tax money belonging to their peoples for the thriving of tyranny in Ethiopia. The reliance on foreign powers to attain freedom from such a repressive power is futile and ineffectual that democratic forces need come together and pay the necessary sacrifice to bring about the demise of the dictatorial regime of Melese Zenawi all by them.

The two young activists arrested on the 14th of September are the true sons of Ethiopia politically inspired and adopted by Professor Asrat Woldeyes, the great son of Ethiopia who paid sacrifice in his honored soul languishing in the prison of TPLF/EPRDF for the sustainability of undivided Ethiopia. The present sacrifice being paid by the duo thus is a continuation of the struggle for Ethiopian Unity and territorial integrity the root of which is maintained on the slogan “You may kill one Asrat but thousands shall nurture upon his
honored death!” It is therefore the duty of all those in the opposition to stand up together and condemn this act of aggression and persistently demand the release of the two daring compatriots.

“The Struggle Continues; Get Organized & Fight!”

  1. aha!
    | #1

    The theisis in this article, bears half the truth with respect to ethnic secessenism and spares the blame of the ethnicfereralists (teletafi parties) which explicetely and implicetely support the constitution of ethnic federalism Article 46, which is prelude to ethnic secessionism with ill defined ethnic boundries by considering these forces as “democratic forces who are determined to pay in life for the sustainability of undivided and respected Ethiopia”….

    The realities on the ground from modular perspective are TPLF/eprdf, a multi-layer, hierarchical political model with ethnic agenda, (Tigrai-harena)/OPDM/Medrek/fdd/fdre, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, maintainig the status quo of ethnic agenda and KAEUP, EDP and others including EPRP, not participated in an election with national agenda, making up two diametrically opposed forces, where the first batch contribute to the negative forces of disintegration and the the second set contribute to the positive forces of integration focusing on restoring individual liberty and freedom, restoring Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian national National Interests and the sovereignity of Ethiopia, which call for all Ethiopians to put their National Interests ahead of ones individual interest and change ones political outlook as Ethiopiawinet first and one ethnicity second with due respect to one citizenship to Ethiopia one way or the other and all paries to coalesce on the national agenda for unity and territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in a document of declaration of freedom from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule (minority or majority ethnic rule)/ethnic dictatorship with ethnic federalalism and secessionism with the underlying totaliarinsm. which do not not permit individual to superced ethnic and secessionist rights, and serve as impedeance to capitalism and democracy as we know it in North America and Western Europe.

  2. Sam
    | #2

    Zenebe: you missed the point. TPLF is not encouraging for secession now. TPLF has used the secession politics to grab power and conslidate that power initially. Now, they run the show in Ethiopia. Why you do think they favor secession? No, they are not. The current arrest of politicians and journalists, as you mentioned, is not the arrested favor undivided Ethiopia and TPLF is not. Anyone with a political insight who challenged the tribal politics of the regime is, according to TPLF, a threat to be taken care of. I have known for some time Eskinder was writing on a borrowed time. I knew they will shut him up. In fact, they had shown some restraint on his case. I expected them to silence him long before now. His crime: He is a fearless genuine Ethiopian who writes the truth. He believed Ethiopia is ready for democracy. TPLF, more importantly Meles, does not believe that to be the case. He believed TPLF controlling the whole Ethiopian politics is an obstacle for democracy to flourish. The TPLF politics argue otherwise. So in arresting him and others TPLF sent a message. Anyone who despises the TPLF politics is essentially a terrorist. Ethiopa has roughly 80 million inhabitants. By the defination of TPLF the majority of Ethiopians are terrorists because the majority want TPLF to go. But TPLF cannot arrest the whole nation. Rather the TPLF politicos chose to arrest people whose political insights convince others to hear what they say and read what they write. Eskinder is the right candiadate for TPLF to silence him because he is rational, thoughtful, and full of courage. How sad Ethiopia has become!

  3. Ferej lebaw
    | #3

    All those who exaggerate the ethnic situation in Ethiopia are mercenaries of the white man or hired by Meles Gerdamew.
    This is all a theatre. They will be realesed soon on bail and if they are not, they are spending a liesure time. The so called fierce oppositions and haters are all the theatre characters of the white man. Some journalists and even so called oppositions are mercenaries of the white man that are trying to act as if they are opposers of the regime. Both the regime and some oppositions, not all, are all mercenaries of the white man that are trying to act like they oppose each other. Look at them, they all are running a decent life working as oppositions. Where do they get the $ to live with? Ethiopia is expensive now days and you would not administer your self with politician salaries or working full time for the movement. you can’t even afford it with a regular job in a good company. Where do all ONC, the beyene petroses, and the medrek get all their money from? G7 and OLF are also mercenaries of the white man acting like they are organizations that are implementing force. They both are not and they have diddly on the real movement, nothing. So, the regime will keep on talking as if they are something and they will keep on acting like if they are tough. All theatre! You know what that does? It will keep Ethiopians’ hands thight. They wouldn’t pick up the gun thinking there are already movements out there. It is all a theatre my friends.You people in the diaspora really need to know who the real Ethiopian fighter are. Do your homework. At this time AEUP is the only way to go.That is why all these crapy medias and the white man always hide AEUP from their media.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Z main mission of arresting z journalists&opposers are to weaken those opposite political parties&their political view.

  5. Who is really Pity???
    | #5

    I take the following from your article!!!
    “It is a pity that this wild bunch of guerrilla force has been supported by uninterrupted aid of the United States and European Union both of which spend a substantial chunk of tax money belonging to their peoples for the thriving of tyranny in Ethiopia. The reliance on foreign powers to attain freedom from such a repressive power is futile and ineffectual that democratic forces need come together and pay the necessary sacrifice to bring about the demise of the dictatorial regime of Melese Zenawi all by them.”
    ውድ ወንድሜ ከላይ ያለውን የፅሁፍህን አንድ ምእራፍ (It is pity )በሚል መጀመርህ እጅግ በጣም የዋህና የዚህን አለም ተጨባጭ አለም አቀፍ ጂኦ-ፖለቲካል እና ፖለቲካል-ኦኮኖሚ አወቃቀር ውስጥ ሚስጥር በደንብ አልተገነዘብክ ሊሆን ይችላል፡፡The phrase “It is pity” belongs or serves for we naive, gullible and innocent majority Ethiopians who are pity in that we do not understand the deepest intricacy of global political economy and hence get surprised by the very support of the West for such racist and savage regimes like Weyane. What is pity is our naive misconception about Weyane and the West. What is pity is our naive misconception about the type of Democracy we are being preached time and again by the West. What is pity is our naive misconception about the very reality of this world and the very illusion or fantasy we are living with regarding the so called Democracy. What is pity is our fear to face truth or reality and rather turn away and retreat from it. What is pity is our naïve misconception that we can make change and solve our problems by begging support from the West that supports the very incumbent regime. What is pity is our naïve misconception that we even expect Democracy and good Governance from such racist and brutal regimes who from the very inception and beginning of their struggle even clearly wear the banner of TPLF and EPLF. What is rather pity is from the beginning is our expectation that arises from our naive misconception. It is pity that we still do not understand deeply why the West supports Weyane and others similar. And it is even more pity that we still do not understand under what preconditions the West will help us, if any to help us.
    It is pity that we still live in our own illusion and fantasy regarding Democracy and freedom which is incoherent with the exiting realities of this intricate world.
    Dear brother it is very pity if we do not reconsider and rectify our undeserved or unwarranted expectation that arises from our being naive or gullible.
    Unless we boldly and wisely open our eyes to see what is in reality and make a historical paradigm shift in our thoughts and moves in general, then it is we who are pity and will continue as pity.ውድ ወንድሜ አቶ መለስ በምእራባውያን መረዳት የጀመሩት ዛሬ መስሎህ ከሆነ ተሳስተሃል፡፡ጥንቱንም ጀምሮ ድርግን በገንጣይነትና በአስገንጣይነት ሲታገሉ የምእራባውያን መንግስታት የተለያየ ድጋፍ እንደነበራቸው አትርሳ፡፡ስለዚህም ዛሬም ይህንን ተመሳሳይ ድጋፍ በቀጣይነት ቢያደርጉ ለምን ይገርምሀል???እንዴት ይህንን አይነት ግፍና በደል በዜጋቸው በህዝባቸውና በሀገራቸው ላይ እያደረሱ አሁንም እርዳታና ድጋፍ ያገኛሉ ብሎ ማለት ሞኝነትና የዋህነት መሰለኝ፡፡ምክንያቱም መጀመሪያውኑም ቢሆን ይህንን አይነት እርዳታና ድጋፍ እያገኙ ያሉት እኮ ይህንን አይነት ግፍና በደል በዜጋቸው በህዝባቸውና በሀገራቸው ላይ እያደረሱ ስለሆነ ነው፡፡
    ለምን ብለህ አጥብቀህ ከጠየከኝ ይህንን መርምርና ድረስበት ነው መልሴ፡፡

  6. aha!
    | #6

    It is not the irreversible temprament the silent majority of Ethiopians are worrying about; it is the irreversible constitution that they are worrying about that brought with it humanitarian, economic and political crises to say the least about drought famine and poverty, working in favor of TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and forign corporations making availability of land and capital to the former and land to the latter as means of production.

  7. aha!
    | #7

    As a general rule and precedence to Non-violent uprising to freedom from autocratic rule, ethnocratic rule (minorty or majority) ethnic rule, ethnic dictatorship with ethnic federalism (Article 46), ethnic sesessionism (Article 39 (1), and the sovereignity of Ethiopia, Ethiopians would have to unergo a time of revival into being loyal to Ethiopian tax payers than to their party or liberation fronts, put Ethiopian national interests ahead of their individual self interest, reverse their political outlook to Ethiopiawinet first and ones ethnicity second and the ethnic federalists (teletafi and loyalist opposition parties) need to abandon their ethnic agenda: respect of ethnic rights to merge with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in order attain individual freedom and liberty, superceding ethnic and secessionist rights, to restore Ethiopian Naionalism, Ethiopian National Interests, and to restore the original provinces as federated states the sovereignity of Ethiopia as one Great Nation, undivided by major ethnic
    groups; where ethnic populations thrive much in the same as species populations of animals in each of the provinces and throughout Ethiopia.

    The prodemocracy movement of UDJP need to move their subset agenda of democracy, human right and Justice one notch higher to the national agenda, since the ultimate goal is freedom form ethnic federalism, secessionism with underlying totaliarinism, precluding individual freedom and liberty, capitalism and and democracy to the silent majority of Ethiopians, but available to TPLF and TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations and governments.

  8. Simen Bedecha
    | #8

    The TPLF is an ethnical fascist and racist organization and Ethiopians must do all they can to remove it from their land. Its fascist and racist leader, Meles Zenawi is openly following and implementing discriminatory and marginalising policies.These policies are aimed at enriching and empowering only members of his defined ethnic group or what he hails as the golden and superior group. Meles Zenawi has formulated and is following his own internal policy towards the country`s communities. He has defined the Amharas as the main foes of the people of Tigray and applies the policy of strict check and control over them. Excluding the Amharas and persons with the Amhara political opinion from key economic and political lives in the country is part of his policy. He treats the Oromos with contempt and considers them as simple tools to be used against the Amharas. Contempt for the Oromos and hatred towards the Amharas form the foundation of Meles Zenawi`s divide and rule tactic in Ethiopia. Recently I had a discussion with a supporter of Meles Zenawi and asked him what he feels about the meetings between Ginbot7 and OLF. The person or supporter said that Ginbot7 is following the Amhara politics of targeting Tigrayans and he believes that the less politically sophisticated OLF has not understood this. He said the Oromos must be grateful to the people of Tigray for liberating them from the cruel and oppressive Amhara rule.

  9. Meheret Tewolde
    | #9

    Hi Sam,
    You have it wrong on one very important point, that is the facist and racist Meles Zenawi has not renounced his agenda of secession. He has simply delayed it and is staying in Ethiopia as long as his ethnic-fascist rule is not challenged and removed. He has clearly told his cadres and followers that Tigray will go it alone or secede if the Amharas threaten his power and takeover power in Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi has on many occasions re-affirmed his followers and supporters that he will work hard to stop the Amhara groups or parties from taking over power. He says that the Amhara takeover or his loss of power will be the end of Ethiopia in its present form. Meles Zenawi uses the Amhara issue to rally the Tigrayans behind him and abuse them. Many Tigrayans believe in Meles Zenawi`s portrayal of the Amharas as the dangerous enemies of the Tigrayans and this has served him to mobilize and unite the people of the region. The Tigrayans even do not trust the Hodam or sellout Amharas who are working for and serving their fascist and racist leader, Meles Zenawi. The TPLF have this saying ” the Amharas eat with you today but can eat you tomorrow”.

  10. aha!
    | #10

    The threat to the silenet majority of Ethiopians are ethnic federalism and secessionism with the underlying totaliarinism; it is the constitutional frame work, the operating system and the susequent terrorist law, the security apparatus and the federal service, TPLF/eprdf party and regime, usising the constitution and the laws as a pretext for arrest for treason and terrorism in a country, where democracy exists in name only and where there are no independent branches of government, not a threat one makes about the Amhara ethnic group, which are made up of several kngdoms of the past, lumped together by current regime as a divide and rule scheme of self-rule, separate but unequal development, similar to appartheid system by the Afikanners of South Africa.

  11. true
    | #11

    Of course the name Liberation Front is exactly what it is and until this day we are becoming part of in the disintegrating Ethiopia. TPLF is very passive aggressive about it and that is why it is winning and slowly dismantling Ethiopia, it has learned carefully from its educators. If TPLF of was Mengistu today, Mengistu would have done it aggressively unlike TPLF because it acts on short term basis. However, TPLF and Liberation Fronts know a quick act to disintegrate Ethiopia, they will face a strong retaliation and thus will be out of office. That is why they are doing slowly. Shame on those who are supporting them out of fear, out of greed, in fact the supporters are now saying well, if it doesn’t work out let the Liberation Fronts get their wish. They know that they are the ones who gave them the strength to disintegrate Ethiopia and therefore the supporters even if they act now, TPLF and Liberation FRonts have become too strong to stop them. This passive aggressiveness from the opposition groups I mean ONLY (G7, EPPF, Medrek, UJD, etc) the entire Ethiopia that want to save Ethiopia better stand up and forcefully talk to the contributors of this integration that are West should better undo what is happening and they better come out and talk to us openly what their agenda is with Liberation FRonts if they are truly friends of Ethiopia. We need to strengthen our discussion and campaign on Ethiopia, especially convince prominent Westerners, even Arab countries who wants to see genuine Ethiopia’s existentce etc. if they passive aggressively can’t stop supporting Liberation Fronts and carving the way to ethiopia’s disintegration, we must pay by blood and the least these countries can do is stop protecting TPLF, OLF and ONLF let us oursleves fight the fight. We can do so much.. but we chose not too because we chose to lose Ethiopia. TPLF members are in the process of declaring Tigray’s independece and talking amongs themselves and paper is circulating around (Indian Ocean Letter). They are also campaigning heavily against Ethiopia today: They have implants within ORthodox church sending hatred against Islam in order to incite Islam -christian war, they have been posting on BBC about slavery in Ethiopia depicting Emperor Menillik as “slave entrepenur”, there will be more to come. It is possible the OLF and not ONLF (they have no hatred) and Eritreans might be helping TPLF on this campaign. While they are doing their homework. We are on autopilot. For instance we need to discuss with Western officials who supported TPLF to be in power as soon as possible. We need to mobilize any Ethiopia experts from Derg members, to Haile selasie, to current opposition members all, and find out what must be done asap.

    Whos really pitty,

    I so much agree with you. We keep bombarding the West and TPLF for 20 years to bring democracy to Ethiopia while they are carving for the disintegration of Ethiopia. The truth is that we are not like our forefathers the fearless. We are very much bound by fear and capitalism has taken us over masking as democracy. Deep inside we don’t care and we want our own individual interest rather than Ethiopia for those espeacially living in the West. It is time either we abandon Ethiopia and act like Westerner and think individually for our own interest and let the Ethiopians who are affected by imported diaspora capitalism now in Ethiopia do the fighting. Ethiopia has changed we have imported self interest by the diaspora to Ethiopia so it is only for the few and if disintegration who cares as long as the few rich in Ethiopia survives and is able to take their money out of the country and live in luxury overseas.


    Well said. There is a campaign by many Tigrayans against Amara. This is due to fear. If Amara has power then Gonder and Wollo will demand their land back from Tigray. Either way TPLF has created this problem so that the fight will rather be between Tigray and Amara rather than the rest of Ethiopia against TPLF. This was done on purpose because the Tigrayans out of fear now will continue for the demise of Amara by any means will support TPLF. Who can play in this important role to get rid of TPLF and bring peace between Tigray and Amara is I believe should be the moderate Oromos such as Merara, etc. rather than OLF (it has its own evil agenda). If moderate Oromo take over with every ethnicities appointed and Oromo could bring peace between those two ethnic groups and somehow bring peace through some kind of settlement where Tigray and Amara are not affected. Meaning, Tigry region should not be as arid as it used to be and must be fair for them to get part of fertile land surely especially if Gonder and Wollow are very fertile they should let go. So. I hope peace will come

  12. Sam
    | #12

    Hi Meheret: I have a hard time disagreeing with your input. And still I see no viable economic outcome for Tigray if the province chooses to secede. Your observation,however, is worth thinking about.

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